June 26, 2015
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I've been measuring the angle of the sun every year on June 21st for over 11 years.


I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the angle of the sun has reverted back to the 2006 angle positions. On the surface this reversion may seem like a good thing. It is not a good sign.


We are talking about a massive planetary movement in differing directions over a 2 year period. Not to mention in the opposite direction against the natural forces causing the axis to shift in the first place. The planetary forces analogous to riding your bicycle uphill against hurricane force winds.


There was a significant increase in the axis shift changes between 2013 and 2014. An axis increase over 800 miles which resulted in the most severe record breaking winter on record which I had warned about when I saw the extent of the axis changes a year ago.


Now, just one year later, we are seeing a sudden reversal in the angle of the sun. 


I do not think this is a good sign. I will describe the details on the cause and effect of this situation. The angles and distances are approximations since we don't have the high tech equipment for precise readings. However, our primitive methods help us to keep track of the important changes.


Here is a brief basic overview of the axis changes and current situation:


  • Our first major axis shift in 2004 heralded by a massive tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from SE Asia to Africa.


    I first noticed the sun rising and setting to the north in 2005 but did not take any measurements. My neighbors  were quite adamant about the sun being out of position and they had noticed it before I did… insisting I should find out what was wrong.


    So I set all of this up to keep the neighbors, friends and relatives all informed.


  • In 2006, I began measuring the angle of the sun and distances annually and discovered our planets axis had initially shifted about 800 miles (beyond its pre 1999 normal position).


    The axis was tilted 800 miles farther south in the summer and 800 miles farther north in the winter. This is why our weather, seismic and volcanic activity has changed from what we knew pre-1999.


  • By 2011, a series of smaller axis shifts between 2004 and 2011, many heralded by Tsunami's in places like,

    • Japan

    • New Zealand

    • Haiti,

    ...etc (which you can see on divulgence.net) had increased our axis an additional 400 miles (occurring in smaller increments) to a new axis position total of about 1200 miles from its normal pre-1999 position.


  • In 2013, the axis had remained steady at the 1200 mile position where it had been 2 years earlier.


  • In 2014, we saw the largest increase in our axis shift of an additional 800 miles to a total of 2000 miles increase in our axis (beyond the pre-1999 normal axis position).


    This basically placed the Tropic of Cancer from mid Mexico to the northern border between the US and Canada.


    When I saw how significantly we had shifted in just one year between 2013 and 2014, I warned that we would be subjected to record breaking Winter cold and precipitation and severe historic blizzards as a result of the significant increase in our axis. 


    Last winter did indeed break all records as I had warned.


  • Now, in 2015, the angle of the sun has decreased its position for the first time in the opposite direction by about 1200 miles.


    This places our current axis position at about 800 miles beyond our normal pre-1999 axis position. Basically, this places us at the same position I first measured the initial axis shift in 2006.


    I will have some additional info with more precise measurements to compare with my own, when one of my contributors  returns from holiday.


  • The planet is NOT repairing itself. This is NOT a good sign. 


    The only good news is the winter temperatures should be milder. However the extent which the polar ice melted and evaporated, will control how much precipitation, snow and flooding we will see.


    This is a separate issue from record cold temperatures and record storms because precipitation quantities are based on atmospheric moisture from evaporation and whether the Jet stream pulls warm air into Canada again forming massive storms and if it steers them across the NE states again.


    The hotter the polar summers and the more the ice melts, the worse the snow and flooding will be for each year.


    Since this is the first reversion, I cannot predict the weather as easily as last year.


Please look at the photo I included below where I marked the changes I measured in the angle of the sun each June 21st so you can visualize what I am describing about the changes in the position of the sun.


The axis tilt angle is controlled by the weight of the south pole continent and glaciers which act as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the planetary balance. As the ice has been melting at a massive rate, the reduced south pole weight has allowed the axis to shift.


Antarctica has been compromised as the gyroscopic anchor in maintaining the axis tilt. It has become ineffective in maintaining our original axis tilt as it continues to lose the weight of land based ice.


We were at the halfway tipping point last year. It would not have taken much more ice to melt for the planet to shift the rest of the way onto its side.





