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"Those of the Way

do not enforce truth upon one another,

We help each other find it."







The DOMA Way Chapters...


The Way: 1

The Coming Of The Elohim
Over fifty thousand years ago, the planet Earth was visited by a race of beings from what is known as the Collective. The Collective is comprised of many different races who work together for their mutual benefit. Each of these races, with but one exception, are of the Human species. These humans are the same genetically, as those found on Earth.

They are from three main colony zones: Sirius, Orion, and Pleiades. ... All life found in this region is of the same genetic blueprint... thought to be the result of the seeding of worlds by a single race with the same basic code of life... One of the races they created was the humans mentioned above, who call themselves the Anunnaki. Another is the human race found on Earth, whom the Anunnaki call Terrans. It is the meeting long ago of these two races of humans that is the subject of this message.

The Way: 2

Why Am I Here?
What is the Way? The way is a path you choose to guide you back to where it all began. Back to the One. The One is the source of all life in the universe. There are only two forces in the universe. Creation and Destruction. The universe and all matter in it goes from a high order, to a low order. Life goes from a low order, to a higher order. The universe destroys, life creates. The One is this creation force at its highest level. The goal of all life is to create and by the act of creating become as One.

You, as a life-form, are part of all the life in the universe. You started out at the lowest rung of the ladder and have worked your way up. It is now time for you to realize and accept your own role in the plan of creation. You are capable of creating, and are therefore a creator. You are not the One but part of the One in all life. Your goal is to begin at the bottom, reach the top and then return with that knowledge and experience, back to the One. This process unfolds over the lifetime of a world and is both of a physical, and spiritual nature.

The Way: 3

What Is The Way?
The Way is a very old and sincere attempt to bring a little light into a world that has known mostly darkness. Every few thousand years, the Elohim attempt to enlighten mankind as to their true nature, and their relationship to the One.

The chapters will be divided into two types.

The Way: 4

More History of the Elohim On Earth

In Way: 2, we discussed the Elohim and their modification of pre-humans to create modern man. This discussion will deal with the events following the creation.

The Adamu (or man) were originally created to work in various projects around the world. Some of these were mining, food production, construction, etc. By giving man the ability to reproduce on his own, the population began to multiply quite rapidly. The Anunnaki began to clamor for more of the workers.

Human females were further altered so that conception was possible not just once per year, but every 28 days. ...It began to be a status symbol among the Anunnaki to have as many Adamu as possible. ...At this point in time, a change in the garrisoning of the Anunnaki soldiers took place. ... They were now able to live on the surface, and to set up their communities there. ... The Anunnaki soldiers started to reproduce with Earth humans (E-hums).


The Way: 5

Right Action
Over the centuries, people have asked, "why does evil exist in this world? Why is there so much pain, so much wrong and so little right?" These questions, like many that mankind has asked, are fundamental to the learning process, and to spiritual growth. To ask why, is the first step in conquering ignorance. What then, is evil?

Evil is the condition that exists when good does nothing. Good is the light of creative action. Evil is the darkness of inaction. Where there is no good, there is only evil. Where there is no light, there is only darkness. This is a fundamental truth and must be understood fully before going any further.


The Way: 6

The Return of The Way
Long ago, those above tested that which is below. But for the finding of one good man, two cities and many people would have been saved. Alas, not one was found. The destruction and death that rained down on Sodom was, as they say, "of Biblical proportions." This time, two stood above the rest. Two who heard the Way and realized the significance. Two stood faithful when silence and darkness was their only reward.

Two small flickering flames that refused to go out. She who sent me is pleased. The Moon is full once again, with that which it has not felt in so very long - hope...I will soon begin to write the chapters again. It order for you to appreciate them for what they are, you must know what they were once. Long ago. The Way is not new. It has been with you all along. All that I tell you was once known, but is now forgotten. It has been hidden in the shadows of ignorance and the darkness of man's own desire to dominate and control his fellow man. I intend to be a light for you in that darkness.

A light that shines on the path of your life so that once again, you may find your way.


The Way: 7

... It became a status symbol among the ANK to own as many E-hums (Us) as they could. This led to a very serious problem among the ANK, resulting in many skirmishes among them. Slaves would leave their masters and run off to other ANK territories.... The leaders of the ANK asked their scientists to come up with a solution to this growing problem. It was determined that physical means of containment were both impractical and non-effective.

A way had to be found to make the E-hums (Earth humans) want to stay with their respective masters. Somehow, an emotional bond must be formed between the ANK and their slaves - one so strong it would overcome any desire to leave or stray. The result was what we call today, Religion - the most powerful enslavement tool ever created.


The Way: 8

Religion After the Great War
... Religions were designed right from the start to enforce control over the masses, by their masters. Unfortunately, the reins of control simply changed hands. This is not what was meant to happen. After the great war, the DOMA (Daughters Of Ma) who had won control of the Earth and all its inhabitants, decided to use religions as a means of teaching humankind the information necessary for him to achieve civilization. This learning process was to take place in two phases.

First, rules of behavior, laws, would be given and time allowed for mankind's numbers to build. Later when the basic structure of mankind's societies had been established, they would introduce a series of teachers (prophets) that would set forth the philosophies of advanced human civilization.

These we can refer to as the Messiah Projects.


Way: 9

The Messiah Projects: The Buddha, Son of Maya
... What is important to realize here, is that although the human members of the Collective were thousands of years more advanced then even we are today, they did then and now still do, believe in a unifying force known to them as The One. There are certain truths and laws of conduct, they believe are made manifest to life by The One.

We know this as the Laws and Word of God. It was their intent to bring humankind this knowledge. The program itself was vast, far too complicated and large to be covered in full here. Instead we will focus on the last 1500 years of the project. During this time, a series of "Teachers" were sent to mankind... All these men were sent by an advanced human female, not a God... Although this woman is of a royal caste among her people, she should not be thought of as God....


The Way: 10  -  The Messiah Projects: Jesus, Son of Mary

The Way: 11  -  The Messiah Projects: Jesus, Son of Isis

The Way: 12  -  The Messiah Projects: Jesus, Son of the Daughters of Earth

The Messiah Projects: Jesus....
This chapter will deal with the second phase of the Messiah project. I will warn you now, that to those who have used the great gift of Jesus for their own selfish needs, I will not be kind... The DOMA saw the success of the Buddha as a good sign. Teachings had been introduced to a large group of people.

They waited five hundred years for these teachings to spread, and for their effects to become known. They chose the people of the Middle East as the next recipients. The DOMA had previously worked with a particular group of people living in the region, called the Hebrews. The reason they chose these people is that they represented a collective of peoples pulled from the surrounding regions....


The Way: 13

Not Released


The Way: 14

Looking Back and Ahead
The Way is not religion. The Way is how you apply religious truths to your lives. The Way does not care which religion the truth comes from, as long as it was truth. It can take the Ten Commandments from Christianity, the Golden Rule from Buddha, and Mahammad's teaching that "there must be no compulsion with regards to the truth," and use them all as they were meant to be.

As one, as the true Word of God. Read carefully the following statements. They are some of the basic beliefs The Way conforms to. Read them and then ask yourself, "Is this truth? Is this how I feel also?"


The Way: 15

Regarding Chapter 13
After a pause, The Way begins a new wave. This chapter addresses the reason why Way: 13 wasn't released, as well as laying the groundwork for future chapters.

Although this is Way: 13 part 2, it is the fifteenth chapter in The Way.


The Way: 16

Angels - what are they, really?


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