Ultimate Truths - Part XIV
Which, if any, Humans Interface(d) with Earthís Ultimate PTB

Our Evil, Alien Creators
November 22, 2008

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I have detailed the real reason for Mankindís history of Perennial War, Chaos and Evil; and who, when, and why Man was created.


At the same time, this Ultimate Truth revealed the reason for the existence of tens of thousands of nuclear bombs and ICBMs - far more than is needed to kill each human being several times over. Also revealed were the reasons for American and Soviet planned attempts to nuke the back side of the Moon, and for Americaís nuking of the near Earth Space (1958-62) that supposedly led to larger, stronger Van Allen Radiation belts.

Mankind was created at least 50,000 years ago, and possibly several hundred thousand years ago, by a set of alien, supposedly humanoid beings who were as evil as they were advanced.


Our Cosmic Criminal Creators (to be abbreviated here as CCCs) were chased here (by even more advanced beings), or had already been here, and were subsequently enclosed in a Quarantine, or Grid, or Bio-Net, around the Earth that has not allowed them to leave. Our evil creators have tried many times to escape (and are continuously involved in doing so.)


Some of these efforts, I have asserted led to massive Earth-Wide catastrophic events.


These events may have caused the extermination of Homo sapiens, or other, previous humanoid species - who like us, were created to be slaves and hostages by our evil creators. These events apparently included nuclear holocausts at places such as Sodom and Gomorrah (4,000-5,000 years ago), and Kashmir (13,000 or more years ago, as described in the Indian text, the Mahabharata).


Global Nuclear War, I have asserted, occurred, and may soon again, for several reasons.

  1. To attempt to break through the Grid/Quarantine

  2. To exterminate Mankind (the hostages) in stages, so as to force the Quarantiners to allow the quarantined to be allowed to leave.

Previous human species that were exterminated may include Cro-Magnon Man, who had a greater cranial capacity than the current dumbed-down version, and Neanderthal man.

This brings us to what may have been the last attempted global escape of our CCCs, which resulted in the Nuclear War that included vaporizing Sodom and Gomorrah. This supposedly occurred several thousand years ago. One theory says that 5000 years ago, an asteroid caused widespread destruction including at Sodom and Gomorrah.


I disagree about the asteroid cover story, but it gives the time-line. Within a few hundred years of the supposed annihilation of S & G, there may have been what the "bible" called the great deluge/flood. Either or both of these events may have been the last, large-scale, escape attempt, or worldwide nuking event. Once again, our CCCs were unsuccessful in their escape, and once again Mankind suffered immensely with near complete extermination.


Also possibly lost - as succeeding events indicate - was much of the technology of our CCCs. Hell was rained down upon the CCCs, by the Quarantiners, during the formerís escape attempt, or mass nuking of humans. This may have been like countless Tunguska event simultaneously coming down all over the Earth.


The result may have been the CCCs losing their great weapons and other technologies, and thus total control of Mankind.


Mankind then was deliberately kept in a "low-tech/low science" state. Any attempts to acquire knowledge and science met with a fate such as at Egyptís great Library at Alexandria. It may have taken our CCCs until circa 1600 to reacquire all their technologies and weapons; and thus they THEN got Man to begin, or more correctly perhaps re-start, his quest for science and technology.


But all Manís important activities have always been tightly controlled by our CCCs. How do these beings control Mankind?

One or more INTERFACERS between the CCC in charge, and the most important human(s), was/is necessary. The necessity is indicated in the bible itself. The so-called "god" Jehovah demands one of the "commandments" be that no image of him shall be made. This is because this gutless, cosmic perp did not want his whereabouts known/seen by the Quarantiners above.


The bible also indicates however, that at one point some of these CCCs did "walk among men". Did this stop, 2000-3000 years ago, after one of them got blasted from above? They then decided not to show themselves again - until they were ready for the final action, which may now be imminent.

