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July 14, 2015

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I created some image overlays to help illustrate how to easily measure the angle of the sun. I posted several photos below to make it easier to visualize.


I like to use a clock face because it is a simple universal method which transcends all language barriers and is familiar to everyone worldwide without requiring any special knowledge.


The photos below show several pertinent measurements using a clock face overlay, a 360 degree overlay and a compass overlay in conjunction with the solar positions. Pretend to be standing in the center of a clock which is lying flat on the ground.


I included several annual solar position measurements so you can see how to use a clock face determine angles.


If you pick a landmark, building, tree, etc to mark the position of the sun when it is in contact with the horizon at sunrise and sunset on the solstice, it will help you to align the angle changes each year. You can also use Google Earth satellite imagery to align with true north.


Align the imaginary clock with 12 for north, 6 south, 3 east and 9 west.

This example shows where each annual sun position falls on the clock face.


If you prefer to use 360 degree measurements, here are the examples of the overlay using that method.



This is a close-up of the 360 directions using the same North South orientation.



The third method is using compass directions.



Here is a close-up of the compass directions using the same north south orientation.



I still think the clock face method is the most simple but any of these methods will work to estimate the angle of the sun to let us know how far our axis has shifted.


Keep in mind, our measurements are approximations. We don't have the equipment for precise measurements. But we can get quite close in our estimates.

The measurements are best taken at sunrise in the east and sunset in the west at the moment the sun is in contact with a flat horizon. The best time to take measurements for those living in the northern hemisphere is Jun 21st, the summer solstice.


For those living in the southern hemisphere, the best time to take measurements is December 21st, the winter solstice. These are the dates when the sun is the furthest north (June) and furthest south (December).


Also known as the longest and shortest days of the year. The two hemispheres being mirror images, reversed and upside down regarding seasons, etc.

The sun travels in an arc, so do not try to measure it in the air. You can still see the abnormal position of the sun in the weeks leading up to and after the solstice dates but it is in a constant slow state of change in position as we orbit the sun. Spring and Autumn are the same as before the axis shift except the seasons change more extreme from the additional tilt distances.


You can understand better if you familiarize yourself with how the axis tilt and orbit around the sun cause the change in seasons. Basic orbital mechanics from grade school science.

The sun which is now hundreds of miles further north in the summer is due to our axis shifting our global position several hundred miles toward the south in the summer. During the winter, the tilt is in a reversed perspective where we are some hundred miles farther to the north which causes the sun to appear too far to the south.


This situation has essentially moved the tropic of cancer north of the US from its mid Mexico position and the Tropic of Capricorn to the south of Africa and Australia (with a decrease since the 2015 reversion).

Anyone in the US who grows houseplants always knew there was no sunlight in our northern windows until 2005 and avoided those windows for plants.


I also used to have an outdoor pen for my cats on the north side of my house and an aviary on the north side of a subsequent house. Neither ever had direct sunlight on the north side of those homes at any time of day.


This always troubled me that the pets never could enjoy the sunlight but the north side was the only location available. Even at noon, the house cast a shadow on the north side so they were always in a shadow.


This was all before the axis shifted...

Since the first major axis shift occurred in 2004, the sun now streams into the northern facing windows at sunrise and sunset. Even at high noon, there is no longer a shadow on the north side since there was less than an inch of shadow this year 2015.

In 2014 the new tropic of Cancer was north of the Canadian border. The reversion in 2015 moved the line back down north of the Oklahoma border. Since the axis shift in 2004, we now have the Sunrise and sunset streaming sunlight into our northern windows each June and no shadow cast on the north side of the house.

There was a significant increase in the sun position toward the north in 2014 adding to the axis shifts after 2004 which totaled about 2000 miles to our axis tilt.


Then there was a marked decrease in 2015 reducing our axis tilt from 2000 miles to about 850 miles. The photos show how the sun position has changed from year to year since 2004. They include several annual solar position measurements from central Texas taken on June 21st each year at sunrise and sunset.

