Ultimate Truths - Part II
Crucial, Ultimate Truths

...To Understand 9/11 & The PTB
April 07, 2008

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In trying to understand 9/11, it is crucial to go well beyond the surface, and to realize that 9/11, and the subsequent bogus wars, were not about money, power, oil, "democracy, " Islam, or any -ism - terrorism, communism, Zionism.


It is both much worse, and much deeper. It is about what I have called "Ultimate Truths."


Recall the first part of my "Ultimate Truths" was published, and copyrighted here on June 16, 2007, and was titled, "On the Nuking of: the van Allen Belts, the Dark Side of the Moon, the WTC; & Who are The Real Powers That Be".

To sum up that first part, and to dialogue with any honest naysayers, I have since asked this. Can you find any other plausible explanation for the following facts laid out in that article?


Note that these facts involve events that relate to the very survival of Mankind; and so should NOT be ignored by honest, intelligent people.

  1. The regimes of the USA and the USSR had planned to explode nuclear bombs on the dark/back side of the Moon, for bogus reasons. (Carl Sagan was part of the American plan.) The two sides (who all along were working together during the bogus "Cold War") claimed to have dropped these plans for "environmental reasons." That one being one of the most ludicrous claims ever, as the PTB have poisoned the Earth itself massively in countless ways (D.U., chemtrails, nuclear waste etc., etc.)

  2. The American regime exploded first fission nuclear bombs, then fusion nuclear bombs in the late 1950’s, into the early 1960’s, into the near Earth space. This endangered all inhabitants of the Earth. The end result was unexpected by physicists - large(r) radiation belts created around the Earth. The reasons given for exploding these nukes in the near Earth space were shown by me to be quite bogus. Furthermore, all the launchpad explosions indicate they were stopped by Others.

  3. All wars and chaos among humans have been part of the plan to escape by those quarantined here who created Mankind to be their slaves.

  4. Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, I hypothesized were the real reasons for World War II, and they were perpetrated for the sole reason of telling the Quarantiners, "Let us leave, or we will kill them all now, and fool humans into doing it to themselves, via bogus wars and such."

  5. Mankind may still exist only because of continual intervention by the Others/Quarantiners’ destruction of nuclear weapons down here. I have detailed that these events included Roswell, Maury Island, Rendlesham, and may involve the use of neutrino beams to disengage nuclear weapons.

  6. Many other facts were cited all fitting in with the existence of the Quarantine/grid/bio-net around the Earth trapping the monsters who have been quarantined here by more advanced Others.

For tens of thousands of years, our evil creators wanting to be called "god" created Man "in their own image," and have enslaved Man ever since.


Their continuous goal has been to escape. Mankind is held hostage.

It is incumbent upon anyone who has an alternative to the above cohesive, consistent understanding of Man’s origins, and all the wars, chaos and evil to present another hypothesis that fits all the facts above! Just repeating the nonsense put out by the PTB will not do.


As I wrote, it is easy to prove that all the wars, chaos and evil have NOT been about money, power, oil, "democracy", etc. It is much worse.

Those in charge down here continue to use mankind as pawns in their plans to escape. The complete annihilation of mankind, by whatever means available, is continuously planned, and threatened, by our evil creators. In the first article, I cited the ancient Indian text, the Mahabharata. This text described a Great War in ancient times that killed many and left their bodies charred, and the weapons used traveled through the air and produced bright flashes like the Sun.


This Indian researcher claims that the Mahabharata states that the Great War lasted 18 days and killed "14 billion people." 


I have not seen that number of dead people claimed elsewhere. A Wiki article agrees with the 18 day duration, but claims that out of 4 million "combatants", only 10 people survived!


It also states that,

"The dispute between the Kauravas and the Pandavas [the combatants] arose out of a game of dice."

Do you recall the final scene in the film, "Men in Black"?

Now J. Robert Oppenheimer, the so-called Father of the American Atomic bomb, stated, when asked, that the atomic bomb he helped to create was,

"the first... in modern times."

He is also known for saying/thinking this from the text of Vishnu,

"I am become death, the destroyer of Worlds," just after the Trinity atomic blast in July, 1945.

So he clearly knew the ancient Indian texts.


Perhaps, I would assert this may even have been the reason why he was chosen to be the putative head of the Manhattan Project! He knew they would be successful in developing nukes, because he knew nukes were used thousands of years ago!


But it may also have been because he had a record as a "communist" party member or at least "fellow traveler," and this limited hangout, Communism, helps set-up people should the PTB want to kick you out later from "high places."


This happened to "Oppie," after he came out against developing the H-bomb.

I would like to make the following unique hypothesis in the relation of all this, to the events of 9/11. As detailed above, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Quarantiners may have continually prevented the further large-scale nuking of cites. The ones in charge down here may have sent a message with 9/11.


