by David Icke
28 March 2013

from DavidIcke Website



I will explain why what has happened in Cyprus has crossed a crucial line, green or any other color, but first some essential background is necessary.


Background is always necessary to put an event into context and the mainstream media never provide that.

They tell you about a situation in isolation - as a dot - with very few others connected, mostly none at all. This presents the world as a series of dots or events that appear to have no explanation or connection beyond the barely-one-dimensional cover stories read from the Teleprompter and spewing from the mendacious mouths of ‘world leaders’.

People cannot understand world events without the following:

  • An awareness that a network of families and secret societies connect,

    ...and so on.

  • The understanding that this network is seeking to create a world in which a tiny mega-rich few living in isolated high-tech luxury rule over a poverty-stricken masses with no ‘middle class’, just mega-rich and a mega-poor kept in line by an Orwellian police state.

  • An appreciation that the technique most efficiency deployed to take us there is to continually engineer problems to which they can impose solutions (the technique I dubbed long ago Problem-Reaction-Solution) and each ‘solution’ takes them closer to their goal.

When you further know that the Rothschild dynasty oversees all of this and that Goldman Sachs is an asset of the Rothschilds you can see why Goldman Sachs has been so heavily involved in the financial crash in Europe (see Greece for a start) and why a ‘former’ Goldman Sachs executive, Mario Draghi, is the head of the Rothschild-instigated European Central Bank which is coordinating the engineered mayhem in league with the Rothschild-owned German government.

With this background, the current outrages in Cyprus - and their global implications - can be clearly explained …