Returning to Sodom and Gommorrah, I have seen one interpretation of these events state that one or two of the CCCs ("gods" or "angels") were grabbed and assaulted and even raped/sodomized by men from Sodom. (But the official bible says the men of Sodom gathered and wanted to do this, but didnít quite.)


And this is both why the "bible" gets heavily into the rape/sodomy at Sodom, and also why it "needed" to be vaporized. I believe the evidence indicates that the exterminations of Sodom and Gomorrah were part of a worldwide (near) extermination of Mankind for the reasons I have provided. I donít think it started as a vengeful act, but as a Quarantine-escaping attempt.


One of several (as was the Mahabharata), during the last 50,000, or more, years. Each such attempt coming when our CCCs re-obtained what they hoped was sufficient technology and means to achieve their goal. And each time they failed, with the hostages - Homo sapiens or earlier version(s) - suffering extinction, or near extinction.


Hiding themselves and the existence of the Quarantine from Modern Man is of paramount importance to the CCCs.

So Mankindís Cosmic Criminal Creators cleverly get Man to kill his fellow Man en masse. They get Man to nuke his fellow Man (Hiroshima, World trade Center, etc.), and use the full gamut of biological (AIDS, Ebola, etc.), chemical weapons on his fellow Man. Likewise the political, and economic systems Man appears to impose on his fellow Man can best be described as clever versions of enslavement for most of Mankind.


All the newer technologies are usurped with the aims of controlling and killing Mankind, and Quarantine escape.

  • Just how do these evil aliens interface with (one or more) humans to get humans to do all the rest to themselves?

  • Who could such interfacers be?

While it is impossible for me to know with any degree of certainty, we can use logic and everything we know to try to get a handle on this issue.


Obviously one factor, the Ultimate PTB would require would be great secrecy. In all likelihood an interfacer would be virtually unknown to humanity - except for the select few humans who "need" to get "the word" directly.


The need to remain hidden from the public (or at least to have what they are doing kept hidden) is to prevent both humans, and the Quarantiners above, from tracking or killing these interfacers. Tracking could also lead back to the CCCs. And that would lead to the Quarantiners terminating these monsters - and a day of celebration such as this Planet has never seen.


But our evil creators are highly skilled at subterfuge, deception, and the substitution of human pawns. Of course, technologies, even far beyond what we know of could be employed so that the interfacers need not have direct, close, physical contact with the CCCs. But any form of communication could be monitored by the Quarantiners, and places both the interfacers and the CCCs in jeopardy.


Note that one actual direct interfacer might have a handful of humans that s/he would then directly contact, in some fashion.


Each of these, in turn, might have say 10 people that s/he directly contacted, and so on. In this pyramidal way, the CCCs would control Mankind, and cause the creation of any science and technology that they wished to be, or to appear to be, in the hands of Mankind.


Interfacers might also need to "disappear" for lengths of time to go and get the word from the "mountaintop," or perhaps more likely, from deep underground bases. So a 9-5 job wouldnít work out for an interfacer. Control is maintained via secrecy, assassination, torture, threats of total annihilation of Mankind, and the like. Corrupt, stupid, shamed humans cooperate; when their lack of cooperation could cause the whole thing to collapse.


If only such human interfacers would stop aiding the destruction of their own entire speciesÖ.

The CCCs have had 50,000 or more years to perfect their methods of subterfuge. The so-called Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) may be where the CCCs have hidden (when they need to) for thousands of years. This is where they putatively rode out global nuclear war on the surface of the Earth, perhaps several times.


Note the similarity to American "leaders" in the Continuity of Govít scheme, who are said to be taken to underground bases when the rest of us are to be sacrificed. A more appropriate term for them would be non-Continuity of Non-Govít, as the whole thing is obviously unconstitutional. This brings us to:

Candidates For Human/CCC Interfacer(s) would include (not necessarily in any order):


  1. The Bloodline "Royalty"

    who are actually purported to be hybrid descendants of the CCCs. These hybrids would thus have more DNA than the rest of us from our evil creators. But do any of the say European royalty actually interface with them? Their being public probably obviates them from consideration here. And they often donít seem to be intelligent, which might be a requirement.


