Ultimate Truths - Part IV

How The Peak Oil Scam

...Fits In With Ultimate Truths
May 18, 2008

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Below Spooked has posted a talk by Lindsay Williams.


Williams exposes the Peak Oil Scam and says he was told directly by big oil people that there are massive amounts of oil in Alaska, that the PTB do not acknowledge. The Peak Oil Scam needs elucidation in its own right, and for its connection to Ultimate Truths (U.T.s) I have written.

Before I get to my finding of Peak Oil’s connection to Ultimate Truths, I will summarize several aspects of the Peak Oil Scam.


It is a scam because,

  1. There is vastly more oil, than is being drilled or acknowledged to even theoretically exist

  2. The oil itself might not be needed if,

    1. Conservation were employed

    2. Alternative Energy Sources were utilized

  3. The PTB claim that oil is of biological origin, while the truth is that it is abiotic

  4. It is known as a ruse for Perennial War

In more detail now.


The Williams’ below video is one of many testimonials, from insiders, that there is vastly more oil on the Earth, and that this is vigorously denied to the public:








Another good example of an insider’s expose is that of former CIA agent Philip Agee and his book "Inside the Company - CIA Diary".


Agee was a CIA agent who quit when he could no longer tolerate all the murder, torture, assassination, terrorism and corruption perpetrated by the CIA against innocent peoples of Central and South America, where he had been stationed in the 1960’s.


I read this book nearly 30 years ago. Among the many things Agee exposes is that Ecuador has had very massive oil deposits offshore, and that that country’s oligarchy, and policies are, at least in part, controlled by the CIA. They made sure that this oil is not drilled or even acknowledged. Agee also exposed that numerous South American presidents were merely CIA agents.


Agee had to flee, first to Europe, then to Cuba, where he mostly lived since the late 1970’s, and where he died earlier this year.

So the truth is that there is many times the amount of oil just beneath the surface of this planet, than the PTB want the public to know about, and that oil is not peaking now. Much of this oil, that is not acknowledged to even exist (Ecuador, Alaska, etc) could be drilled today. However, it would not be needed if conservation, and better, less polluting energy sources were utilized.


One only needs to observe American cities and towns at night to see that massive waste occurs all the time. See all the needless overnight lighting of offices, stores, etc. In countless other ways, energy is wasted. Then alternative energy sources have been suppressed for a long time. These include solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, compressed air, cold fusion, more efficient vehicles and machines, and numerous others.


A tremendous amount of mis- and dis-information is put out about these; as the PTB pretend that they "cost too much."

Notice that I did not include nuclear fission reactors, as this is an abomination, because these plants are unsafe, and their wastes are radioactive for billions of years. But these fission reactors relate to Ultimate Truths, in that their radioactive wastes are very much wanted by the PTB. The "Depleted Uranium" that they put out is very much a part of the PTB’s grand scheme of poisoning, and killing much of Mankind - culling the species.


The amounts of Depleted Uranium that the American and British military have put out in the recent Wars on Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan is said to be staggering. The nano-particles of D.U. have gotten into the upper atmosphere and is poisoning every one of us.


I have already cited proof of this in one of my articles, on the dust created during the destruction of the WTC Towers.

Then regarding nuclear reactions and alternative energy, we have the matter of cold fusion. Many people now know how the legitimate, and fine, research of Drs. Fleischmann and Pons on this breakthrough, in 1989, was sabotaged by long-term intel agent, and physicist, Steven Jones. The PTB inserted Jones to cast "scientific" aspersions against cold fusion even before the release of Fleischman and Pon’s paper.


Some 16 years later, the PTB would insert Jones into the 911truth arena (with his super-duper thermite), shortly after the Ultimate Truth of the nuking of the WTC came out. Despite the efforts of Jones and the PTB, many countries and Universities continue to find that cold fusion does release significant amounts of energy, and that transmutation of elements also occurs.


The latter is only able to occur from nuclear reactions.

The great, and continuing, efforts to suppress/limit cold fusion, including the apparent, recent assassination of one of its promoters Eugene Mallove, DSc, indicate to me that it may have great importance in the grand scheme of things. One such possible use for this form of energy could be in transportation. I do not mean merely in the usual sense of cars and such.


I write now of its possible use in far greater transportation. Now you know about UFO’s - the "F" refers to flying. But many people have also seen UFO’s enter or leave the oceans. These are called USO’s Unidentified Submersible Objects.


