by Zen Gardner
Aug 21, 2013

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We appear to currently be in a kind of vortex, or a roiling series of etheric vortexes and scattered eddies of changing, swirling currents, carrying newly manifesting energetics as well as debris of all types, sizes and dimensions.

It's wonderful exciting energy but it can be disconcerting at the same time.

We need to be careful to dodge the spiraling flak while maneuvering into and even reveling in the energetic vortex. It's nothing to fear as long as we're aware of what's going on around us and stay on our toes.


The changes are changing and the winds are picking up.

A great time for letting go - but it will not be a pleasant ride for those who refuse to loosen their grip.

While this may seem "spacey" and weird to those not picking up on these new vibrations, this may explain the strange feelings many of you are having. But I'm convinced this is what is going on right now.




The Changes We're Sensing

I'm certainly experiencing it and from what I'm hearing, it's happening to a lot of people.


People are wondering,

"Why did I lose my job", or "How come things just aren't working out as I thought or hoped they would?" "Why this terrible issue with my dying relative?"

Easy. The Universe is giving opportunities for change by nudgingly trying to change entire paradigms in our lives.


And the only way to experience what Universe has for us is letting go into it and letting go of all the trappings. Old hang-ups, outdated understandings, wrong attachments, etc. Love is all inclusive, as well as all dissolving.

The fog in the heart must go.

And that takes commitment. Changing friends, locations, means of provision, trusting your new awake outlook, and... telling the truth. It means not going along anymore with the Lie and letting go of old habits and frames of reference.


It's imperative if we want to move on to the good stuff. Things are coming at us fast and furious and from strange directions so it's get with the program or get knocked out of the game.

Once you get into it it's like dodge ball in dance class with your fellow psychedelic mariners! A laughing, riotous mishmash of fun and creativity!






Dreams, Visitations and Climate Screws

There's a sense of movement and disorientation but there's a stillness at the same time.


Many are also having profound psychic or spiritual experiences; floods of dreams, waves of spiritual intuitions, rapidly changing emotions or sensations for no reason... and perhaps spiritual revealings and even visitations of varying sorts.

Those getting the heavier doses of these experiences know what I'm talking about. It's nothing to fear. Draw close to Source most of all but also loved ones, share what you're going through with those you love and trust.

And let go. And get to where you can dance to it.


We can interact very consciously and poetically to anything and everything. The challenge is the changing tides of change coming at us right now. There's not very much regularity, rhyme or reason, yet we feel called into the vortex despite the seeming chaos.

Actually, there is no choice as far as entering into the vortex. It's here, like a massive, morphing yet loving spiritual hurricane. To handle it consciously and grow with it is the key.

The weather often parallels these changes for me. This inspiration came while weird gusting winds were blowing around our home and area, which they've done for days. In fact, in general the weather just feels different to me, like that expression "something's in the air" - and it's not just chemtrails and radiation, obvious assaults on human connectivity to consciousness.

Something wonderful this way cometh! But it isn't anything we've seen before. And that's a good thing!

So why not dive in and make an interactive dance out of it? Spiritual yoga, tai chi or a host of other rhythmic conscious disciplines. A perfect solution for releasing your ki and tuning into the essence as the changes whirl about you.

How beautiful to behold!






Know Your Way Around

I'm just trying to lay out these etheric sensations that appear to parallel the increasingly nonsensical changes we're witnessing.


Hopefully it helps others grasp the nature of this experience, but more importantly to help people know they're not alone in all of this. We're all together here, and we have others involved in this apparent transcendence working and manifesting at many levels.

Be aware, awake, and awash in love and the innate knowledge that all is ultimately well and under control. We are unstoppable infinite consciousness. Bottom line. Stand with conviction, spiritual warriors.

But we have to do our part. More than ever. Never negate or minimize our role.


There's a type of cosmic directive that pivots on the state of conscious awakening and our response to it. That might sound a little strange, but responding consciously is our daily commitment and lesson in life.


Just floating down river with all the flotsam and jetsam is not living consciously. Think of the receding tsunami in Japan and all it carried and that's what the world is currently experiencing - a massive backwash of debris that's heading out to sea.

To the conscious mariners who have prepared it's game on. And we'll be busy trying to awaken and rescue anyone we can.




This is Not a Drill - Conscious Warriors Arise

What's exciting is the spontaneity of our shared experience.


We are encountering a time in our evolution that has perhaps never been experienced before.


While the world may currently seem strictly suicidal in nature in the context of our current Machiavellian rulers' agenda and their reign of terror, there is something wonderful happening at the same time that is much more profound.

There are many lessons to be gleaned during our stay here that are invaluable for eternity.

Number one: Our true state of being and who we are. The realization of our potential is the ultimate answer.

I realize finding our way is not a process that can easily be explained. We don't clearly know where we are or where we came from other than by intuitive understanding and some pieces of difficult to find research. But one thing massive that we do know: we are conscious awareness discovering itself. That in itself is enough for the conscious voyager to keep going and experiencing.

Following that is truly manifesting...  with great and profound assurance that we are the living and loving answer. Just as we are.


We're each becoming the world to be, as it already is, and we should continue do so with complete confidence and authority.






Conclusion - Behold the Beauty of Change

What beauty we have the privilege to live and participate in, no matter what the circumstances.


Our lives during these temporal events are filled with wonder, excitement and change - expected in some cases, and unexpected in most. If we fearfully resist what's swirling around us and drawing us into new realms of realization and experience we'll only meet serious disappointment, followed by sadness, angst and frustration.

That's exactly why our state of mind and heart and living in a higher vibrational state has become imperative. When we release our old ways in order to embrace the unknown with an attitude of trust and wonder it becomes the ride of a lifetime.

Dance with it! Let go consciously with spiritual awareness and enter in! Look around, find your way, make wise decisions, detach from attachments, and don't be afraid, even if it seems to get a bit "freaky".

We're in this together. They try to make us feel alone but we are all connected. We always have been and we always will be - because we always are!

I'm having my own wild and wonderful experiences I'm currently tapping into - although it can be a bit daunting when these new spiritual sensations arise and manifest I'm having a blast.


But hey - would you really refuse a ticket out of here that's clearly a path to a wonderful new world of experience that can be shared with any and all?

Take all this on as you feel led. But most of all... turn it into a powerful, consciously aware dance! We are all entering into new horizons of living consciousness, and should utilize and enjoy it!

Much love and empowerment to you all.

Keep on "wondering" and dancing to the tunes of the Universe...




Very synchronistically, as I was writing this on and off the past several days I checked on Snordster's recent uploads, and my eyes went wide when I saw this.


Enjoy! How perfect! Dance With Your Chi

"You, are the source of your own power, use it, don't use it."