by Eric Julien

July 1, 2006

from SaveLifesInMay Website

The worldwide alert regarding a giant tsunami on May 25th, 2006 was a very rewarding experience for many of us. It allowed us to size up the wide variation in people’s motivations and behaviors. The best informed among us will have understood that this was absolutely not a joke and that, on the contrary, a blanket of silence and lies covered over one of the most important events of these last decades.

If my article of June 25th, “May 25, 2006, A New Era has Begun!” focused on the nuclear issues of the alert, this article presents proof of the incredible success obtained by this alert, which was launched by the April 13, 2006 press release[1].

It was first of all quite remarkable that NASA issued an official denial[2] on April 27th of a “rumor” that had barely come out on April 13th (date of the press release):

“There are some Internet stories going around that there’s going to be an impact on May 25,” NASA spokesperson Grey Hautaluoma, told “We just want to get the facts out.”

I will therefore satisfy him. The right question, at this point, is:

  • Why such a denial on the part of NASA top management?

  • What is there to hide?

  • What was the meaning, for example, of this fancy table issued by NASA?

On May 2nd, a message[3] on a public forum mentioned the following :

“I received an email today regarding comet Schwassmann-Wachmann from a friend who is a computer analyst at NASA saying 2 of the comet’s fragments have been labelled as probable strikes and 8 labelled as near misses. (…) I was told to prepare for the worst and hope for the best because there isn't any plan in place to warn the public.”


Between courage and opportunism

It is time for certain things to be laid out plainly. The first press release of the worldwide alert clearly mentioned the following:

Contact: Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute,
Sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute:

There is not the slightest doubt for any attentive reader that Michael Salla, president of the Exopolitics Institute, supported the alert before he announced publicly that he was disassociating himself from my initiative. Why? Opportunely, it was Michael Salla who drew up the first press release! He was in fact the one who suggested we do one.


May 25th represented for me an ultimatum on the part of hostile ETs, while it was for Michael Salla a means for launching of the Exopolitics Institute and the June 9-11 conference “Extraterrestrial civilizations & World Peace”. According to him, in fact, all newly founded associations need an event which draws attention. There was there a terrible divergence of viewpoints.

It was also Michael Salla who translated both my first article (April 11) and my second article (April 21) into English[4]. He was even the one who came up with “Day of Destiny” as a translation of “le Jour Après” (tr. Note: literally, “the Day After”). He therefore was well aware of their content, in particular the conditional aspect of the “prediction”.


All through the process of alerting the media, I changed nothing of my discourse concerning the great risk of a giant tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean on May 25th, 2006, nor regarding the nuclear context of this alert. But at the last minute, a veritable miracle seems to have occurred: the test Divine Strake [5] was canceled (“put off indefinitely”) precisely on May 25th, 2006, day of the announced catastrophe.

This test figured in the context of the development of nuclear bunker-busting weapons, to be used against such installations as those which Iran has supposedly built to shelter secret military nuclear installations. It is the threat of a U.S.-Iran nuclear conflict which my first article of April 11 highlighted. We discussed it with Michael Salla (whom we shall designate by the initials MS from here on out). His role was pre-eminent, since he told me of the existence of Divine Strake.

I had long known the general motivations that lay behind the appearance of extraterrestrials on Earth (nuclear weapons), as we shall soon see. I wrote the article[6]Are We a Threat to Extraterrestrial Civilizations?” published in its English version on April 1st (and much earlier in French). Then there was a night-time meditation[7] on April 7th in which MS participated, during which I received the psychic information regarding May 25th. Finally, MS wrote his article[8] of April 9th on the exopolitical implications of the U.S. preemptive use of nuclear weapons against Iran.


Hence in chronological order: my article, my psychic communication, the article by MS.

If I am laying open the underlying details of the business, it is for a simple reason. The future will be very troubled. The extraterrestrials are going to appear under conditions of conflict. People are going to turn to the “experts”. But which ones? One really gets to know someone only through their choices and their actions.

The fact that Exopolitics Institute (designated henceforth by the initials EI) published my article in the April issue of Exopolitics Journal underlines the interest that it has in my work. The interest was far more than casual, it amounted to a revelation, for we are here in the heart of exopolitics.


MS quoted me:

“To begin, I invite the reader to take a look at a French researcher, Eric Julien's (aka Jean Ederman's) article on the relationship between nuclear weapons tests and UFO sightings”.

Let us remember that the heart of the problem is that WE ARE THE AGRESSORS for the ETs. We destroy entire sections of parallel realities with nuclear weapons. To put things in perspective, how long would you personally put up with aggression on the part of others?

MS goes on to write:

“Presumably extraterrestrials would give warnings through their communications with individuals and government officials in their various interactions. If these warnings went unheeded then extraterrestrials would be forced to take a range of defensive measures based on their influence over policy makers and key institutions. Such measures could culminate in a coordinated number of extraterrestrial responses to prevent the Bush administration launching a pre-emptive nuclear war. Presumably, such responses could seriously undermine human sovereignty and freedom.”

How long are you going to negotiate with the one who is hitting you? MS, ever attuned to diplomacy, indicates:

“In conclusion, Julien's research on the threat posed by nuclear weapons to extraterrestrials points to the urgency of encouraging those who have any influence in the policy making process to stop the Bush administration drive towards authorizing a pre-emptive nuclear attack against Iran.”

