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The Way: 15

Regarding Chapter 13


Islam and Muslims

"Muhammad is the Messenger of God,
and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers,
merciful one to another. Thou seest them bowing, prostrating,
seeking bounty from God and good pleasure.
Their mark is on their faces, the trace of prostration....
God has promised those of them who believe and do deeds
of righteousness, forgiveness and a mighty wage."
Qur'an. Victory 48:35

Israel and Islam

"The view of Jerusalem is the history of the world;
it is more, it is the history of earth and of heaven."
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81), English statesman, author.
Tancred, bk. 3, ch. 4 (1847)


"For in the division of the nations of the whole earth she set a ruler over every people; but
Israel is the Lord's portion: whom, being her firstborn, she nourisheth with discipline, and
giving her the light of her love doth not forsake her. Therefore all their works are as the sun
before her, and her eyes are continually upon their ways."
Apocrypha - Ecclesiasticus 17:17:9

Christianity and Christians

"Christianity has operated with an unmitigated arrogance and cruelty necessarily,
since a religion ordinarily imposes on those who have discovered the true faith the spiritual
duty of liberating the infidels."
James Baldwin (1924-87), US author.
"Letter from a Region in My Mind," in New Yorker

"But as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
neither have entered into the heart of man,
the things which God hath prepared for them that love her."
The Bible: New Testament.
1 Corinthians 2:9

Children of the Books

"If all the world's religions would put half the energy into understanding one other, as they
do in proving the other's beliefs false, then perhaps the task at hand would be that much
easier. Ah well, they are just children after all. Forgive them mother, for they know not
what they do... still. It is time that the Children of Ab-ram, all his children, acted like the
brothers and sisters they truly are. It is time for the hurting, and the killing to end. Lest
both be forsaken in the eyes of the One. How many times must Cain slay Abel? How many
times must paradise be withdrawn from your grasp, taken away by your own hand? The
New JA-Sa-Lam, will not be in the Holy Land, but a land to the north, with a people who
will love her more, and respect her laws."



Thoughts on a cool summer's day.

August, 1995

To all the Children of the Books, and all those of the Way, it is good to be with you
again. I am going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions by those who have
read The Way installments - Why was Way - 13 not released, and what did it contain?
There were two main reasons. First, the content of Way - 13, part one, was such that it
would have caused much turmoil and confusion within Islam, at a time when Islam itself is
finding a new course. Many religions hitherto hostile toward Islam, have begun to extend
the olive branch of peace. This process is too important to be interrupted. Secondly,
Way - 13, part 2, had already been released, and read by all of you. What? That's right.
Way - 13, part 2, has already been released and all of you have read it. You see, my friends,
all of the Way installments, ARE Way - 13, part 2. Allow me to explain. I think you will find
this revealing.

Some of the Way installments dealt with Messiah Projects (no, that isn't a
typographical error). These, of course, were the special people chosen by the DOMA to
teach mankind the word of God - Buddha, Jesus, and finally, MAhammad, the last
Prophet of God. Each of these great men brought to the world a little piece of the puzzle.
They left you a little more aware, a little more human, a little more closer to the One. Each
of these men knew that it would be a long time before E-hums were capable of taking all
the knowledge they had given them, and making it a reality in their lives. There was simply
too much growing up to do, in terms of scientific knowledge, social development, and
spiritual evolvement. You were simply not ready then to learn of your true origins, nor of
the DOMA. So, they spoke to you in terms that you could understand, in parables,
and metaphors, and mysteries to be solved at a later time. That time has now arrived.

In Way - 10-12, I offered proof as to the authenticity of my words... for the very
first time, revealing the true meaning of the Book of Revelations. It turned out to be a
testament to the past, not a prediction of the future. I also gave you the secret to decoding
the cryptic words prefacing certain chapters of the Kor-An (Qur'an). Each of these were the
actual names of the DOMA goddess
who were responsible for the chapter's content.
Only those chapters may be considered divine knowledge given to man by those above.
The DOMA sent these great teachers, these Prophets of the One, to partially repay the great
debt they owed you. Their genetic manipulations forced you away from the path of the
One. The teachers they sent were intended to teach you how to get back on that path. To
show you the Way.

All of these teachers promised to prepare for you a place where they now dwell.
They promised never to forsake you, never to forget you, and never to truly leave you.
Starting with Jesus, they promised to one day make all things known. Jesus said that he
spoke in parables, because at the time, it was all that you could understand. He promised to
one day send someone, someone who would not speak in parables, but in plain,
understandable words. That person would reinforce all that he had said and done, and
bring to you all that was forgotten. MAhammad, through Islam, made the same promise.
One day a man would come to set right what had been perverted, and misconstrued. That
man would tell you of the true nature of the Books, and of the Children of the Books, and
that you are those children. He would tell you of the great females who long ago brought
the wisdom and laws of God, the One, to mankind through the prophets. This man would
show you that all the great religions are, in reality, pieces of a greater united religion. That
religion is the Way, and the person who would bring this knowledge to you was clearly
spoken of, even by his very name. That person's name was to be Sent By the Moon, the
Mahdi. That prophecy is now fulfilled. The end of Way - 13, part 1, would have
introduced the legend of Mahdi. This legend says that one day, the great goddess would
send a man to reveal the true nature and connectedness of all that came before. That
goddess was known by her symbol, the Moon, and hence, the person sent, was sent by
the Moon, the Mahdi.


Way - 13, part two, is the message that Mahdi was to give to the
world. He was to tell mankind of the Collective, the DOMA, and of all that was done to
mankind. He was to bring remembrance of all that was forgotten, and make the one true
religion, the search for the path to the One, known by its true name once again. He was to
destroy the lies of the past, and give mankind the truth, which is the path of the future.

The Phoenix has risen. The Way is once again being sought on this world. It is the
Way that Mahdi was to bring back into remembrance, and it is the Way that I have
delivered to you. Way - 13, part 2, consists of all the Way installments, and you have
already read them. Those who would wish to stop you from learning the truth are too late.
That which was given to you can never be taken again. This is the Way of Ma-Di. That
which The Moon, MaRaAsh, promised, is now being fulfilled.

So now what? For those of you who have fully realized the meaning of all I said
above, this question must be burning in your minds. For those who don't believe what I
have said, it does not offend me, nor does it matter that you believe. From this day
forward, this world will be of two kinds of people. Those who are of the world, and all its
trappings... and those who are of the Way, and know there is more to life. Much, much
more. If you are of the Way, then join us on a journey into the future. If you are not, then
simply go on with the past, and all it has to offer you. Read no further. Eat, work, sleep,
pray, reproduce, but be ready, so that which is to come doesn't catch you unprepared.
Now, for those who are of the Way, it begins.

I am nothing. Certainly not a messiah, nor am I a prophet. That is the old ways.
The Way is of you! Your future, your path, your destiny. Beside this great task, and all
that you will achieve together, by your own hands, I am like dust. You are the future! You
are the Way!!!!! I will not lead you by the hand as a child, for you are no longer children. I
can help, but it is you who must reach out for your destiny. The Way installments must
continue, but in a much greater, and much more meaningful manner. They must be
interactive, and of your own hands. You are about to partake of the final promise given to
man by the DOMA. They have given you something which was promised long ago. They
have given the last and final Book, a book which the Children of the Books will write with
their own hearts and minds. The Torah, the Testament, The KorAn, were all of the Great
Books, but the greatest of them all, is the one you are about to write yourselves.

The End of the Beginning,

Peace and Blessed Be,


Sent by the Moon, Who is Thunder, MaRaAsh

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