-  A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse and Final Venus Transit


 -  Another Dark Matter Fail


 -  Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries of The Universe - Main File


 -  Bailando en La Vorágine del Cambio


 -  Bewusstsein und die Neue Physik


 -  Biophotons and The Universal Light Code


 -  Biophotons - The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light


 -  Biophotons - The Lights in Our Cells


 -  Científicos están muy cerca de producir Antigravedad y un Motor Warp


 -  Cómo el Aura de una Persona se Agota con la Falta de Salud


 -  Connective Physics - Main File



 -  Consciousness and The New Physics



 -  Dancing in The Vortex of Change


 -  Dark Matter and Dark Energy - What Are They?


 -  Dark Matter in the Universe



 -  Dawn of A New Cosmic Day


 -  Discovery of The Biofield - A Different Type of Magnetism?


 -  El Amanecer de un Nuevo Día Cósmico


 -  El Mapa Oculto de La Tierra - Main File


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 -  Energía Negativa - Agujeros de Gusano y Deformaciones del Espacio-Tiempo


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 -  Experimental Research on Shape Power Energies



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 -  Gravity and Antigravity - Main File



 -  Filadelfia-Montauk / Proyectos Negros - Main File



 -  Free Energy - Main File



 -  How a Person's Aura Becomes Depleted with Unhealthiness


 -  Hyperdimensional Physics - Main File



 -  La Onda - The Wave - Main File


 -  Las Células Vivas Son Unidades Electromagnéticas



 -  Las Ondas Shumann - Main File



 -  Ley de Atracción versus Ley de Conciencia


 -  Living Cells Are Electromagnetic Units


 -  Luminous World - The Life and Work of Baron Karl von Reichenbach


 -  Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive



 -  Orgone Energy and Wilhelm Reich - Main File



 -  ParaSETI - ET Contact via Subtle Energies


 -  Purple Energy Plates - The Universal Energy of Vibrations - Main File


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 -  Scalar Electromagnetics Technology - Main File



 -  Scientists find the "Magic Number" that Links Forces of the Universe


 -  Sylphs & Chemtrails - Main File


 -  The Defeat of Cancer - La Derrota del Cancer - Main File


 -  The Electric Universe - Main File



 -  The Hutchison Effect 



 -  The Medical Genius of Royal Raymond Rife


 -  The Omega Principle - The Energy Which Patterns Randomness


 -  The Psychic Universe - Main File


 -  The Singularity - La Singularidad - Main File


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 -  Time Travel - Main File



 -  Tuning Forks and Megalithic Technology



 -  Vortex Kinesis - Re-imagining Time and Space Warps



 -  Your Aura and How it Affects Others


 -  Your Body Literally Glows with Light


Additional Information



 -  Absolutely Bizarre 'Creature' in Benjamin Fulford's Spine


 -  A History of Rife’s Instruments and Frequencies - Updated June 04, 2008


 -  Albert Einstein - El Plagiario del Siglo



 -  Albert Einstein - Plagiarist of the Century



 -  Bubble Fusion Vindicated in Flagship Nuclear Journal


 -  El Gran Colisionador de Hadrones - Main File



 -  El Poder Curativo de Los Pensamientos - Entrevista a Bruce Lipton


 -  El Sonido es la Medicina del Futuro


 -  Energética - Medicina de Energía


 -  Energetics - Energy Medicine


 -  Estasi Musicale - Un Regalo per Guarire l'Umanità



 -  Éxtasis Musical - Un Regalo de Sanación para La Humanidad


 -  Hutchison-Lazaryan Frequency Generator Clears Polluted Gulf Waters

 -  Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm


 -  La Vibración del Mundo


 -  La Vibrazione del Mondo


 -  Musical Rapture - A Healing Gift for Humanity


 -  Nuclear Engineering And Design - Modeling, Analysis and Prediction of Neutron Emission Spectra From...


 -  Nikola Tesla - Main File



 -  Physicist Dismisses 'Discovery' of Particles That Can Travel Faster Than The Speed of Light


 -  The End of All Disease - Can Disease Be Cured Electronically?



 -  The New Energy - Main File


 -  The Vibration of the World


 -  To Infinity and Beyond - Transcending our Limitations



 -  Weird Weather Warfare and "Energetics Weapons"



 -  What is 432 Hz Tuning?



Antrophic - Antrópico


 -  Anthropic Arrogance


 -  Design and The Anthropic Principle - The Universe as a Fit Habitat


 -  Diseño y Principio Antrópico del Universo - El Universo Como Abitat Apto


 -  El Principio Antrópico - Fragmento Historia del Tiempo



Mathematics and the Universe - Las Matemáticas y el Universo


 -  A Mathematical Analysis of Ancient History


 -  An Introduction to Galactic Mathematics


 - ¿De Qué está Hecho el Universo? - De Matemáticas, dice Científico


 -  Di Cosa è fatto l'Universo? - Di Matematica, dice uno Scienziato


 -  Did the Anunnaki reveal Keys of the Universe in the First System of Mathematics?


 -  El "Fin del Mundo por CO²


 -  High Anxieties - The Mathematics of Chaos


 -  Immanuel Velikovsky - Myth versus Mathematics


 -  Mathematical Errors Overestimate Persistence of CO² in Atmosphere - Royal Society Humiliated by...


 -  Planet X, Mathematics and Astronomy


 -  Pythagorean Mathematics


 -  The Mathematics of The World Grid


 -  The Mathematics of Your Heart


 -  The Message of Cydonia


 -  What's the Universe Made Of? - Mathematics, Says Scientist




 -  Conferencia de Nassim Haramein en Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - 2003

 -  Crossing The Event Horizon - Nassim Haramein


 -  Grand Unified Field Theory - Nassim Haramein


 -  John Hutchison and The Hutchison Effect


 -  Nassim Haramein at The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library - 2003

 -  Plasma Cosmology - Introduction



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