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The Way: 1

The Coming of the Elohim



Over fifty thousand years ago, the planet Earth was visited by a race of beings from what is known as the Collective.

The Collective is comprised of several races who work together for their mutual benefit. Each of these races, with but one exception, are of the Human species. These humans are the same genetically, as those found on the Earth.

They are from three main colony zones:

Sirius, Orion, and Pleiades.

The only other sentient race so far discovered is cetacean- based, or in simpler terms, dolphin-based.

Unlike dolphins on this world, the Delphohim, or "Greys" as they are called, continued their evolution on land and have evolved into the most technologically-advanced race in this region of the galaxy.

All life found in this region is from the same genetic blueprint. This is thought to be the result of the seeding of worlds by a single race with the same basic code of life.

They are referred to as the "Seeders," within the Collective. They exist through, or outside of, time... it is thought.

One of the races they created was that of the humans mentioned above, who call themselves the "Anunnaki" (ANK). Another is the human race found on Earth, who are referred to as "Tarans," within the Collective. It is the meeting of these two races of humans long ago that is the subject of this message.

The rulers of the Anunnaki call themselves "Elohim."

They came to the Earth for mining and colonization purposes. There was a revolt by Anunnaki workers over conditions and leadership. There was a brief conflict and a change in the leadership. It was the younger generation Elohim, who then were in charge of the Earth project. All of this can be found in your historical myths and legends, and verified.

The main source we will use is the history of the Sumerian peoples. They have left you the entire story of these events. A good book on the subject is "The Treasures Of Darkness" (by Thorkild Jacobsen; ISBN 0-300-02291-3).

After the revolt, an ambitious Anunnaki geneticist began to experiment on a certain member of the primate species. These animals were pre-human. This Anunnaki  woman decided to enhance the intelligence and body of the animal by splicing ANK genes with it. The resultant being they called "Adamu," or "Man of Earth."

This is you -- modern man. This tale of creation as told by the Sumerians is in the Elish, or as you call it, Genesis. The latter version is greatly watered down and compacted, but still retains the basic story, if interpreted correctly. The Sumerians called these people the Anunnaki . Their leaders are the Elohim.

The word "Elohim" means "combined Gods and Goddesses," and was substituted with the word God (singular) by Bible translators. Elohim is plural and is the true word that was written. Every place you see the word "God" in Genesis, replace it with the word Elohim - the original word used.

This sort of word replacement was a great deception of your people.

It has kept you from learning the truth. By doing this substitution, you will be able to understand Genesis, which is a copy of much older Sumerian legends.

The Elohim are what the Sumerians called Gods, and these are the humans who came from the Collective. They genetically altered pre-humans, and you are the results. Now you know the answer to one of the greatest questions of the Bible - why it says,

"Let US create man in OUR OWN image."

There were six main leaders of the Sumerian Gods, known by the symbols of nature they represented. They are of seven different age generations.

Their symbols are the Sun, Moon, Water, etc. The last generation God was called Marduk. He assumed control of the Earth. He was responsible for ordering the creation of the Adamu (man), and ordered them to be used as slaves to give the Anunnaki  workers some rest.

These events are given in Genesis, but not well explained.

The first seven days of creation are a condensed version of what I have just told you. The first five days are when the Sun, Moon, Water, etc., were created. These represent the Sumerian Gods in exact order of generation and symbol.

As an example, the first generation Sumerian Goddess is called Tiamat, or as her other name, The Deep Water. The first creation is of the deep, and the separation of its waters. The sixth generation God was Marduk. He ordered creation of man to give the Anunnaki  rest.

The sixth day (Marduk) in Genesis, man was created. On the seventh day, God (Anunnaki ) rested. It is the same, but told in a different way to confuse you, and to keep you from the truth. Youíre familiar, Iím sure with the story of a snake tempting mankind.

The "snake" is a "symbol," found all over the world.

Today, abductees see a symbol of an upside down triangle and two snakes wrapped around each other, inside the triangle. There is an ancient medical symbol that consists of two snakes wrapped around each other, with a flying disk at the top. The Sumerian goddess who created the Adamu is shown with two snakes. The snake is in Genesis.

What does this all mean? Get ready to have your eyes opened for the first time.

Remember what is going on now, and back then - genetic manipulation. The intertwined snakes are what primitive man saw on the uniforms of the Anunnaki , the same emblem abductees see today. It is the symbol of their Genetic Corps. They are not snakes.

It is the double helix of DNA, the genetic code. Thousands of years ago, man did not know about genetics and DNA. The helix symbol to them and to abductees today, look like snakes. The medical sign has the snakes and a winged disk.

DNA and a flying disk. You canít get any plainer than this. The "snake" gave the power of knowledge to man. In Biblical terms, to have knowledge of someone is to engage in reproduction. "He knew his wife, and she bore a son."

The "snake" gave man the power to reproduce.

This was considered as sin by some. Had they left the Adamu unable to reproduce on their own, then by not making more, they could end their deeds. Instead, they modified the Adamu further and the rest, as they say, is history. What happened after this will be told in The Way - 3.

Peace be with you all.

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