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A Message from Jonina Dourif, President

and Dane Spotts, CEO




PSI TECH's mission is to evolve human consciousness through the development and training of mind technologies.


We assert that all people are born with natural psychic or sixth sense abilities, however, in most, it lies dormant. By training our cutting edge Technical Remote ViewingŪ skills, this innate PSI ability or "PSI muscle" as we like to call it, becomes activated.


Awakening this dormant capability in the human race is PSI TECH's goal. Once human beings have installed this learned skill, not only will it expand an individual's potential but when enough people become activated, it will shift consciousness on a global scale.

PSI TECH had its beginnings in the covert world of military intelligence. The company was created in 1989 by a few renegade officers in a top secret military intelligence unit who risked their careers to transfer this classified technology into the private sector.


Those individuals knew that when the Defense Intelligence Agency's Remote Viewing Operational Unit lost its funding that this ground breaking technology would be lost forever.


PSI TECH was formed to prevent the loss and to secure its subsistence. Several highly placed government individuals chose to look the other way, thus, helping to usher Remote Viewing and PSI TECH into the private sector.

What makes PSI TECH's Technical Remote Viewing training system so successful is the adherence to a proven structure that has taken years to refine and is employed by thousands of successful trainees.


It is our position that veering from this structure in any manner renders the results less accurate.

Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) is an ingenious set of protocols which allows people to train themselves in a very unique and specialized skill. A skill which advances with practice and produces remarkable life changing results.

The only way for you to really understand this training system is to learn it and do it. Then you will discover that this technology is real. It really does work.


And when you experience it yourself firsthand, the true meaning of its significance on a personal as well as global level will become clear to all. It is our wish that you join us in our mission - to help awaken your potential and the potential of the human race.

Imagine a world with no secrets. A future where human beings have developed their innate sixth sense and have integrated these abilities into their everyday life. When enough people on Planet Earth have installed this skill, it will change the face of consciousness. The world will be a very different place. You play an important role in that future.


A player in the biggest and most important game in the universe. All of us at PSI TECH invite you to join us. We look forward to assisting you in developing your potential while you assist us in reaching our goal.


This is just the beginning.