Ultimate Truths - Part V

Publicly Proclaimed Enemies

...That Actually Work(ed) With The U.S./U.K.

-   The Nazis, The Red Russkies, and Now, the Chinese  -

May 21, 2008

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The story below about the Chinese torturing their minorities at Guantanamo Base is part of a long-ongoing, and complex, ruse of bogus adversaries who are/were really working with the British American Regime.

If you read the books by James Bamford on the NSA, they say that all the English speaking countries have run a scam whereby each one "invites" the "eavesdropping" agencies of the others on to their soil, or just offshore, to listen in on all communications of its own citizens, because it's illegal for each country to do it directly. (This includes, but is not limited to, Project Echelon.)


Two things.

  • Of course the "invite" is the same thing legally as doing it directly, and itís treasonable.

  • And secondly, Bamford was given all this info by the NSA - director and all.

So likely it is full of disinfo.


The only difference we have now is that the American regime admits it is doing this now to its own citizens, because we are in the end stage.

Similarly was the Red/Russkie Menace. While the American and Soviet regimes ostensibly placed the world "on the brink" with nukes and ICBMs, and internally (in the USA) with Joe McCarthy etc., all the while, the U.S. - and the Brits, who control all this - directly gave all nuclear secrets to the USSR. And tried to pin it all on a couple of people. (The usual scapegoats.)

You can read Richard Rhodes book on "The Making of the Atomic Bomb", which "won" the Pulitzer Prize, and it details all the Soviet agents all over in the USA during this time.


Likewise if you study the British spy ring of,

  • Kim Philby

  • Donald Maclean

  • Guy Burgess

  • Anthony Blunt

  • John Cairncross,

...and can read between the lines; you will realize the Americans, the Soviets, and their masters in London were always working together.


Their deepest secrets, such as all nuclear bomb technology were passed from London to the USSR.


This was NOT done by "rogue elements", IMO, but as POLICY by the PTB. The record reveals that at least by 1950, Anthony Blunt was known to be working with the USSR, but they let all that go on. Even after all this was exposed and Philby and others were ALLOWED to "escape" to the USSR, no less than the Queen kept Anthony Blunt on to safeguard her familyís official art, etc.


This link states that Blunt totally confessed in 1964, nonetheless, the article says,

"Eight years after confessing to being a Soviet spy [thus in 1972] he was appointed Adviser of the Queenís Pictures and Drawings. A post he held until his retirement in 1978."

Both the Queen and Margaret Thatcher were involved in this appointment.


This is further supported in the books I have read on Philby. I wonder too if Blunt and the others were of the "bloodline"? So the reward for giving Britainís, NATOís, and Americaís deepest secrets - including all things nuclear - to the Soviet Union, is not death or imprisonment for treason, but a cushy job for the Queen!

Now looking at the analogies with the Chinese. We see the same cooperation between publicly declared adversaries.

Here is a quote from the Anonymous Physicist,

"At any time, the greatest publicly declared enemy of the British American Regime, is in fact, its closest ally, doing the most nefarious deeds for the British American Regime - including against their own citizens."

The epitome of this hidden collusion, may have been the British agent named Adolf Hitler, created in Londonís Tavistock Institute.


Likewise other top Nazis were also British agents. This includes Goering, Canaris, and Himmler.


Yes, the 13 million humans killed in the German Nazi Death Camps, like the 5.5 million Irish people murdered by the bogus famine of the 1850ís all lead back to London. Himmler only wanted to surrender to his British masters, but his usefulness as an exterminator was now ended, and they blew their agentís brains out, but proclaimed that he poisoned himself.

And the real reasons the British and Americans WENT OUT OF THEIR WAY NOT TO BOMB THE DEATH CAMPS, or the trains leading up to them?


Two fold.

  • The first is that mass murder of innocent humans is always the goal.

  • Secondly here, the Auschwitz area was one of the areas where the German Nazis had their slaves working on their Atomic Bomb.

Some of these German Nazi atomic bomb parts were, in fact, taken by - or given to - the British American regime, and ended being used in places called Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because some things did not go as quickly as planned at Los Alamos, Hanford, and Oak Ridge.