As I mentioned, I believe this reversion (decrease from 2000 miles to 850 miles between June 2014 and June 2015 after a prior increase from 1200 to 2000 miles between 2013 and 2014) to be indicative of a death wobble just before the planet Axis makes the final shift onto its side. Like a spinning top wobbling just before it falls over.


These frequent changes indicate a very disconcerting situation.

We will have to be diligent about tracking these solar measurements to verify this is a death wobble or not. The last two years have shown marked changes so it will be interesting to see the 2016 measurements.


Hopefully, our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may see changes in December to alert us to the changes earlier.


Their feedback will be critical in seeing the changes sooner if this turns out to be a death Wobble as I suspect.




Where do you find accurately recorded historical data about the angles of sunrise/sunset (preferably before 1999)? Here is a useful tool for calculating the expected angles, which gives me fairly accurate results:
Comment by morpheusnotes - July 19, 2015 @ 2:04 pm


Those of us who are old enough… have long memories in regard to the behavior of the sun pre 1999. Especially those of us who were engineers and scientists.


But also those who simply grow houseplants in windows. I built a cat pen on one home on the north side which never saw a hint of sunlight. Neither did my aviary on the north side of another house. I did not care for the perpetual shade and was disappointed my pets could not enjoy the sunlight but those were the only available locations.

The north side is no longer shaded in summer.

Also, when choosing north side window glass tinting, polarizing and coverings and simply planting the flowers around the house exterior… the lack of direct sunlight was a factor on the north. In home construction and design, the sun behavior is a key factor.


We also have photos from the pre-1999 years, etc. I don't expect the younger generations to remember, but there are plenty of us who are old enough to remember normal sun and normal weather patterns.

The sun never shown in the north windows until June 2005. I had to move the TV and furniture because of this new sunlight in the mornings and afternoons. Even the neighbors expressed concerns before I did.

That is a cute App but totally inaccurate pre 1999. Not to mention upside down angles for pre 1999. It is also clearly a Google product. Even their current noon position on the app is inaccurate since there is less than 1 inch of shadow at noon in the center of the US in June.


A far cry north of a central Mexico position that app depicts. Not to mention the Canadian Inuit tribe has also noticed the changes in the sun. They don't indulge in government app mind games.


That app is simply a false, inaccurate propaganda toy specifically designed to manipulate public perception. Why else would anyone create such an app except to deceive? The only reason to deceive would be to cover up something from the public.

This is just another government hireling scam to convince the public that their eyes and memories are lying to them. To justify the lies and keep the public off balance from asking questions. Since the government can't hide the sun, they are trying to convince the public it is perfectly normal to see the sun in the north.

Anyone who wishes to buy into this shenanigan is welcome to do so. They can believe whatever they wish. The rest of us will do our own thinking and believe our own eyes without buying into the government mind games intended to muddle the public's perception.

Why else would anyone create such a solar angle app except to pander a specific false concept for public consumption?

My only recommendation is for people to use their own eyes to check out the sun by looking outside for themselves and using common sense.


No tricks. No mind games. No phony apps.
Comment by mmc7 - July 19, 2015 @ 11:35 pm


Thanks mmc7 for your reply. I am old enough to remember that the weather patterns of the previous century were different than those we have today.


The climate change is indeed a fact which would be hard to deny. However, since in those days I was not very interested in gardening, and the trajectory of the sun was of no interest to me, I didn't make any accurate observations.

Your proposal to make our own measurements and recordings of the sun's trajectory is excellent, and now that we are interested in the subject, there is no reason why not to do it.


However I can not believe that such reliable recordings about pre 1999 sun trajectory don't already exists on the internet. I was asking you about such data source because I assumed that you have done a thorough research on this subject and found the data.

If such data is not available online here is my request to anyone reading this, to check the offline libraries and other data source for such recordings. Such data could help a great deal to gain a deeper insight into the degree and speed of axis shift and wobble.