What could cause a reversion of the axis tilt?



#1 Technology


There is no possible method or technology we could have employed to effect any correction to the tilt of our planets axis. A shift of the planets axial tilt is simply over our heads and too big to effect any change.


It would be like an ant trying to move a car parked on top of the ant hill. Humans do not have the capability of  correcting our axis. It is beyond our means to fix it… although we are quite adept at damaging our environment and escalating the ice melt.



#2 restoring the ice levels at the south pole would restore the axis


We know this did not happen because it takes thousands of years to create and replace the massive amounts of glacial ice which have melted and caused our current axis shift predicament.



#3 Reducing the glacier weight at the North pole to lighten the load and restore balance

Reducing the top weight could minimize the shifting and increase the effectiveness of the south pole ballast as an anchor point in restoring and maintaining the axis tilt from slipping further or correcting the tilt to normal positions. 


Reduction of north pole weight could only occur by massive glacier melting and loss of all land based glacier ice weight at the north polar region. Most of the north pole ice is not on land and does not contribute to the planetary balance.


The glacier weight is mostly in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, Canada and Russia. This is also one of the reasons why the planet will not flip upside down.


There is insufficient weight at the top for a full inversion.


We know this did not happen because the sea levels for just the melting of glaciers on Greenland and Iceland alone would have risen over 30 ft above normal sea level.


#4 A wayward planetary body (asteroid or planet) affecting Earth's axis with their gravitational fields


Not likely. Any gravitational field strong enough to affect our planets axis would also have caused extreme high tide conditions and massive coastal surges. It would also affect the orbit and other behaviors of our Moon. So this is not the case either.



#5 The death wobble

Just like a spinning top which begins to wobble just before it falls over, our planet may be in the process of beginning the final shifting of the axis where we will end up sideways.


Earth does not have enough top weight to flip upside down. We would end up sideways because the equator is the heaviest and largest circumference of the planet.


This has apparently occurred 11 times in Earth's past according to one scientist back in 2008 who found evidence of tropical growth at the polar regions and glaciers at the equator.



This death wobble is the most likely scenario

This reversion may be the final wobble of our planet before it shifts onto its side like a spinning top wobbling just before falling over at the end.


However, things on a planetary scale happen much slower than in our own environment.


So this wobble could be months or years before it makes the final shift. Where a toy top wobbles and falls in minutes, the Earths death wobble might take 4 to 10 years before it shifts over onto its side. It is now very important to keep a closer watch on the situation for any signs of wobbling or other changes.


Perhaps it will stabilize and remain in this position. Or, we could see even more dramatic changes next year. It is essential that we watch this very closely.


I hope that someone else will continue the annual measurements if I'm not around to do so next year.


I cannot think of any other reasons for this axis shift reversion.


We will know better when we measure again next June. The axis shifted even more this year 2015 than it did between 2013 and 2014… just in the opposite direction this time. We are still shifted over 800 miles beyond where our axis should be. The sun is still rising and setting to the north where it should never be.


For those who are using the clock method for measuring the sunrise  and sunset… here is a photo and an overview of how the changes in our axis have occurred over the past 10 years using approximate clock face numbers to indicate the angles. (I present it this way to keep it simple and easy for anyone to do.)


Here is an image of the measurements I have taken annually with the explanations below:






SUNSET and SUNRISE Changes seen in photo above

Pre-1999 (WHITE line)

The sun was setting at an angle of about 8 on a clock face and rising about 4 on the clock face. This was the normal configuration when the sun was never farther north than mid Mexico where the tropic of cancer was located.



2006 (RED line)… also 2015 on the same line

The red line is hard to see but this was the angle of the sun in 2006 where it was setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face. After the 2004 Tsunami shift of the earth's axis, we had initially shifted about 800 miles farther south, placing the sun toward our north.



2011 (GREEN line)

The Green line was the solar angle in 2011 which showed the sun setting between 10 and 11 on the clock and rising between 1 and 2 on the clock face.



2013 (PINK line)

This was where the sun was located in 2013. It was setting  2/3 between 10 and 11 on the clock face and rising between 1 and 2. By 2011, we had multiple smaller axis shifts and tsunamis which had shifted us a total of about 1200 miles farther south and this angle remained stable through 2013.


