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The Way: 2

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there a God and does this God care for me? What happens when I die? Why is there so much pain in the world? How do I change the world into a better place? Are there no answers?

Yes. There are answers to all these questions and all the others that will ever arise. The first step is to believe in your own capacity to find them. The second is to become as a child in spirit, as well as mind. As children, the world is a place filled with wonder, each day bringing new knowledge and the anticipation of things yet learned. It is this same desire that you must place in your hearts. If you can accept these two truths, then you will have taken the first steps in finding your own Way.

What is the Way? The way is a path you choose to guide you back to where it all began. Back to the One. The One is the source of all life in the universe. There are only two forces in the universe. Creation and Destruction. The universe and all matter in it goes from a high order to a low order. Life goes from a low order to a higher order. The universe destroys, life creates. The One is this creation force at its highest level. The goal of all life is to create and, by the act of creating, become as One. You, as a lifeform, are part of all the life in the universe. You started out at the lowest rung of the ladder and have worked your way up. It is now time for you to realize and accept your own role in the plan of creation. You are capable of creating, and are therefore a creator. You are not the One, but part of the One in all life. Your goal is to begin at the bottom, reach the top and then return with that knowledge and experience, back to the One. This process unfolds over the lifetime of a world and is both of a physical, and spiritual nature.

The lifeforce that resides in a physical form is enlarged and matured over the course of many lifetimes. Starting at the single cell level, a lifeform will progress upwardly through increasingly complex biological containers in a process of birth, death and rebirth. It is the evolutionary process of all life, and all life is bound by this law of the One. Evolution is the creation of a more complex lifeform from less complex lifeforms.

You will work your way up the ladder of life until you reach the point that your spiritual enlightenment is so great that there is no physical lifeform complex enough to contain you. It is at this point that you leave the restrictions of the physical behind, and merge with the other lifeforms who have reached this level. Together, you will form the great collective spirit that is called the One. This is the path you are now on. In terms of progress, you are half-way home. Why? Because you have reached the complexity level of sentience. You are no longer an animal simply following genetically-defined behavior patterns alone. You now have the capacity to change the course of your own destiny by conceiving of a new way or reality in which to exist. You have now become children of the One.

Before you lies the path back to the One. The end of this path can only be reached by those who create. Now that you are aware, you can choose to create or destroy. The more advanced you become, the more polarized toward creation you will become. The elimination of destructive actions is the Way. There is a right Way, and a wrong Way. But there is only One Way home.

You may have heard it said that actions are not the path to salvation, that by faith in a certain belief you are saved. I tell you that you are the sum of your actions and it is by them alone, that you may gauge your own spiritual level. If you are capable of the wrong actions, then you are wrong from within. If you do right or good actions, it is within you also. It is this balance of spirit that is the judgment. The only faith that has ever saved anyone, is the faith that comes from believing in yourself. You are the only one responsible for your spiritual development. It is a long and hard process, to be sure. You can only achieve so much in each lifetime. It is not an easy road to travel, this road we call life. There are others who say there is an easier path, just believe this or that. But ask yourself this, and be honest, for the only one you lie to now is yourself. If this were true, then life would be a piece of cake. It would be a gift too good to be true for mankind. Now, have you ever had anything that was to good to be true turn out to be real? The simple truth is that life is a battle, hard fought to win. But the true victor in it is you. I have heard you say you want a better world. Then you must be the one to change it.

How do you change an entire world? One person at a time, starting with yourself. You must do what is necessary to correct your own life. You must learn the Way, in order to do this. I will show you how, or rather help you remember that which you have forgotten. There is much to learn and even more to unlearn. I will tell you about life on this world, and life on other worlds. You are not alone, and in fact, other beings have had a major impact on your particular world's development. Many of the problems that you now face, are not of your own making.

Long ago, a race of beings came to this world and interfered with that which was developing into mankind. It has, over the years, done a lot of harm to your development. It is not the only source of problems, and should not be blamed for all your ills. You must take responsibility for your own actions, and do what is necessary to correct them. This, and much more, I will tell you of. I will do my part to teach, you must do your part and have the desire to better your world. Everything that I will tell you has been said before. Let's hope you use the gift of knowledge that is offered, to better yourself and others. I do this because I believe in you, and that mankind is a noble and promising addition to the Collective. I ask only that you believe in yourselves, as I do.

I will leave you with the first lesson of the Way. To begin to become a creator, you must create. One simple good deed is an act of creation. You will create the feeling of happiness in someone else. Do one of these good deeds each day. It can be as simple, or as great, as you wish to make it. What's important is that as you do it, you realize the purpose behind the action. It is not to gain points on your spiritual development chart. It is to create a feeling in someone else. Your action will cause the birth of a positive emotion in someone else. This is an act of creation, and you are the creator. The deed itself is unimportant, the change in yourself necessary to do it, is. You will find that making someone else happy creates its own happiness within you. This emotion is a reflection of what you are. It is the reward that creation offers to those who create in others. It is the greatest gift the One has to offer, and is part of the Way.

Until we speak again, practice this little daily exercise.

Peace be with you.

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