The app is only using the Google Maps API as a tool. Its calculations are based on Astronomy Answers formulae that supposed to be on the page which is not accessible anymore.


But since such astronomy answers formulae have been put together by astronomers who follow the orders of their sponsors, which is the government and the oligarchs, we can certainly expect motivation to cover up the facts.

I don't understand what you mean by saying,

"To really see how this app is false, try Arm?"

And this:

"Even their current noon position on the app is inaccurate since there is less than 1 inch of shadow at noon in the center of the US in June."

As far as I can see the app can not calculate the length of the shadow at noon, so how can it be wrong about it?


The orange curve shows only a subjective or qualitative description of sun's trajectory, the closer a point is to the center, the higher is the sun above the horizon.


But it gives no values about the length of a shadow.
Comment by morpheusnotes - July 20, 2015 @ 3:48 am


As for that strange sentence in my reply, I don't blame you for being perplexed. I don't know where that sentence about "Arm" came from.


It is quite puzzling. Sometimes I use the Wacom pen OCR which translates my mouse pen handwriting into screen text. More often than I would like, the translator inserts and changes words I have written to something totally different. I try to proofread everything but I apparently missed the boat on this one.


This looks like a remnant of a sentence which was partially deleted and adulterated by the Wacom software translator.


The website software also did not save a copy of my drafts so I'm at a loss as to the intended origin of my sentence. I have deleted it and will give it some thought as to what the original sentence may have said. I'm drawing a blank.

I have kept a general track of the sun over the decades for many reasons. In addition to the items I already mentioned, I also installed a lot of solar lighting and motion sensors on one of my homes. Full sunlight on those solar devices is a pertinent issue.


So the north side of any building was always a problem. I had also been involved with energy saving designs of structures since the 70's which involved maximizing the sunlight, window size and placement and shape of the building to improve the heating and cooling costs.


Thus, the north side shadows have always been a pertinent issue for various projects.

The reason I mentioned the "less than 1 inch" solar noon shadow is because that was what I measured last month. There was practically no shadow at all. But what little shadow existed, was cast to the south.


If the sun was directly over central Mexico as shown by that app then the shadow would have been a lot longer than "under an inch" and certainly would not have been cast to the south if the sun were as normal as that app depicts. The shadow would have been longer and cast to the north.

One of the reasons I use pre-1999 as a "before the shift" timeline is because I am not sure how much shifting occurred prior to 2004. I know the first major shift was Dec 2004, heralded by the Indonesian Tsunami.


However, there was a huge tsunami wave captured by Satellite heading for Hong Kong on April 18th, (2003 or 2004)… which was shown on an episode of "What on earth".


I think they said it was a NASA image and you could clearly see the wave hundreds of miles wide heading for Hong Kong… but then it mysteriously dissipated. The episode stated this wave occurred on April 18th, 2003 and then later on the same episode stated it was the same date in 2004. So I'm not sure which year and have not been able to find any additional details about it.


This incident is totally missing from all tsunami data. They only tell us about the tsunamis which produced damage on sizeable, inhabited areas and becomes newsworthy.

This was just one example of an earlier axis shift which has been buried from the public. Especially since it was not produced in conjunction with an earthquake. They would rather not have to explain the source of this tsunami. Since I was not measuring the sun at the time, I don't know how much this shift contributed to the positional shift measurements I began taking in 2006.


However, one thing the data indicates is the direction of the axis shifts since most of the major tsunami's seem to be headed in a northwesterly direction toward Asia and most occurring between Nov and April when the most melting of the south pole glaciers is at its maximum. Thus altering the weight and balance.

As far as actual measurement data for pre 1999, we cannot depend on anything on the internet to be accurate regardless of the source. They are quite thorough about altering and removing data which differs from their official stance. The fake solar flare story of Dec 2005 is a good example where they deleted records and data to cover up an axis shift which misaligned the entire GPS network.


They blamed it on a contrived "historic" solar flare story 5 months after the incident.


