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The Way: 14

Looking Back And Ahead

A long time ago, there lived a man. Some say a great man. Others, that he was just lucky. In the right place, at the right time, as the saying goes. Regardless of which of these views you might subscribe to, the simple fact remains that this particular man had a profound impact on all around him. He was a teacher of sorts, a teacher of life and all its complexities. The lessons he taught changed the world for all time. The lessons were simple things, not grand philosophies or high-end theology. Just plain old common sense, everyday things. It has been said that he had a special power to communicate ideas, a way to make them clear and understandable to everyone, regardless of intelligence. This is the mark of genius, the hand of the profound at work, the true nature of the Word of God.

I have tried to prepare The Way in this same manner, one that would be both informative and, at the same time, easily understood by all. Preparing the historical portions of The Way messages was certainly a formidable task. Bear in mind that all that I have written was already known. I have said nothing new. I have merely gathered what was fragmented and forgotten, and made it whole again. It was a difficult task with many of the pieces scattered in different cultures and histories. Some of the pieces had been forgotten, simply silenced by the march of time. In other cases, pieces were deliberately hidden with devious intent. The idea being to erase from your memories events that might challenge the prevailing power structures now on this planet. Still, the pieces of the puzzle were there, waiting for the day to come when they would be reassembled into "the big picture." This is what you now have in your possession, "the big picture," and no one can take this from you.

The historical Way messages only scratched the surface of an immense body of buried knowledge. Using them, you should now be able to better understand many mysteries of the past. Think of them as a sort of Rosetta Stone, and you can decipher the language of the hidden world you call history. One of the most difficult to understand, and also the most important for you to have a true knowledge about, was the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible. It has been called one of the greatest mysteries of all prophetic writings. I have shown you it is neither. It should no longer remain a mystery, for I have explained it to you. It is not a work of prophecy, but in fact a history. An historical record that verifies much of what I had said to you. That it remained an enigma for so long is not surprising. This is what it was intended to do. It was saved for a time in the future when its real meaning would be revealed, and in so doing, authenticate the source of that revelation. This is a powerful thing I have just told you. I hope you fully appreciate and understand what I said. It is important.

One of the things that is uppermost in my mind, and deeply concerns me, is my own ability to express the contents and ideas of The Way messages accurately. These are important matters, and as such, require the deepest commitment to truth. My concern is that some will not understand, or will misinterpret what I have said. If this happens, it is my fault, and in no way that of she who sent me. I am only human, and although my search for historical data and its writing have been inspired from elsewhere, the relating of these matters in understandable format has been my task. I pray that I have been up to it, and that all I have said has been easy to comprehend. My goal was to provide you with the missing pieces that many of you knew existed, but were unsure where to look. The Way messages should have confirmed many of your own deep beliefs and intuitions regarding the past, and the involvement of extra-terrestrials in it. This was the purpose of the historical Way messages.

There is, however, a larger, much deeper goal that The Way has sought to achieve. That is, to try and correct the mistakes and failures of a previous DOMA mission, known as the Messiah Projects. As you'll remember, they were an attempt to bring advanced human concepts to the Earth. It was thought that it would serve as a uniting force that would make all mankind seek after truth together. This, as everyone knows, has not been very successful. In fact, it has had the exact opposite effect, driving a religious wedge between the peoples of Earth and resulting in much loss of life, knowledge and growth of spirit. This is the main problem, the main FAILURE, that The Way seeks to address. Many of you have perceived The Way as simply a new religion. This is, perhaps, the furthest thing from its true intention as you can get. I will try to explain this, for it is vital that you clearly understand what The Way is, and what it is intended to do to life on this planet.

Think of your life, this being not only you as a spirit, but the results and consequences of your actions as well, as a great ship moving down a river. Your destination is the ocean into which all the rivers empty. The ocean is the One, your final goal. The river is your religious beliefs. It keeps you afloat and provides the means to reach your goal. There are many rivers that you could travel down. Some will lead to nowhere, some to even larger faster rivers. Religions form the backbone, the core belief structures of what we call civilization. They are your beliefs, ideas, and motivations, like the current of the river. You are the ships, your religions the rivers, and The Way is a map and log book. The Way is not the river, it defines the course, or which river your ship will sail down. On it are routes that others have taken, but the larger part is still blank and represents the uncharted waters of human evolution. The Way provides you with a framework, a point of reference, to determine the best course. It is not the river. It is the best path to take, via the rivers, in reaching your goal. Sort of like a map on which you can record all the well-traveled and familiar waters. These represent the various religious philosophies and spiritual dogmas that now exist.

