-  2045 - The Year Man Becomes Immortal


 -  3D Printer Produces Synthetic 'Tissue'


 -  A Biosynthetic Dual-Core Cell Computer - CRISPR used to built them Inside Human Cells


 -  A.I. - Artificial Intelligence - Main File


 -  'A.I. Robots' could run the World better than Humans - United Nations Summit


 -  A Major Mystery in Newly Created Life-Form


 -  Artificial Life made in Lab can Grow and Divide like Natural Bacteria


 -  Artificial Neurons Compute Faster than the Human Brain


 -  Artificial Womb Research rapidly advances as Birth Rates and Fertility dramatically Decline


 -  A Synthetic Myth - A Synthesis of Visionary Insights

 -  A Tissue-Like Printed Material


 -  Bebes Fabricados - El Primer Ser Humano Sintético


 -  Biocomputación - El Arte de Imprimir Vida


 -  Biodigital Convergence - The 'Pandemic' started the Genetic Transformation of Humanity


 -  Biología Sintética o La Competencia con Dios


 -  Biotechnology, Ethics, and The Politics of Cloning


 -  Brain Computer Interface - 'Mind Control' for the Masses - No Implant Needed...


 -  Científicos Crean unos Organismos con ADN Sintético - Nueva Forma de Vida


 -  Clones, Synthetics, Organic Robotoids and Doubles - from 'Deeper Insights into The Illuminati Formula'


 -  Consciencia Maquínica - Metaprogramación del Biocomputador Humano


 -  Convergencia Biodigital - La 'Pandemia' inició la Transformación Genética de la Humanidad


 -  Crean 'Robots Vivientes' capaces de Reproducirse


 -  Crossing the Rubicon - The Inevitable Emergence of Military Robots

 -  Cyborg Soldiers 2050 - Human/Machine Fusion and Implications for the Future of the DoD


 -  Cynthia - Peligrosa Bacteria Sintética Carnívora Descontrolada


 -  DARPA está Creando Plataforma de Fabricación para Organismos Sintéticos Vivos mientras el Gobierno...


 -  DARPA now Creating Manufacturing Platform for Synthetic Living Organisms as Government Weaponizes...


 -  David Icke and Chemtrails, Nanoparticles and the Gender Agenda


 -  Descargando a Humanos - La Filosofía del Grupo Hive

 -  Design and Synthesis of a Minimal Bacterial Genome


 - "Directed Evolution" - In Lockstep Towards the Abyss


 -  Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas



 -  Downloading Humans - The Hive Group Philosophy


 -  Dra. Chinda Brandolino sobre Transhumanismo y Neurocontrol


 -  Dr. Dan Burisch - Area 51 Microbiologist - Main File


 -  El Chip implantado en el Cerebro que hará del Humano una "Máquina" casi Perfecta


 -  En el Laberinto del Cerebro Artificial


 -  Entrevista Con Un/Una Robot


 -  Escuchen, escuchen...! Científicos Crean Orejas de Apariencia Humana con Impresora 3D


 -  Faking Babies - The First Synthetic Human



 -  First Life Forms to Pass on Artificial DNA Engineered by U.S. Scientists


 -  Genetic Engineering Gets Extreme - Now Comes Synthetic Genetic Modification


 -  Genetic Scientists create World's First 'Synthetic Embryos'


 -  Hardware and Software Combining to Replicate the Human Brain


 -  Hear, hear!... Scientists Create Human-Like Ears with 3D Printing

 -  Heritable Genome Editing and the Downsides of a Global Moratorium


 -  How Humans will Interact with Machines in Ten Years - Mark Sagar on Avatars


 -  Human Cyborgs are Just the Beginning


 -  Humanity 2.0 - 'The Fusion of our Physical, Digital and Biological Identities'


 -  'Human Rights Watch' Warns Against DARPA Development of Autonomous Synthetic Soldiers


 -  Humans 2.0 - Geneticists Pursuing Artificially Synthesized DNA


 -  Humans Fully Outsourced to Robots by 2045?


