by Fritz Heede

Film Director

July 2023

from BreakingtTheScienceBarrier Website






Are black holes, dark matter, Big Bang

mere fantasies?


Are ancient myths actually history?


Bold answers in provocative new independent film.


Featuring interviews with

Thornhill, Talbott, Scott, Sheldrake and more...!




Is the Universe actually run by electromagnetism, and gravity a mere negligible force?


Is Einstein wrong, and are black holes, dark matter, and the Big Bang just fantasies?


Is our solar system a recent phenomenon, having gone through a devastating cataclysm recorded by ancient peoples in what were considered myths, but could be actual history?

A community of scientists, scholars, and researchers known as the Electric Universe has been presenting evidence for these ideas for decades.


Mainstream institutional science, however, dismisses their work, labeling it "pseudo-science".


Is it because these current institutions would diminish in power and position if these ideas are proven true?

The documentary 'Breaking the Science Barrier: The Electric Universe's Bold Push Against "Big Science"', begins with the revolutionary book Worlds in Collision, written in 1950 by the respected Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky.


He described a relatively recent cataclysm in the solar system recorded by ancient peoples all over the world.


The book became a New York Times bestseller, but the scientific community - including a young Carl Sagan at the time - denounced it and attempted to suppress Velikovsky's work.


The suppression of Velikovsky caused a further controversy that is still ongoing today.

Twenty years later in the 1970s, comparative mythologist David Talbott took an interest in the "Velikovsky Affair".


He started publishing articles by Velikovsky and other supportive scholars in his college magazine, whose circulation exploded as a result, attracting a book deal with Doubleday on the subject.

Eventually, more and more of Velikovsky's findings were proven true, especially as NASA space probes revealed evidence that seemed to negate the theories of mainstream science, quantum physics, and even Einstein.


After decades of writing and publishing much deeper research which grew out of Velikovsky's initial findings, Talbott attracted a large community of scientists, scholars, and researchers who took the work even further.


They became known as the Electric Universe community.

This documentary chronicles the history of the Electric Universe community, touching on the basic tenets of their beliefs.





'Breaking the Science Barrier',

shows the importance of community in creating change, and the nature of the entrenched institutions that oppose innovation because it threatens their current power, status, and most importantly government funding.

The interviewees describe the lack of innovation in science today, despite the enormous sums of money pouring into projects that yield few results.


The consequence is that,

our current science is holding back the revolutions that would create the technologies that could provide solutions for the many problems humanity faces today.




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