One person to see a large UFO go into the water, was Bill Cooper. He was in the ONI, and aboard a Navy vessel during the War on Vietnam.


When he reported seeing this UFO/USO to his superiors, he was visited by intel brass who told him to basically forget he saw this, or else. Around this time, Cooper was also told and shown that the ONI and other elements of the U.S. govt assassinated President Kennedy, with the fatal head shot coming from the Secret Service driver.


He then devoted his life to exposing both the UFO/USO and JFK ass’n matters.

But my point here, is that I ask: Is it possible that UFO’s dive into water to use it as an energy source? An advanced civilization should have no trouble utilizing the heavy water (Cold Fusion) portion of the water in the oceans. Could the blue light emitted by the reflection of the Sun’s light by the Earth’s oceans, be a beacon to advanced civilizations that this planet has plenty of easily accessed "fuel" for their saucer craft?


Advanced civilizations also should have no trouble seeing this blue light emission from the Earth.


Even we now are beginning to be able to observe light from other planets orbiting their own stars, light years from us. If nothing else, Earth can be seen as a great, accessible "way station" for refueling from its oceans. Of course, my articles have highlighted the ongoing Quarantine War that may also attract "visitors" as well. But it is possible that many other "third parties" are unaware of this, until they arrive here, and are promptly "shot" at - most likely by the quarantined ones, in the hopes that the capture and torture of these "third parties" might lead to their escape.

Getting back to the Peak Oil Scam, part of the scam as noted above, is that the PTB claim that oil comes from biological sources only. At this same time, astrophyscist Thomas Gold and Russian scientists have claimed that the oil is abiotic, and somewhat self-replenishing. Their theories give rise to their re-use of some large oil fields and to look where "western" oil companies would not.


Thus Russia, and the Ukraine have huge oil sources, and they export oil and gas. You can read Wikipedia’s article on Abiotic Oil, and see more on the politics of the Peak Oil Scam here.

Note how deep intel assets promoted both the Peak Oil Scam and bogus 911 truth. I refer to Michael "My Father‘s side was CIA, and my mother’s side was NSA" Ruppert.


He was one of the very first, after 9/11/01, to claim that the government had something to do with it, and that there was a cover-up. Very cleverly, he may have been the first to speak out on "911truth" in Portland, in November, 2001.


His later book blamed mostly V.P. Dick Cheney for a lot of what happened on 9/11/01. But, in reality, he put out basically the govt’s own set of lies, that there were plane impacts, Arab hijackers, gravitational pancaking, total Air Force stand-down, etc.


As did/does every bogus 911truther, at his very first public talk in Portland, in Nov. 2001, he said, in effect,

"Don’t look at how the towers came down, just look at this book Zbigniew Brezinski wrote a decade ago, about getting oil from Eurasia" or words to that effect.

So the former LAPD detective, says,

"Don’t look at the evidence!"

Of course, I have exposed the ultimate reason why the regime’s intel assets say this - to avoid finding the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath. The Ruppert affair is very instructive in the intel methods of Limited Hangout, and Legend. First they insert their people into each aspect of the conspiracy fields - at the onset!


The first one to say "the govt is lying, covering-up, and had something to do with it" is likely to be trusted at least for a while, so that this prevents real action while the people are most upset. Always be wary of the first people to get popular after an event. Then we see Ruppert’s extensive legend.


He exposed the CIA’s bringing cocaine into Los Angeles, and left the police force there, as part of that.


But when real CIA drug running expert, researcher, and author, Gary Webb is assassinated - found with TWO bullets in the head - none other than Ruppert is showcased to claim that this was a suicide, not an assassination. What filth. Ruppert also says the CIA sent in a beautiful young woman to be his girlfriend and to ask him to join the CIA’s drug running efforts, which he refused.


More recently, when 911truthers woke up to his Peak Oil, and bogus 911 truth, scams, he claims that he had to flee first to Venezuela, then to Canada. The Legend goes on, in case they decide to "resurrect" him. Wiki says he is now back in New York.

Peak Oil is a scam, and its promoters are deep intel assets. The Peak Oil Scam has superficial reasons for its existence. It’s a ruse for Perennial War, and for removing the illusion of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms from Americans and Britons, and for outright fascism. It is also a ruse for preventing the use of other energy sources.