  2. Top Military People

    Or those who were in control of certain military projects, especially in the fields of Nuclear, ICBM, and other would-be Quarantine-defeating technologies, like Lasers or other such energy weapons. Who headed the Military Project to nuke the far side of the Moon (which may have bases that control the Quarantine), and for whom Carl Sagan worked?


    Note that in this article, the physicist that headed this Military Lunar Nuking Project stated that "Sagan breached security." Is Dr. Leonard Reiffel hinting at why Sagan got cancer and died? The Lunar nuking project became (somewhat) public shortly after Saganís death. This physicist, Reiffel, headed the Project, which curiously was named A119.


    This is a reverse of 911, which was also an "A", or atomic event!


    Indeed, I now ask did the American regimeís nuking perps call the WTC nuking, Project A911??

    Read the bio of this nefarious guy. He was/is? in charge of all the science of the bogus Apollo "lunar landings". He was involved with everything from creating nuclear reactors to TVís telestrator, and Internet inventions as well. He was into everything.


    WAS THIS GUY AN INTERFACER? It looks like he was involved in controlling NASA, CBS, the AEC, the Internet, and who knows what else. He may still be in charge of the "science experiments" of the bogus Apollo landings. And note the name of the website/Corp. that has Reiffelís bio. It is "Iron Mount."


    A not so veiled allusion to the "Report from the Iron Mountain" that countered President Kennedyís desperate quest for peace!


    That corrupt report said war was good for man, the best thing for him and society. As a physicist, I can see the link with his different fields of expertise. He is in charge of numerous Lunar matters - itís far side nuking, and the later, bogus Apollo landings.


    His nuclear knowledge comes in handy, as say neutron bombardment of some earth rocks would change them to something alien to Earth; which his controlled scientists can then proclaim as coming from the Moon. Likewise for his control and doctoring of other experiments, like claiming to bounce laser light off reflectors "left by the Apollo Astronauts."


    Clearly he controlled many scientists, not just Carl Sagan, whom he declared, "breached security" - and maybe paid the ultimate price. IMO, this Reiffel is either an interfacer or perhaps more likely (as he was somewhat public) someone in direct contact with one!

    Some of these nefarious military types, like Air Force General Curtis LeMay, if not in direct contact with the CCCs, likely didnít have more than one indirect link.


    LeMay said in a top-secret 1954 briefing that,


    • "if the U.S is pushed far enough we would not hesitate to strike first."

      "I donít care [if this is not official national policy.] Itís my policy."

      [Ref.: "The Button", by Daniel Ford]


    So LeMay claimed he could initiate global nuclear if, and when, he wanted to. I would assert that this vermin (who also was involved in the Kennedy Assassination) likely got the word from an interfacer, as he would have known the whole Cold War was bogus. I donít think any advanced being would want to be in direct contact with LeMay.


    But I could be wrong; they could be made of the same foul cloth.


    And an interfacer might be the most evil among us. But again LeMay was a public figure, so again he was not likely a direct interfacer, but likely was only one step removed.


  3. Top Financial People

    ("Money rules/controls the world") are often little known, and could be involved. See #6 below, for more on the notorious Rockefellers, and Rothschilds, and their relationships with Govtís, and Popes.


  4. Top People in Science.

    Including such fields as Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, even Psychology. Michael Tsarion alleges that the Pope controls all Astronomical research. The Vatican does own telescopes - an oxymoron for religion, which asks to be accepted on "faith" alone. Below, I will examine the strange histories of Dee, Newton, Einstein, and Szilard in detail. They are good candidates for direct, or nearly direct, contact with the CCCs.


