The Earth's magnetic field has reversed many times at an irregular rate throughout its history. Long periods without reversal have been interspersed with eras of frequent reversals.





 -  A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field



 -  Algo Extraño Ocurre con el Polo Norte Magnético - Se está Desplazando y nadie sabe Porqué


 -  Ancient Tree discovered with Record of Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal in its Rings


 -  Cambio de Los Polos Magnéticos de La Tierra



 -  Cambio de Polos Amenaza Causar Caos Climático



 -  Cambio de Polos en La Corteza Terrestre



 -  Cambio de Polos y Terremotos Hoy en Día



 - ¿Cambio Magnético? - ¡Mira Al Cielo!



 -  Cambio Planetario del Polo Terrestre que impulsa el Cambio Dimensional de Conciencia


 -  Cambios en la Rotación de la Tierra Incrementarán Sismos de Alta Magnitud en el 2018 - Según Científicos...


 -  Cambios Magnéticos Polares Causando Masivas Super Tormentas Globales


 -  Científicos Advierten de una Inminente Inversión de los Polos Magnéticos de la Tierra


 -  Cómo el Cambio de Polos está Afectando a la Humanidad y a el Planeta


 -  Cosmic Rays, Earth's Magnetic Field and Earth's Core


 -  Crustal Poleshifts


 -  Earth is Undergoing True Polar Wander - Scientists Say


 -  Earth Planetary Pole Shift that drives Dimensional Consciousness Shift


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Crust Misconceptions


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Simple Solar Measurement Guidelines


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Spring and Fall Sun Positions


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Time to Measure the Sun Australia, South Africa and Southern Peru


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Verifiable Data - NOT Doomsday Antics


 -  Earth's Axis has Changed - Weather Pattern Changes and Updates


 -  Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip within a Human Lifetime


 -  Earth's Magnetic Field is Acting Up and Geologists don't know Why


 -  Earth's Magnetic Field is Weakening between Africa and South America - South Atlantic Anomaly


 -  Earth's Magnetic Field Ringing like a Bell


 -  Earth's Magnetic North is Shifting at an 'Unprecedented' Rate of 30 Miles a Year


 -  Earth's Magnetic North Pole has Officially Moved


 -  Earth's Magnetic Shield booms like a Drum when Hit by Impulses


 -  Earth's Shifting Magnetic Pole may be Confusing your Cell Phone


 -  El Actual (2015) Tema del Eje Terrestre


 -  El Cambio de Polos de la Tierra - Un Desastre para la Humanidad


 -  El Campo Magnético de la Tierra Podría Revertirse Dentro del Curso de Una Vida Humana


 -  El Campo Magnético y El Colapso de La Red Electrica - La Nueva Energía es Imperativa


 -  El Eje de la Tierra ha Cambiado


 -  El Eje de la Tierra ha Cambiado - Cambio de Patrones Climáticos y Actualizaciones


 -  El Eje de la Tierra ha Cambiado - Simples Pautas de Medición Solar


 -  El Polo Norte Magnético se ha Desplazado Más Rápido de lo esperado


 - ¿Está el Campo Magnético de la Tierra a punto de Revertirse?


 -  Evidence of A Recent Pole Shift



 -  Evidencia de Un Reciente  Cambio de Polos


 -  'Gears of the Gods' - Earth's Magnetic Poles are Wandering...

 -  Geomagnetic Extinction - A Paramount Science Disagreement

 -  Has The Earth Shifted?

 -  How the Pole Shift is affecting Humanity and the Planet


 -  Is Earth's Magnetic Field Flipping Soon?


 -  Is Earth's Magnetic Field Ready to Flip?


 -  La Probabilidad de Inversión del Campo Magnético de la Tierra


 -  La Tierra Está Siendo Sometida a un Verdadero Desplazamiento Polar - Así Dicen los Científicos


 -  Los Polos se están Desplazando y el Campo Magnético de la Tierra está a Punto de Colapsar - Concluyen...


 -  Magnetic Field and Electric Grid Collapse - The New Energy Imperative


 -  Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms


 -  Mystery Anomaly weakens Earth's Magnetic Field - Report Scientists...


 -  New Data helps Explain Recent Fluctuations in Earth's Magnetic Field


 -  North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux



 -  Poles are Shifting and Earth's Magnetic Field is About to Collapse - Conclude Studies


 -  Rayos Cósmicos, Campo Magnético Terrestre y El Núcleo de La Tierra


 -  Shift of Earth's Magnetic Poles - Earth Changes 2011


 -  Solar Flash or 'Micronova Event' and Pole Shifts


 -  The Current (2015) Earth Axis Issue



 -  The Magnetic Field is Shifting - The Poles May Flip


 -  The Metaphysical Effects of a Magnetic Pole Reversal


 -  True Polar Wander?