Their human agents surreptitiously planted nukes in the WTC buildings, that could not be prevented, or stopped, by the Others.


Indeed, like Hiroshima, the point of it may have been to send a message to the Quarantiners.

"We will nuke these human beings now on a smaller scale, this way."

In my unique interpretation, the radioactive nuclides produced, and the radiation emitted, were meant to be gauged from above!


All the while, of course, these facts would be denied to the humans below. To be sure, I am stating that American forces perpetrated 9/11, just as they did Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the ultimate orders for each of these dastardly and "inhuman" or inhumane events originated elsewhere. President Kennedy himself may have had inklings of this.


The book, "Bloody Treason", by Noel Twyman relates the following.


The top Pentagon brass wanted him to sign onto their plan to launch a pre-emptive, all-out nuclear strike against "Red" China and the USSR,

"while the U.S. still had great nuclear superiority."

Kennedy refused and was disgusted, walking out of one meeting, and saying/asking,

"And they call themselves members of the human race?"

I have elsewhere previously stated how Kennedy told his Air Force One pilot that he wanted to inform the American people about the "alien issue" but was barred from doing so!?

Of course, 9/11 was also done for other reasons:

the eradication of the visage of Constitutional rights of Americans, bogus ruse for war on Afghanistan and Iraq, and wars yet to come, including a perennial bogus "War on Terror," when it is the British American Regime itself that is the terrorist to the world.

In light of these "Ultimate Truths," there also is an ominous rationale. It could be a signal that the end-stage has begun.


This refers to the quarantined ones here having re-developed all sorts of weapons and technologies that may allow them to break through the grid, and/or to wipe out the hostages - Mankind - in its entirety. And they are good at fooling mankind into doing it to himself via bogus wars, and such. I believe the evidence indicates that the great cataclysms in man’s history may all relate to either of the following.


The quarantined ones’ mass murdering of humans, as a signal to be allowed to leave, or else they will finish the job; and/or the Quarantiners unleashing hell down here in response to large scale attempts by the quarantined to escape. The large-scale events may include events mislabeled or misinterpreted such as Ice Age changes, the Great Flood/Deluge, the Mahabarata War, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other events.


Note the Mahabarata location, and the Sodom and Gomorrah locations, have been found, by physicists, to contain evidence of nuclear weapons use - either from radioactivity readings, or fused sand.

Such efforts (escape attempts, or Quarantineds vs. Quarantiners conflict) on a smaller scale, I assert are ongoing continuously.


One such effort is likely seen here:








Now this YouTube of UFOs is not new.


However the title is new, and indicates that some people down here are able to think, and are knowledgeable and intelligent. The interpretation is revealed in the title, "UFO’s Docking While under attack." Please watch, and here now are my comments. If this interpretation is correct, and I believe it is, we can see the following.


A small craft, and a much larger craft, move toward each other, to apparently link up. Numerous beams and/or explosions appear aimed at these craft apparently to prevent the linkup (perhaps a more opportune time to "shoot for"), and to destroy them. It appears that these beams and weapons are being sent up from the Earth. The two craft are able to avoid their destruction.


In all likelihood, I would think that the weapons aimed at them, were sent up by those in charge of Mankind down here. They would likely be very advanced.


Since they were not successful, the Others up there must be more advanced, and altered their trajectories or beams, and so were able to avoid their own destruction. Or they have some type of shield that makes them impervious to these weapons, but we see that most of the flashes are not that close to them, even though I would think they were aimed properly.


So some form of alteration of their path I think has occurred. The flashes seen may well be nuclear devices (fission, fusion) or Matter/Anti-Matter weapons, or other weapons.


This video is said to have been taken from the U.S. Space Shuttle. If so, I make the following assertion.


There are only two possibilities.

  1. The Shuttle astronauts were forewarned of the attempted shoot down, and were told to videotape this.

  2. Such (real "Star Wars") events are so widespread and frequent, that the videotaping occurred randomly.

Another video that may have the same Shuttle origin is this:







It is titled, "Earth bound Laser fires at UFO."


Here we can see what looks like a UFO dodging a missile or beam from the Earth. We first see a subtle, background flash. Then the UFO immediately alters its course and so successfully dodges what has been aimed at it. So there is a real "Star Wars" going on above us all the time apparently. With both sides preferring to keep this War to themselves so far.


That is, Man is mushroomed - kept in the dark and fed B.S. I have thought about this mushrooming. Obviously our evil creators have good reason for not informing mankind that all his laws, governments, constitutions are myth; and that monsters, and their equally evil human collaborators are in charge. Their goals are the control and annihilation of Mankind, with their escape as the ultimate goal.


The Quarantiners may have other reasons for not informing Mankind of their presence.


They may think that the quarantined ones would then act more quickly and deliberately to kill off Mankind. The Others may even have informed Man (or whatever predecessors we had) in the past, and it led to disastrous consequences.