  5. Top People in Intelligence Agencies

    These evil individuals are "licensed to kill" and have no scruples whatsoever. We already know that MI6 controls the CIA, KGB/FSB, and the Mossad.


    We have seen how MI6 agents (Blunt, Philby, et al) gave nuclear secrets of the West to the USSR, with rewards (not punishment) from none other than the Queen of England. Could one or more of these well-protected spies be an interfacer?


    They did their deeds for decades, likely with the AID of ALL the worldís intelligence agencies, IMO! Indeed I would assert that just as is the case with the secret societies, the ultimate aim of the intelligence agencies is to work directly or indirectly for the CCCs. I would venture that say a CIA director may have two sets of books, one related to official Govít dealings, and the other relating to "Cosmic Top Secret" dealings with the real PTB.


    Just as the CIA is more secretive than the FBI, and the NSA is more secretive still (its charter itself is top secret), there likely are totally unknown intelligence agencies that facilitate what this article is about.


  6. Top members of Secret Societies

    Remember how William Rodriquez said he went to the 33rd Floor of WTC1, but could not go to the 34th Floor? He implies that he knows his place. He may (or may not) be a 33rd degree Freemason, but knows that there is a higher level that he kowtows to, but that the rest of us have little clue about.


    The record indicates that the top people in the intelligence agencies are actually high-level operatives of the secret societies - Freemasons, Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, etc.


    All the indications are that secret societies out of Rome control the other secret societies (including those based in the U.K.), and all the intelligence agencies of the world. The very top of the "most high" of the secret societies would be a great candidate for top interfacer, or but one level removed from this.


    The oldest of the secret societies would be a good choice for the top secret society. So the secret head of the most secret, oldest secret society might be our best candidate for interfacer. As noted, s/he would interface between the CCCs and the top intelligence agency on earth - above even MI6, above the Vaticanís intel agency, above the Jesuitsí intel agency, above the Knights of Maltaís intel agency, etc.


    Sherman Skolnick indicated that the secret society, P2, was dedicated to overthrowing all Democracies and operates out of Italy, France, the U.K. and the USA. Purported members include GHW Bush and Alexander Haig.


  7. The Handlers of Presidents and Premiers

    The latter "leaders" are just figureheads. Wilson had Colonel House, Moron Bush has Cheney, Poppy Bush and others, Khrushchev had an alleged MI6 female agent/mistress. Kennedy thought he was President, and look what happened to him.

    • But who tells these handlers what to do?

    • Who tells Cheney what to do?

    Some have said that the phone call to JFK forcing him to take the despicable Lyndon Johnson as his Vice-Presidential running mate came from Nelson Rockefeller.


    One book I read claimed that Reagan had a phone in the Oval Office that was a direct line from David Rockefeller. The latter occasionally calling to give "the President" his orders. Others have said the same kind of thing about the Rothschilds.


    But Rothschilds have been "suicided" as here, so contrary to programmed belief, they are probably not near the top. Rather they serve as diversions and scapegoats. It is even very telling to read previously, secret letters between Popes and the top Rothschilds (translation: Red Shield of the Pope), and learn that whenever a top Rothschild begged the Pope for some leniency or mercy for some Jews (in Rome or Germany, etc.) the Pope told the begging, powerless Rothschild where to go.


    So while the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, wield great power and have great wealth, they are much too public to be the interfacer, contrary to popular belief - which is itself manufactured by all the intel agents posing as conspiracy experts!

    Also for matters on the Pope, read the excellent, and well-researched, books (both read here) by Prof. David I. Kertzer. Including "The Kidnapping of Edgara Mortara" and "The Popes Against the Jews". However do net get caught up in thinking that the so-called White, or official, Pope is anything but a figurehead himself.


    When the Papacy finally got a human being who planned to do good, and make many changes - Pope John Paul I - the PTB killed him quickly. Need I ask how many days they allowed him to live? Yes, it was 33!


    David Yallopís book, "In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I," is said to be excellent in this regard.


