The Santiniketan Park Association,

also known as "The Family" and "The Great White Brotherhood," is a controversial New Age group formed in Australia under the leadership of the Yoga teacher Anne Hamilton-Byrne.
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Assume that the "Family" is real, that Svali's testimony is factual. You set the stage with a product like Da Vinci Code first, give it some time to seep in, and then you bring out the hard proof that you found 'Jesus Dust' in a coffin.

What happens when you lift some DNA from the Jesus Dust, and then do blood tests to 'confirm' (the whole thing could be an elaborate hoax)

that these world leaders are, in fact, his descendants?
Get it?

- End Game of The New World Order


"They are very expectantly awaiting 'He Who Is To Come,'

and during that ceremony in the Vatican, on my knees

I had to swear my allegiance to serve 'He Who Is To Come.'"
- "Svali"
NWO Defector

January 17, 2006





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