Ultimate Truths - Part X
Slaves and Sex Slaves of the PTB

Lee Harvey Oswald, Cathy O’Brien, Marilyn Monroe & YOU & YOUR CHILDREN
October 03, 2008

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We will see that the monsters in control of Mankind, and revealed by me here, single out some human beings from their earliest days for a nightmarish existence of torture and sex slavery.


Sex slaves, you may be surprised to learn, can include anyone from famous actresses and singers, to presidential assassination patsies. On the other hand, the PTB view all human beings as their slaves.

The story of Cathy O’Brien is not for the squeamish. Nonetheless the reports from the sex slaves should be required reading for all who want to truly know the nature of the PTB in America. Her book, Trance Formation of America, is a must-read in this field.


O’Brien was given over to the intel-run sex slave hierarchy at about the age of three. Sadly she describes how her own daughter would be forcibly taken from her at the same age to possibly undergo the same experience. It is often a parent in the intel agencies that either wishes to get ahead or is threatened to give up his/her child or children.


From the very beginning (age three), O’Brien and countless other children are subjected to rape, sodomy, torture, starvation, dehydration, drugging, electroshock and other monstrosities. These acts often take place at government agencies such as at NASA’s chimpanzee labs. I have written that it is not clear whether these labs were first built for the torture of the chimps, or the human sex slaves!

For several decades, O’Brien was a sex slave and even a courier between high gov’t officials of the USA and other nations. She was attractive. (I have written here that others, not so attractive, may have been taken, and trained/tortured with several year gaps [coma or such] in their life stories, and made into engineers to release bogus hangouts when the time would come.)


O’Brien describes her ordeals in great detail. Included are the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Senators and other elitists that raped and tortured her. She describes their "private parts" in detail. Some like Cheney and Bill Clinton (as well as Hillary) later had either photographic or other eyewitness testimony verifying the anatomical details. This somewhat well known photo verifies O’Brien’s earlier "data" on Cheney.


O’Brien also describes how the entertainment field is almost exclusively controlled by the CIA and other intel agencies with sex slaves abounding. She also details how her genitalia were mutilated (cut), and how she got out alive. She subsequently mailed pleas for help to every member of the Congress, and to such agencies as Amnesty International.


NOT ONE came to her aid or responded. Perhaps the key to her survival is her co-author and husband, Mark Phillips.


He was "in intelligence" and also involved in opening up China in the early days. I will not comment on this except to say that many others have said, in general, once an intel asset, always an intel asset. I note that her book strongly advocates "non-violence" despite the horrific violence done to her since she was three.


American juries have repeatedly nullified judge’s "orders" when a parent kills those who tortured, raped or killed their child. Why should the perps who order this done to hundreds or thousands of children get off scot-free, especially if they happen to be "President" or whatever?


But apparently the disparate outcomes of the revelations of O’Brien and say a Bill Cooper occur because the latter never advocated non-violence against the mass murderers who treasonously took over this country and perform their acts of terror and murder against the citizenry.

The book by John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, is also a must read for true conspiracy experts.


The book details the kidnap, rape, torture, and sex slave ring run out of Omaha, Nebraska; and linked to the highest levels of the U.S. regime, including GHW Bush. Both young boys and girls were/are taken. As a Nebraska Senator, DeCamp investigated this ring. The lead state investigator and his young son were assassinated in a plane crash during the investigation.


Also possibly assassinated because he had offered assistance in the investigation of the Franklin Child Sex Ring was William Colby. DeCamp knew Colby from their Vietnam War days. Colby directed the notorious Phoenix (Assassination) Program, and was later made CIA director. He was forced out of that job for cooperating with the Church Senate Committee and replaced by GHW Bush.


Colby was likely assassinated via a bogus canoe accident/drowning event in 1996. I am not sure what DeCamp did in regards to the Phoenix Program. Up to 50,000 Vietnamese were assassinated by the CIA and military under the aegis of Phoenix - most like those in Guantanamo were innocent, and never tried.


The definitive book on "The Phoenix Program" was written by Douglas Valentine (read here). See Valentine’s website.


The most remarkable thing I found in Valentine’s book, among all the horrifying details of the wanton killings by Americans or their South Vietnamese lackeys, was that when Congress was investigating this and similar nefarious doings, including Iran-Contra, by the intel agencies, GHW Bush passed the word to Congress to lay off, or else they would seize outright fascist control, and Congress did stop its "investigation." See also this article.


