by Mark Sircus
August 17, 2010

from IntoTheAshes-IMVA Website



The sounds of silence are the sounds of lies, omissions of fact and reality so large it’s more than manipulation. Did you know that one’s silence can be deadly? One can actually do mass murder with silence by deliberately holding back information that can be lifesaving.


You will be amazed how nakedly the institutionalized press is now deliberately omitting a great deal of what is happening on the earth in the moment.

One might as well be looking at nuclear explosions, for each and every one of these fires (above image) is kicking up radioactivity into the atmosphere and we are not talking about little dosages here.


The world media is silent on the radiation hazard and is certainly not warning anyone about anything they can do about it.

Below you will see to videos from local news stations but why is this not on the national news. I certainly have not seen anything about this in the New York Times but I did not read the back page.


Hundreds of Thousands of DEAD FISH on NEW JERSEY SHORE

AUG 12 2010 - BP Gulf Oil Spill




Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish Washing up on MA, NJ & VA Shores




Even in the local reports not a mention of the possibility that the fish die-off is directly tied to the use of Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico and that the underwater plumes are making their way all the way up the Atlantic Coast.


It is the most logical conclusion but not a word - it’s top secret.


After all, that is why they used the Corexit - to secret away the oil and its toxicity.

Aaron Task asks,

“What does it say to you that Tim Geithner and Larry Summers are still on the job?"

William Black responds,

“Well I said it from the beginning, Geithner and Summers were selected and promoted - and the same is true with Bernanke - because they are willing to be wrong and have a consistent track record of being wrong. That’s useful for senior politicians but disastrous for the country.”

And speaking of silence, we don’t hear much about the dangers of WiFi do we?


But parents in Simcoe County believe their children are getting sick from WiFi transmitters set up in schools in their district.

“Six months ago, parents started noticing their kids had chronic headaches, dizziness, insomnia, rashes and other neurological and cardiac symptoms when their kids came home from school. But that somehow on the weekends when they were at home, it would disappear,” said Rodney Palmer.

His two children aged five and nine, who attend Mountain View Elementary School in Collingwood, started getting sick last year.


After further investigation, the parents began to suspect it was caused by the exposure to electromagnetic fields from the wireless Internet transmitters in school classrooms. Palmer said the intensity of the microwave signal in his daughter’s kindergarten class was measured to be four times stronger than the signals found at the base of a cell phone tower.


Palmer’s five-year-old daughter received a rash on her leg and she was listless and tired when she was picked up from school.


His nine-year-old son suffered from headaches, moodiness, and a face rash. The media really does not want us to get too much perspective on any of the major issues of our times.


This next graphic is a real killer of our theories of global warming:

Graphic based on a slide created by Andrei Illarionov, Adviser to the President of Russia.

The slide was part of a presentation given by Illarionov in 2004

The Kyoto Protocol - An Assault On Science, Economic Growth, And Human Freedoms

We have been steadily cooling since the end of the last century but don’t tell anyone that because you will be labeled a skeptic. So brazen has the media and those who control it become that they think nothing of hiding half the planet from their reporting.


After they were able to hide the real causes of the collapse of the World Trade Centers, especially building number five across the street just because people were looking at it, and after they hid all the plane parts at the Pentagon, even the titanium Rolls engines, they figured they could even hide a hemisphere or at least what is happening in it.


Their silence about the southern hemisphere is deafening.




In mid July millions of fish and other water life were found dead, floating down four major rivers in the Eastern department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


Our original article on this ecological disaster garnered international attention and news forums across the globe were filled with questions, doubts and even accusations of possible water pollution cover-ups. In our forums numerous people allege that it’s not true all these millions of fish and other river life were killed by the cold.


Some went as far as to say the rivers must have been polluted by industrial waste or poisonous chemicals “dumped” by clandestine cocaine factories.


How can you be certain the cold weather caused these millions of fish to die and not something else?

Bolivia experienced the coldest winter in over 47 years in mid-July. Although it’s winter here and normal for us to experience sudden cold spells, this was the coldest winter on record in nearly half a century.


Temperatures dipped to 0° degrees Celsius outside the water, and inside the water temperatures dropped to about 6° degrees Celsius. That’s about 10 degrees Celsius below our normal lows.


The water along the river banks actually turned to frost, something that is virtually unheard of in the tropics. Bolivia’s tropical fish can withstand a dip in water temperatures to about 15 degrees Celsius before the cold adversely affects them.


Below that they begin to experience hypothermia.

Q: But couldn’t the fish have swum to deeper waters where it’s warmer?

A: Normally the rivers are deeper than they are now. This area of Bolivia has been experiencing a drought. Although not as severe as the ongoing drought in the Chiquitania to the east or the Chaco to the south of the Department of Santa Cruz, the rivers are very shallow. Too shallow.


This extreme cold spell lasted for seven or eight days, and the water was too shallow to stay warm enough at greater depths. For example, in the area inhabited by the river dolphins, the waters were only about 3.5 meters deep, at their deepest point.

Q: Is there any other way you can be completely certain that this disaster is not actually due to chemical dumping or another type of water pollution?

A: This disaster took place in four separate rivers, the Grande, the Piraí, the Yapacani, and the Ichilo, in various different, very separate places. In addition, tens of thousands of fish died in local fisheries where fish are separated by species or size in numerous ponds that are not connected to each other or to any rivers.


It would have been virtually impossible for something of this magnitude and in so many different areas to be caused by chemical dumping or water pollution of some kind. In addition, Santa Cruz was not the only department affected. Large numbers of fish and water life also died North of Santa Cruz in the department of Beni and to a lesser extent in some areas of the department of Cochabamba.


Even so, our investigators took water and soil samples in numerous places along the rivers to rule out that possibility.

Why anyone would expect the government or the media to be honest about anything to do with toxicity, or the weather or anything else is beyond me.


There is no trust when it comes to the major media companies, which are getting truly professional about hiding the elephant in the living room. The fall of civilization is being previewed through this dishonesty of fact and purpose in the media, which distorts and hides the news to manipulate the consciousness of the masses.

Meanwhile toxic threats are increasingly leaving populations vulnerable especially because people are not being warned and educated about what they can do to protect themselves.


Why? Because there is too much money to be made from poisoning humanity.


They cannot even warn us about the dangers of fluoride or aspartame or MSG or even mercury in vaccines or dental products. A civilization that promotes poison as good for people’s health is doomed to fail because it deserves to fail.


In the modern world, thanks to the media, the good has become bad and the bad good and this is as true in the world of medicine as it is in banking, finance, and politics, as well as in the military.


Love and truth have failed in the mainstream world and we will all pay the price.