Hitler was likely told that he would be allowed to use this if not on England, than at least on the "Russian Horde."


This is why he went on radio, up to his dying day, and said the Germans had "Der Super [Weapon]" which would reverse the entire War, even at that late date! He wasnít insane (as portrayed in the Americans and Brits), but he was led down the garden path by his British intel masters.


But he was denied this use, and was shocked like Himmler was, when he (Himmler) wasnít greeted in a friendly manner when he surrendered to his British controllers. Likewise we are seeing the tip of the iceberg in this Chinese-American matter.


Note the article is from ABC news, which means the American regime wants this story to get out. And the author, Justin Rood, has written "on intelligence matters" for such media as the Washington Post. Thus he is in the mold of "reporter"/intel asset/Mafia godson, John Miller, exposed at this blog by me last year.


Iíve found some of Roodís old "intelligence" articles on line. Clearly working with them. Is he a conduit from the intelligence community? His last name is "Door" spelled backwards. But there is more. Rood is an old English term referring to a quarter of an acre. But a Catholic website says, Rood means "The True Cross."


As I have always written here, all roads lead back to London and Rome!

Just as it was revealed that the American regime, during the Clinton Admin. gave a wealth of ICBM and nuclear bomb technology to China (and tried to blame it on a single escape goat, Wen Ho Lee, which didnít fly), we will soon see more of these revelations. The deep cooperation and/or adversarial game will include bogus space exploration, bogus missile shootdowns, laughably bogus trips (possibly together) to the Moon, etc.


The laughable, repeat "Project "Orion" is coming!


We Ďve already very recently seen American/Chinese cooperation on bogus (doctored) "Lunar Photography". IMO, it is clear that the "new Chinese lunar photos", were the old NASA photos - which themselves may have come from the USSR!

As a fascinating and related aside to the Wen Ho Lee case, read this which relates how Lee sued the U.S. govt, and the media. He got about $1.6 million. About $900,000 from the U.S, regime. The rest (over $700,000) was paid by none other than The Washington Post (Roodís former employer), the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News (Roodís current employer) and the Associated Press.


But get this. They werenít named in the suit!


The article in the Washington Post itself, says, these "news" organizations paid, so that they would not have to reveal their sources.


Translation from the Anonymous Physicist:

A court case would have revealed that these "news organizations" are nothing but intel agency extensions - they ARE the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, military intel.

Thatís what became of the Constitution and "Freedom of the Press."

Looking at all this from the Ultimate Truths POV, after the German Nazis had mostly perfected ICBMs, and nuclear bomb triggers, their job was done, so they "lost" the war shortly after making these devices. And was Hitler, the British agent ever surprised - they had likely promised him Germany would win - and he could nuke at least the Red Russkies!


Just as the exterminator, Himmler, was promised that he could safely return to Papa (England). Likewise after the USSR had served its purpose as a ruse for amassing tens of thousands of nukes and ICBMs, its purpose had expired, and so it was imploded. And the Chinese?

The Anonymous Physicist releases the purpose of the Chinese ruse, at this time. It relates to the Space Program, and to the bogus shooting down of their own satellite, and coming bogus Space Race War, Bogus Moon Landing Race, etc. In particular, a WWIII new weaponry scenario may soon be played out involving Space, Lasers and such. Space Wars, Laser Wars, etc. is being worked up.


All with the actual goal of the quarantined ones trying to break through the Quarantine.


A potential "hot spot" for the future American Hot, or Cold, War was also created when President Carter gave the Panama Canal to a company known to be a front for the Chinese Army!

So the new bogeyman, the Chinese, will be tasked to perpetrate mass murder and torture, of their own, and other, peoples around the world - likely including American outsourcing of murder and torture of Americans on American soil - or "inverse renditioning" them to China.


China has been, is, and will continue to be, the "New Extermination Headquarters."


Similar to what the German Nazi regime was. China has exported its extermination methods to Tibet, as Germany did to Poland. All the while WWIII - involving Space and Lasers - with China, will be worked up in the media.


Weíre still in the early stages of this matter, but things likely will accelerate soon.

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