by Gordon-Michael Scallion


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He is an international known and respected futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and metaphysics, and spiritual visionary, now considered by many to be one of the most

accurate intuitives of our time.

Educated in electronics, Mr. Scallion experienced a health crisis and subsequent spiritual awakening in 1979 that left him with the gift of prophecy and an ability to view the ancient past and probable future.

Mr. Scallion is the author of the best selling book Notes from The Cosmos and over 25 audio learning programs.

He it an editor of 'Intuitive Flash - The Journal of Matrix Institute' where his latest insights and teachings may be found.






Introduction to the future Map of the World

How is it that a person can know the future?


All of us have experienced precognitive events in our lives - a phone rings and we know who's calling and sometimes why they are calling, before we answer it. Dreams often give us a glimpse of our future.


Stories of people who have been winning lottery numbers in their dreams appear in the news. We have all heard reports of travelers who, upon arriving for a flight, change their plans and refuse to get on the plane became of a feeling or premonition.


Another phenomenon is the ability that some people have to detect earthquakes before they happen. These earthquake sensitives, or Earth change sensitives, who number in the thousands, demonstrate an ability to detect changes in the Earth through their bodies, they do this hours, days and sometimes weeks in advance of occurrence!

On the academic side, subjects such as ESP have been studied by such esteemed universities as Duke, Stanford, and others.


The data suggest that ESP exists in some people who are able to demonstrate this ability on command. However despite all the research, the mechanism that allows such abilities to occur remains a mystery. The scientific
community simply has no knowledge about how the mind works, only that it exist and is probably different from the brain.

With the acceleration of Earth changes - earth quakes, hurricanes and volcanic activity - perhaps no other area of phenomena has created as much interest as Earth changes predictions.

Since 1979, I have had ongoing visions concerning the Earth, sometimes as many as ten or more in a day, lasting from a few seconds to minutes. Then in 1982 I began to sketch a world map based on these visions, and I updated it through the years as new information was presented to me. This map is the culmination of a major ongoing effort to consolidate all the Earth change information I have received.


As a result, the Future Map of The World is the most comprehensive and up to date representation of Earth change visions and information that has been presented to me.

The purpose of the Future Map of The World is to present a visual representation of probable geophysical events that may occur in the future.


I feel that by sharing this information, an early warning system may be established that takes into account areas to watch for and unfolding scenarios that may be used as benchmarks to warn of impending changes.


I further believe that no event or prediction is final. Predictions are given as probabilities. Even at this time, consciousness can alter an event, modify changes in a particular area or at the very least help us to prepare for what is to come.

One final note, the areas of change presented in the Future Map of The World should not be taken as absolute. They may differ from a few miles to several hundred miles depending on many variables.


In the end, Mother Nature and our own collective consciousness will have the final say.


I hope this map will stimulate your intuitive sense so that you can use it to focus on the areas of the map in which you are most interested.



Pole Shift

What could possibly cause the dramatic changes illustrated on this map?

In the mid-twenty century, Russian scientists discovered numerous woolly mammoths In the frozen tundra Carbon dated to eleven thousand-five hundred years ago, the animals contained undigested grass in their mouths an indication that a cataclysmic event froze them instantly as they grazed.


Something happened quickly. Not in years or thousands of years, but in hours or minutes. Core samples from this period indicate that Earths magnetic pole moved abruptly.


I believe this is what caused the great changes in weather patterns that ended the Ice Age and caused sea level to rise more than 300 feet. I also believe a pole shift was responsible for frigid air being sucked out of the antic areas and into temperate and tropical areas, causing winds in excess of two hundred miles per hour.


The result was hundreds of feet of snow that froze everything in its path It is also estimated that 90 percent of the worlds species became extinct during this same time period.


It is now 11.500 years later and humankind is once again poised on the brink of another cataclysm


Pole Shift

The Earth does not rotate perfectly on its axis.


It wobbles in very specific cycles. One such cycle is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes and takes 23,000 years to complete a grand cycle.


At the mid points of the cycle - 11,500-year intervals - great stresses are placed on the planet and the wobble increases. I liken it to a washing machine that is out of balance in the spin cycle. It eventually begins to shake. This imbalance will cause a shift in the lithosphere - a pole shift I do not see this resulting in Earth tumbling in space, rather I see the lithosphere slipping over the core and other Earth layers.


From the perspective of one standing on Earth looking skyward the Sun would appear to move quickly across the sky some 90 degrees. In reality the entire crust would have slipped over the magma layers it floats on.


Once the shift has occurred a new North Pole would be established at approximately 110 degrees East longitude and 45 degrees North Latitude - in the area of the present day position of Mongolia.


Human Factors

I believe that a pole shift will be the ultimate cause of the cataclysmic changes illustrated on this map.


However, other factors such as global warming, nuclear activity, and the misuse of technology will act to increase the melting of the poles thereby throwing Earth even further out of balance and intensifying the development of a pole shift.


As the pole shift scenario builds and a melt-off in the poles continues, we will eventually see the displacement of people and war fought over water and resources.

In the end two wild cards. Nature and human consciousness will determine the severity of changes. An increase in our awareness of the Oneness of all Creation and of the sacred trust we have been given to protect Nature can modify what I present here.