 - ¿Una Anomalía en el Campo Magnético de la Tierra augura un Inminente Cambio de los Polos?


 - ¿Verdadero Desplazamiento Polar?


 -  Why the Earth's Magnetic Poles could be about to Swap Places - And How it would Affect Us


Additional Information


 -  A Crack just Opened in Earth's Magnetic Field

 -  An Accelerating High-Latitude Jet in Earth's Core

 -  At The Earth's Core - The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution


 -  Científicos Rusos Refutaron la Teoría Estadounidense sobre la Estructura Interna de la Tierra


 -  Cosa succede quando il Nord Magnetico e il Vero Nord si Allineano?


 -  Cosmic Rays up 12% in just 3 Years - Implications


 -  Descubren que la Tierra está cubierta por un Manto de Ondas que No se Mueven

 -  Do Ambient Electromagnetic Fields Affect Behavior? - A Demonstration of the Relationship Between...


 -  El Cambio del Polo Magnético Que Viene en Este Otoño Como Parte del Proceso de Ascensión de La...


 -  El Núcleo de la Tierra está Acelerado - Su Velocidad de Giro es Superior a la de la Superficie del Planeta

 -  Flashes from Normal Stars


 -  Future Map of The World - Eventual Earth Changes

 -  Geomagnetism, Rock Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism

 -  Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion


 -  Green New Deal' Scam destroyed by New Scientific Study on Global Warming

 -  Influence of Cosmic Rays on Earth's Climate


 -  La Antigua Tablilla Asiria que contiene Referencias de una Enorme Tormenta Solar


 -  Lo que la Ciencia nos Dice sobre los Campos Electromagnéticos de la Tierra y cómo se Conectan al...


 -  Los Precursores a Un Cambio Magnético - Terremotos, Volcanes y Clima Extremo


 -  Molten Iron River Discovered Speeding Beneath Russia and Canada

 -  Multidecadally Resolved Polarity Oscillations during a Geomagnetic Excursion

 -  New Archeomagnetic Directional Records from Iron Age Southern Africa and Implications for the S.A.A.


 -  One Small Shift for Earth, One Large Shift for Mankind


 -  Polar Shift and Earthquakes Today



 -  Pole Shift Blamed for Russian Air Disaster - Closure of US Airport


 -  Pole Shift - North Races, South Crawls



 -  Pole Shift Threatens to Cause Weather Chaos



 - ¿Porqué Se Mueve El Polo Norte?


 -  Possible Links between Long-term Geomagnetic Variations and Whole-mantle Convection Processes


 -  Precursors to A Magnetic Shift - Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Extreme Weather

 -  Solar and Geomagnetic Activity, Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic and Electric Fields and Human health...

 -  The Direction of the Earth's Magnetic Field at London - 1570-1975


 -  The Future of Humanity - Pole Shift, Prophecies, and Proofs

 -  The Laschamp Geomagnetic Event

 -  The Variable Sun


 -  Un Pequeño Cambio Para La Tierra, Un Gran Cambio Para La Humanidad


 -  What Happens when Magnetic North and True North Align?


 -  What Science is Telling Us about Earth's Electromagnetic Fields and how they Connect to Our Own


 -  Why Does The North Pole Move?



Poles Reversal - Reversión de los Polos


 -  A Global Environmental Crisis 42,000 years Ago


 -  Axis Angle Reversion… Not a Good Sign - Earth's Axis has Changed


 -  Confirmed! - Geomagnetic Reversals can Trigger Glaciation


 -  Does an Anomaly in the Earth's Magnetic Field portend a Coming Pole Reversal?


 -  Earth experienced "End of Days" with Mass Extinctions 42,000 years Ago


 -  Earth's Impending Magnetic Flip - A Geomagnetic Reversal May Happen Sooner than Expected

 -  Geomagnetic Reversals


 -  Inminente Cambio Magnético de la Tierra - Una Reversión Geomagnética puede Ocurrir Antes de lo Esperado


 -  La Reversión del Ángulo del Eje Terrestre No Es Buena Señal - El Eje de la Tierra ha Cambiado

 -  Magnetic Reversals and Mass Extinctions

 -  Oxygen Escape from the Earth during Geomagnetic Reversals - Implications to Mass Extinction

 -  Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field



 -  Solar Magnetic Polarity Reversal



 -  South Africa May Be the Epicenter of a Geomagnetic Pole Reversal in Progress


 -  The Earth's Magnetic Field is Decreasing 10 Times Faster than Normal and Could Reverse Within a Lifetime


 -  Winter Monsoons became Stronger during Geomagnetic Reversal




 -  Geomagnetism Aeronomy and Space Weather - by M.Mandea, M.Korte, A.Yau, E.Petrovský

 -  The Adam and Eve Story - The History of Cataclysms - by Chan Thomas

 -  The Earth's Shifting Crust - by Charles Hapgood





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