by ThunderboltsProject
October 11, 2019
from YouTube Website


In his recent Space News interviews, comparative mythologist Ev Cochrane introduced his extraordinary decades long research into ancient testimony of catastrophic celestial events witnessed on earth.


As Cochrane explained, in countless ancient cultures, the identities of planets in myth, including Mars and Venus, cannot be explained in terms of anything seen in our world today.

The planet Mars, a distant pinpoint of light to the unaided eye today, was globally identified as a warrior-hero.


The planet Venus, a bright pinpoint of light to modern skywatchers, was identified in various phases as a great comet, a goddess with flowing hair, a feathered serpent, and more.

In this conclusion, Cochrane begins by explaining the painstaking methodology he and colleague David Talbott developed over their decades long collaboration, which ultimately produced their reconstruction of recent planetary catastrophes witnessed on earth.