While Michael Tsarion has stated that his research indicates that the Quarantine has been ongoing for 50,000 years, Zechariah Sitchin (whose work is lacking the Quarantine and is therefore incorrect) claims that the "casting down" of the aliens who created us, was nearly ten times longer ago.


Sitchin also has claimed that the Sumerian "bible" states that our creators left the Earth, and return every 3600 years when their planet "Nibiru" itself returns. I believe this is misinformation or disinformation. Our evil creators have never left.


They have always been here, quarantined, but in charge of humanity since creating us to be their slaves. And when blasted from above, they escape (total) destruction, due to their hiding in deep underground bases. Whereas Mankind repeatedly gets wiped out, or nearly so, as described above. But these cataclysms may have been the direct handiwork of our evil creators, much like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were.

Now there is evidence that some cite that hominid skulls have been found that are allegedly millions or tens of millions years old. Now there are several possibilities. Let us assume, for the moment, that such skulls and their putative ages are genuine. These could be skulls of beings alien to this planet - visitors. Or the skulls could be beings that developed here, or more likely were created here, by aliens.


The Earth could have been a "cosmic prison," or a cosmic seeding site, for a very long time.


This is not so startling given that the Universe is said to be some 14 billion years old. And the first advanced beings could have arisen after say a couple of billion years. So there could be beings out there billions of years more advanced than we are. And as Mankind’s CONTROLLED history indicates, they may not have much goodness in them. Evil does as evil is. This too should not be surprising.


How would you feel to be a cow or pig or chicken raised and controlled by more advanced beings (us) for the sole purpose of killing them, and eating them. Those animals have feelings and some intelligence. Or for that matter, what about a monkey, or chimpanzee, somewhat similar to man in intelligence, raised by humans for "experimentation"/torture and death?

Finally I would like to reveal another world first here!


NASA’s large scale operation of altering all photos and videos of the Moon that show bases or other "anomalies" is well known.


But if such bases were built there by the Quarantiners, to help ensure the "eternal" imprisonment of our evil creators on Earth, fail-safe mechanisms and locations may also exist, in case a first level of escape occurs. This, I assert would entail planets or moons further out as bases to stop an escape. Some of our Solar System’s other moons are indeed indicative of manipulation by advanced beings.


Note the equatorial ridge around Iapetus, a moon of Saturn.


I have called this creation of a moon by "someone who flunked Planet Building 101." But it could have been left that way deliberately to indicate that it was made by advanced beings. Note also two very large craters that are not deeper than vastly smaller craters, which also indicates this moon’s origin was by advanced beings.


Naturally occurring larger impacts would be much deeper as well as wider. Is Iapetus, like our Moon, a base used by the Quarantiners? Note a naturally created moon would look like this below photo of Phoebe, one of Saturn’s moons.





Note how the much wider craters, are also much deeper.

Here is a world’s first from the Anonymous Physicist. I believe I have found the strangest looking Moon in the solar system - and I have a unique hypothesis as to why this is so. It is Uranus’ moon, Miranda. 


Look at this laughable photo from NASA:





Virtually its entire surface has been "touched up" by NASA’s photographic alterers.


My hypothesis is that there must be massive bases there, covering most of the surface of that moon!! So that the usual photo alteration methods paled, due to the extent of what is really there, on most of the surface of Miranda!


Even NASA’s statement of how its Voyager 2 came to photograph this moon is laughably bogus. They claim it was by accident, that their craft got so close. When I would assert is that the PTB here, and in control of NASA, wanted to surveil what they knew was a base moon, involved in their quarantine, and their inability to successfully escape! NASA is a particularly odious entity that has perhaps never uttered a word of truth in its existence.


Numerous people have come forward, and stated that NASA animal control centers (for chimps and such) were used to horrifically torture them. From what I know, I would question whether these centers were first set up for chimps, then used on humans - or vice versa!


Read Cathy O’Brien’s, "Trance-Formation Of America." It’s a must read to understand the nature and methods of the PTB; and what they would like to do to your children.

Here is another URL on Miranda, with some more information.


It says, Miranda has a,

"Rotational Period [of] 1.41 days [and an] Orbital Period [of] 1.41 days."

In other words, like our Moon, it has the same rotational and orbital periods. These are the properties that allow our Moon to have much of its back side always hidden from the Earth.


So presumably Miranda has this property as well. Perhaps for the same reason… So I believe the evidence is clear that the solar system has numerous moons that have been altered by advanced beings, and are part of the quarantine of those here on Earth that created, and have controlled, humanity; and whose desire to escape is part of every important event that occurs on Earth.


This includes 9/11, and the subsequent bogus wars.

It is perhaps most important to inform all those in the American and British military, of these matters. So that they will learn that they have been deceived, and are tasked to kill and die for those who are in fact the enemy of all mankind.


And that they should change, and act accordingly, to save their own entire species, by whatever means necessary.


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