Ultimate Truths - Part XII
How The PTB Signal Their Involvement

...in the Deaths & Assassinations of Presidents, Dictators & Other Leaders, and,

Was the Shuttle Columbia Shot Down By the Quarantiners?
November 10, 2008
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Previously I have revealed how the Freemasonís beloved 33 is a signal for several things.


It is often used in regards to "all things nuclear" as I revealed here. It also has been used in non-nuclear matters for thousands of years, as a signal to "promote this person and his legend/PsyOps far and wide."


The legend will contain some 33, such as age (Jesus, Alexander) or claim that the person worked somewhere for "33 years" such as here, or "he went to the 33rd Floor" (W. Rodriguez), or similar information that signals Media and Govíts to promote the 33 Person/Legend without any questioning. [Note, CNN reported that on 9/11, on the four planes, 233 passengers and 33 crew were lost - Spooked]


Of course, I have revealed that the Freemasons are just another secret society ultimately controlled by "London, Rome and Beyond."

Always remember that any one "33" can be mere coincidence, but when a set of many 33ís occurs in some regard, coincidence is unlikely. So I wish now to demonstrate how the murders and deaths of presidents, dictators, or other leaders are also signaled by the PTB with their "33," that they were responsible.


You can watch the 1964 "documentary", "Four Days in November".


While it is basically official propaganda, it depicts that though President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM, they withheld announcement (bogus reasons) until (naturally) 1:33 PM; when they released the official statement to the world.

This means that despite all the lies - that continue to this very day - everyone high up in the Govíts and Media around the world knew IMMEDIATELY with that 33, that no individual patsy did it; rather it was ordered by London, Rome and the Ultimate PTB. Indeed read carefully Wiki.


Also claimed to be leaving the Texas School Book Depository building at "12:33" was Lee Harvey Oswald - the (CIA/ONI) patsy. Search on 33. You will see that the article uses the word "approximately" for both 33's in the timeline. IMO, that is even more telling! They are saying that maybe these events did not actually happen at the 33-minute mark, but they are being proclaimed to have occurred then, for the reasons I have highlighted.

Another American assassination appears to have had a 33 in its timeline. Malcolm X was apparently shot at "about" 3:30 PM in Harlem, NYC.


The very next day he had planned to speak to the United Nations about the plight of African Americans. Many know of the involvement of the FBI, the CIA, and some in his own former organization who took his place, after his murder.

Going back in time, let us look at the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDRís death on April 12, 1945 is said to have occurred at 3:35 PM in Warm Springs, Georgia. The official cause is cerebral hemorrhage. But here you learn what some have said for years, that FDR was murdered. I do not know about that.


After all, he was sick for many years with Polio, and he smoked; so 63 is not old given all that, in 1945. And the last URL is an article by "Sorcha Faal" who often has a "unique" take on things. But note that that article claims that in 1945, German nuclear bomb material was used by the Americans to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki - which is what I have claimed after much research and thinking.


So the use of the 33 in regards to President Rooseveltís death may again have been telling the world who was responsible, and Sorcha Faal has some very interesting claims as to the deals made between FDRís successor (Truman) and the USSR, that shaped the world for decades to come. (Even if disinfo, Sorcha Faal often includes some important truths.)


Of course, FDRís successor was the double 33. Harry Truman was both a 33rd degree freemason and the 33rd President of the USA.

Another notable 20th Century world leader was also declared to have died with a 33 in the timeline. Adolf Hitler, it is officially proclaimed, died at about 3:30 PM on April 30, 1945. Note the "about."


Of course, I have detailed here the convoluted saga of Hitler whereby he was likely a British agent, along with Canaris, Goehring and Himmler.


And the book, "Hitler Was a British Agent" claims that Hitler actually survived the War, and lived out his life and died in a Convent in Spain, in 1955.


I doubt that, as it is more likely that when MI6 was done with Hitler, they would have preferred him dead; just as there are indications that Chief Exterminator Himmlerís British captors blew his brains out after he surrendered in what he believed was a "coming home to Papa" event. No one is more expendable than the evil idiots who are intel perps for Langley, London or Rome.

On the other hand, I have discovered that sometimes the PTB use their coveted "33" to signal that someone is NOT to be assassinated. I.e., this person has the approval of the PTB. Shortly after new South African President De Klerk was appointed, he gave his famous unbanning speech.


It was deliberately worded as in this quote,

"In February [2] 1990, De Klerk announced the unbanning of the ANC, the PAC, the Communist Party and 33 other organizations, as well as the release of Mandela ."

See how De Klerk could have said he was unbanning the ANC [African National Congress] and 35 other parties, but he wanted to get the "33" in there.


IMO, this was code that the PTB in London and Rome approved that Mandela should not be harmed - despite the great chaos and many killings, and assassinations in that country - and that he would be President in South Africa soon enough. Four years later, Mandela was President. I note that Mandela since being freed, traveled to London several times, including to celebrate his 90th birthday.


Indeed a search of "Mandela and Freemason" shows numerous sources that allege Mandela is a 33rd degree Freemason, including photos of him with the Freemasonís unique handshakes.


I am not suggesting that Mandela is not a great man and a great leader. And he suffered immensely for wanting freedom and justice for his people. I am just saying that there may be much more here than the MSM (mainstream media) will ever be allowed to reveal. It is fascinating that even Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned for most of three decades is on the 33rd degree S. Latitude.

33 degree latitude locations have long been used for historical events, and cities. Dallas was where JFK was killed. It has also been stated that it was over Dallas that the Space Shuttle Columbia [was?] exploded.

Shortly after the loss of Columbia, a photo of what may have caused the problem appeared on the net. It then disappeared from most of the sites that it had appeared on, especially American sites. But I have found it again on a Polish site. It is found here.


This is a time-lapse photo:





It shows, something from above coming down, adjusting its direction, and intersecting the path of the Shuttle.


From the point of that intersection, you can see that the Shuttle became brighter. This likely indicates that it presented more surface area for illumination - possibly because it had exploded, or was otherwise damaged and "opened up."


I note that since this photo initially got some notoriety, a whole new field of disinformation arose.


Before disappearing, this was claimed to be "lightning." Even though it comes from above. The new field of disinfo claims that lightning can go up from Earth 50 or more miles, far higher than previously estimated before the Columbia loss. This new field, since that moment, appears regularly on some of the bogus conspiracy sites (actually run by intel agencies), and claims much of the phenomena in the Universe is electrical.


And it all started with trying to negate or hide this one photo. Why?

As such possible Space Shuttle shoot-downs do not usually occur, OTHERS may have gauged that this Shuttle had done, or was about to do, something that would not be allowed.

  • Perhaps something related to Quarantine escape, or something nuclear - do you recall how authorities declared that anyone touching or retrieving Shuttle contents would be arrested?

  • Could there be a radioactive reason for why they were so virulent?

And, if this was a shootdown, the Quarantiners may have picked the Earth coordinates so that the quarantined ones would know that this was no accident. Indeed see STS 107ís logo here.


Note the three rays passing through a ring (the Grid?) and ending up on a star:





I would surmise that the Shuttle shootdown may have been a Cosmic Middle Finger from the Quarantiners to our monstrous, but quarantined, creaters/rulers, possibly using their own beloved, Orionic 33 for the shootdown coordinates!



This CNN piece says that animals licking shuttle debris got sick, in a manner akin to radiation poisoning, and indicates that there was indeed some funny business on the shuttle.




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