by Scott Douglass
January 20, 2024

from Thunderbolts Website





How do celestial objects form in the cosmos?

At all cosmological scales in standard cosmology,

  • from condensation of dirty snowball comets in a primordial nebular cloud

  • to gradual accretion of planets forming in a disc around a star

  • to gravitational collapse and compression of gas and dust in molecular clouds forming stars,

...generations of astronomers believe that only gravitational processes govern formation of the objects observed in the universe.

Independent researcher Stuart Talbott has spent over a decade juxtaposing theoretical predictions and explanations of the standard model with those of plasma cosmology and the electric universe.


In the EU Model, it is experimentally verified plasma phenomena of Birkeland currents and the electromagnetic Bennett pinch, or Z-pinch.


Stuart dissects recent science headlines that provide new opportunities for such juxtaposition: