Ultimate Truths - Part VII

Poisoning Those Who Reveal Ultimate Truths

Mozart, Beethoven, Karen Silkwood, US Presidents, Rock Stars, and Myself

June 12, 2008

from CovertOperations Website


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was purportedly a Freemason.


But when he supposedly rose to a high enough level, and found out what the Freemasons were about, he rebelled. He had apparently found out how this secret society is involved in enslaving Mankind, and started to inform humanity via his operas. As Beethoven would also attempt through his music, Mozartís operas exhorted people to throw off the yoke of the enslaving elites.


He was poisoned, and this great genius died penniless at the age of 36, and was buried in an unmarked grave. Years later, and apparently wracked with remorse, the official Viennese/Austrian Court Composer Antonio Salieri confessed to his involvement in poisoning Mozart.


The PTB then immediately committed Salieri to an insane asylum, and declared his confession was the product of a madman - a cover that continues to this day.


University historians continue to proclaim this as fiction. The only ones proffering less truth than University historians are the "historians" carted out on TV.

This paper on Mozartís death looks at both sides of the Mozart poisoning issue. It notes Mozartís end-stage symptomatology, and possible poisoning - in particular, mercury poisoning.


The joint swelling, vomiting and high fever that Mozart suffered near his end, are also hallmarks of Porphyria, which is readily induced by mercury poisoning. Mercury (or other heavy metal) poisoning also causes a nasty (metallic-like) taste in the mouth, and severe kidney problems (I can tell you this from my own experience, as well), which also plagued Mozart at the end.


Induced Porphyria also causes Kidney problems.


That paper does indeed answer its own question, when it notes that end-stage kidney disease causes unconsciousness and inability to work in the last days or weeks (while Mozart was still working until his last two hours). But a poisoning would not. Note that the official cause of death was "miliary fever."


Read this on miliary fever.


See that,

  1. this usually affects "sedentary women"

  2. it sounds like total nonsense

It appears, to this researcher, that Mozart was continually being poisoned at the end.


Other reports state that Mozart said he was being poisoned, and would soon be dead. Much like how Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, and Jack Ruby knew that they would soon be dead, and even knew how (Diana and Ruby, at least)! And the burial, in an unmarked grave, clearly prevents any testing, or future testing, for toxins. I find it incredulous, that it is claimed that, not just Mozart, but no one, would pay something for a more usual burial. What about Mozartís father, all his students - some of whom were rich - etc.?


Furthermore, numerous authors have stated that Mozart was not impoverished, and had paid for his physicians even at the very end. No, I think the PTB wanted Mozart buried this way for the reason I suggest. And it remains to this day a Modus Operandi for the PTB, when they kill someone, to get hold of the body, and do something to the body (cremation, use of formaldehyde, or make enough time go by, without access to the body, etc.) - often against the deceased or his will - that prevents a true analysis of the body.


With most assassinations, a corrupt or threatened Medical Examiner is the final step employed. With Mozart, apparently a quick burial in an unmarked grave solved the perpsí problems. Apparently no one was allowed to take a locket of Mozartís hair, which could have been kept and preserved.


The latter was the case with the hair of Beethoven and King George III.

In contradistinction to "official" University historians, is the "amateur", Gail Altman. Her self-published book (read here) on the death of Ludwig van Beethoven, "Fatal Links - The curious deaths of Beethoven and the two Napoleons" is remarkable!


The poisoning/murder of Beethoven is the epitome of how the PTB remove those who try to inform the People of Ultimate Truths.


Altmanís excellent book hypothesized that Beethoven died after being poisoned several times, and over time. This book was published while few even said that his death was from poisoning, and that his maladies were either natural, or his deafness came from his fatherís beatings. Altmanís research and thinking indicated that his deafness and illness, and near madness all came from lead or arsenic poisoning. She even revealed the likely murderer.


One of Beethovenís doctors was none other than a physician who treated Napoleon Bonaparte and his son. Napoleonís hair analysis showed massive arsenic poisoning and also high levels of lead and mercury.

Altman thinks that this same doctor poisoned/murdered both Napoleons, and Beethoven.


She shows the dates of this doctorís visits, tied in with Beethovenís illnesses. Within a couple of years of this book coming out, Beethovenís hair was analyzed. It was proven that he had lead poisoning. Lead can, of itself, make one very ill, and deaf, and kill the victim, and, IMO, it can also induce Porphyria (see below), which can also lead to all of this, and also one of its main symptoms is abdominal pain that plagued Beethoven.

