The Way: 4

More History of the Elohim on Earth

In the Way - 2, we discussed the Elohim and their modification of pre-humans to create modern man. This discussion deals with the events following that creation.

The Adamu (or man) were originally created to work in various projects around the world. These included mining, food production, construction, etc. By giving man the ability to reproduce on his own, the population began to multiply quite rapidly. The Anunnaki  began to clamor for more of the workers. Human females were further altered so that conception was possible not just once per year, but every 28 days. This can be found in Genesis 3, Verse 16.

It began to be a status symbol among the Anunnaki  to have as many Adamu as possible. Different models were produced to perform different tasks. Finally, a model was produced as a suitable house servant. This was a great success, and further refinements were made to them. One was that they were made to look like smaller versions of the Anunnaki , themselves. They were very fine-featured, but smaller in size compared to the larger workers.

At this point in time, a change in the garrisoning of the Anunnaki  soldiers took place. They had been stationed above Earth and on other mining planets. They were now able to live on the surface, and to set up their communities there. You will read of these soldiers in Genesis, chapter 6, where it reads,

"The sons of the Elohim said of the daughters of man, that they were fair, and they took them wives, all of which they chose. There were Nefilim (Anunnaki  Soldiers) on the Earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of the Elohim came unto the daughters of man, and they bore them children."

The Anunnaki  soldiers started to reproduce with Earth humans (E-hums).

Some of their offspring became great leaders of E-hums living in cities. Soon, word of what was occurring on the Earth, reached the leaders of the Collective. These leaders demanded to be brought an E-hum for examination. The Elohim were very worried that their leaders, who considered what they had created to be an abomination, would order all E- hums destroyed. They had no choice but to obey, and to send one of their creations to the great vessel now orbiting the Earth. When this E-hum arrived, he was questioned and examined thoroughly by the leaders. They were enchanted with this little version of themselves, and said so to the Elohim in charge of Earth. They ordered that the E-hums be taught civilization, as well as establishing rules governing their care. This is the story found in Genesis, chapter 5. The E- hum that the Elohim sent was kept by their leaders, and did not remain on Earth. His name in the Bible is Enoch. Verse 24 says:

"And Enoch walked with the Elohim and was not, for the Elohim took him."

After these events, the population of E-hums began to increase dramatically. They mostly lived in cities along the coastline. These humans began to become very violent, and troublesome. Disease was rampant. Loose bands of humans would even attack Anunnaki s, if caught alone in an isolated spot. One Elohim leader was particularly angry at the situation. He ordered that the population of man be cut down. This was to be accomplished by limiting the amount of food supplied, and so starve off a portion of the population. This was a complete failure, as most Anunnaki  could not stand to see their E-hums suffer in this manner. Finally a plan was made by the particular Elohim, to fix the problem once and for all.

The mining engineers from Orion had come up with a plan to bring large amounts of molten sub-surface material to the surface. They would explode a large number of thermonuclear devices inside underwater volcanoes in the Atlantic. This would produce a lot of precipitation, and tidal flooding of the coastlines.

All Anunnaki  were ordered inland from the coasts, and the entire base, at what you would call the island of Atlantis, was evacuated. There was one other small thing they were required to do. They were ordered to leave all E-hum workers. The bombs were detonated, and all went as planned, with one small hitch. The resultant plate movement, caused by so many bombs going off at once, sank the island base of Atlantis.

When the Elohim returned, they had another surprise waiting for them. The Anunnaki  had secretly hidden most of their E- hums in large transport ships. The leaders were unaware of this at first. They were saddened by the lack of E-hums, and regretted having let them perish. It was then that an Elohim who liked E-hums, announced that they had been spared. All of the Anunnaki  were happy at this news, even the one Elohim who had ordered their destruction. A pledge was then made to E-hums that never again would the Elohim order their destruction. It is a promise made to man that has been kept ever since. This entire story is, of course, the legend of Noah and the flood. It occurred approximately 11,000 BC. This point in the history of man marks the beginning of what you know as civilization.

The next historical Way chapter will go into the inter-relationships that developed between E-hums and the Elohim. It is a time when man became a distinct civilization. Laws and societal values were learned, and the Elohim introduced a powerful tool to shape man's development. This was the tool called Religion.

Peace be with you.

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