Always keep in mind, no forecast or prediction is absolute as long as free will exists.




Africa will be divided into three parts.


The Nile will significantly widen. A new waterway will split the country, from the Mediterranean Sea towards Gabon. The Red Sara will expand, creating a waterway through areas of the Sudan. Africa's new waterways will look like the letter "Y" placed over the continent, with the vertical line extending south to Cape Town.

In Egypt, the Great Giza Plateau will go under water, but great archeological discoveries will be made there before this happens.


As the Red Sea expands, Cairo will be lost to the sea. Most of Madagascar will be lost to the sea. New land will rise in the Arabian Sea. A landmass will rise north and west of Cape Town.


New mountain ranges will be thrust above ground in this area. Lake Victoria will merge with Lake Nyasa and flow to the Indian Ocean.


Central eastern Africa’s coast-lines will be inundated.





The Ring of Fire that passes through Asia is a highly seismic area, and as a result will experience the most active and severe Earth changes in this region.

Land will be inundated from the Philippines to Japan, and north to the Bering Sea, including the Kuril and Sakhalin Islands. As the Pacific Plate shifts its position some nine degrees, the islands of Japan will sink, leaving a few small islands. Taiwan and most of Korea will be lost to the sea.

With the shifting of the plate, the coastal region of China will be pushed inland hundreds of miles. Indonesia will break up, although some islands will remain and new land will rise. The Philippines will disappear beneath the sea.

Asia will lose a significant amount of its land mass through these changes, yet new land will be born.






Antarctica will be reborn, becoming fertile land again.


The land once known as Lumania will be uncovered, and great cities and temple sites will be rediscovered. Land will rise from the Antarctic Peninsula to Tierra del Fuego, and eastward to South Georgia Island.





Australia will lose approximately twenty-five percent of its land mass due to inundation of coastal areas. The Adelaide area will become an inland sea all the way north to Lake Eyre.


The Simpson and Gibson Deserts will become fertile land. Great communities based on spiritual principles will form between the Great Sandy and Simpson Deserts. Another settlement will arise in Queensland. New land will rise off the coast.


New Zealand

New Zealand will grow in size, once again joining the land of old - Australia. The two lands will be joined by an isthmus, formed by rising land and volcanic activity. New Zealand will become the new frontier.





Europe will go through some of the quickest and most severe Earth changes.


Much of Northern Europe will go beneath the sea as the tectonic plate upon which it rests collapses. Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark will be inundated, leaving hundreds of small islands.

Most of the United Kingdom, from Scotland to the Channel, will go beneath the sea. A few small islands, about the size of what is now Shetland Island, will remain. London and Birmingham will be among the remaining islands. Ireland will go beneath the sea except for higher ground.

Russia (the former Soviet Union) will be separated from Europe by a large new sea as the Caspian, Black, Kara, and Baltic Seas merge. The new sea, divided by the Ural Mountain range, will stretch all the way to the Jenisej River in Siberia. The region's climate will become more temperate, enabling Russia to supply much of Europe's food.


The Black Sea will merge with the North Sea as well, leaving Bulgaria and Romania under water.

The region from Poland to Turkey will see great turmoil. A great Holy War will be born in this region, ending with the purification of the land by fire and water. Portions of western Turkey will go under water, creating a new coastline from Istanbul to Cyprus.


Much of central Europe will be inundated; most of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea will be lost. Many of the World War II battlegrounds will go beneath the sea, and small islands will be formed.

Much of France will go under water, leaving an island in the Paris region. A new waterway will separate Switzerland from France, along a line from Geneva to Zurich. Italy will be divided by water.


Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa will be claimed by the sea, but the Vatican will be saved by moving to higher ground. Higher elevations will remain as islands. New land will rise from Sicily to Sardinia.




North America



Hudson Bay and the Foxe Basin will expand to form a large inland sea. Parts of the Northwest Territory will be pushed in as much as two hundred miles.


Areas in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and portions of Alberta will become the survival center of Canada during the early changes. Migrations will arrive from British Columbia and Alaska.


United States

Major global Earth changes will begin in the United States as the North American Plate buckles, creating the Isles of California — 150 islands in all. Eventually, through tectonic plate buckling and fractures followed by inundations, the West Coast will recede eastward to Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway will join and flow through the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal areas from Maine to Florida will be inundated and pushed in for many miles.



Coastal areas of Mexico will be inundated far inland. The California Baja will become a series of islands. Most of the Yucatan Peninsula will be lost to the sea. Volcanic and seismic activity will continue into the twenty-first century.

Central America and the Caribbean

Central America will be inundated and reduced to a series of islands. Elevations above 500 meters will be considered safe. A new waterway will form from the Bay of Honduras to Salinas, Ecuador. The Panama Canal will become impassable.



South America


In South America great Earth changes will occur, including earthquake and volcanic activity.


The land will be affected like a blanket shaken severely from one end to the other. Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil will be greatly inundated. The Amazon Basin area will become a great inland sea. Peru and Bolivia will be inundated.

Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and parts of Uruguay will go beneath the sea, as will the Falkland Islands. Another great inland sea will come in to claim much of central Argentina.

A new landmass, which will include yet another inland sea will rise and combine with the land of Chile.