by Jim Euclid
30 June, 2012
from Regolish Website

Spanish version



The magnetic pole is creeping about 40 miles per year, heading toward Russia.


This geomagnetic drift is occurring so slowly that only the sensitive of flesh or psyche can perceive it. The brutish kind are steadily dreaming through this monumental shift. As the geomagnetic pole moves, so does its strength weaken, bringing about all kind of emotional changes within the human populations.


The lunacy of the 'full moon' is occurring even when the moon is waning.


By year's end, it is expected the rates of,

  • depression

  • suicide

  • violence,

...will eclipse all previous records. But this is not apocalyptic.


It will be balanced by heightened rates of,

  • intellectual clarity

  • enlightenment

  • intuition

Only the brutes will continue dreaming through this one.


By the end of 2013, the magnetic pole will arrest its magnetic shift and a new earth will be born. By then, the brutes will be in small caves or eddies, wandering lost in a brave new world.

Meanwhile, the Cabal are succeeding on some fronts:

they have finally passed Obamacare, which was their final capstone; human health control within the USA.

Their Carbon Tax Scheme also came online today, 1st July 2012, in Australia, as yet another jigsaw piece of their tax control of all aspects of human consumption.


Their silent weapons leave few untouched. Their exsanguinations of the populous is as slow and insidious as a cancer.





The final piece of Cabal control will come through legislation of internet traffic, which will be done not through control of ISPs but through ownership of the internet by corporate financial bodies rather than through free public regulation.


This may take them a few years to bring into effect, primarily through purchasing majority shares and merging the internet regulators, especially,

But the darkness of predawn heralds new hopes.


There appears to be little dispute remaining about Nibiru's final presence within our solar system (see video below). The Anunnaki have arrived, but are nowhere to be seen. One asks why this is so, and the only viable answers lies in the maxim, 'follow the money trail...'


It appears the Anunnaki are quickly arriving on Earth, only to find their patron hosts such as the Rothschilds in jail.


A sad day for the supposed returned royalty.





People are beginning to see the power of education, even if it sometimes requires legislating the truth.


Take for example the difficult truth that smoking is dangerous. Once legislation forbid the practice of smoking when it impacts others (such as in pubs, clubs, etc), the general rates of people smoking and taking up smoking steadily reduced, albeit over a generation.

See the graph below for more...


The cabal's grand scheme since Mesopotamia has been to erect a new world temple to their overlords, a new mansion called Prison Planet Earth for the returning Anunnaki.


Their credo has always been,

'if we build the temples, the Anunnaki must come.'

This has kept the Cabal motivated for 2000 or more years, but sadly, the Anunnaki have returned but have not taken their place at the golden seat in the Vatican.


This great global edifice to greed and fear will be an empty temple that will steadily taken back by the jungle of time so that all which remains will be the ghostly shrines that will attest to future generations the bronze-cold souls whose hubris allowed them to commit genocide in the name of folly.