by Benjamin Fulford

February 1, 2010

from BenjaminFulford Website


The following e-mail came to me from a person calling himself James Rothschild who says he is the nephew of Evelyn Rothschild and cousin of Nathaniel. I believe him to be the genuine article (I am still fact checking this though) so I post his letter (with his permission).


Hopefully we will be able to get more insights in the future from this new source.

Hi Ben,

I thought I'd give you a little bit of an intro cause I think you might be confused. The banking one... yes my Uncle Evelyn & Cousin Nathaniel are a naughty pair but have disowned me after all I've been doing - no inheritance for me!

I'm actually 51% Anunnaki (my mothers side - don't ask how the extra 1% got there cause it's cosmic). OK, OK, OK... you might enjoy reading some of my notes - all my original work, very tongue in cheek.

Truth is I crash landed here and have infiltrated all the top families and elite people of the world (especially bored housewives) just by being very PSI and amusing them all... everyone loves a family argument and gossip if it's not their family... and have just started spreading truth, information, disinformation and hilarity over the last few months now I've got comfortable and in with the crowd.


The idea is not to tell people THE TRUTH (cause who knows exactly what that is), the idea is to get in front of their friends and others along the way and get them thinking and discussing. I have a split-personality where one minute I can be gunning for the truth, and the next I can be pro-NWO... all good fun to keep people thinking and keep them on their toes. My wall is a melting pot of people and ideas.

I could just be a useless eater peasant myself using the name for all we know - however I think you'll find some love & light within me.

I feel a bit bad actually Benjamin, I've always been a bit cautious of you because of just how you managed to get close to The Rockefellers... I think I pre-judged you, however truth is only person I know I can trust is me - and you probably feel the same about yourself.

That's another running joke how ROTHSCHILD > ROCKEFELLER just like LOVE > FEAR; damn I love knocking those new money Rockefeller fools - they make us Rothschild's look so so smart!

I just don't care anymore, I've been investigating the NWO for far too long and decided to do something totally original and different and take the info to people who would not normally look for it, rather than just set up another ranting blog or whatever.

I've been receiving death threats and harassment so I know I'm doing something right. I think I'll be revealing myself soon cause I've become quite influential on here and have lots of top contacts. I might get shot for all I've done but I think it's been a hell of a ride.

One guy I don't like is Alex Jones, he doesn't speak about some things and also to me he seems about the FEAR & money more than anything.

Pleased to meet you Ben, thanks for accepting me and I'm willing to start at 0 with you and judge you from what I see.



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