by Katherine Smith, PhD

December 15, 2013
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Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, happened 75 years ago when Nazi thugs conducted a wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms on the streets of Berlin and other cities in Germany.


U.S. President Barack Obama, on the 75 Anniversary of Kristallnacht, issued a statement to commemorate the anniversary of Kristallnacht, stating that,

"Kristallnacht foreshadowed the systematic slaughter of six million Jews and millions of other innocent victims."

My recent article, Kristallnacht 75th Anniversary - What Really Happened in Nazi Germany?, agrees with Obama's contention that Kristallnacht foreshadowed the Holocaust, but points out that the murder of Ernst vom Rath by the teenager Herschel Grynszpan, who mistakenly thought vom Rath was the German ambassador, foreshadowed Kristallnacht.


My succeeding article, Kristallnacht, Grynszpan and the Munich Agreement - Connect the World War Dots, documents that the Munich agreement foreshadowed Herschel Grynszpan's murder of com Rath and that, further, the Versailles Treaty foreshadowed World War II.


In other words 70 Million Died so The Jews Could Have Palestine; this article was featured for 40 days on the front page of in the section "Facts Are Facts." [1]


The creation of the State of Israel was not the silver lining around the dark cloud of desolation of two World Wars and the Holocaust.


The creation of the State of Israel was a meticulous New World Order plan dating back to 1897, when a few wealthy Europeans led by the Rothschilds, not the Jewish people, wanted to create public support for the founding of a Jewish State.


Those few wealthy Europeans claimed that the "increase" in anti-Semitism present in the world at the end of the 19th Century would end if a people collectively known as "Jews" returned to their "rightful" historical homeland in Palestine. [Appendix A]


Looking back in history the wave of anti-Jewish pogroms that expelled 127,000 from the Ukraine and the corrupt trial of Alfred Dreyfus in France, are seen by Historians as proof of an increase in anti-Semitism in the world at the end of the 19th Century:

World Jewry was stunned that such an ignoble affair could occur in France, the cradle of liberty, equality and fraternity.


The fact that the public, including nobles and members of the clergy, saw Dreyfus - an assimilated Jew - as an outsider seemed to suggest that assimilation was no longer a defense against anti-Semitism.


The Dreyfus Affair The espionage conviction of a French military officer was a watershed event in the history of European anti-Semitism

- By Joellyn Zollman

Notice the wording "seemed to suggest."


At the end of the 19th century, the Jews in the world who were aware of the recent events accepted the reality that anti-Semitism will never be completely eliminated and continued [until 1933] with a strategy of assimilation. [Appendix C]


A Hegelian paradigm of monumental proportions can be seen in these acts and subsequent events:

  1. The Rothschild Family created and/or exploited problems/cataclysms (the Dreyfus Affair in France and the pogroms in Russia); anti-Semitism turned violent and personal, making it difficult for the Jews to assimilate.

  2. The Jews eventually reacted (after 1933) and overcame the objections they had in 1897 because the violence was real, personal and traumatic; they now believed that assimilation was impossible and wanted their own state.

  3. The State of Israel was the meticulously planned solution by the Rothschild Family going all the way back to 1882.

The Rothschilds control a vast portion of the world's wealth and are the hidden hand behind all the social-cataclysms in modern history:

  • the French, Russian and American Revolutions

  • Communism

  • Capitalism

  • World Wars

  • the Modern State of Israel [2]

Zionism is not to be confused with Judaism or Rothschild Zionism:

  • Zionism: an organization of Jews who believe that the Jewish people needed a nation of their own to escape persecution.

  • Judaism: a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud practiced collectively by Jews.

  • Rothism or Rothschild Zionism: names of the Zionist movement corrupted and co-opted by the House of Rothschild and its agents to assure that the Jewish people had their own state in 1948 to advance a New World Order agenda. The New World Order is one of the 33 conspiracies proven to be true. [3]

Zionism, a Jewish nationalism movement, also known as The Return of The Jews to their "rightful" historical homeland, began in 1882 when the Rothschilds purchased 90,000 acres in Palestine, launching Israel's future initially as an agricultural society.


