The Way: 3

"What Is The Way?"

You have seen our first two Way chapters and by now, must be asking yourself many questions.

What is the purpose of The Way, is undoubtedly the first. Let us try to explain what our intent is, and how we will accomplish it.

The Way is a very old and sincere attempt to bring a little light into a world that has known mostly darkness. Every few thousand years, the Elohim attempt to enlighten mankind as to their true nature, and their relationship to the One. These first Way chapters will be divided into two types.

Type 1) Historical: This type will give you an understanding of who you are, and who the Collective is. It will detail the chronological events from Man's first encounter with the Elohim, up to the present time. In order to become ONE, you must know who you are; and to know who you are, you must first know who you were. We will give you a means of verifying what we say by using your own religious and mythological records.

The final message in the first historical section will deal entirely with the Christian text known as Revelations. It was given to man for a very specific purpose, and to be understood at a very specific time. That time is now. You will be shown the true meaning of Revelations, and it will not be as you have expected it to be. Prepare yourselves for a little shock. Once you fully understand this text, you will know the true nature of who you are, and what you will become.

Type 2) Spiritual: The second type of message is the continuation of a process started long ago. In it are the codes of spiritual and social conduct necessary for mankind to become members of the Collective. Every few thousand years, the Collective has attempted to guide mankind toward a higher order of civilization. You have proved to be quite a stubborn people, when it comes to learning how to become civilized. This is not really a surprise, when you consider who your parents were.

The Way is not a religious order. It is not intended to destroy the religions of the world; rather, it is intended to free you from them, and from those who have misused them to gain control over you. It will show you that all of the different religions you now know, came from the same original source. These were intended to teach you the codes of life in a sequence of enlightenment's spread over many thousands of years.

As you began to mature, the messages became more complex, and deeper, in terms of enlightenment. They were intended to follow and draw from each other, to form a cohesive matrix of understanding. Taken separately, they are each a path. Combined, they form the Way.

The Way will show you how to use these different paths as ONE.

It will give you tools to enable you to find the underlying truths in all of them. The end purpose is to give you the knowledge necessary to join the Collective. There are certain laws and codes of conduct that must be learned, if you are to be accepted. It is hard work, but well worth the effort. All of the previous guidance was intended to give you the basic knowledge in a form you could handle at the time. It is now time to put that knowledge to work in yourselves, and the world around you. You have all looked for the coming of a new age and a better life.

Some have believed in the second coming of the great teacher known as Joshua Hama Shia, or Jesus as he is now called. Your legends say that the spirit of Christ will come again and lead you to the new age of enlightenment. Is Jesus returning to this world? The answer is yes, but not in the way most have envisioned. Jesus gave you the example of what a true human being is. The spirit of Christ in its purest form is a soul filled with the light of creation.

This creation is done not for vanity or self-gratification. It is done because of the will to do only those things that are of the light, or creation, in your heart. When a person does this simply because it can be done, and it fills that person with a sense of well-being, then this act has been done for one reason. It is done from love.

Love is the most powerful tool a creator may use. Jesus was a master craftsman.

This is what he taught you and tried to demonstrate. This type of action is the spirit of Christ in its purest form. The second coming of Christ is not a single person endowed with the spirit. It is the realization of the spirit in the hearts of all mankind. The spirit of Christ will live again through all of you. You are the second coming. When all of you act to create out of love for one other, then you all become the same spirit.

You all become as ONE. This is the Way and you are the children of the Way. The Way is yours. It belongs to every person on this world and to those beyond. You are its creators and its users.

It was, and is, and will be forever. But only if you act and use it. Each and every one of you must contribute to the whole. We have planted this seed in your hearts, but you must water and feed it, if it is to grow. You, and you alone, are responsible for your destiny. We will help as we have before, but responsibility for failure or success is up to you.

You must believe in yourselves and your ability to change this world. You must work together as ONE. As ONE, there is no power on this Earth that can oppose you. This is your world, and it is your life.

You have the right to make it a better place. Look around you, and ask yourself if you like what you see. If the answer is no, then change it.



Don't wait for someone else to do it for you; you will be waiting forever. These articles on computer networks are a first step. Share them with one other. Work with each other to learn what they mean. Let them be a gathering place for your thoughts and dreams. Begin to feel the power that comes with acting as ONE. The Way is yours. Use it! You are the future of this world. Realize this, and begin to act as the creators you are. Do this, and the prophecy of the second coming will be fulfilled.

There was THUNDER once on the Earth. That THUNDER has returned. Be the sons and daughters of THUNDER. Study the Way and be as ONE.

Peace be with you all.

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