Ultimate Truths - Part XV
On The Nature of...

The Quarantine/Grid/Bio-Net
December 14, 2008

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I have cited the Quarantine many times.


The Quarantiners created the Quarantine to entrap Mankindís Cosmic Criminal Creators (CCC) as I have called them. The Quarantiners either chased the alien race who created us here, or found them here. They saw what our CCCs were doing here which they likely have done elsewhere - creating, enslaving, and periodically exterminating billions of sentient beings. We are the latest.


The two sets of aliens may have had a galactic war, with Earth being one of the last holdouts of our CCCs. The Quarantiners would love to wipe out our CCCs, but did not because of all the life here on Earth, including us sometimes, sentient beings. Despite countless escape attempts, some perhaps in ways we humans may not realize or comprehend, all such attempts have failed.


Some of these attempts may have involved the great catastrophic events of the last 50,000 or more years. (This date is given by Michael Tsarion for grid creation.) But there is evidence - skulls, etc. - that Earth may have been seeded with intelligent life many millions of years ago, and desperately lied about by "University scholars."


Perhaps this quarantine, with Earth beings held hostage in a galactic war and stalemate, had been played out here before.

Now I may have been the first to state that the USA sending first fission, then fusion nuclear bombs to explode hundreds of mile above the Earth was a Quarantine-destroying attempt by our CCCs. It also shows that our Military is under the control of our CCCs. I also cited that the many rockets that blew up on their launch pads, or shortly after lift-off, caused the abandonment of this nuking of the Grid.


That also showed, as did the events of Maury Island, and Roswell, that the Quarantiners are continually engaged in thwarting nuclear and other escape attempts. I have also held that events from Tunguska, to the "Great Flood," to Sodom/Gomorrah, and the Mahabaratha were either escape attempts - including possibly the global nuclear extermination of Man or previous versions of Man - or were retaliation attempts to wipe out our CCCs, by the Quarantiners.

There is more that can be said on the nature of the Quarantine. But first I should note my/our limitations.


The Quarantine may involve elements that are beyond my/our state of knowledge. (This does not mean that terms like Occult or mystical, etc. should be used.) Now I have cited such events as Astronaut John Glennís reporting of his being surrounded by many "fireflies" and his asking if there "is life up in Space." He was brought down shortly after that with the cover story of a possible malfunction on the re-entry shield (which obviously wasnít the case.)


I also cited the tether incident whereby hundreds or thousands of "UFOs" surrounded and then disrupted the tether released by the Space Shuttle - with another NASA cover story.


Of course it is laughable to observe NASA stooges (under intel agency control) to claim that these objects are in front of the tether when you can see some behind it. I have also claimed that the Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed by the Quarantiners for having/doing something related to Quarantine escape.


I surmise that this happening, during descent, implies that they knew they were doing something "verboten," and waited till the end of the mission to try to scoot down right after doing it. Or else the Quarantiners decided that they could not return to Earth alive, and might have let them live indefinitely (if they could have) in Space, and so only shot them down after they started their descent.

Now I offer my opinion of some of the elements of the Quarantine. UFOs surround any object entering orbit, or even high altitude, or objects traveling beyond a certain speed. See here for the Concorde and its UFO. (At 29 seconds in.) Many airplane pilots have cited UFOs. The one in the Concorde appears ill-defined, as do many of the ones video-recorded from the Shuttle.


IMO (in my opinion), they are using plasma-emitting technology to shield themselves from radar-type devices. (Plasma surrounding a craft would interfere with radio or other frequency light beams hitting it, and so a signal returning to its source either has nothing from the craft, or a meaningless signal. The former USSR, now Russia, may be using this technology, as it is probably cheaper than building stealth into an aircraft.)


So while they themselves are scanning, they utilize scanning-blocking technology so that they themselves cannot be readily detected, and hence destroyed. This, IMO, is why so many UFOs look like indistinct spherical blobs. It also often makes its size and distance visually difficult to ascertain. Now the purpose of these objects is probably to scan objects coming from the Earth.


They scan for several things.

  1. The DNA of the CCCs, which includes human DNA, as the CCCs used some of their own when they created us. Even mainstream science is beginning to say this.

  2. They scan for the propulsion system to see if the Earth craft is capable of leaving near Earth orbit.

  3. They scan for weapons that could disrupt the Quarantine or the surveillance of Earth. This includes nuclear weapons, any kind of DEW, and other technologies.

    (This was also part of the reason why from the outset, I stated that the ludicrous, evidence-free, Intel agency-created DEW theory of beams from space destroying the WTC, was a hangout - to hide the nuking of the WTC.)

I would also surmise that if the Earth-launched craft had some type of shielding - lead, plasma, or other, that prevented scanning by the Quarantiners, it would be blasted right away.


This is the real reason, IMO, that spacecraft are not sent up with such shielding - which is probably technologically feasible now. It was likely attempted, with disastrous consequences. All this is also why Man is not allowed beyond low-Earth orbit - necessitating such things as the laughable Apollo Moon landing Hoax.