The early Jewish settlers believed the Rothschilds' motives were altruistic. However, when they asked Edmond Rothschild to,

"take his hands from it, and… for once permit the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves what needs correcting," Edmond spoke these angry words: "I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organizations have the right to interfere in my plans." [4]

Andrew Morton, noted British journalist, observed:

"For the last one hundred and fifty years, the history of the Rothschilds has been to an amazing degree the backstage of world history. The overwhelming success of the Rothschilds lay in their willingness to do what had to be done."

"What had to be done" was to convince the Jews, over vociferous opposition for social, political and religions reasons, that they needed their own state to escape persecution.


The majority of Jews living in Europe at the end of the 19th Century, and up until 1933, enjoyed complete social, civil and legal rights. The opposition to Zionism by the assimilated Jews in Germany (at the end of the 19th century, as opposed to after 1933) was so fierce that the first meeting of the Zionist congress, planned in Munich, had to be moved to Basle, Switzerland. [5]


Prior to 1933 the Jewish people, who pursued a strategy of assimilation, had no interest in moving to Palestine and saw the Zionism movement as contributing to, not eliminating anti-Semitism. [Appendix C]


Page 16 of Theodore Herzl's diary confirmed that the Rothschild Zionist movement would contribute to anti-Semitism:

"Anti-Semitism will become our friends," and "It is essential that the sufferings of Jews…become worse. This will assist in realization of our plans. I have an excellent idea… I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth.


The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends."

(from Herzl's diary, 1895-1904, Part I, pp. 16, q4)

The converted and assimilated Jews in European society had no interest or connection to the Holy Land and were comfortable, religiously and materially, in their "Diaspora" communities.


The Religious Jews were diametrically opposed to the ideology of Zionism because the Torah forbids them from forming a political state in the Holy Land before the Messiah returns. [6]


The series of dramatic events in pre-war Nazi Germany convinced thousands of Jews (religious, assimilated) they needed their own state, the Holocaust would convince everyone else. [7]

Herzl’s diary, the timing of the purchase of the 90,000 acres, three years before the Pogroms and the Dreyfus Trial, together with Edmond's response to the settlers, make a prima facie case that the Rothschilds were the not-so-hidden hand behind the corrupt trial of Alfred Dryfus, the Pogroms and anti-Semitism in order to justify the Zionist movement.


The popular notion that anti-Semitism caused the Zionist movement makes the mistake of thinking post hoc ergo proper hoc - "after the fact, therefore because of the fact."


The Zionist movement, not the wave of anti-Jewish pogroms and the corrupt trial of Alfred Dreyfus in France, was the beginning of the end of European Jewish assimilation.

[Appendix C]

Nota Bene:

  • Rothschild Zionists cooperated with the German authorities in the 1930s to organize a network of some 40 camps where prospective settlers were trained for their new lives in Palestine. [8]

  • Rothschild Zionists blocked a proposal from both houses of the British Parliament to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe, and resettle them in British colonies because Palestine was omitted and later the Jewish Agency delegation headed by Golda Meir (Meirson) ignored a German $250 offer to allow Jews to emigrate to other countries. [8]

  • The National Military Organization, a Rothschild Zionist armed Jewish underground organization, founded in 1931 by a group of Haganah commanders, wanted to take part in the war on Germany's side. [8]



"Things don't just happen they are made to happen."

John F. Kennedy




The only question is whether the creation of the Modern State of Israel in 1948 was a meticulous Rothschild New World Order plan or the product of about 10,000 improbable chance occurrences. [9]


The social cataclysmic events of two World Wars, the Holocaust and 70 million deaths, were never about a fanatical dictator who wanted to exterminate the Jews.


Doctor Kubovy, from the Tel Aviv "Documentation Center", admitted in 1960 that,

"there is no document signed by Hitler, Himmler or Heydrich which speaks of exterminating the Jews"…

In 1981, Walter Laqueur, author of The Terrible Secret, admitted:

"Until now, we have never found Hitler's order to destroy the European Jewish community, and in all probability the order was never given."