2014 (YELLOW line)

This was a dramatic increase in just one year. The sun was setting above 11 on the clock face and rising above 1 on the clock angle. This was an increase of about 800 miles which increased our total southward shift of about 2000 miles.



2015 (RED line)… same line and solar angle as 2006

This year, we have a reversion of the solar angle. It is now, once again in the same place it was in 2006. The sun is once again, setting at 10 on the clock face and rising at 2 on the clock face.


This is a 1200 mile reduction in the tilt of the axis in the opposite direction. We are still currently tilted about 800 miles increased axis tilt beyond where we should be. So we are still 800 miles farther south in the summer and 800 miles further north in the winter. The sun is still shining in our north windows. 


As I said, this is NOT the good sign you think it is. I believe it is a death wobble.


We will have to check measurements very carefully next year to determine the situation. This is the second year in a row with dramatic changes. This was a definite wobble in both directions. I'm wondering what we will find next year.


Keeping in mind, when dealing with a planetary scale, actions occur at a slower pace.




Timeline clues


However, we saw the government frantically rushing to complete their underground shelters and nationwide maglev tunnel train network at such a panicked pace, they were causing ground subsidences and quakes across the country on a massive scale in 2013 with their tunnel boring machines and trying to blame it on fracking. 


They were even adding a second tunnel last Autumn while they were boring an additional set of tunnels for his highness G.W. Bush's personal access to the maglev system from his home. The quakes these machines are easy to track by date and the tremors are usually below 4.0.


Easy to spot since Texas is a Zone Zero earthquake zone. That means this is a Zero earthquake region. The first set of quakes was when they bored the first set of tunnels to his home in Dec of 2008 which you could follow northward as they bored the tunnels from his house to Denver. About 30 miles per month.


From what I can determine, the government seems to be planning for some massive catastrophe to occur some time between 2020 and 2026.


Unfortunately, it is a long time between solstices for our measurements so we can determine if we will see any further significant changes and whether we will see the wobble reverse directions again.


Hopefully, our friends in Australia and South Africa will help us with their measurements in December. We need to know the situation more frequently as it progresses so we won't have to wait an entire year for the next results.


The only good thing is the winter should be much milder this time… although we could still have a lot of precipitation depending on how much ice melted and evaporated and how the latest changes will affect the jet stream. We've already seen massive flooding in Texas. Between April 20th and May 31st there was 32 inches of rain in northern Texas.


However, with the reduction in the tilt, the winter temperatures should be warmer than last year.


Here is an image showing where the sun was originally rising and setting on a clock face when the tilt was normal in Pre 1999 (the pink dots show where the sun is supposed to be rising and setting pre 1999).


The red dots show where the sun was rising and setting in 2012. I have posted this image a few times before but wanted to include it on this post as well for better visualization of the changes in the position of the sun due to our axis shifts. 2015 has the sun on the 10 at sunset and on the 2 at sunrise.


So you can still see how far off the sun is when compared to the pre 1999 normal positions… despite the reduction in tilt… it is still off by 800 miles.





NOTE: For those who question the star positions, please reference here which provides comparative star position charts between these distances.


The star positions from the official mid Mexico tropic of Cancer and the 2000 mile shift in axis last year are nearly identical and the minute differences are actually too negligible to see. When dealing with stars which are billions of light years distant, any  big movement on our planet does not equate to a big movement in stars.


Also keep in mind that the stars are constantly in motion as the Earth rotates.


You can compare the star charts which show the star positions at this increased distance of 2000 miles as they would appear on the exact same date and time 2000 miles from the tropic of Cancer which was the increased distance of the tilt last year.




Recent Winter weather

  • The 2014 shift increase was so significant from the 800 mile increase for a total axis shift of 2000 miles in 2014… I had warned everyone in advance that we would be having record breaking severe winter weather and heavy precipitation… which we did. Exactly as I had described.


  • The increase in our axis meant that we were 2000 miles farther south in the summer and 2000 miles farther north in the winter in 2014. That has now been reduced to just 800 miles in 2015. The death wobble.


