by ThunderboltsProject
February 13, 2021
from YouTube Website


Fear and division are being whipped up globally through a compliant media and the internet as if it were wartime.


The difference now is that the war is against Nature on two fronts:

a 'pandemic' and a 'human-triggered planetary heat' death.

And as usual in wartime, truth is the first casualty.

Physicist Wal Thornhill, Chief Science Advisor in The Thunderbolts Project, uses a philosophical approach to describe how we must first understand human nature to understand the world.


But in this technocratic society it is a specialist subject, not taught to scientists who need it most.


You get stuck in a certain way of thinking - which is fine for a worker on an industrial assembly line but deadly for doing science.

The Electric Universe synthesis is a science that has grown from diverse disciplines of understanding, offering hope and inspiration for a better future...