August 20, 2019
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Psychic attacks can come at us consciously or unconsciously from the source.

It's up to us to take control of our energetic welfare.

Be pragmatic in our approach to daily energy self-care.


We are in an energetic field, the fourth realm is wavy, fluid, slippery and etheric. Our material plane holds its density through memory, manifestation and third realm infrastructure.


As we awaken our third eye is activated. We see more. We become aware of other dimensional realities and how they interact with ours.


The astral is woven into our reality. Prolific in the elite's narrative for our lives, as always, hidden in plain sight. The cabal don't deny the paranormal or supernatural, in fact they use it frighten us more.


Insertion of demonic entities into our day to day lives is achieved through,

  • advertising

  • music videos

  • religion

  • movies

  • myths

  • legends...

Everyone knows the dark side exists, we just don't talk about it. It's time to talk about it. Everything gets aired in the great transition from 3d to 5d. It is what it is...

Our world is upgrading, transforming from automaton to interactive.


Some are witnessing all dimensions fluctuating around us, from hell to heaven and everything in between.


Ascension is the collective consciousness rising above duality, integrating our mind body soul being as we assimilate in higher realms of existence.


We push through a minefield of changes as we ascend the multi dimensional universal frequency spectrum of all living beings.

There's a lot going on!


Add to this we are in a hostile environment where predators wage war for our chi, our minds, bodies and our souls. Phew...!


As our light-body activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. Psychic attack can be defined as energy harnessed, sourced or created with negative intent towards a person or persons.


Working out symptoms and solutions can be confusing in such tumultuous energetic times.

Psychic attacks can happen anytime, anywhere.

Old wives tales are full of home truths about the power of dark thoughts directed towards someone.


Witchcraft, voodoo, black magic ritualize harnessing energy for negative purpose.


Shudder down my spine, someone's walking on your grave, women passing down the knowledge of energy wizardry or witchcraft from generation to generation.


Cat got your tongue? Witchcraft, spells used to prevent us from communicating.


Locking down our throat chakras is prime target for dark energy, they steal our voice, they steal our soul.

We can power up our light force field to protect us from attacks with,

  • meditation

  • smudging

  • crystals

  • mantras...

We boost our energy vibration the same way we boost our immune system:

Consciously, trying out healing therapies, working out what aligns for us.

We are learning to be energy beings. We begin by taking responsibility for our energetic health...

Symptoms of directed negative energy, psychic attack:

  • energy levels so low moving becomes difficult

  • tongue tied

  • confused in our thoughts

  • unable to get to the end of a train of thought

  • limb paralysis, weighed down

  • feeling physically held down whilst sleeping (known as sleep paralysis)

  • memory loss

  • time loss

  • loss of ability to meditate

  • despair and depression coming in where once gratitude and light flourished

  • struggling to connect with day to day life, unwilling detachment

  • feeling locked down, sabotaged

  • illness, viruses, fevers, sickness

  • loss of appetite

  • intense addiction cravings

  • disturbed sleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis

  • loss of confidence due to detachment from normal routines

  • feeling like you are pushing through energetic mud in day to day life

  • feeling untethered, not grounded

  • dark moods, detached suicidal thoughts

  • difficulty being mindful

  • temporary loss of gratitude

  • hopelessness that doesn't resonate with your normal approach to life

There are layers to go through to identify and clear negative energies from our systems.


Everything from junk food to gossip can affect us adversely in the fourth realm. An envious colleague at work talking behind our backs, previously we may barely have registered this, now it can energetically flatten us.


It's the low vibrations that are focused on us that will mess with our higher core processing field. Toxic words and thoughts directed at us can make us sick in the fourth realm.


We are light beings now operating in a world of energy and vibrations. Bad feeling catches us, we sense and experience metaphorical knives in our backs.


Before light-body activation we were dumbed down, desensitized, blocked from our energetic being. Our vibration was dense in fear frequencies to start with. Now we are connected, we feel.