    Yallop, like Skolnick, indicates the secret society, P2, was involved, along with others, in poisoning John Paul, possibly with Arsenic - which has Atomic Number 33. In conclusion here, the usually nefarious Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and Popes are too public, often murdered themselves, and would not be interfacers.


  8. Those who live(d) the longest

    Like the bibleís alleged Methuselah. The CCCs may be able to live for thousands of years, or likely indefinitely. (Man now could probably do the same for himself if he werenít totally controlled.) The CCCs wouldnít need to train or trust someone else, if their interfacer also lived a very long time. Methuselah and others in the so-called bible were claimed to live to nearly 1,000 years.


    Scholars debate whether a different system of years was used in the bible. But we see the recent article indicates that some current scientists think a 1,000-year longevity is now attainable via Manís own science. (Remember also I am alleging that Man [or similar species] may have been more advanced, than we are now, several times in the past, until exterminated each time.)


    Far more advanced beings could have used human interfacer(s) that were genetically programmed to live a long time, for perhaps thousands of years already. They might not be identifiable, as their slow rate of aging would make them look vastly younger than their actual ages. Such a Methuselah - if we could identify him or her - would be a good candidate for interfacer.


    Should we be on the lookout for someone celebrating that "very old time religion" from personal experience?


    Unfortunately, unless we give every human some truth serum (which I am not advising), we are not likely to find this "Methuselah", unless s/he slips up. Or would DNA testing find him or her? I also am not advising universal DNA testing either.


    Just indicating the means, and the difficulty, in finding the alleged Methuselah who might be the interfacer.


  9. There are those who actually claimed to have directly interfaced with aliens

    However these aliens may, or may not, be our CCCs.


    One such individual is the engineer Phil Schneider who I have cited before. His last public talk - before being suicided - is here. He claimed to have barely survived a shoot out with an alien while constructing one of the DUMBs in New Mexico. He has the (half-)hand, and the "suicide" to back claims of veracity.


    When he speaks about things that he directly witnessed, he has the air of truth about him. As I detailed, he was even shown the 1993 WTC damage, and asserted in the mid-1990ís, that he immediately knew that micro-nukes were used in he 1993 WTC event. He also said he was asked to do a better job, of it and refused.


    But, if the "alien shootout" event is true, it doesnít sound like his alien adversary was "in the image" of Mankind. Always remember the Grid/Quarantine is also a Bio-Net, but only DNA from our CCCs, and us, is denied transport out through the Bio-Net. So other species may (or may not) be (hiding) here as well.


    Indeed Robert Dean claims to have learned, in 1963-7, many things at NATOís Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) center in Paris.


    It is fascinating to learn that,


    • "Dean's security classification was then raised to Cosmic Top Secret, the highest NATO possessed."


    Does the Cosmic give it all away?


    Dean alleges that numerous other species were proven by NATO to be on Earth. Dean correctly states that we may have been seeded from one of these species. The number of different species here, he stated, is between 12 and 100; with one looking almost identical to us, and able to dine in a restaurant unnoticed.


    Curiously he uses that same scenario as someone else who claimed to also be an interfacer.


    This is former Air Force Sergeant Charles Hall who has written several books on his being the American militaryís liaison with the "Tall White" humanoid beings at area 53 and 54 in Nevada, during the 1960ís. His description puts them as near albinos, or somewhat Scandinavian-like. They were alleged to be vegetarians, quick-tempered, occasionally murderous, and able to take trips to Las Vegas, and dine there among humans unnoticed.


    This sounds like the one species described by Colonel Robert Dean above. I am not certain if this means they are both true, or that both are put out by the same disinfo, intel controller.


    Hall describes their powers and technologies, as far beyond ours, and that they were involved in some sort of technology/military exchange with the American military.

This is the kind of thing that others have alleged in recent decades.


