Ultimate Truths - Part XIII
The Nuclear Button and The Nuclear Football

...Reveal Crucial, Ultimate Truths

November 20, 2008

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I have described here, the real reason for the massive numbers of nuclear bombs and ICBMs on this planet.


And it has nothing to do with the bogus enemies the public is presented with. Rather all the nukes and ICBMs are intended - by Mankindís evil alien creators/controllers - for either direct Quarantine breakthrough or for the extermination of Mankind (the perennial hostage) in stages, so as to try to force the Quarantiners to let the Quarantined leave.


An honest examination of such entities as the so-called Early Warning System, the so-called Nuclear Button, and the so-called Nuclear Football might help to support my contentions.

The book, "Americaís Nuclear Warning System - Does it Work?" written in 1985, by Daniel Ford, former Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists, does seem to support my hypotheses.


While he cannot be expected to cite Earthís Quarantine (of our evil creators) - either out of ignorance or censorship - nonetheless a conclusion that the nuclear matters cited above are inoperable, or bogus, would help support the deeper truths enumerated by me here. First I will cite some remarkable findings from Fordís book, research and investigation, along with Fordís, and my own, conclusions.

On page 106, is a quote from SAC (Strategic Air Command) Commander, Air Force General Curtis LeMay, from a top-secret 1954 briefing.


Le May said,

"if the U.S is pushed far enough we would not hesitate to strike first. I donít care [if this is not official national policy.] Itís my policy."

General LeMay earlier was in charge of the firebombing of Japanese civilians at the end of WWII, and may have ordered the deaths of 1,000,000 civilians. He and his staff Colonel, Robert McNamara (his future superior, supposedly) discussed in 1945, that if the U.S. lost the War, they would likely be tried as war criminals. [Ref. The film, "The Fog of War."]

Now, an integral part of Americaís supposed military defense was the SIOP - the Single Integrated Operational Plan - the overall U.S. Nuclear War Plan.


Fordís book (page 91) quotes a Pentagon official as saying,

"Richard Nixon was the "great neglector" of this subject, while Jimmy Carter "had an almost morbid" interest in the subject and spent considerable time trying to master the intricacies of the SIOP. Carter volunteered to sit down with his successor to discuss the subject, but his offer was rebuffed by President Reagan."

On page 89, Richard DeLauer, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering is quoted,

"I guess President Carter was the first President ever to visit the National Command Post and sit down where he was supposed to sit and at least be briefed on what it all means. President Nixon never did, Johnson never did, and some of the security advisors, like Kissinger, never went down there."

Based on Ultimate Truths, I ask, Did they know they would never actually be able to utilize Americaís nuclear forces; and thus there was no need to "waste their time"?!


In this light, are the comments from the Director of a "connectivity study" on the so-called Early Warning System. On page 95, he said,

"The early warning system is so primitive, so stupid, it is almost beyond belief."

That was an expertís opinion on one supposedly crucial aspect of Americaís nuclear defense and military options.

On page 89, is a quote from Bill Gulley, former Director of the White House Military Office, which safeguards the "nuclear football." The football contains the codes and electronics to allegedly initiate Global Nuclear War.


Gulley said,

"No new President in my time ever had more than one briefing on the contents of the Football, and that was before each one took office, when it was one briefing among dozens. Not one President, to my knowledge, and I know because it was in my care, ever got an update on the contents of the Football, although material in it changed constantly.


Not one President could open the Football - only the warrant officers, the military aides, and the director of the Military Office have the combination."

This quote, from someone in charge of the "nuclear football," for some 20 years, indicates that the President using this football in an emergency to fire off nukes/ICBMs may be a myth - which fits well with my hypotheses.

On page 116, Ford states,

"presidential control was also undermined by ambiguous arrangements under which the authority to use nuclear weapons in various contingencies had been delegated to certain military commanders. The Kennedy Administration made the restoration of Presidential control and the prevention of accidental nuclear war the focus of its program to improve the command and control system.


The highest priority was to perfect the technology and procedures to make sure that the weapons could not be used without proper authorization from the White House."

Here I offer a conclusion based on Ultimate Truths that Ford either doesnít know, or cannot cite. The fact that nuclear weapons control was, for the most part, OUT OF THE PRESIDENTíS CONTROL, before Kennedy took office, indicates that the PTB wanted it that way.