Psychic attack can also be carried out by people's attachments, unbeknownst to them, or encouraged by them. Attachments are entities, negative energies that can attach to our energy field. They burrow in, much like fleas, grit in our chakras, messing with our frequencies.


Negative attachments are manufactured on an industrial scale in the Matrix.


This is one of the reasons the clearing of the Astral and material plane is a complex process.

Conveyor belt entities, maybe nano, certainly astral, pumped into the material plane, mired in the Matrix mind body soul control program.

Most of these are transient attachments, we catch them like colds.


We can pick them up through exposure to toxic people, big crowds or intense Matrix activity like trash TV or mainstream pop culture. Easily cleared in Reiki or energy healing, yoga, meditation and gong baths (they don't like high frequencies).

Attachments are parasitic, they use the person, their host, to feed their desires.


Attachments can be experienced as irritating, miserable, low vibe feels initially.

If left unchecked they can take over people's lives.

Alcohol, opiates, fake food and pharmaceuticals house negative attachments.


Soul suckers seeking constant satisfaction from Matrix toxins.


Addiction is a spiritual illness as well as physical.


All addictions are engineered to rape our souls of sovereignty and integrity.

If it makes us want more to the detriment of our health, lifestyle, family and wellbeing, then its got attachments.


The algorithms are spiky, dark and evil, hard wired to find our weaknesses and exploit them.

 An energetic system engineered in dark wizardy, anchoring the astral world to the material plane...

Psychic attack is everything from the energy wizardry of the Matrix, gossip and back stabbing, to demonic possession.

Possession is a scary term, we can detach from its fear algorithms by expanding into the truth that everything is energy.


Possession is a deeper form of psychic attack and one that requires shamanic healing to remove.


Demonic possession is focused intent used in blood sacrifice voodoo or spirit cooking to target individuals.


Demons can also be hatched onto our ancestral blood DNA though ritual and blood ceremony.


Demons or negative entities are birthed in black magic.

Every culture in the world references the use of dark magic for negative reasons:

envy, vengeance, hate, power, money and fear being the main motivators for using this kind of dark energy wizardry on people.

This is the sickness and sadness in the human psyche, all stemming from the oppression of Self from our enemies within, the elite cabal.

Three variables separate demonic possession from psychic attack (Matrix or targeted).

  • feeling like a ghost in your own body and mind, underlined by regular black outs, memory loss, time lapses and disjointed sense of time.

  • unwilling to make eye contact with others for fear you will either harm them or they will see your secret (there is knowing and unknowing that comes with demonic possession, most of the time people know).

  • ongoing state of confusion, lack of motivation, ambition, focus or self discipline - the demon holds its host back, its desires are the priority.

A reputable shamanic healer or 'earth guardian' will be able to release all possessions to the Light.


The clearing can be done quickly and painlessly, with minimum drama. Increasingly as we raise the vibrations on Gaia all of darkness is seeking redemption.


Most possessions, even ancient, ancestral and ritualized, will leave and go to the light quickly in our shifting paradigm.


Some may need to be coaxed or vanquished, either way a reputable shamanic healer can get the job done.



Energy Protection Toolkit


  • Crystals:

    • Selenite is like kryptonite, it creates a perpetual light vortex around the home or wearer.


    • Black crystals obsidian and tourmaline block negative energies by draining them.


    • Quartzes are healing, an essential.

  • Smudging Sage or incense.

  • Mantras for protection:

    • I power up the shield of love that surrounds me.

    • I ask my higher self to release any and all attachments I may have to the light.

    • I connect with universal source healing light to strengthen and balance my energy field.

    • I pull an invisibility cloak over my light making me invisible to anything that may mean or cause me harm.

    • I am protected at all times by my higher self from all lower vibrations.

    • I power up my light force field protecting me from anything that may mean or cause me harm.

    • All energies not of my creation I return to sender.

    • I am one with universal love vibration.

Be positive and the world will reflect positivity back:

this is the divine mirror of the fourth realm. All are bathed in angelic divine light.

I wish you love and light beautiful people...