I think this is disinfo to hide that the real aliens in control down here, are our creators and controllers; and they have always been so, and would be quite happy to kill all or nearly all of us to be able to escape the Quarantine. And they donít do - or need to do - any tech exchange. And more importantly, I donít think our CCCs would allow another species to have such control of things down here, as [IMO] the SHOOTDOWNS above Roswell, Maury Island, and Kecksburg indicate!


I believe that the entire military of the advanced nations of Earth is under the control of our CCCs. So either the "Tall Whites" are our CCCs, or the matter is fiction, and our CCCs wouldnít do this tech exchange that way - unless again Hall is doing the usual intel ploy of releasing half truths.


Dean said,

"that you could sit next to one in a restaurant and you would never know."

And Hall used very similar words.


So the logic here indicates to me, the "Tall White" matter may be at least partially a tall tale.

Now let us return to the concept of interfacers; and in particular #4 from the above list - Scientists. Tsarion states that "Sir" John Dee 1527-1609 (code name 007) of England was someone akin to an interfacer.


Tsarion, and others, imply that Dee got his information directly from "others" or "other dimensions" through "occult means" (whatever that means).


I do not know much about Dee, and I donít think he would have needed to go through "other dimensions", "heavenly angels," or such - just an interfacer with our CCCs, unless he was one himself. One source said Dee founded, or was at the top of, the early Rosicrucians. And, at one point, Tsarion indicated that he was a Rosicrucian; now he says he belongs to no secret societies. (I never have, and never will.)


In any case, Dee (007) was a unique, well-connected individual who appears to have influenced Europe to promote Math and Science on that continent.


Now this approximate time in Europe included the ending of the Inquisition, and the start of the industrial revolution, as well as the start of modern Science and Mathematics. Galileo (1564-1642) and Isaac Newton (1643-1727) were true scientists that came shortly after Dee. But perhaps someone like Dee was needed to form a milieu where Science would be accepted, after (controlled) forces like the medieval Church was against Science for so long.

Letís look now at Newton.


Curiously even Wiki indicates the strangeness in Newtonís alleged discovery/creation of the Calculus:

"There is only the end product in Newton's known notes. Newton claimed that he had been reluctant to publish his calculus because he feared being mocked for it."

The excuse sounds bogus and contrived, especially as it is easy to prove that the Calculus both works, and has immense value in Science and technology. Newtonís Principia (published in 1687) is thought by many to possibly be the greatest work of the human mind. In it are the Laws of Motion, Gravity, Optics, as well as the Calculus.

Curiously in the last three decades of his life, Newton had little or nothing to do with Science, but much strangeness and pettiness occurred during that interval. Long before this however, Newton had been elected Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1669 - it seems BEFORE he made/published any significant contributions to Science or Math.


Curiously, Wiki states that,

"After his death, Newton's body was discovered to have had massive amounts of mercury in it, probably resulting from his alchemical pursuits. Mercury poisoning could explain Newton's eccentricity in late life."

The mercury source may have been from his alchemical pursuits, but never forget my list of notable human beings that have been poisoned with mercury, lead or arsenic for "revealing too much."


Or perhaps in this case, the cosmic perps wanted to be rid of someone who knew too much, or was possibly an interfacer; or had interfaced with but one level of interfacer between humans and our alien creators?

This brings us to Albert Einstein. I have revealed that he was the rarest of people in that both his birth date and date of death add up to 33. But most of Einsteinís life and work does not make sense. His creating Special and General Relativity have been disputed. Some allege that his giving his Nobel Prize money to his first wife was because his early work was more hers than his.


Others say it was merely a matter of finances and divorce. Curiously, the digits in the birth and death date of his first wife, Mileva Marić (Einstein) both add up to 34. Also curious is the name - The Olympia [home of the Greek gods] Academy" - of a small group of friends, including Einstein, who met to discuss Physics and other matters, in Berne; where Einstein worked at the Swiss Patent Office.