  • The increased sun on the polar regions in 2014 caused massive melting and evaporation which gave us record blizzards and flooding.


  • The 2014 shift also affected our jet stream behavior which has been completely abnormal in shape and behavior and position for the past 10 years when compared with pre 1999 conditions. It was dipping down into Central America this past year.


  • Since we are shifted into the tropical latitudes during the summer, those hurricanes which used to generate in the tropical regions are now seen over the mid US as huge spinning land hurricane masses.


    Just 2 weeks ago, there was a perfect Land hurricane dead center over the top of Dallas. Don't let anyone tell you this is normal.


    The flood waters still have not evaporated a month later. These tropical land hurricanes certainly were not normal before 2004. There are quite a few satellite images on the divulgence.net website showing these spiral land hurricanes have appeared over the central US each year since 2004.


    There are dozens of these satellite images listed on this page link.


    The motion satellite images also include imagery from the same timelines BEFORE the 2004 shift. So you can look at 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 before the axis shift on the same dates and times to see how the weather formations looked during those very same months and then compare the weather patterns with 2005 through 2007.


    After the shift so you can see the difference the shift has caused in the weather patterns. The images by month show one frame for each day of the month at the same time of day so you can see an entire month of  daily weather patterns for the same 3 months each year.


    Then compare with the after shift images. These are special, custom created weather satellite loops for anyone who is truly interested in how the shift has affected the weather patterns. 


    Here is the link to the sat images.


As I always remind everyone… the one thing the government cannot do is to hide the sun.


So everyone can see for themselves that the sun is not where it is supposed to be. It should never be farther north than mid Mexico (tropic of Cancer) at any time. The sun should never be shining into the north windows of any home in the US.


Mid Mexico should be the farthest north position it reaches on the longest day each year, June 21st, the summer solstice. 


The sun should never, ever be rising and setting to the north for anyone living in the US. You can still see the sun in the north throughout May, June and July as it gradually returns to its seasonal motions. I have also heard some absolutely ludicrous explanations from the government hirelings trying to make it seem perfectly normal that the sun is on the opposite direction it should be.


Don't let them bamboozle you with nonsense tech talk in an effort to make you distrust your own eyes. It drives them crazy that this is the one lie they cannot hide.


So they have to try to make you doubt your own eyes and question your own competence.








The Current (2015) Earth Axis Issue
July 13, 2015

Extracted from 'Planet X Theory Not Viable for Axis Change'

from AxisChange Website

This axis shift is not a new occurrence.


We have scientists who have found evidence that our planet's axis has shifted onto its side as many as 11 times in the past leaving evidence of tropics at the polar regions and glaciers at the equatorial regions. The multiple occurrences of previous axis shifts negates any external force as the causal factor.

The simple answer is the glacial weight on the South pole land mass acts as an anchor to maintain the axis angle balance of the planet. Massive melting and loss of this ice weight on the landmass allows the axis to shift position. The more it melts, the more the axis shifts. The melting ice changes the planetary balance and weight distribution.


The planet begins shifting toward the equator which is the next heaviest portion of the planet.


When sufficient ice weight has been lost at the South Pole, our planet will shift horizontally sideways. It wont take much more for the final shift to occur. We don't have the luxury of waiting for all the ice to melt. We are at the tipping point.

To envision how the south pole functions as a gyroscopic anchor to maintain the axis angle, think of a rubber ball floating in water with various weights attached to represent land masses.


These landmass weight distributions dictate the orientation of the rubber ball in the water.


If the bottom anchor weight which maintains the planetary balance reduces sufficiently (such as Antarctic glacial ice loss), the ball will shift orientation toward the next heaviest point. In our case, the equator is the next heaviest which is why we are shifting toward a horizontal position. The north pole is lacking sufficient landmass to invert the planet upside-down.

Events of such a large scale occur on a slower pace so it usually takes years for these changes to occur.

However, we have also seen how a massive shift of our axis created a tsunami which killed over a quarter million people from Indonesia to Africa. The earthquake was merely a symptom of the planetary shift, not the cause of a tsunami.


It usually requires abnormal planetary motion or significant water displacement (asteroid, landslide, eruption, etc) to produce a tsunami. Not an earthquake. These particular tsunami related quakes are only a byproduct of the axis shift. Not the source of the tsunami.