When physicians are involved in poisoning their victims, the PTB can always say it was accidental, as heavy metals were/are in some medicinal remedies.


But Altman even includes why Beethoven was poisoned. She revealed that Beethoven had tried to inform the masses of how the elites controlled them, and that the people should get rid of these elites. Altman states that Beethovenís Ninth Symphony is very telling. She states that there are several versions of the Friedrich Schiller poem, "Ode To Joy", one of which is sung in Beethovenís Ninth.


And that Beethoven included a version not seen anymore, that was even more revealing of Beethovenís desire to warn the people about their kings, governments, and religions.


This site claims to have the "original version" of Schiller. Like the Zapruder film which "loses" more frames as the years go on, the Ode To Joy may have versions we are not allowed to see. Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), I should note, is said to have been a Freemason and supposedly died of Tuberculosis in 1805. But there are strange facts that have recently come to light. Just last month, DNA tests on the skulls in Schillerís grave, found that his skull is NOT in his grave.


The Anonymous Physicist will shortly use the above cited version of Schillerís Ode To Joy to reveal - likely for the first time in history - just what Schiller and Beethoven wanted to tell Humanity about!

The "Ode To Joy" was written in 1785 by Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), and put to music by Beethoven in 1824. Wiki also reveals that Schillerís first play, "The Robbers" is about revolutionary anarchy, the nature of evil, religion, class, and economic inequities in German society.

On one level, it is clear that Beethoven/Schiller wanted to inform about the secret societies enslaving Mankind. Line 87 is "Eternally may last all sworn Oaths, secret societies."


However I assert there is an Ultimate Truth that they apparently knew, and wanted to reveal, and warn Mankind about. It is The Ultimate Truth, as I myself have written about here. Namely that there is a grid or Quarantine around the Earth, whereby even more powerful, and good, ones watch over Humans, and the quarantined monsters, that enslave Mankind.


Please read carefully the following lines I have excerpted from the supposed original "Ode To Joy" poem.


Again, Altman says that the real original poem that Beethoven included, and first published along with his Ninth Symphony is different, even more revealing, and no longer published as either Schillerís or Beethovenís works. I have included the translation only, along with the line numbers.


The translation seemed to be accurate from the German I can recall, although some words have several meanings.

21 Those who dwell in the great circle,
22 Pay homage to sympathy!
23 It leads to the stars,
24 Where the Unknown reigns.

33 You bow down, millions?
34 Can you sense the Creator, world?
35 Seek him above the starry canopy.
36 Above the stars He must dwell.

57 Endure courageously, millions!
58 Endure for the better world!
59 Above the starry canopy
60 A great God will reward you.
61 Gods one cannot ever repay,
62 It is beautiful, though, to be like them.

81 He whom star clusters adore,
84 Above the starry canopy!
87 Eternally may last all sworn Oaths, secret societies

90 Brothers, even it if meant our Life and blood,
91 Give the crowns to those who earn them,
92 Defeat to the pack of liars!
93 Close the holy circle tighter,
94 Swear by this golden wine:
95 To remain true to the Oath,
96 Swear it by the Judge above the stars!
97 Delivery from tyrants' chains,
104 And hell shall be no more.

The "great circle" and being "above the starry canopy" can refer to the Grid/Quarantine around the earth, and "leading to the stars" can refer to the "Stargate."


Likewise the "creator" or "judge" is "above the stars", or beyond the quarantine. There is even an allusion to star clusters that adore "Him." Perhaps they even knew of the origins of the Quarantiners.


Other lines appear to be speaking against royalty:

91: "Give the crowns to those who earn them, 92 Defeat to the pack of liars!"

Now we should not forget that Beethoven was a definite atheist. (See here.)


So we can be sure that he is not making any trivial reference to the usual trivial "god" of common religions. He would not have his last work be about something he detested. Knowing and trying to reveal these Ultimate Truths got Beethoven poisoned. Of course, both Beethoven and Schiller were trying to tell Mankind to cast out the handful of elites, so that Man could live in Peace and Joy.


But they apparently were also trying to tell Mankind of the origins of all the evil, and the enslavement of Mankind, and that there are others even more powerful, and good, who were/are watching over us.

Regarding Heaven and Hell. Is it possible that the Ode To Joy gives hints as to the source of these seeming myths?


Heaven is beyond the Hell of the Grid/Quarantine. And maybe even the so-called seven levels of Heaven ("Seventh Heaven") have something to do with levels of the Grid. Note that the Van Allen radiation belts can be thought of as having several layers.