They waited 5 months until the week after a meeting with international scientists from around the world to announce this "flare". After they got all of the scientists on board they announced the cover story a week later. If there had been a "historic solar flare" NASA certainly would not have waited 5 months to brag about their finding.


It also took them some time to write a software patch to correct the GPS readouts to accommodate the misalignment in the satellite network. GPS is also used for synchronizing timing of most major critical computer, telephone and financial systems… so this was something else they did not want publicized. I really had to dig to find the records they overlooked and the details behind the cover up.


I also managed to find a weather satellite video of the actual shift.


I had also been invited to that international meeting of scientists but couldn't attend due to health problems, not to mention the costs involved… but I was aware of the US government pressure to obtain cooperation for global scientists to,

"not panic the public with the axis shift and to support the fake flare cover story."

However, printed books and old photos would be sources they could not change.


I have a considerable library so I may find something in there or in my vast collections of photos to compare the shadows. If my health ever improves, perhaps I can dig into the pre 1999 data better.

We can't do anything about the planet shifting but we can track it and be aware of significant changes as a harbinger to indicate how soon the final shift may occur. (the government seems to be planning for a global calamity between 2020 and 2026 based on their statements and actions). Just being aware of the changes to our axis situation gives us a better chance of survival. Staying away from coastlines and living above 300 ft elevation are two things we can do to improve survival.


However, there is a distinct possibility that the final shift may be so profound that it could produce monstrous tsunamis which could cover a continent like the movie 2012.


I have wondered if one of those 11 prior axis shifts was how the mid and west US became flooded. Especially since a global ice melt would only raise the sea levels by 300 ft, but the regions of the US which were once covered in salt water are quite a bit higher than 300 ft.


However, if a monster tsunami from a past axis shift covered the continents with water, hundreds of feet deep, it would have taken thousands of years to evaporate into the dry salt lakes we see in the western US. The dry salt lakes were the last pools of evaporated sea water. It would also explain why the river cut so deeply into creating the grand canyon where the water was cutting down to reach the sea levels. Just a thought.


After seeing the Indonesian Tsunami of 2004 which covered the coastlines from SE Asia to Africa, a larger, more dramatic shift of the planet could create a monster wave which could surge across a continent and cover it. There are several areas where there is sea water trapped behind a mountain range covering villages under hundreds of feet of water.


We see this situation in Europe and in South America and Arabia where there are inland salt lakes. Such a surge from one of the 11 prior axis shift, monster tsunami's would explain a lot of these issues.

Keeping track of our progressing current situation and changes to the sun position will also be invaluable when it comes to knowing where to go and what to do after the final shift occurs.


Those of us who are informed will be much better off than those who depend on the government to inform them of the situation.


The government will be in their underground shelters without a word of warning while leaving everyone else to the tender mercies of troops empowered by Martial Law. The ramifications are clearly defined in the Executive orders concerning FEMA powers which are easily accessible for the public to read.

I usually don't know the age group of anyone who posts a comment. When dealing with those under the age of 30, they are not old enough to have memories or experience with noticing northern shadows and sunlight patterns prior to 2000.

When I see the younger generations so uninformed and oblivious to the levels of government corruption and accepting cover stories without question… it truly worries me. Especially when they also lash out at the messengers trying to educate them on these details and events.


After we are gone, if those who are younger do not keep the government activities in check and maintain oversight, the government is capable of far worse atrocities than they have already committed… and their list of past exploits is quite heinous. Just imagine how bad they could become without oversight to keep them in check.


There are now cameras on every corner and every aspect of our lives are being tagged and traced and monitored in every way imaginable. Even the voting machines have been corrupted as have most politicians whether local or federal levels.

If the axis shift doesn't do us in over the next few years, I shudder to think what things will be like in 100 years. Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Once people become accustomed to government corruption and having no privacy or freedoms, they will no longer realize what they have lost or missing.
Comment by mmc7 - July 21, 2015 @ 9:19 am


We have mentioned that the can not display the expected length of shadow, and it is not easy to verify its accuracy.