Also there is a one-hour documentary video on the Franklin Cover-up that was to air on the Discovery Channel (Conspiracy of Silence):








But the Franklin Boy Sex Ring reaching all the way to Vice President Bush was one news item that actually attained some MSM status in 1989.


See here for the Washington Times headline,

"Homosexual Prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush. 'Call boys' took midnight tour of White House".




Now Marilyn Monroe is well known to have had affairs with John and Robert Kennedy.


But perhaps the reason she was drawn to have had those affairs is because - despite her fame - she also remained a sex slave, as she was in her early career and perhaps her entire life like the others described in this article.


Double Cross - The Explosive, Inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America by Chuck and Sam Giancana contains details of the Monroe hit. The authors are respectively the brother and nephew of Chicago Mafia Godfather Sam (Salvatore "Momo") Giancana.


The book details the Mob boss’ boasting of how his Mafia organization was in effect a wing of the CIA, and also details the 1962 Mafia hit on Monroe, as an attempt to pin it on the Kennedys, so as to force President Kennedy’s resignation, without having to go to the trouble of assassinating him, and subsequently covering it up.


Obviously the nature of the authors means nothing can be taken without a grain of salt. And we should not forget that Giancana, the "Mob Boss", was himself assassinated just before he was to speak before the House Committee On Assassinations in 1975.


His wounds included bullet holes all around his mouth. But the point here is that despite her great celebrity, Double Cross says that Monroe still had to perform favors on anyone the Mob/CIA dictated. One could see why she was depressed and wanted even more powerful boyfriends to try to help her. Something akin, or maybe the inverse of, Jackie Kennedy marrying Greek "tycoon" Aristotle Onassis after the assassination of President Kennedy.


She is on record as saying she could not tell what happened "because the Secret Service has my children."


As a final word on Jackie, the LBJ Presidential tapes have revealed that LBJ hit on Jackie within days of the assassination. Her diplomacy in turning down the sickening advances of someone she despised (and likely knew was involved in killing her husband) was also clear on the tape.

When you read the news, be aware that whenever there is an unsolved child murder, rape and/or torture case, likely the federal regime’s intel agencies are involved. One such infamous case is that of JonBenet Ramsey.


Her billionaire father may have given her over to such agents for torture, rape and indoctrination and future use as a courier and sex slave. See here for info on John Ramsey’s links to Iran-Contra, the Bushes and Clintons, and the strange death of his daughter from his first marriage when she began to talk about certain events.


Of course, all conspiracy information must be gleaned for disinfo, but sometimes they can contain up to 90% truth.


As far as the last article, do look for the "33", as I have instructed here.

["In the three years prior to her death, Jonbenet made 33 trips to the pediatrician, diagnosis was "yeast infections".]

Again, "unsolved" crimes especially if they involve kidnap, rape, torture ["Satanic" or otherwise], or murder of children should be understood to likely be acts perpetrated by the federal regime against the citizenry.

Similarly when reading about the monsters who perform acts of mass murder, torture, or rape against innocent human beings, you should always suspect that the American intel agencies/military (or their British masters) were involved in the indoctrination/torture of the monster who later performed the insidious acts.


I already stated the likely Tavistock indoctrination of one Adolf Hitler here, but let’s look closer to home. The infamous Jeffrey Dahmer, wiki reports, was forced by his father to join the Army. Though he was in for a six-year enlistment, the Army discharged Dahmer after two years. (Differing sources list it either as a dishonorable, or a medical, discharge.)


In 1981, straight from his Army Discharge, Dahmer went to Florida. Recently (see the wiki piece above), researchers believe that Dahmer may have kidnapped and killed Adam Walsh from a Miami Mall that Adam disappeared from, and where Dahmer worked. Adam Walsh’s father, John Walsh, is the host of the TV show "America's Most Wanted."


John Walsh has stated that he believes Dahmer did not kill his son. Walsh believes that Ottis Toole did.


Now Toole was a sometimes accomplice of convicted serial murderer Henry Lee Lucas. But the wiki article on Toole says the police cleared Toole of the Walsh murder after a bogus confession from Toole.

Ten years later, Dahmer was charged with murdering 17 men (the same number of people as the GW Bush related Brownsville murders - see below.) You probably know of the depraved acts Dahmer also committed on his victims. But did all his hideous acts come about after his "Army days?" In fact, this NY Times piece says nine unsolved murders were reopened at the Baumholder [45 mi. from Luxembourg], Germany base where Dahmer was stationed from 1979-1981.