 -  Human Simulacra… On The Manipulation of Society Via Artificial/Reprogrammed Humans


 -  Implantable Microchips and Cyborgs are No Longer Conspiracy Theories


 -  Impresora 3D Produce 'Tejido' Sintético


 -  Inside the Military's New Office for Cyborgs


 -  Inteligencia Artificial - Main File


 -  Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100 - Experts Say


 -  Introducción a La Biología Sintética


 -  Introduction to Synthetic Biology


 -  La Agenda Sintética - El Corazón Retorcido del Nuevo Orden Mundial


 -  La Esperanza de una Tecnología Humanizada


 -  La Ingeniería Genética Se Ha Vuelto Extrema - Ahora Viene La Modificación Genética Sintética


 -  La 'Singularidad de la Piel' está Cerca


 -  La Telepresencia Amenaza el 'Orden Establecido'


 -  Losing Humanity - The Case Against Killer Robots


 -  Los Microbios Salen de La Caja de Pandora


 -  Matrix Agents - Profiles and Analysis


 -  Microbots Swarm and Shape-Shift


 -  Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires 


 -  Morgellons - Main File


 -  Neuromorphic Chips Could Help Reverse-Engineer The Human Brain


 -  One Million Robots - Our Replacements Have Arrived 


 -  Parásitos Mentales, Parásitos Energéticos y Vampiros


 -  Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms’ - Molecular Kill-Switch Included


 -  Periódico Oficialista advierte que la Robotización podría conducir a Guerras de Clase y Genocidio


 -  PETMAN - The Pentagon’s Creepy Humanoid Robot Gets Clothed for New Video


 - 'Plagues, Cyborgs, and Supersoldiers' - Report suggests Pentagon exploring Biotech-Based Warfare


 -  Posesión y Depredación - Alienígenas, Predadores, Clones y Reptiles - El Enigma de Los Parásitos...


 -  Possession and Predation - Aliens, Flyers, Clones, and Reptilians - The Enigma of Extraterrestrial Parasites


 -  Project Mannequin and James Casbolt - Main File



 -  Researchers help DoD consider 'Challenges of Human Enhancement'


 -  'Robot Baby Project' Mimics Sexual Reproduction to Let Robots 'Evolve'


 -  Robotic Bees are Now Being Built to Pollinate Crops Instead of Real Bees


 -  Robotics Revolution to Replace Most Human Workers in Three Generations - Labor Class to Be...


 -  Robots and Computers Could Take Half Our Jobs Within the Next 20 Years - Oxford Professors Say


 -  Robots, Inteligencia Artificial y El Futuro de Los Humanos


 -  Scientists are Close to Creating a Fully Synthetic Genome


 -  Scientists are mixing Human Body Parts with Robots and Monkeys


 -  Scientists Create 1st Living Organism from Artificial DNA


 -  Scientists Create First Living Organism that Transmits Added Letters in DNA 'Alphabet'


 -  Scientists Create Synthetic Life in Lab


 -  Scientists have created 'Programmable Robots' made of Living Tissue - What could Possibly go Wrong?


 -  Scientists Talk Privately about Creating a Synthetic Human Genome


 -  Scientists Target 2026 as the Year of the First Synthetic Genome


 -  Self-Aware "Cyborgs" will Replace Humans and Rule the Earth - Futurist Predicts


 -  Sinopsis del Material Casiopeo - Extractos fechados: Octubre, 1994 - Enero 1996


 -  Sintéticos


 -  SKYNET is Real!


 -  Soul Technology


 -  Synthetic Biology - Creating New Life Forms by Rearranging DNA


 -  Synthetic Biology - We Will Grow Entire Cities Out of Living Organisms


 -  Synthetic DNA Paves the Way for Entirely New Life Forms


 -  Synthetic Human Embryos - No Need for Eggs or Sperm


 -  Synthetic Life - Biologists Are Crafting Libraries of Interchangeable DNA Parts


 -  Synthetics


 -  Team builds First Living Robots... that can Reproduce


 -  Tecnología de Almas


 -  The Biological and The Silicon - Modifying Humans for Space Travel


 -  The Evolution of The Humanoid Robot



 -  The Future of YOU - This is the Human Body Designed by 3D Printers


 -  The Hope for a Humanized Technology


 -  The Man Who's Building a Computer Made of Brains


 -  The Scientific Background of The Russian Organic Robotoids - from 'Wisconsin Report - Dr.Beter Audio...

 -  The Skingularity is Near


 -  The Slippery Slope to Cyborg Theocracy


 -  The Synthetic Agenda - The Distorted Heart of the New World Order


 -  Transbiología



 -  Transbiology


 -  Transhumanism - Main File


 -  Una Perspectiva de la Singularidad Tecnológica auspiciada por Raymond Kurzweil


 -  Un Avance en Robótica que pone en Peligro a Toda la Humanidad


 -  Un Material Impreso Similar a un Tejido


 -  Un Millón de Robots - Nuestros Reemplazos han Llegado


 -  U.S. Space Force Chief Scientist says 'Human Augmentation Imperative'


 -  WEF boasts Billions of Humans will soon be Replaced with AI Hybrids


 -  WEF says 'Become Cyborgs, Chip your Children, Implant Brain Chips'


 -  Where are We Going? - Dystopian Futures and the Work of Philip K. Dick


 -  Xenobots - Los Científicos usan Células Madre para crear los primeros "Robots Vivos"


Additional Information


 -  4th Dimensional Negative Energies


 -  Abductions and Abductees - Main File


 -  A CRISPR/Cas9-​based Central Processing Unit to Program complex logic Computations in Human Cells


 -  Animal Brains Connected Up to Make Mind-Melded Computer


 -  Are We Irradiated Mutants in A Techno-Spiritual Matrix?


