Ultimate Truths - Part IX
More On The Use of "33"

...in Nuclear and Media Matters
July 22, 2008
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I have previously written how the Freemason’s beloved number 33 is connected to at least two matters.


The PTB’ s control of all things nuclear, and also promulgation of someone’s story, or legend, in the media. I cited Enrico Fermi’s official time for attaining, and having, a criticality state in the world’s first (official) nuclear reactor (in modern times) lasting 33 minutes. Also cited is the logo for nuclear material, which originally contained 3, 3-sided figures (triangles).


And I noted that officially the engine number of the first firetruck to respond to the WTC, on 9/11, was #33.

Now I wanted to show how the PTB picked the dates for the first atomic bomb tests and first city-wide destruction in 1944 and 1945. The date of the Port Chicago blast [see my book review here: the highly likely world’s first (unofficial) nuclear bomb blast (in modern times) was July 17, 1944.


That’s 7/17/1944.


Adding up the digits: 7+1+ 7+1+ 9+4+4, adds up to 33!


Then the Trinity Test, the world’s first official nuclear bomb test (in modern times) was on July 16, 1945. That’s 7/16/1945, or 7+1+6+1+9+4+5. This equals 33 again!

Crucially, the date of the Hiroshima nuclear blast - the first (near) total destruction of a major city inhabited by human beings (in modern times) - was August 6, 1945. This is 8+6+1+9+4+5 =33 again! All things nuclear!


The odds against all three of these nuclear events having digits that total 33 are quite high.

Now I also have cited how the PTB use the 33 as code amongst themselves (in the various media) to recognize and spread someone’s story or legend. Recently this remarkable video was released, supposedly in full.


This video by the "Loose Change" people, in association with Alex Jones, of Barry Jennings, Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority, in Mayor Giuliani’s administration.


I have written that Jennings remarkable (but previously little-known) tale of surviving numerous explosions in WTC7 hours before its final destruction, indicated the early attempted nuking of WTC7. But this failed as the nukes fizzled, and destroyed much of the lobby, but failed to destroy the whole building, which was accomplished hours later.


Note the use of the more rare, "double 33", as I have called it in this video.


See how, at about 1:25, a firetruck strangely goes by. Its engine number is "133."







At about 2:00, Jennings says,

"I’ve worked for 33 years at one location."

Now this seems to be an impossibility due to the few years that Giuliani was mayor of NYC, and also the date of the opening of WTC7 (1987).


But maybe he is referring to working his whole adult life for the Housing Authority, but he doesn’t simply say that. In any case, within seconds, we have two 33’s "going by" us. I have hypothesized that the double 33 may even more likely indicate a nuclear matter; such as the 33rd degree Freemason who was also the 33rd President of the USA, namely Harry Truman, giving the official OK to nuke Hiroshima.


One other possible interpretation is that the firetruck’s 33 indicated the matter at hand (WTC destruction) relates to the PTB/Freemasons (and nuclear matters); and his telling of his own 33, indicates that he is (now) on board with the PTB/Freemasons (if not his whole life).

We have also seen here, someone else (Bill McWilliams, whose remarkable verbosity is only superseded by his total "evasivity") stating that he worked for an employer for 33 years.


His story, in a very well promulgated newspaper and online article, admittedly is full of false statements that this individual has refused to elaborate on, fix in the original article, or even provide the address for his office where he allegedly worked for "33 years."


The 33, or something, sure has gotten his story of being the official "Remastermind" of crucial Kennedy Assassination audio data, spread far and wide. He also has had 8 days now to answer simple questions asked of him on these matters - without a single response on the issues.


These included his role during the Kennedy Assassination, and the subsequent cover-up - as he has claimed to have both heard the Assassination live, and seen Kennedy’s hospital admission, when these are miles apart, and happened quickly in succession, and appears to be impossible for anyone but the secret service agents who took JFK to the hospital, after being involved in assassinating him.


He’s had 45 years, plus 8 days now, to get his story straight; and won’t, or can’t.


But for our purposes here,

  • Did the "33" help get his story - so full of admitted falsehoods - promoted so well?

  • Does including a 33, help someone "get a pass" not only for great promulgation, but also for being allowed to be short on containing true statements?

  • Does it include ordering reporters and editors not to check the story for veracity - because they know the tale comes from "on high", and has to go out "as is"?

I have found numerous other "33’s" in nuclear matters, as follows.


For 33 years, the U.S. had nukes in South Korea (1958-1991). Osiraq, Iraq’s only nuclear reactor, that was destroyed by Israel in 1981, was built on the 33rd degree Latitude. IMO, the date of Israel’s attack may be telling. It was June 7, 1981. Or 6/7/1981. Thus we have 6+7+1+9+8+1=32. In other words, just shy of 33, or just short of nuclear bombs!


And on 10/23/02 Cuba joined the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which bans nuclear weapons amongst the signatory countries of Latin America. Cuba was the 33rd country to join, and the last of the 33 countries existing in Central and South America.

Lastly, whose equation, in effect, allows for nuclear fission (and fusion), and which also determines the energy yield based upon the conversion of mass into energy? And whose letter to President Roosevelt supposedly gave rise to the U.S. creating the world’s first atomic bombs (in modern times)?


Yes it was Albert Einstein who first derived the mass-energy equivalence equation, or E =mc2 , and who wrote that letter in 1939.


Einstein’s birthday and date of death are March 14, 1879 & April 18, 1955. These are 3/14/1879 and 4/18/1955.


And thus we have,

3+1+4+1+8+7+9=33; and 4+1+8+1+9+5+5=33.

So we have the rare double 33. One hell of a coincidence, if…

So it seems certain that the "33" is PTB code for informing amongst themselves of a nuclear matter (controlled by them), or for promulgating someone’s legend far and wide. The someone being a person who is now (after threats perhaps - e.g. Jennings, whose video took many months to "finalize"), or always has been, with "them."


But my deciphering this, and especially the nuclear "code", should help people to understand this, if you promulgate this.

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