May 27, 2010
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About 35 years ago I encountered the book 'The Crack in The Cosmic Egg' - an intellectual book that sought to explain reality by looking at 'the cracks'.


The idea was that in the few locations where 'reality cracked', we could find the true deepest esoteric ideas about the world we live within. The author often used the 'miracles' of Castañeda's 'Don Juan' (a Mexican Indian Sorcerer), the 'miracles' of Jesus in the bible, and 'miracles' such as walking across hot coals - as the 'cracks' to be examined.

Now, I will not ruin a great read - but - in a nut shell - 'The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' author - chose the concept of belief - as the 'ultimate answer‘ - to 'what makes our reality'.


It was to be this 'belief' that allowed Castaneda to observe Don Juan's other world - which was as REAL as ours. It was this 'belief' that allowed Jesus to walk on water and to manipulate the visual reality. Just as it was the 'belief' of the firewalkers - that allowed them to cross and not even have their robes or clothes affected.

Now, the concept that 'other realities' exist - is a powerful one.


Religions, which still have a grip on the minds of many in humanity, are based on the concept. Scientists, have told us that 'dimensional realities' may exist.


Shaman have sworn to it that special consensus realities exist; as have LSD users.


  • What examples exist of such realities that DON'T involve the religious visions, science findings and speculations, or occultish or drugged 'states of mind'?

  • Has 'reality' given us all clues to 'the cosmic crack'?

  • What kind of 'clues' exist that seem to show REAL Anomalous Realities (RAR)?

Well, I can think of several that I often like to 'throw out there' - as being - A Seam Of The Cosmic Bubble Of Real.


And, to me, that 'seam of real' has at least several variations I'd like my readership to consider.

The first is the appearance of Doppelgangers into our reality. For those that are new to the Doppelganger term - I'm using it to represent those cases where a 'Dead' Person, is seen in 'Living Form' in our reality.

Historical cases have included 'immigrants' who died while crossing the ocean - being seen in the flesh in the streets of where they lived in Europe (often at the time of death - but, afterwards too) - in addition to occasional 'Civil War' Doppelgangers that get reported from time to time. Certainly, these examples point to a reality that has anomalous cracks and which should be a subject of study.

The same can be said of what I call 'shared subjective reals'.

One example is indeed, the shared realities that Castaneda is said to have 'shared' with Don Juan - Non-Ordinary Realities. Indeed, in the back of the first Castaneda book about Don Juan there is a section called 'A Structural Analysis' - which, Carlos uses to describe the attributes that formed that non-ordinary reality that he observed and experienced as a participant firsthand.

Indeed, this 'ability' to 'go to a new landscape' - to a new reality - also exists in nearly the exact state described by Charles Tart in his book 'Altered State' in a section called Mutual Hypnosis.


Via a particular method of hypnosis - two or even more participants could enter into a 'new mutually shared reality'. Certainly, these experiences must be surfing along one of the Cosmic Cracks too - don't you think?

Now, obviously, the Doppelganger 'crack' seems to occur as an anomaly in our 'outer mutual common consensus' reality. Whereas, the Mutual Hypnosis 'crack' seems to occur as an anomaly of real within an 'inner special consensus' reality. But, both break thru - to provide a real experience - for the observer.

And, both are representative of of real anomalous realities that challenge the Cosmic Crack.





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The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

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April 13, 2012

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