Einsteinís later General Relativity theory is said by some to be the greatest single product of the human mind. Unlike Newtonís Laws of motion, Optics and Gravity, General Relativityís equivalence of gravitational mass and inertial mass - via Space-time Curvature - came about from pure thought, not observation!


But was it Einsteinís thought?


This Wiki article indicates that the final field equations of General Relativity may have come from the great Mathematician, David Hilbert. See such matters as a missing part of a page from a crucial paper, to be published; as well as Hilbertís paperís greatly delayed publication, in comparison to Einsteinís similar paper.


My own conclusion is that it appears likely that the PTB interfered numerous times in aiding Einstein in getting official credit for Special and General Relativity. (Ignoring for the moment my "deeper truths" that it appears that an interfacer may have given him most of what he published.)


My understanding of Ultimate Truths leads me to conclude that the PTB wanted their controlled individual, Einstein, to have great renown precisely because they planned to make good use of his reputation, with the PTBís future, planned request, "by Einstein," to develop nuclear bombs!

There even appears to be some hanky-panky regarding Einsteinís doctorate.


In his biography of Einstein, Carl Seelig reports:

"Einstein later laughingly recounted that his dissertation was first returned by Kleiner (Einsteinís doctoral advisor), with the comment that it was too short. After he had added a single sentence, it was accepted without further comment."

This is most strange.


Was the doctorate doctored, or given a pass to the "33" fellow?


Now in my youth, I knew physicists, who in their younger days knew Einstein. They reported that it was most strange that Einstein didnít seem to grasp any Physics, that anybody showed him! Was he "spent" after his great, early discoveries; or was it all a fraud, a charade? The official line on Einstein is that his brain was not right when young (and maybe old); anything from dyslexia to Aspergerís Syndrome (mild autism variant) has been alleged.


Einstein himself alleged that he didnít ask the most basic questions about space and time (that most ask in their childhood), until he knew a good deal of Physics and Math, because he was "backwards" when young. This sounds contrived to me.

Einsteinís politics do not jive. He was supposedly a staunch pacifist, yet it was his 1939 letter to President Roosevelt that is officially cited as the impetus to begin work on the Manhattan Project to create nuclear bombs that can destroy cities, and all of Mankind. Einstein wrote that letter at the request of Hungarian physicist, Leo Szilard.


Szilard was the first to realize that fission could produce great energy via a chain reaction. Naturally he was in London, in (naturally) 1933 when he devised this. He patented the chain reaction, and by 1936, gave the patent for all nuclear fission chain reactions to none other than the British Admiralty. Does this patent mean that the British military forever gets a piece of the action from every nuclear reactor and nuclear bomb?!


Recall I asserted here that London controls all things nuclear on Earth, including the stockpiles of all nukes/ICBMs.

Getting back to Szilard, he and Enrico Fermi co-patented nuclear reactors, in the late 1930ís. Szilard also co-patented an advanced type of refrigerator with Einstein. Watch the movie, "Fat Man and Little Boy" to hear actor Paul Newman (playing General Groves who was in charge of the Manhattan Project) (mis-)pronounce Szilardís name as "Liz-ard".


And, of course, his name is indeed an anagram of "lizards".


Note that the (infamous?) letter to President Roosevelt is signed only by Einstein; yet most historians, I believe, say that it was written wholly, or primarily by Szilard. Thus I must ask, is Szilard a better candidate for interfacer, than was Einstein? As another interesting aside to Londonís role in all things nuclear, you must know that the first "A-Bomb" dropped on Hiroshima was from a B-29 piloted by Paul Tibbetts, in the Enola Gay.


This American who didnít question, or regret, his mass-murdering of women, children and old men, was born in Illinois, and died in Ohio. But where did he have his ashes released? Off the coast of England!

Now returning to Einstein, does it make sense that the great, alleged pacifist unabashedly asks that city-destroying, and by projection of numbers, humanity-destroying weapons be created at his urging? Or was everything Einstein did in his life scripted, and given to him to do for public release?