As with many other modes of travel, you realize that the shortest path to your goal is a straight path and, in a perfect world, this would apply to religions as well. One great big nice straight super river to sail smoothly down. In a perfect world, made up of perfect people, following the perfect religion, life would also be perfect. Life would be easy. Now, I don't think there is anyone out there who thinks the world is a perfect place. Nor do we think that we are perfect pristine examples of what it is to be human. As for religion, I think they have spoken for themselves. This is the real world, not the perfect world. It is a world filled with rivers for us to sail down. Rivers that are curving. Rivers that lead nowhere. There are rapids, whirlpools, and all manner of obstacles and dead ends. Congratulations, you have just realized the first principal of truth that comprises The Way. That we are, as individuals, not perfect and that our world, as a whole, is just as imperfect. Here is the second principal. "I, and this whole thing I call life, don't have to be bad... we can be improved upon." Here is the third and final truth of The Way's Big Three. "No one is going to do it for me, but I can change things by my own efforts, and make the world a better place."

These are the three basic reasons why The Way exists. It is not the journey, but the decision to leave in the first place. It is not the traveling, but the direction you take. Those three simple truths are all that is needed for you to realize and, by so doing, create The Way. Realize that nothing in this world is perfect. Realize that, through knowledge, a more perfect way can be found. And third, realize that it is you and you alone, who must do the changing. Only by action, your deeds, do you become fully human. The Way is your method for finding truth in the various religions (the rivers), taking from them those things that help you and the world become better (picking the right course), and then applying what you have learned in your actions (your journey).

The Way is not religion. The Way is how you apply religious truths to your lives. The Way does not care which religion the truth comes from, as long as it was truth. It can take the Ten Commandments from Christianity, the Golden Rule from Buddha, and Maha mmad's teaching that, "there must be no compulsion with regards to the truth," and use them all as they were meant to be. As one, as the true Word of God. Read carefully the following statements. They are some of the basic beliefs The Way conforms to. Read them and then ask yourself, "Is this truth? Is this how I feel also?"

The Way says this:

"The world could be a better place. People have to stop hurting each other and start working together. All religions contain some basic truths. I believe in some of what some have to offer, but other parts I totally disagree with. Religions have become power structures, political arenas wherein people try to "out holy" the other, and force their own narrow belief structures upon others. I believe there is a need for a code of morals and a set of beliefs that all mankind could use and benefit by. I believe that all mankind should be one people, and that there should be a unified belief structure, one that takes the truths from all religions and unifies them into the Word of God. I believe that this is a very large and difficult task. I know that I will make mistakes, but at least I will be doing something."

Now ask yourself this question. "Do I believe in what was just said?" If you do, then you are a part of The Way. The Way is the process of making all those things a reality. We, as a people, have reached a point in our evolution where we can no longer act as spoiled children, refusing to play with one another. The time has come for us to take a very focused and critical look at what we have become. Let's look in the mirror and see if we like what we see. We need to look at our society, its religions, its governments, its very nature, and say, "are we doing the right thing... can it be made better?" We need to look back on all that has happened, all that we have done, and admit to ourselves that mistakes have been made. We need to also identify those things that were correct, those things that did help. This is what The Way is all about. It is a self-critique, a clarification, a reassessment and course correction, all rolled into one. The Way does not seek to destroy religions, it seeks to free you from them. It is the basic belief structure that will contain all that you determine to be good and truthful.

There is nothing wrong with belonging to a specific religious order, so long as you realize that there is a larger whole that you are part of. Be a Christian, but practice the Christian Way. Be a Muslim, but practice the Muslim Way. Be a Jew, but practice the Jewish Way. Be together with people of your own kind, with similar beliefs and interests, but be together with all your brothers and sisters in The Way. You must find what is really important, what is truth. You must work together toward achieving a better world. You do not have too much more time to do it, and still retain those things uniquely special to humans of the planet Earth. The Way is yours to help you do this. No one will force you to stop hurting each other, at least not now. But the time will come when all these things will be overwhelmed and lost if they are not now identified and strengthened.

Now that you know a little more about The Way, I hope that you will embrace it and begin to put it into practice. I know there is a hunger in everyone's heart for something better, a chance to make things right on this world. It will only happen if you work together and do it, instead of merely saying it. Be part of The Way. Tell your friends about it. If you are in the media, mention it so that others may hear. Part of the strength of unity is realizing that you belong to something large and powerful, that others believe in as well. Don't be afraid to show your support. You are, yet, all this world has. Let this world know about The Way and, in so doing, pass along that the time has come for Change. You can do all these things if you only believe in yourselves enough. I believe in you, as does she who sent me. Now, believe in yourselves, and change the world.

My friends, we are one people. In The Way, we have the chance to start acting like it.

Peace And Blessed Be,


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