 -  Artificial DNA Could Power Future Computers


 -  Artificial Life Created by Craig Venter - First Synthetic Cell Created in A Laboratory


 -  Artificial Wombs could Replace Women say Scientists

 -  A Semisynthetic Organism Engineered for the Stable Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet

 -  A Transient Self-Assembling Self-Replicator


 -  Automation in the Ancient World - The Robots of Greece and Rome


 -  Automation Nightmare - Philosopher Warns We are Creating a World Without Consciousness


 -  Automatización en el Mundo Antiguo - Los Robots de Grecia y Roma


 -  Beyond the Great Reset - 10 Official Documents on Human-Machine Hybrids


 -  Bush - 'Machine' Politician Exposed by Photos


 -  Cabal Clone Factory Targeted - Underground Facility, Destroyed by Crack Counter Intelligence Team and...


 -  Chemtrails and Geoengineering - Main File



 -  Científicos Crean Hígado Humano a partir de Células Madre


 -  Científicos Cultivan un Simple Hígado Humano en una Placa de Petri


 -  Confiamos más en los Ordenadores que en los Humanos

 -  Converging Technologies For Improving Human Performance - Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Info...


 -  Crean una Molécula Artificial que Imita a la Vida y la Muerte - Un Paso adelante en el Intento de Crear Vida...


 -  Cyber Sapiens


 -  Cyberwarfare - Hi-Tech/Top Secret Military Weapons - Main File


 -  DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - Main File


 -  Depuración Hiperdimensional - 'Ultores' e Implantes


 -  El Primer Trasplante de Cabeza de la Historia - ¿Revolución Científica o Pura Fantasía?


 -  El Sexo de Los Clones


 -  El Supuesto Clinton y el Archivo KGB - Humanos Artificiales


 -  El Yo Fantasma - Un Virus Mental como un Tipo de Virus Informático - Revisión del Libro de David Icke


 -  Energías Negativas de la 4ª Dimensión


 -  Engines of Creation - Molecular Engineering: An Approach to the Development of General Capabilities for...


 -  Era of Smart Oceans With Autonomous Robots


 -  Experts Warn U.S. Soldiers may Be Replaced with Robot Warriors

 -  Extreme Genetic Engineering - An Introduction to Synthetic Biology


 -  Four-foot Human with Cat's Eyes


 -  From Cthulhu to Cloning



 -  Genetically Engineering Humans

 -  Genetic Requirements for Cell Division in a Genomically Minimal Cell


 -  Government Microchips Our Soldiers - How Long Will it Be Before They Want to Put a Microchip in YOU?


 -  Gnosticism, Archons/Greys - The Controllers Agenda


 -  How to Build a Virtual Human


 -  How will We Live in the Year 2065? - Cities, Cyborgs and Social Science


 -  Human Cloning about to be Unleashed upon the World

 -  Human Engineering and Climate Change


 -  Informes de Inteligencia Imaginan "Diseñando Seres Humanos" Con Habilidades Únicas, Bajo Régimen de...


 -  Intelligence Report Envisions “Designing Humans" With Unique Abilities, Under Global Governance Regime


 -  Investigación Muestra que ya No Son los Humanos los que Toman las Decisiones - Son los Algoritmos


 -  La Agenda de Los Controladores - Gnosticismo, Arcontes-Grises


 -  Lab-grown 'Mini Brains' produce Electrical Patterns that resemble those of Premature Babies


 -  Los Hombres de Negro y Sus Orígenes Mágicos


 -  Machine Consciousness - Gelernter and Kurzweil Debate


 -  Meccanismi Automatici nel Mondo Antico - I Robot della Grecia e di Roma


 -  Millennium Take-Out of The Planet - Video Evidence Proving That We Are in A Simulated Reality, The...