Kennedyís attempts to change that add one more reason for the PTB to assassinate JFK. Indeed, I would assert this might be the ultimate reason to assassinate President Kennedy!

On page 143, Ford details the over-riding of Presidential power that the public does not know about.

"During the final days of the Nixon Administration, the kind of implicit veto that can occur was applied when Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger instructed the commanders of U.S. forces not to obey any unusual orders from the White House without confirmation from the Pentagon."

This corroborates Bill Cooper. He stated this in his book, "Behold a Pale Horse."


He found that out as an ONI officer aboard a Navy ship during the War on Vietnam. Cooper cited it because the Constitution states that the military is supposed to be under the ultimate control of the President. And it tied in with his being shown, at that same time, video proof of Secret Service Agent William Greer, the limo driver, shooting President Kennedy in the head.


And that fact was well known in the military and intelligence agencies.


Mark Lane also indicated in his book, "Plausible Denial" how common is the knowledge, at the CIA, that the Government (including the CIA) killed President Kennedy.

Throughout his book, Ford documents that NORAD, and the whole system, had extremely weak links in their connectivity to conventional power sources, and telephone lines; and that the computer system was subject to massive errors. There were frequent problems with major antennae. A real War or nuclear exchange Ford noted, would have terminated NORADís, and the whole systemís working status - if it ever had it.



(Note: I am writing here about the effects of nuclear bombs, not on the matter of a couple of alleged commercial jets allegedly being hijacked, which would NOT have adversely affected NORADís capabilities, if they were real events.)

Contrary to public thinking, if nuclear war began, Ford shows that it is likely that the President would not be in charge of nuclear options. On page 121, he offers this remarkable conclusion,

"The fact that half the strategic forces can be fired without the Presidentís direct order is some indication that the President may be a figurehead, an honorary commander in chief, as far as the actual use of U.S. nuclear weapons is concerned."

All these quotes herein fit with my hypotheses that all the nukes and ICBMs are not under Presidential control; rather they are under the control of our CCCs - via military people like a General LeMay, who was just more open-mouthed than his predecessor and successors!


I maintain that the so-called nuclear deterrent was really designed to be used either for Quarantine breakthrough, or the annihilation of Mankind.

Fordís remarkable, simple, concise conclusion appears on the back cover.

"Our Militaryís real strategy is based not on retaliating against a nuclear attack, but on striking first."

That conclusion is a perfect match with my Ultimate Truths, that when the time is adjudged to be right, the nuclear arsenal was meant to be released, and not for anything publicly proclaimed.

But if you are not yet convinced of my assertions, see page 28, where Ford details a remarkable scenario.


Shortly after assuming the Office of the Presidency, Kennedy told his Science Advisor, Dr. Jerome Wiesner, that he could not find the "red telephone" that was to warn him that a Soviet nuclear attack had commenced. Here is the official explanation. Kennedy was told that the phone was in Eisenhowerís desk, and that Jackie had substituted another, prettier desk - thus no red phone for warning of a nuclear attack!


Dr. Weisner is quoted as saying,

"We did not have a Command and Control Center then, and we donít have one now."

Of course, I am asserting this is a clever falsehood as well. There damn well is a Nuclear Command and Control Center; itís just not under the control of the (figurehead) American President. Likewise for "the other side."

Let us look now specifically at the nuclear [launch] football(s). In particular, let us examine what happened during two crises, to learn what we can about the real nature of this football, as it relates to deeper truths. The two crises that can tell us much are the assassination of President Kennedy, and the attempted assassination of President Reagan.

This reference compares the two.


It states,

"There were elements [in the attempted Reagan Assassination] that matched the Kennedy assassination. Richard Bartholomew, a researcher in Texas, told me that he himself talked to Strategic Air Command bomber pilots who, like the pilots I talked to that were in the air the hour of the Kennedy assassination, told him that on March 31 [1981] they had no [nuclear launch] code books aboard.


The black box, the presidential communication box for national emergencies - the "nuclear football" as they call it, disappeared in Dallas after the Kennedy shooting and did not fly back on Air Force One with LBJ and didn't get back to him for many hours.