On a deeper level, its continued use also is meant to poison Mankind, and the Earth’s environment. It’s meant to keep Mankind dumbed down in the matter of alternative energy. Who knows, for example, where research, and use, of cold fusion might lead to.

But the following I theorize may be the ultimate reason for the Peak Oil scam, as it relates to what I called the Ultimate Truths of who created Mankind, has been in charge ever since, and whose immense evil is geared towards escaping their Quarantine, and likely killing all of Mankind in the process.


The latter they apparently have done several times in the last 50,000 years with our predecessor species, such as the more intelligent Cro Magnon Man.

The Middle East has been, is, and will be, used as a kindling point for War. I am writing now of "The Big One." In trying to escape the Quarantine, our evil, alien creators are particularly fond of nuclear weapons. They can serve several purposes. These include trying to directly nuke the near-Earth Space and to try to directly destroy the Quarantine, or its controlling mechanisms, as the U.S. regime did in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.


The U.S. nuked the near-Earth Space, and I pointed out that this unexpectedly led to larger Van Allen radiation Belts - greater Quarantine, IMO!


Plans by the secret partners, the USSR and the USA for nuking the controlling bases on the back side of the Moon were apparently thwarted, as I have revealed. The real purpose of the many tens of thousands of nuclear bombs is not for the superficial "Cold War" reasons, but either to break through the Quarantine, or as "bargaining chips" to threaten, and start, to kill all of Mankind, as a threat to be allowed to leave.


Our evil creators need to ALWAYS have a seeming kindling point on hand. They also like to repeat a scenario, if it has worked, even thousands of years ago!


The Middle East has been a "flash point" for thousands of years. I know fellow Physicists that have seen the fused sand, where Soddom and Gommorah were vaporized. Zechariah Sitchin says his translation of the ancient Sumerian "bible," and of Hebrew texts says that Lot’s wife was not "turned to stone" but was "vaporized." (Note from Spooked - I know some bible texts say Lot's wife was turned to sand or to "a pillar of salt".) She was nuked, in my opinion.


BTW, similar to the fused sand at nuclear bomb sites, is the WTC dust "microspherules" that S. Jones writes about. He ludicrously claims they are from thermite; when this, and everything else, he does and says regarding "911truth," is to hide the evidence of the nuking of the WTC, which these "microspherules" are.

With all this in mind, I assert that the claim that "The World’s Largest Oil Fields" are in Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia is bogus.


Whether Alaskan fields, or Ecuadorian off-shore deposits, or a hundred other sites, contain as much or more oil can be ascertained by others. The oil fields in these Middle Eastern Countries are not the largest, but they are the largest that the PTB allow to be publicly developed, and proclaimed to be the largest. I assert that the Middle Eastern Oil Fields simply serve our evil creators as a superficial ruse for starting ANOTHER nuclear conflagration!


It will appear to start with the local nations, or the new Gestapo to the world - the USA - over some bogus factor. And will escalate into the Big One. But this will only happen when our evil creators believe they have a good chance of successful escape. I would think that this could happen at a moment’s notice, with all their continued efforts.


So there must always be a superficial cause for starting a nuclear war in the Middle East. The current bogus nuclear bomb efforts by Iran, mirrors the bogus WMD claims about Iraq. Now you know the real reasons for these obvious bogus claims by the British American regime. That these three countries: Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia have had the world’s largest oil deposits - which are now allegedly running out - peaked; and so these countries, like Iran, need to develop nuclear power.


This will thus be used for the next several years as a ruse for starting "The Big One", when the PTB think a successful escape attempt can be made. According to some people, this may be likely to happen at any time between now and 2012.

But, IMO, this presumes that OTHERS will not thwart these ongoing attempts.


So if it doesn’t happen by 2012, I think it will still be an ongoing effort, with Mankind suffering immensely. Some, like the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, have already been suffering immensely, and are being killed in large numbers; with the rest of us likely to join them soon.


Some would say we deserve this for not uniting and trying to stop this Holocaust perpetrated by the British American Regime on Iraqis, Afghanis, and perhaps soon Iranians - whose leader is probably in on the scam, as was Saddam Hussein.

But now you know how the Peak Oil Scam fits in with these Ultimate Truths - which everyone is likely to learn of soon enough - the hard way.

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