-  Comments from the Inventor of the Purple Harmony Plates



 -  From "Beyond Ascension"



 -  From "Linda Goodman’s Star Signs"



 -  Los Inventos “Perdidos” de Tesla y El Secreto de Los Generadores Morados Armónicos - de 'Diarios Perdidos de Tesla'


 -  Plate Applications That Users Have Discovered



 -  Positive Energy Plates



 -  Tesla's "Lost" Inventions And The Secret of The Purple Harmony Generators - from 'The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla'


 -  The Full Story...



 -  The Magic Of Tesla's Purple Energy Plates



 -  The Tesla Purple Energy Shield - Spiritual Technology For The Soul



 -  The Universal Energy of Vibrations



 -  The World’s Greatest Inventor



Additional Information


 -  Experimental Research on Shape Power Energies



 -  Symptoms of Pathological Skepticism



 -  Where to Find The Purple Energy Plates



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