Another proof of Quarantine scanning is this encounter, with the Discovery Shuttle.







The astronaut says,

"Houston, Discovery, we still have the alien spacecraft under observance."

Of course, thatís a joke because it was the Shuttle that was under observance. Note that this was a severe slip up, as NASA astronauts usually go to a military channel that is not broadcast in the usual way, when this matter comes up.

Why do so many of these UFOs surround Earth-launched craft? There are so many of them probably because of several factors.


They may come from different locations, and are sent out by a global warning signal. They may be simple (in a sense) robotic devices, and they may operate at different scanning frequencies. They may operate in tandem in some way. Larger objects, like the long tether, may require simultaneous full-length scanning. Several may be required to confirm a subsequent "kill" decision.


The question then arises:

  • Do other, possibly larger craft then destroy some Earth-launched craft, when it is decided to do so?

  • Or do the Quarantiners use DEW from Space locales to destroy the slower Earth craft?

The several pictures taken of the encounter, and later shoot down of the Columbia Shuttle indicate that a craft was sent to it, and reached it, and then destroyed it.


The tether/Shuttle/UFOs incident indicates that some Quarantine craft may be very large (as do events like the so-called Phoenix lights of 1997). However it is difficult to be certain, as it appears to be S.O.P. for astronauts to de-focus their video cameras so as to not allow much detail in the videos of these objects. (They can then try for some ludicrous, hangout explanation.)

My previous article on the Columbia Shuttle shoot down is here. But this below video contains other photos of the shoot-down before it happened. (About half-way in. Note that I do not agree with everything the speaker is saying, or his interpretation of the event itself.)






But it appears that the shoot down may not be done with a laser-like weapon from afar, as the photos before destruction indicate that a craft chased down the Shuttle before impacting it.


Remember that these are time-lapse photos, and significant distance is traversed between frames. A simple light beam would not be able to change direction. But it is still possible that this craft got very close to the Columbia (beyond the resolution of the video) before shooting it with some form of light beam from very close-up.


The fact that an object had to come from a distance to shoot down the Columbia indicates there are several different forms of Quarantine craft up there, as in all probability, the scanners stay with an Earth craft from the time they arrive. Or, as indicated above, the Columbia did something forbidden at the last moment, and this was detected after descent had already started, and a destroyer craft was sent to intercept it.


The intercepting craft, if that is what it is, appears to be sacrificed itself in the shoot down.


Note that the "shoot down" appears not to be a total obliteration, as that was not needed. All that was needed was that the Shuttle would not be able to control its re-entry properly. Gravity, friction, and heat would then lead to its more nearly complete obliteration before Earth impact. Other videos, and eyewitness accounts, indicate that one or more UFOs may have followed the Columbia (remnants) down to Earth - possibly to ensure that the task was completed.


The possible use of something radioactive cannot be discounted as the report of cows licking the fallen debris and then getting swelling of their tongues and mouths was reported. Of course, there is always the possibility that this is disinfo to maintain an Op to scare people from trying to recover such things in the future - for whatever factor they are trying to hide.

There is more to the Quarantine than just the near-Earth Space.


Some have suggested that the far (hidden) side of the Moon has bases that control the Quarantine, as these could not be directly "zapped" from Earth.


I myself was the first to claim that many Moons and possibly even Planets (like Mercury, Mars) may be part of the Quarantine, as they appear to contain signs of alteration by intelligent life, as does the Moon with its same crater depth regardless of the size and mass of the impacting crater.


This makes sense as an escape attempt past the near-Earth Space (if that were successful) would then have to encounter elements further out that would destroy it. Recall also that I have stated that the Quarantine may be only one-way. (Some?) alien craft may be allowed to come in, just not out. And the DNA-scanning aspect is probably meant to stop only our CCCs, and us.


Whether the scanners can tell the difference I do not know. I would think so, and this may be the reason all human astronauts are not immediately killed in orbit.


But I have no doubt that humans, like our CCCs, are not allowed beyond low Earth orbit. Thus the reason for our CCC-controlled "Govt" that purports to have done Moon landings, and planned future "returns" to the Moon, and to first go to Mars - a cruel, expensive set of lies, with ulterior motives.

Finally, the Quarantine likely contains other things.


These other things include,

  1. detectors for much of what happens on Earth

  2. likely DEW/nukes and other weaponry

  3. craft that can come down and fly in our atmosphere (and carry out the events of Maury Island, Roswell, maybe even the massive Phoenix crafts seen in 1997)

  4. finally mechanisms that could destroy the entire Earth if needed to prevent Quarantine escape by our CCCs

It may be likely that if ever a way were found to eliminate all of our CCCs, the Quarantine would then change or terminate itself. And Man would be allowed to travel to the Moon and elsewhere, if and when he really could.


The entire Earth and perhaps even much of the intelligent life in the Galaxy would then have a massive celebration!

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