by The Anonymous Physicist



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You know something is very wrong,  and the "official" story

is always a lie.
But Who is Really In Charge Of Mankind? What are Their Goals?
What is the real cause of all the Wars, and

Evil Throughout Man's History?
Why can't they go "back" to the Moon?

Did they ever go?
What's stopping them?

Permission granted for all to re-transmit, post, etc. as long as it is non-profit and

“Copyright, Anonymous Physicist” remains on it.



  1. On the Nuking of The Van Allen Belts, The Dark Side of The Moon, The WTC and Who are The Real Powers that Be

  2. Crucial, Ultimate Truths to Understand 9/11 & The PTB

  3. The Real Meaning of The Term "Stargate" and Its Tie-In With CERN - And its Tie-In With CERN (Creating a Black Hole?) & E=mc2

  4. How The Peak Oil Scam Fits In With Ultimate Truths

  5. Publicly Proclaimed Enemies That Actually Work(ed) With The U.S./U.K. - The Nazis, The Red Russkies, and now, the Chinese

  6. The Three "Project Orions" - At Least Two Are Perfidious

  7. Poisoning Those Who Reveal Ultimate Truths - Mozart, Beethoven, Karen Silkwood, US Presidents, Rock Stars, and Myself

  8. Nuclear Weapons on Earth, in Modern Times - All Roads Lead To London (& Beyond)

  9. More on The Use of “33”, in Nuclear and Media Matters

  10. Slaves and Sex Slaves of The PTB - Lee Harvey Oswald, Cathy O’Brien, Marilyn Monroe & YOU & YOUR CHILDREN

  11. Did "OTHERS" Disengage CERN’s Copious Production of Black Holes & (Temporarily) Stop The Stargate?

  12. How The PTB Signal Their Involvement in the Deaths & Assassinations of Presidents, Dictators & Other Leaders and, Was the Shuttle Columbia Shot Down By the Quarantiners?

  13. The Nuclear Button and The Nuclear Football Reveal Crucial, Ultimate Truths

  14. Which, if Any, Humans Interface(d) With Earth’s Ultimate PTB - Our Evil, Alien Creators

  15. On The Nature of The Quarantine/Grid/Bio-Net

  16. On The Nature of Man’s Evil Deeds - Is All the Mass Killing Due To Genetics, Learned Behavior, or Control By Others?

  17. Why Did They Create Us?