Similarly, Rodriguez, an Army Colonel that was in charge of carrying it with the president, at the time of Reagan's shooting, ducked, hit the ground during the shooting, got up and ran in the other direction and came back hours later with a Secret Service Agent trying to get the control card out of Reagan's wallet that was under the control of the FBI.


FBI Agents had taken his clothes as they were clipped off in the emergency room. At that point an FBI Agent called William Sessions, the Director. But he wasn't at the Agency. He was in the situation room where the big fight had emerged between the Reagan loyalists and the Bush loyalists.


Sessions told him to hold on to the card."

Jim Bishopís 1984 book "The Day Kennedy Was Shot" contains another revealing incident:

"Officials at the Pentagon were calling the White House switchboard at the Dallas-Sheraton Hotel asking who was now in command. An Officer grabbed the phone and assured the Pentagon that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and the Joint Chief of Staff are now the President."

The militaryís role in the Kennedy Assassination, and the attempt to assassinate Reagan are thus indicated either by strange behavior regarding the carrier of the nuclear football, either beforehand, or just after the shooting of the President.


And the above two references may be deliberately covering up the treasonous collusion of the military WELL BEFORE the shots were fired, during these two events. There is much corroboration of the Militaryís role in the Kennedy Assassination from former Army Intelligence Major John Newman.


His book, "JFK and Vietnam" includes details of the Joint Chiefsí meeting in Hawaii, and their over-riding his order for withdrawing the first 1000 advisors from Vietnam, BEFORE Kennedy was shot. And the ratical.org page cited provides the reader with the knowledge that the Reagan hit involved a significant, government operation. The hypnotized patsy certainly did not hit Reagan. Reagan himself may have given it away with his saying he only first felt pain after the Secret Service agent was on top of him, in the limo.


Some believe that Reagan was trying to tell the world that that agent, Jerry Parr, was his shooter. Others have said there was a shooter from one of the windows of the hotel, as Hinckley couldnít have done it.

It is fascinating to learn that his Secret Service driver took so long to get to the hospital - probably the S.S. were getting conflicting orders from the PTB on what to do with their passenger, and perhaps were first trying to just let him die in the car - that Brady who was taken from the scene 5 minutes after Reagan left the scene, arrived at the hospital 15 minutes BEFORE him!


It is also alleged that Reaganís doctor removed a failed, exploding, toxin-containing pellet from Reagan - not a bullet. Also after his remarkable survival, initially Reagan had Navy cadets take over the Secret Service functions for a while. But he must have been promised that the PTB would let him live, if his Vice-President took over everything, and he acquiesced to that.


The PTB are happy with that scenario, as it is less hassle than an assassination and repeated bogus investigations.

But the actions of the military aide who had the alleged nuclear football during these two events are telling. This aide is supposed to always be within a few feet of the President, in case of nuclear attack on the USA. (I donít see him in the limo, with JFK.)


Of course, just as the American President, I allege is a figurehead, and couldnít launch nukes; the same is true of all other countriesí nukes! Recall the references from the "Nuclear Button" book indicate that all the American Presidents didnít know how to operate the Nuclear Football, nor had its updated codes. The alleged disappearance of the nuclear launch codes from SAC bomber pilots is also fascinating information, if true.


Does this mean, that if there had been a nuclear strike on the USA during those two events, the PTB did not want the USA to fire nukes back? Or, as I have alleged, the whole matter of Nuclear War is vastly different from what is put out for public consumption.


And what we learn, if true, about the behavior of the nuclear football, or other launch codes, during these events, provides a window into the real nature of things. In the matter of missing SAC bomber launch codes; I assert the whole matter is moot because the "other side" is under the control of the very same PTB.

All the above, I assert, only makes sense with the knowledge of the Ultimate Truths I have revealed here. Nuclear Weapons have a purpose vastly different than that put out publicly; and the control over them is also vastly different from what is publicly proclaimed.


Also revealed now may be the ultimate reason President Kennedy was killed.


He wanted to wrest control over nuclear weapons/ICBMs from the PTB and their military, and this was not allowed, by the Military who are under the control of our Quarantined Cosmic Criminal Creators, as I have called them.

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