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"Henry Paulson was reported dead on Jan 2, 2008. Then Jan 3, 2008 Bush was approached by reporters and was confronted about his death and Bush denied that he was dead then he was asked, if he could produce a body he said yes but he's sick. Then the next day he produced a body and gave a public meeting Jan 4, 2008 which confirmed that he was approached the day before.


But when you see the video and really study it, you will find out that Henry Paulson in that video was very displaced and here appeared by his body language that he wasn't going along with the conversation then you will see his dress shirt cuff disappears while he is sitting still which confirms a Hologram was used which gave a projective image of him which proves that the first report of him being dead was true."

Henry Paulson





How Easy is it to Make a Human Hologram?

Henry Paulson Died






How is it that you find this difficult to accept? These "genetic/holographic" DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.


I have spoken of this procedure prior to this and will not take precious time to repeat and repeat for those who simply do not wish to go back and effort at gaining the information. You see, I, Hatonn, care not in the least whether or not you believe me nor if you understand the mechanism by which it works. You are "willing victims" of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep on—it is up to you. Our commission is to outlay the Truth unto you—YOURS IS TO CON­FIRM AND ACKNOWLEDGE—OR NOT, AS YOU WISH.


There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses—robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison.


They are comprised totally of physical "matter" manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter par­ticles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the recreation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication.

Hologram Videos

Human Hologram 3D Projection

Virgin Digital Launch 2005


Kate Moss Hologram

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show


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The following indications that the 'virtual reality' folks have been playing around with Paulson images, and that our suspicions on this score may be well-founded, have been received:

(1) From an expert in these matters [received 9th January 2008, 23:12 UK time]:

Play the below Microsoft Media Player video
Right click your mouse while video is playing [may have to try this a few times]
Click ZOOM
Right click your mouse while playing, again
Click SLOW
[WATCH ENTIRE VIDEO] Notice the rear right portion of Paulson's head blends in with the yellow [or gold] stripe on the blue Navy flag, in the background, when he turns his head back & forth wherein, thusly, the polygon [shape around the edges of an object] of his head is not at all definitive. This is indicative of video alteration, commonly called "being photoshopped", named after the popular graphics, photo & video manipulative Photoshop software, though many other similar professional software packages that can do all this, also exist.


Original White House Video Stream of Paulson:


(2) From a correspondent [received 9th January 2008, 22:00 UK time]:

You are so right on..... they sure don't want any photographs of that meeting with Bush & Bernanke and Paulson... I have looked and looked, and what was all over the news two days ago is strangely missing from view now!! Could it be they are hiding something??? It seems they don't want anyone to see Paulson now: How strange....


You keep going Mr. Story, these rats are really on the run now. Thank you ...thank you.

(3) From a correspondent in Canada [received 10th January 2008, 15:56 UK time]:

Message: 01/08/08 CNBC interview: Paulson's Own Words Indicate Last Year [2007]:

Here's where there's a serious kink in the cover-up. In this video of Paulson, supposedly in the morning of January 8 on CNBC, Paulson is asked a question regarding the depth of the problem in the housing market and that the problem was initially underestimated (UNSAID: because it covered up the underlying frauds).

Paulson goes on to answer the question as follows:

"Well I can remember, I came to Washington early in the summer of 2006 and I remember late 2006 early 2007 that most economists, as they looked at housing were looking at it bottoming out sometime in 2007 and this problem has been more significant than a lot of people, a lot of us first thought it would be. I can tell you it was about MID YEAR THIS YEAR that we put together, and I think we put together an effort to deal with this and I think we'll be talking about that later to deal with what's going on in the sub prime area".

This interview was supposed to have taken place in the morning of January 8, 2008 and yet he said "MID YEAR THIS YEAR that we put together, and I think we put together an effort to deal with this" meaning mid year LAST year. i.e. in mid-2007.

This is a strong indication that this interview was conducted towards the end of 2007, and NOT on 8th January 2008 as the population is supposed to believe.

If this is a fraudulent report, CNBC is a party to the covering up of massive financial fraud and would be a co-conspirator and an accessory to the fact of crimes, including the murder of senior US officials, of course.

Link (watch below video about 3/4 towards the end):


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