 -  Mímica de Contacto Extraterrestre por Entidades Ocultas


 -  Mimicry of Alien Contact by Occult Entities


 -  Miniature 'Human Brain' Grown in Lab



 -  Nanotechnology - Hi-Tech/Top Secret Projects - Main File


 -  Organic Portals - Main File



 -  Oscuros Parásitos se Alimentan de tus Emociones


 -  Pentagon Wants Rescue Robots Built in Time for The Next "Natural Disaster"


 -  Project Aquarius - Main File


 -  Radiation, Robot Bees and 5G

 -  Religious Motifs in Technological Posthumanism


 -  Robots Periodistas - El Futuro de los Medios Corporativos ya ha Llegado


 -  SAFFiR - The Navy’s Unbelievable Firefighting Robot that Can Understand Gestures and Throw Grenades


 -  Sapiens Rising - Beyond the Babel Factor


 -  Scientists Create Computer That Reads Your Thoughts and Puts Them Into Words


 -  Scientists Create Human Liver from Stem Cells


 -  Scientists Grow a Simple Human Liver in A Petri Dish


 -  Scientists to Soon Create Unlimited Supply of Humans in The Lab


 -  Scripps Scientists Isolate Genes Responsible for Transport of Vital Element


 -  Shoot to Kill - Autonomous Robots Developed by DARPA Will Not Question Orders


 -  Signs of a Transhuman Future - The New Technologies that Will Change Human Civilization as We Know It


 -  Team of Experts Say Humanity Faces Extinction


 -  Tech Billionaires Convinced we Live in the Matrix are Secretly Funding Scientists to Help Break Us Out of It


 -  The Alien Species Agenda - On the Threshold of a Brave New World


 -  The Alleged Clinton and The KGB File - Artificial Humans


 -  The Controllers Agenda - Gnosticism, Archons/Greys

 -  The Darker Bioweapons Future


 -  The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

 -  The Death of Freewill


 -  The Evolution of Adaptive Immune Systems



 -  The Future of Moral Machines

 -  The Global Technology Revolution - Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information...


 -  The Island of Dr. Moreau for Real


 -  The Men in Black and Their Magical Origins


 -  The Rise of The Machines



 -  The Soulless Ones - Men from Orion


 -  The Universe According to Kerner - Short Greys, Robots, Gods and Eugenism


 -  This Robot is Part Sea Slug


 -  Trichoplax Adhaerens - This Animal's Behavior is Mechanically Programmed

 -  Ultralow Power Artificial Synapses using Nanotextured Magnetic Josephson Junctions


 -  Una Compañía Afirma que Trasplantes Cerebrales podrían Resucitar a los Muertos en el 2045


 -  Un Futuro Hecho de Lenguaje en el Que Podremos Programar Universos


 -  Vaccines - An Ideal Covert-Operation to Genetically Re-Engineer Humans


 -  Vacunas - Una Operación-Encubierta Ideal para Manipular Humanos Genéticamente


 -  Varias Señales de Que Los Estados Unidos de América se Está Convirtiendo en Una Gigantesca Prisión


 -  Visioni del Futuro - L'Uomo Sim Card


 -  Visions of the Future - Sim Card Man


 -  Visitantes de La Dimensión Desconocida


 -  Visitors From The Twilight Zone



 -  Was US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Shot and Killed and They Used a Hologram on Jan. 8th 2008?


 -  What is "STS-STO" - Que es "SAS-SAO" - Main File


 -  Why The Future Doesn't Need Us


 -  World's First Human Head Transplant a Success - Professor Says...


 -  Your Body is The Next Frontier in Cybercrime





 -  Autonomous Military Robotics - Risk, Ethics, and Design


 -  Homo Sacer - El Poder Soberano y la Nuda Vida - por Giorgio Agamben


 -  Homo Sacer - Il Potere Sovrano e la Nuda Vita - di Giorgio Agamben

 -  Homo Sacer - Sovereign Power and Bare Life - by Giorgio Agamben

 -  Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense - by James Giordano

 -  Programming and Metaprogramming in The Human Biocomputer - by John. C. Lilly

 -  Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind - by Wes Penre

 -  The Age of Spiritual Machines - by Ray Kurzweil

 -  The Food of The Gods - by H.G. Wells


 -  The Skingularity is Near - The Next Human, the Perfect Rainbow Light Body and the... - by William Henry

 -  Three Laws of Robotics - by Isaac Asimov




 -  Bionics, Transhumanism, and The End of Evolution

 -  CFR Discusses a Future with "Humans 2.0" and "Autonomous Robots"

 -  Cry for Freedom - Why Cyborgs won't save the World

 -  Now and Zen - Zen Gardner talks to David Icke

 -  Obsolete - Mini Documentary (2016)

 -  Obsoletos - El Ser Humano podría Ser Innecesario en un Futuro Dominado por Robots

 -  Synthetic Biology - The Potential and The problems of Re-Engineering Life - Prof. Jamie Davies

 -  The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology - From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life

 -  The End of Humanity - As Planned by the Global Leaders

 -  These People Do Not Exist

 -  Trance-Formation - Exposing The Meme That Enslaves Society

 -  Xenobots 3.0 - Living Robots that can Reproduce


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