Extracurricular training days? BTW, I do not buy the booze and heavy metal music hangout as the cause of Dahmer’s "change" - else we’d have a billion Dahmers - that the NY Times piece tries for.


It is interesting that they do not quote any of his superiors at that base. Note also that Luxembourg is also near Belgium where recently notorious, and longstanding, sex slave and child murder rings have been revealed to reach into the highest levels of the Belgian government. Of course, if you understand all that I have written, this is part of what has gone on since the beginnings of Mankind.


Our cosmic criminal creators and their monstrously evil human lackeys like the Bush (and many other) families view all human beings as slaves and sex slaves - until a human revolt occurs.

To show you the remarkable intersection of these intel assets, serial murderers, and yes, Presidents, I include the tale of none other than George W. [baby] Bush and his own involvement in mass murder. Now above in the matter of serial murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer, was the connection leading from child victim Adam Walsh to Otis Toole, accomplice of serial/mass murderer Henry Lee Lucas.


Texas police believe that Lucas killed some 214 people. In 1998, three days before his scheduled execution, Texas Governor George W. Bush pardoned Lucas. This is the same Governor Bush that allowed numerous executions whereby the executed person was likely innocent, but here a mass murderer was pardoned by Bush. But it gets "curiouser."


GW Bush was involved in a mass murder himself. This was the 1984 Brownsville, TX ritualistic killing of 17 people.


The wealthy "Baby" Bush hung out, in dilapidated surroundings, with those "folks," and was the only survivor. He said he was in too much of a stupor to know what happened. Police suspected him to be the killer, until Poppy Bush intervened. None other than Henry Lee Lucas got the blame for this one too.


Brownsville was an impoverished town near the Mexican border, and was involved in drug running likely under the control of Poppy Bush. Baby Bush was probably earning his "bones." Or did he enlist the aid of another intel asset - Henry Lee Lucas? Later to be pardoned. So we run full circle with two generations of "Presidents," drug running, "satanic cults," intel agencies, child sex rings and serial/mass murders. A veritable Curriculum Vitae of the PTB, or their top lackeys.

Perhaps the best known probable sex slave, IMO, is none other than Lee Harvey Oswald [LHO] - the American regime’s "official" patsy in the Assassination of President Kennedy. While LHO is acknowledged to have taken orders while in the Marines, many investigators have found much evidence that he was really in the ONI, then the CIA.


His official record includes being stationed at the Atsugi U-2 Air Force base in Japan in 1957, and being fairly fluent in Russian by that time. Many "researchers" try to deny LHO’s 1963 connection to the notorious intel asset, David Ferrie, and also deny their earlier intersection in 1955 in the New Orleans Civil Air Patrol where Ferrie was a pilot and "trainer." But this photo proves the earlier connection.


Now there are many layers and levels in the understanding of LHO, and his use as a slave and sex slave by the PTB.


On one level, is the book, The Man Who Knew Too Much - Hired to Kill Oswald and Prevent the Assassination of JFK by Dick Russell.


It’s about an intel asset, Richard Case Nagel, who knew Oswald. Nagel had himself arrested while staging a phony bank robbery because he feared that he might be the patsy in the imminent assassination of President Kennedy. Therein lies a several decades long tale of skull-duggery before Nagel is finally likely assassinated. Russell’s book is fascinating on several accounts. Included is information on Oswald, Khrushchev and others.


Russell’s book (and other sources) indicate that Oswald was a sex slave (in effect) and had sex with the male Soviet Union Ambassador to Japan while stationed at Atsugi AFB. I would ask, in addition to the sex, was Oswald used as a courier - à la Cathy O’Brien - to transmit information at the highest levels of the bogus Cold War? Was Oswald earlier raped/sodomized/indoctrinated by David Ferrie during their New Orleans Civil Air Patrol days? Oswald was 14-15 then. (Or did torture and rape occur much earlier - see below.)


I have earlier revealed that Russell’s book includes the remarkable information that Soviet Premier Krushchev’s mistress during this period was none other than a British MI6 agent. Again I ask was information passed from London to Krushchev on running the bogus Cold War?