The tectonic quakes and aftershocks which are not associated with axis shifts and do not produce tsunamis. A good example are the Japan aftershocks, many of which were of nearly the same magnitude as the first one and at the same epicenter location. None of which produced even small tidal changes.


If the first quake had caused the Japan Tsunami, then the successive quakes should here caused more tsunamis of varying sizes based on magnitude.


They did not do so, because the tsunami was caused by the shifting of the earth, not the quake. The quake was a byproduct of the shift. The destabilized fault line produced the aftershocks.

Another example was the 89 Oakland quake which I was present. You didn't see any tsunamis wiping out Hawaii after that quake rocked the Bay area. That was a tectonic plate fault line quake. Not an axis shift. So without planetary motion, no tsunami occurred.

That doesn't mean the change in axis position is not associated with the increase in seismic and volcanic activity. The global shift in the position of our axis does effect the planetary and gravitational stress on the Tectonic plates and geothermal conditions as well as ocean currents and weather.


The shift of our planet has significantly increased the occurrence and magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity and weather conditions.


But I did want to show the difference between the axis shift and tsunamis versus tectonic plate or fault line activity. Large tsunamis are indicators of major planetary movement. Only abnormal motion of the planet can displace waves of such a large scale and vast distances.

To envision how tsunamis are created by planetary motion and not by quakes, place a couple inches of water in an aquarium or roasting pan. Slide or pull the pan across the counter to see how the water in the pan surges in the opposite direction from inertial motion. That is like a tsunami from planetary movement.


Place a vibrator under the pan to see the effects of a tectonic quake. No matter how strong, it will not create a surging wall of water (tsunami) traveling in one direction. A true tsunami needs the inertia of planetary motion or sudden significant water displacement to produce such a surge.

Also note that a normal quake should produce rings of small waves in ripples outward in every direction from the epicenter. Not a huge wall of water surging in a singular direction over hundreds of miles like we see in a tsunami from a planetary shift.

Tsunamis require a major planetary shift.

Landslides, glacier collapse and volcanic eruptions can also produce tsunamis but of short distances across a bay like in Alaska, Iceland and Italy. A large asteroid hitting the ocean could create huge waves but in a ring ripple pattern and equivalent to the amount, size and force of impact and water depth. I suspect these could also be the cause of rogue waves.

We also only hear about tsunamis when they cause significant damage to a well known populated region. For instance, a huge tsunami was caught on satellite imagery heading for Hong Kong around April 2003 or 2004. (The TV program "What on Earth" stated both years in the same episode when they showed the satellite image of this unreported Tsunami).


I think it was April 16th in 03 or 04. The tsunami suddenly dissipated before causing damage so it was never reported or listed.


Yet, it was a gigantic tsunami caught on camera without any earthquake association and was a giant surging wall of water hundreds of miles wide, traveling in one direction. It was so clearly a result of an axis shift. This was before the Dec 2004 Tsunami.

The government also likes to severely underreport the data to placate and spoon feed the public like they did with the Katrina and WTC death tolls. A 10 inch shift did not move the sun position hundreds of miles to the north. Common sense alone should tell you that data is a fraud.

The government is trying to trivialize the issue by diminishing the actual data to ridicule and shut down any public concern or questions. They turn all death and global shift report data into trivial jokes by reducing the numbers below 10% of the actual figures.


This is nothing new. They've been doing this for decades. Then they send out hirelings to shout you down and intimidate you on the media and internet to embarrass everyone into silence.


Only an axis shift of several hundred miles could cause the sun to be rising and setting several hundred miles to the north of its normal position. I could give you a long list of instances of government adulterated data.


Missing POW's from WWII and VN are a couple of radically altered data lists which come to mind where abandoned POW's were deliberately listed as dead rather than imprisoned to reduce public outcry. Our younger generations need to be more aware of corrupt government practices from history to understand why their reports and data cannot be accepted at face value.

At least on this axis shift issue, they cannot hide the sun. Thus, it is not my word against theirs. It is the Sun position which reveals the truth of it.


Anyone can look outside and verify it...