Therefore I have found two other pages that calculate the sunrise/sunset and solar position and also display the numbers, so we can perform our own observations and compare it with the predicted values.

Here are the two pages:

On the 22nd July I have performed my own measurement and compared it with the predicted numbers on these two pages. First I have found my latitude and longitude on the page


Then using these coordinate on the sunrise/sunset calculator I have got the exact time of the expected solar noon. Next I have hung up a 2m long curtain pole in the yard on a thin thread, so the only about 5mm gap was between the bottom of the pole and a plank underneath.


The plank was oriented in N-S direction and was adjusted to be level. Waited until the pole's swing died off (in a windless moment) and fixed its position to the plank with a wedge. Now I have had a vertical pole and a horizontal plane for the shadow.

At exactly the expected solar noon I have marked the end of the shadow on the plank, measured its length and direction. Then calculated the elevation:

L - length of the pole; l - length of the shadow; and the elevation in degrees is calculated as El=atn(L/l).

Next I have entered the required input values into the solar position calculator for the time of the solar noon when the measurement took place and compared the predicted solar elevation value with the number I have calculated fro my measurement.


The two calculators gave very accurate values confirmed with my measurement.


So the length of the shadow is accurately predicted by these calculators.

I don't want to disclose my location, therefore I will not provide here my measured numbers, but this experiment is so simple and requires so little investment and effort that anybody doubting my words can easily replicate it.

If it gives accurate results for my location, then I don't see any reason why it would not do the same for any other location.


If you are looking for the most northerly circle where there is no shadow on the summer solstice, the tropic of cancer that was at 23°26′14.2″ this year. If you want you can check out the length of the shadow predicted by the solar position calculator.


I checked it, and it predicts a solar elevation of 89.97degrees which is just about exactly above head, therefore no shadow.
Comment by morpheusnotes - July 23, 2015 @ 1:54 pm


There are several issues with those methods. Not to mention missing the sunrise and sunset.


If you had the sun directly overhead and you live north of the official tropic of Cancer which runs through mid Mexico then the sun was not where it was supposed to be.

Tens of thousands of people who are visiting this site are doing so because they can all see that the sun is now rising and setting to the north of the US where it never was pre 1999.

Again, these other sites are specifically designed to make people doubt their own eyes. I already know the truth so it makes no difference to me whether others believe or not. I provide the info for those who want to know and show them how to measure and verify the sun for themselves. They can make up their own minds without anyone trying to muddle the data. I have nothing to gain either way.

I'd go into more detail on these issues if I had more time to spare. I highly recommend that everyone should do their own measurements each solstice to track the changes and don't take anyone's word for it.


It is simple to do and the sun position is the one thing the government cannot hide.
Comment by mmc7 - July 23, 2015 @ 2:51 pm


You have mentioned in one of the above comments that:

"I had also been invited to that international meeting of scientists but couldn't attend due to health problems, not to mention the costs involved… but I was aware of the US government pressure to obtain cooperation for global scientists to "not panic the public with the axis shift and to support the fake flare cover story."

Since you have been invited to that important international meeting of scientists, then I suppose you are a scientist yourself.

What kind of scientist are you?

What is the field of science you are expert of?

Comment by morpheusnotes - July 24, 2015 @ 4:40 am


Sorry. I don't give out personal info.

This site is solely to inform people of the axis shift situation and ramifications. I provide info to the public on how to make their own measurements so they can easily verify the data for themselves without any government propaganda.


I post info on how to easily track the changes annually which will enable everyone to have a better idea of what to expect based on their own observations.

This is an honest site without any pressures from me or government hirelings with agendas. It is up to each person to decide for themselves which they can base on their own measurements of the changes in the position of the sun.

As I said, I have nothing to gain or lose. I already know the truth.


The public can make their own measurements and decide for themselves without any pressure or interference.
Comment by mmc7 - July 24, 2015 @ 11:27 am