There is no order because Hitler used the term "Entfernung" - which translates to removal of the Jews - in this case entfernung of the Jews to Palestine.


The social cataclysmic events of two World Wars, the Holocaust and 70 million deaths, were about a financial dictator who wanted to help his grandfather entfernung the Jews to Palestine. [10]


Up until 1933, not enough Jews had been "re" moved to Palestine to suit the Zionist agenda.






[1] If 70 Million Died so The Jews Could Have Palestine is the Fact, then the following insights "bring history into accord with the facts:"

And most importantly World War I, considered by historians to be a pointless tragedy, created the League of Nations (predecessor to the United Nations), the Versailles treaty (leading directly to World War II) and the Modern State of Israel.


The US entry in the war was the first step in ending a history of non-intervention and isolationism in America (the nail in the isolationism coffin didn’t happen until World War II).


Looking back at history we can see that the increase in anti-Semitism after 1933 and the dramatic events in pre-war Nazi Germany and the Holocaust would convince thousands of Jews they needed their own state to escape persecution



[2] Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton.

     The World Order by Eustice Mullins, 1985

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[3] The Jews return to the "Holy Land" portends Armageddon.


Armageddon, the final battle, will come when someone blows up the Dome of the Rock. That magnificent golden domed mosque built on the site of Solomon’s Temple (the abomination of desolation) is preventing the return of the messiah. Christian Zionists and radical Jews believe Christ will not come back to earth until the Jews rebuild the Temple.


Should the Dome be demolished, then for the first time in history, thanks to Saddam Hussein in 1994 when he drained 60 percent of the Iraq’s Wetlands, 200 million people could now cross the Euphrates for a holy war in Jerusalem. A war that will rid the planet of millions of useless eaters.


The Rothschild New World Order only needs 500 million of us for slaves.



[4] The French Connection - The History of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Hitchcock



[5] From the Last of the Semites by, an Associate Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University.


The majority of Jews continued to resist Zionism and understood its precepts as those of anti-Semitism and as a continuation of the Haskalah quest to shed Jewish culture and assimilate Jews into European secular gentile culture, except that Zionism sought the latter not inside Europe but at a geographical remove following the expulsion of Jews from Europe.


The Bund, or the General Jewish Labor Union in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia, which was founded in Vilna in early October 1897, a few weeks after the convening of the first Zionist Congress in Basel in late August 1897, would become Zionism's fiercest enemy.


The Bund joined the existing anti-Zionist Jewish coalition of Orthodox and Reform rabbis who had combined forces a few months earlier to prevent Herzl from convening the first Zionist Congress in Munich, which forced him to move it to Basel.


Jewish anti-Zionism across Europe and in the United States had the support of the majority of Jews who continued to view Zionism as an anti-Jewish movement well into the 1940s.



[6] "The Torah forbids us (The Jews) to end the exile and establish a state and army until the Holy One, blessed He, in His Glory and Essence will redeem us.


This is forbidden even if the state is conducted according to the law of the Torah because arising from the exile itself is forbidden, and we are required to remain under the rule of the nations of the world, as is explained in the book VAYOEL MOSHE.


If we transgress this injunction, He will bring upon us (may we be spared) terrible punishment." WHY ORTHODOX JEWS ARE OPPOSED TO A ZIONIST STATE



[7] Holocaust Denial and Holocaust PTSD



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[9] The only question is whether the creation of the Modern State of Israel in 1948 (1260 years from an event in 688 A.D. identified in the Bible as the Abomination of Desolation and is The Key to the Secret of the Universe [9.1]) was a meticulous Rothschild New World Order plan or about 10,000 impossible chance occurrences.



[9.1]The Mosque of Omar built in 688 A.D., The Dome of the Rock is the correct identification of the abomination of desolation. Biblical scholars acknowledge the words of Ezekiel who wrote, "I have appointed thee each day for a year."



[10] Adolph Hitler - War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute or Secret Agent: A Psychohistory Analysis, Hansjurgen Koehler in his book, "Inside The Gestapo,"

Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler's grandmother, "A little servant girl... came to Vienna and became a domestic servant... at the Rothschild mansion... and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house."