by RebelNews

January 25, 2010

from YouTube Website


A propaganda film of the House of Rothschild in 1934.


While this 1930ish Hollywood movie is only semi-accurate it certainly shows more then the TPTB would like you to know today. I think this film was made as a response to the anti-Rothschild sentiment sweeping the world in the 1930's (thanks to people like Henry Ford Sr. and Charles Lindbergh Sr.).


As usual it backfired and "they" subsequently went "underground" and began using the tactic of keeping their name out of the news and using the media to point the finger at their front men (it's the "Federal Reserve", it's "the Illuminati", it's "the corporations", it's "the NWO" ad nausea).


Of course, every non-Jew is painted as "anti-semitic" and the Jews must fight back with the only tool they (that's a knee slapper).

Anyone who has studied the control system and has even an inkling about what is really going on will be fascinated to see this old goldie. The truth is right out in the open, they do everything but spell it out for you.


This was one of the very last films made during the "pre-code" era of Hollywood (approx. until mid-way through 1934). Perhaps it was the REAL reason the code was finally enforced? You hear "experts" prattle on about how the gangster films prickled the ire of the Catholic League of Decency who staged a boycott which ultimately caused the studios to have to relent on their hard-hitting social realism and turn more to sugar-coated fairytales, but who REALLY held the purse strings?


It is now common knowledge that the Zionists run Hollyweird, perhaps their kings and chief priests (the Rothschilds) were a bit miffed at the level of truth in this "tribute"?


Haha, the real story will never be known but the movie's still a good watch (and an extremely hard item to get your hands on I've found).


Those who have read up on the Rothschilds may very well be blown away by this one! Notice how a threat is magically manufactured every time old Rothschild's back is up against the wall, goot schtuph!