But there are earlier and deeper levels to understanding the sad matter of who I must conclude was a sex slave - Lee Harvey Oswald. Curiously, also at the age of three, Oswald’s mother placed him in an orphanage for 13 months. Oswald would have some 22 homes in his next dozen years or so, ranging from New Orleans to the Bronx, N.Y.


Researcher John Armstrong has written the book, Harvey and Lee - How the CIA Framed Oswald.


See also here, here, and here for more on the great strangeness regarding LHO and even his mother Marguerite. There were apparently two Oswalds in play even from elementary school days. One wanted to be called Lee, while the other one insisted on Harvey. As usual the supposedly coveted "plausible deniability" of the intel agencies was not attained in this plot either.


At the schools sometimes, a year later the "other Oswald" would show up, and he was a few inches SHORTER than his doppleganger was the year before! Their behavior was far from identical as well. They looked alike, but some could tell that something was askance.

I might surmise that even Oswald’s alleged mother may have had a double in play, or was tortured herself. When questioned by a truant officer, she could not come up with the full and correct name of her husband. While that author, Armstrong, may not think the most sinister things were involved from the beginning, I disagree.


I conclude, that Lee Harvey Oswald (or at least one of the two, if not both) was set up to be a slave, and sex slave - likely with the full gamut of torture and rape, etc. from a very early age. He was used as a homosexual sex slave probably almost his entire, short life. He was also used as a courier and a patsy for the U-2 "shootdown" and other matters.


Human couriers are favored by the treasonous intel agencies as there is no paper trail this way. Oswald was sent to the Soviet Union with the fake Red/Commie defection hangout, with the plan to be brought back, when the PTB decided to assassinate President Kennedy. They would use the "Commie did it" hangout to jump start the bogus Cold War so that tens of thousands of nuclear missiles and ICBMs would be created whose real aim I have revealed here.

Likely every "President" has an Oswald (or a Hinckley, etc.) waiting in the wings, as a patsy, should any president do anything the PTB do not like.


My own research indicates that when President Kennedy signaled in 1962, that he would not allow a wider war in Vietnam or Laos, the Joint Chiefs and the PTB decided to remove him. But there are many reasons the PTB would have wanted JFK out, as I have detailed herein.

Leaving the USSR, and with a Russian wife, was ordinarily nearly impossible in those Cold War days. But Oswald was allowed to leave with his Russian wife, the niece of a high ranking KGB Colonel. Most likely, the highest levels of the intel agencies of the two respective (and bogus) enemies were in touch about Oswald’s return home for his use as an assassination patsy by the American PTB.


The USSR always took orders from London, Langley or Rome, and didn’t need to know what Oswald’s future use was to be. In conclusion, Lee Harvey Oswald (one or both of them) was likely tortured, raped, indoctrinated from circa age 3, and was a life-long sex slave, courier and intel agent, set up to be what he himself declared in one of his last public utterances, "Just a patsy."


Who weeps for Lee Harvey Oswald?


He was the young father of two babies, likely having lived a short horrible life; and foolishly believing he was serving his country as an intel agent, while its monstrous rulers were plotting his destruction. Indeed a lesson to all American intel agents to wise up and recognize who their real enemy is.

So we have seen that slaves and sex slaves created and used by the American PTB may include well known celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and historical patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald, and many "unsolved" child kidnappings and murders.


Children are routinely kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by the intel agencies in America, and in other countries.


Perhaps this was one thing GHW Bush had in mind when he said,

"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us."

My articles have indicated who has controlled Mankind since the beginning, and that we were ALL created to be slaves (and/or sex slaves).

Many parents love their children more than their own lives. If only each parent knew that their child could so easily be kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed, maybe each parent would be spurred to action before it’s too late. Or, for that matter, when a young person is seduced, fooled or drafted into "armed service," this is just another form of slavery and subsequent forced killing of innocents around the world.


The life you save may be your child’s! Indeed the recent news story about bringing American troops home to enforce a supposedly coming Martial Law may mean that your own child will be conscripted or otherwise forced to shoot you!

GHW Bush’s own conclusion on the People lynching him and his cronies, shows that he knows he and the PTB deserve this fate.


One of our jobs is to get everyone to know this too. Reading and informing others to read such books as 'Trance Formation of America' and 'The Franklin Cover-Up', to learn what they do to our children in this country - or to watch the videos - is just the first step in taking action against our evil, elitist rulers.


There are indeed so many more of us than of them.


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