Even the "royals" themselves are apparently not immune from being poisoned! King George III (b. 1738, d. 1820) - who "lost" the 13 colonies [the future United States] - was likely poisoned, and was quite mentally ill for the latter part of his 60 year reign. Many have seen the Hollywood movie, "The Madness Of King George."


However, unlike the film with its psychobabble and happy ending, King George ended up blind, deaf and insane.


And his problems were not "mental" in origin. Rather he suffered from the incurable, untreatable disease called Porphyria. While Porphyria has a genetic basis, it is greatly worsened by heavy metal poisoning (lead, arsenic, mercury, other).


Recent analysis of Georgeís hair revealed very high levels of Arsenic.

This, in and of itself can make someone very ill, but likely induced a terrible level of Porphyria. As likely was the case with Beethoven, Georgeís medical doctors may have been the ones to poison him. Whether this was done unintentionally with medicinal compounds, or deliberately for some political actions he took can be debated. IMO, it was highly likely the latter, but just what he did that upset the real PTB, I have not investigated.

Indeed I might speculate that the Royals of Europe may have been genetically altered to make it easier to poison them. You have heard of the term, "Royal Blue Bloods." It refers to the fact that most of the royalsí blood or urine will fluoresce under UV light, or bright sunlight.


This is one sign of Porphyria.


Porphyria affects the blood, liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system, GI tract, muscles, and skin. It is a little-known, but frequent cause of so-called mental illness. Even to this day, both orthodox and alternative physicians are too ignorant to diagnose the many who suffer from Porphyria. While proclaimed as a one in a hundred thousand disease, a few enlightened physicians have claimed that as much as 20% of humanity have this tendency, which is brought out after heavy metal, or other toxic, exposure.


Even pesticides damage the Cytochrome P450 enzyme system in plants. But that same system, when damaged in people is Porphyria. So pesticides should never have been allowed. Likewise for mercury in dental amalgam fillings, and in babyís forced vaccinations (which contain Thimerosal - a very toxic mercury compound)!


Autism IS caused by mercury in babyís vaccines. I am sure that the mercury poisoning of Mankind is not an accident!


So if one survives a poisoning with the PTBís beloved arsenic, lead or mercury, the prognosis is poor indeed. The heavy metals and subsequent Porphyria are employed to make someone physically and mentally incapacitated, when the PTB have decided not to totally murder someone.


CIA manuals have been found that teach their vermin employees how to use mercury compounds to poison people. Note also that the PTB continue to put out "experts" that will say that the Hair Mineral Analysis is not a valid test. It is extremely valid for finding heavy metals in hair.


The PTB donít want people to know of their use in poisoning famous people, nor do they want the masses to use this inexpensive test on themselves - or their children - while they are alive, to find out if people are being poisoned.

As horrible as mercury, and the induced Porphyria are, there is a worse poison that the PTB have employed in recent times. This brings us to the intrepid heroine, Karen Silkwood. She worked at the Kerr-McGee nuclear (Plutonium) processing plant in Oklahoma, in the 1970ís.


While she is known for reporting extensive safety violations at that plant, the real reason she was killed is often hidden. She had uncovered that the Kerr McGee plant was missing hundreds of kilograms of Plutonium, and was about to show proof of this to the NY Times, when her car was run off the road, and she was murdered.


But before this, Silkwood had been massively poisoned with Plutonium. It had been apparently placed in a sandwich in her refrigerator. Her place had been (unbeknownst to her) broken into. Kerr McGee tried to frame her and claim that her carelessness as a handler of Plutonium (Pu) gave rise to her massive Pu poisoning. She had been poisoned earlier as well. Her levels of Plutonium indicated that she would likely live only a few months more.

But when she contacted the NY Times, and was about to meet with its reporters, she was murdered immediately. A lengthy civil lawsuit, and numerous appeals, were undertaken by her family, and estate, against Kerr McGee. The result is that a jury found that Silkwood was murdered (the carís rear was damaged by another vehicle), and poisoned, and awarded about half a million dollars in damages and ten million in punitive damages.


Appeals went all the way to the Supreme Court, and an out of court settlement for $1.38 million was reached. Ultimately, IMO, her death is likely about the American regimeís hidden proliferation of nuclear material to other nations. Most likely Pakistan or India, at that time - early 1970ís.


But some other insidious use for the missing Pu could be the case. Silkwood is a true heroine who continues to be falsely defamed by the regime/media as a careless worker and drug abuser.