At one point, Einsteinís rationale for that letter was that the German people are genetically evil to their cores. Too bad he (allegedly) didnít know that the Nazi regime was a total creation of Londonís MI6. And what would he say today about the nature of Americans and Brits, as the British American military machine kills anyone anywhere unabashedly.


So nothing indeed about Einstein makes sense. His pacifism is coupled with his urging for nuclear bomb creation. His creation of Special Relativity, General Relativity, and even some of Quantum Physics is coupled with many eyewitness accounts of his difficulties in understanding what other physicists were trying to show him.


Indeed there is a paradox in his helping create Quantum Physics, and then later being about the only physicist who rejected Quantum Physics - which made him a sad, laughing stock in Physics. Did someone pull the plug on him, and leave him on his own, and then there wasnít much there? Einstein died in 1955, after saying he didnít want to prolong his life with coronary artery aneurism surgery; and so he died officially with digits adding up to 33.


Was he told his time was up? Did Einstein - like his predecessors, John Dee and Isaac Newton - get his advancements directly (or indirectly) from those who created Mankind? And all for the purpose of creating nuclear bombs?


Indeed I have shown that the inverse of E=mc2 (m=E/c2) may allow for the creation of mass (Black Holes/Worm Holes) out of energy.


So Einsteinís equation may allow for remarkable things yet to come - including possibly Quarantine escape via Worm Holes/Black Holes, if the first use of the equation (nukes blasting through the Grid) does not work out. Unfortunately, as with John Dee, Isaac Newton, and Leo Szilard, I cannot know if these strange, paradoxical characters directly interfaced with our CCCs, or if there were others who were the interfacers.


But I assert that there couldnít have been more than one level in between! Newtonís and Einsteinís (alleged) discoveries leapfrogged Mankind decades (at least) toward the ultimate goal of our CCCs - technologies for Quarantine escape!

Now some allege that the Mayan calendarís termination at the end of 2012, is also the date for Mankindís termination, or such. So I ask, has everything been scripted by our CCCs to provide the scientific breakthroughs so that Man - controlled at every step - obtains the science and technology that our CCCs wanted to be available for use by that date? It does seem likely.

Let me provide just one astounding "proof" of my assertions. I have described that the official person responsible for nuking the civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was President Truman. And he was the double 33, which I have asserted means something nuclear, in the least.


But one of those 33ís was that he was the 33rd President of the U.S. This must mean, I assert, that some 175 years earlier when the U.S. was founded, the future use of nuclear bombs, by American forces - controlled by you know who - was known to those who either founded the USA, or - far more likely - by those who controlled the founders! Many of the founders were top Freemasons.


Indeed I assert the USA was created to become (what it has been for 100 years or so) a sort of future Rome, bullying the rest of the world, enslaving many of its own inhabitants - in clever ways, and nuking whoever it can get away with nuking. And with the USAís final action possibly being nuking all of Mankind, for the final (or latest) escape attempt.


And, I assert, that those who controlled this countryís founders, back in 1776, knew that it would be the distant, future 33rd President of this country who would be set up to unleash nukes against Mankind! And I also assert that the necessary (nuclear and other) science and technology was released to interfaced humans at just the appropriate, lock-step manner to have kept pace with the coming 33rd American President!


In fact, I would even assert that this need for the 33rd President to do the nuking was the reason for two matters to occur before the 33rd President could take office.


One was the death of the 32nd President - that they made happen at 3:35 - but even more remarkable, I now assert that this was the reason why Roosevelt had to be President for the unprecedented (first and last time) four terms!


They did not want the 33rd President to get into office until they were ready for the nuking to occur!

So we have examined those who might be the most likely candidates for Human/Cosmic Criminal Creator interfacer, and/or which humans are likely to be just one level removed.


We have also seen how the most crucial of Manís (controlled) actions have been scripted for him hundreds, or even thousands, of years prior!

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