The Way: 5

Right Action

This is perhaps the most important Way chapter that we will provide. It is the foundation upon which all that follows will be built.

Over the centuries, people have asked, "why does evil exist in this world? Why is there so much pain, so much wrong and so little right?" These questions, like many that mankind has asked, are fundamental to the learning process, and to spiritual growth. To ask why, is the first step in conquering ignorance. What then, is evil? Evil is the condition that exists when good does nothing. Good is the light of creative action. Evil is the darkness of inaction. Where there is no good, there is only evil. Where there is no light, there is only darkness. This fundamental truth must be fully understood.

Action is the key to all existence. Without action, there is only stasis and the emptiness of nonexistence. Where there is action, there is life and creation. You are life, and endowed with the power of action. How, and in what manner you use this power, determines the destiny of your soul, your race, your world. You can act and move forward into the light, or you can do nothing and watch your world sink into utter darkness. The most important thing to realize is that it is your actions that determine the outcome.

Your actions as an individual are as important as those of your entire race. Each of you contribute to the greater whole. All the things that can be thought of will never be more than a dream, unless acted upon. To end evil, you must act. To cure disease, you must act. To end starvation, you must act. It does not matter what it is - if you want change, you must act. Your words and your prayers are as nothing compared to the power of a single action.

It all begins with you. There are two kinds of actions you can do - right and wrong. Right action creates, and wrong action destroys. The final stage of spiritual evolvement is when all your actions are right actions. A being capable of only creation and no destruction. A being filled with light. You have heard it said that the ONE is a light brighter than any other light and yet it does not hurt to look upon it. It is not any brighter than the light within you; it is just that there is no darkness within it. This then, is the goal toward which we all must strive. It will take countless lifetimes to accomplish. These are the first steps you must take on your journey.

Each day, you have a chance to change the course of your life. The first step is to examine what it is that makes you the person you are. You are the sum of your actions. What were the actions you took today? Were they all right actions? The first step is to realize what actions you are taking. Each time you act, mentally analyze what type of action that was. If it is a wrong action, admit it - then say to yourself 'I will not do that type of action again.' Will you do it again? Probably so. What you are doing is ingraining in yourself the ability to recognize right from wrong.

Inside each of you is a small and independent form of thought process. It's called your conscience. It's the little voice that tells you when you have been bad, and when you have been good. It tries to do its job and control its bigger brothers and sisters, who are known as the family of desires. When you look at your action, and tell yourself what kind of action it was, you are giving your conscience a small boost of morale. It's like saying, 'okay you were right... that was a wrong action, and I shouldn't do it again.' As your conscience begins to feel more assured that you can handle the job of determining right from wrong, it will start to take over functions it simply didn't have the time to do before. It will begin to automatically eliminate wrong thoughts, which lead to wrong actions, from even being generated. You, as a person, will begin to channel your energy towards right action. The process of recognizing wrong thoughts and telling yourself to eliminate them will become second nature to you.

This recognizing of wrong thought is only half the process. The other half is to create right thoughts where there were none before. You start by doing one good deed a day. You create the thought, recognize it as right thought, and then tell yourself to carry it out. After a time, you will begin to generate these right thoughts without a conscious effort. You will be projecting right thought out to those around you. Your right actions will be altering another being's behavior. In turn, the light you put out will be reflected back to you. It all combines to reinforce your will to do what is right.

All of this requires one thing from you. Action. Your actions will speak louder than any words you have ever spoken.

It is not an easy task, to do only right. There will be times when those who are not of the light will do wrong to you. You may do wrong in return to them, but the only one you have really wronged is yourself. These actions become part of you, they are you. Here is an example of what we are trying to express. Imagine that you are far beneath an ocean. You are struggling to reach the surface and breathe the air. The ocean represents the passage of time you must travel through in the coming lifetimes. The air represents the environment of the One. At the beginning, you are miles beneath the surface swimming toward the light you see so far above. You have only a limited supply of air, and therefore perish after swimming only a short way up. Reincarnation allows you to be born again to continue your journey towards the light. Each time you come back, you find yourself a little stronger, your lungs filled a little more with air. This air represents the right actions you have done in previous lives. The greater your actions, the more life sustaining air fills your body. You travel farther and farther upwards each time. Sometimes, a distraction catches your eye and you change your course to approach it. Its allure stops your upward motion and makes you waste precious air. These distractions represent the wrong actions you have done throughout your lives. You will meet others who swim upwards, as you do. Some will try to pull you back down. If you stop to fight them or do them harm in return, you waste your precious air.

Do right actions even to those would do wrong to you. Some you will see weakened, their swimming a struggle. Help them to go upward, and you will be given greater amounts of air the next time. Someday, you may want them to help you swim. Help others as you would want them to help you. Eventually, you will find your way to the surface.

There you will find the source of all air, or right thought. There you will find the source of all life. You will have reached the ONE.

This is the journey through the ocean of life. Realize your thoughts and take control over them. Guide your thoughts toward right thought. When you know in your heart the difference between right and wrong, you will know what needs to be changed. And with this wisdom, all becomes obtainable.

Peace be with you all.

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