by Earth4Allnet
Oct 27, 2010

from YouTube Website


Vatic Note

Here they are again, but this time, I am sending them out to you directly and waiting until in the morning to put them up on the blog. This is my fifth time they have gutted them.


After re listening to them, I can understand why they do NOT want us to know WHAT THEY KNOW.


Especially Video 15 where it discusses experiments that prove that our bodies and consciousness reacts to the "Suns" energy. It means that millions of us in one emotional state at the same time can change the ionosphere and other energies on the planet and literally change the direction something is going in.



If we believe we do not want war and believe it will not happen, then it will not happen, that is a simplistic example, but the video explains how and why it happens.

All of these videos are a massive education to us, our energy centers and consciousness and it shows what Michael Tsarion tried to tell us in his videos on The Origins of Evil.


He said,

"Humans are Magnificent creatures living ordinary lives."

Once you view all these then you will know what he means. I am sorry they keep gutting these, but I keep trying, and hopefully this will work and you can share them with everyone because it means we still have a chance to change all of this now.