Her Plutonium poisoning shows that the Gestapo regime of the USA will use any monstrous poison to kill its citizens when they try to do some good, and blow the whistle on the regime. (Ref.: "The Killing of Karen Silkwood" by Richard Rashke, read here.)

The excellent book, "The Covert War Against Rock" by Alex Constantine also reveals that any popular rock star who tried to inform the masses that they were capable of throwing off the few evil ones that enslave them, ended up dead or falsely charged with various crimes.


It contains hidden details of the deaths of,

  • Jim Morrison

  • Jimi Hendrix

  • Bob Marley

  • John Lennon

  • Tupac Shakur

  • Micheal Hutchence

  • Brian Jones

  • Phil Ochs

  • Peter Tosh

  • the Notorious B.I.G.

Some were poisoned with drugs such as heroin and cocaine and made to look like they O.D.íed themselves.


Recently, witnesses to the death of Jim Morrison have finally come forward and cast suspicion on the "official" death report of Morrison. This shows that from Mozart to the present day, when popular musicians try to inform the People of the nature of their enslavers and recommend casting them off, the PTB poison or shoot them.

The deaths of several American Presidents are likely due to poisonings. (And I would never trust "official" exhumations.) Conspiracy experts have shown that those Presidents that have tried to either terminate the Central Bank or show the role of the Jesuits, and the British regime, in controlling the American govt, end up shot, or poisoned.


Recently deceased conspiracy expert, Sherman Skolnick wrote that three American Presidents were killed, via poison.


This began in 1841 with the poisoning/assassination of President William Henry Harrison, 35 days after his telling, Inaugural Address. See here.


President Zachary Taylor is acknowledged to have died from poison, only "food poisoning" (milk and cherries) is cited, and subsequent Cholera is falsely claimed. Another purportedly poisoned President is Warren Harding.


The end of his two years in office is variously attributed to pneumonia (like Harrison), or heart attack. Some also say that President James Garfield, though shot, had completely recovered, and that he was poisoned two months after his shooting, as the shooting had not worked. Officially he died of "blood poisoning" from the shooting. Interesting that two of these Presidents deaths are attributed to poisoning, just the wrong kind of poisonings (food and blood).


I would suggest that independent (if they exist), foreign sources first determine if these poisoned Presidents are the people in their tombs, then test their remains for heavy metals and other toxins.


When the PTB decide not to blow a Presidentís brains out, they go the poison route.

Finally I wish to relate some more details of my massive, mercury poisoning. I should first say that I feel a close kinship with Karen Silkwood, as my home was also broken into, and a deadly mercury compound was emplaced into all the floors and countertops. This then out-gassed, and has basically damaged my lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and other organs.


Other medical sequel are also horrendous.


The foul, intel agencies also sent agents to "greet" me with four chasing vehicles, who tried to run me off the road, on the first day that I moved to a new state. There have also been assaults, as Bill Cooper also suffered. All this is for my revealing, and proving that SS agent, William Greer fired two shots, first hitting Connally, then killing President Kennedy. This is something known to many in the govít, and to many of the eyewitnesses - until they were killed.


But even 40 years later, the truth of the assassination of the last President, the Peace President, is not allowed or tolerated.

It was a Hair Mineral Analysis that helped save my life, after collapsing numerous times. Blood tests confirmed the massive mercury poisoning. My own body became perhaps the largest source of out-gassing mercury in the state! Survival became problematic, and wellness impossible, after the federal regime did this to me.


Agents of such agencies as the EPA were called off after promising me, on the phone, to help find which mercury compound was used against me in my home. These episodes prove extensive real-time wiretapping of me by the federal Gestapo agencies.

But all this is why - even knowing that they are likely to complete their job, and kill me outright for what I do - I decided to inform the People of the use of nuclear bombs on the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath. I also could not tolerate seeing how so many of the bogus 911 "truthers" were clearly intel assets pushing nonsense that was meant to hide the nuking of the WTC, and the vaporizing of so many Americans, and the radiation-induced cancers that have begun in the responders.


That no other physicist was doing this also sickened me. I will struggle on here, until they kill me.

Always remember that being alive without Justice is no life. And that there are so many more of us than of them. I am proud to be in the company of Mozart, Beethoven, and Karen Silkwood - poisoned for trying to tell the world Ultimate Truths, and to revolt against the handful of evil monsters that are enslaving YOU!


What are YOU going to actually DO about it?


Life isnít worth living for what they have planned for YOU.


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