At least, with our own survival in mind, we are making progress regarding one point:

“The link between world peace and extraterrestrial civilizations becomes clearer as we appreciate the true nature of the relationship between extraterrestrials and nuclear weapons”.

In the comments of MS we find perfect agreement with my alert. But this article dates of April 9th, which is to say before his wife’s return on April 18th from a three week’s stay in Central America, during which she visited two Mexican contactees. Angelika Whitecliff, whose business card reads “Multidimensionnal Ambassador”, became the director of EI following my resignation. Her husband, Michael Salla, is the president. Another director of EI, Ed Komarek, also resigned within that time frame.

Historical anecdotes are often important as they can have long term consequences. MS’ behavior changed radically upon his wife’s return. While he had been very enthusiastic, as we have seen (witness to the meditation, drawing up of the press release, translation of two articles, and even prefacing my book), he suddenly became distant on April 22nd, as the two of us headed to an EI seminar, invoking the need for a “disclaimer” (a mention along the lines of “the opinions expressed belong to the author alone”) to be appended to my articles concerning May 25th. The reason for this? Angelika Whitecliff had meanwhile received a psychic communication according to which there would only be an event of a symbolic nature on May 25th, 2006.

Can we consider the cancellation of Divine Strake as a symbolic answer to an alert which placed this test squarely in the center of this “conditional prediction”? Of course not, for the cause and effect relation was laid out in black and white in my first article:

“We are coldly informed of a preventive war using nuclear weapons, these having been trivialized and reduced to the rank of conventional weapons (Author’s note: Divine Strake), in the fight against nuclear weapons!

Consequently, a preventive attack seems to have been the option chosen by certain extraterrestrials, using a celestial object, mysteriously broken up in 1995 to minimize its effects. It should strike the earth around May 25, 2006, as a warning shot. Unless, naturally, the leaders reverse course.”

When Michael Salla speaks of dissociating the Expopolitics Institute from my writings, he dwells but little on my resignation which surprised those UFO circles which had learned of it. I resigned of my own volition! As a reminder, Ed Komarek and I were solicited by MS to found EI in July 2005. Less than a year later, the two initial directors are no longer there. Ed Komarek stood for the “activist” outlook of EI, my outlook was that of the “experiencer” (contacted by ETs), while Michael Salla represents the aspect of “academic research”. It was an intelligent combination but it obviously played itself out. Action combines poorly with the search for credibility.

To his credit, MS proofread the English translation of The Science of the Extraterrestrials. He even wrote a preface which ended with:

“Julien’s book offers profound solutions to some of the most vexing questions for physicists, UFO researchers and those interested in paranormal phenomena. He offers a conceptual framework by which one can immediately understand the key exopolitical issues between humanity and visiting extraterrestrials. (…) This book will fast become a classic due to its depth, the scope of the topics covered, its profound insights, and the solutions it offers to key scientific and exopolitical questions.

Michael E. Salla, BSc., MA., PhD
Founder, Exopolitics Institute

April 17, 2006 »

April 17th is the eve of his wife’s return. On April 13th, my former preface writer issued a catchy press release regarding May 25th in the name of EI. On April 18th his wife returned from Mexico. On April 22nd, MS asked me:

“what would you think if we put a disclaimer at the start of your articles on the prediction?”

My answer was that it was a widespread custom and that I had no objection to it. On April 23rd, imagine my surprise to read a dissociation statement on the YahooGroup “prepare4contact”.


In passing, this list was created by MS as “part” of the Worldwide Referendum [9] which I had launched three years earlier. We therefore went from a disclaimer to public opposition on the part of MS, when he had shown so much enthusiasm before the arrival of his wife who was not yet director of EI. Having identified the source of this about-face, I immediately turned in my resignation as director.

I no longer recognized Michael who wrote:

“I think Eric has most likely psychically tuned in to some Earth Change phenomenon such as volcanic eruptions in the mid Atlantic or part of the island of Las Palmas slipping into the ocean and generating tidal waves. The comet is therefore more likely a sign of these destructive Earth changes events rather than the direct cause of them through an impact.”

Yet he knew that I had just received a date, and that this date corresponded to the visions I had had three years earlier[10]. And in particular, he had just written:

“If these warnings went unheeded then extraterrestrials would be forced to take a range of defensive measures based on their influence over policy makers and key institutions. (…) Presumably, such responses could seriously undermine human sovereignty and freedom. (…)Using Eric's analysis, I raised the possibility that an asteroid strike might be used to stop such a nuclear war.”

The «Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace» conference organized by the couple and set to run from June 9-11, in which I was due to participate, was arriving very shortly and few, according to MS, had subscribed up until now. This was also the case for the “Multidimensionnal Ambassadors" seminar ($1100 for five days) which was to follow immediately thereafter. Important sums were involved. Therefore it was important not to appear ridiculous a few days previous. Yet the May 25th tsunami alert was the opportunity to demonstrate the authentic value of the conference by way of a worldwide exopolitical action, were this action not opportunistic but courageous.


The Exopolitics Institute missed its rendez-vous with History. It chose its pocketbook rather than the lives of others. Nothing was asked of the possible victims of the Atlantic coasts save to locate themselves at an altitude of 300m or 150 km inland. A series of maps covering the high-risk zones was even furnished on to outline the areas of concern.

The danger was very great. Against 6.5 billion world inhabitants, a few tens of millions of victims (less than one percent) only represented a warning shot. But it was especially the alert and its impact on awareness by way of the media and the internet which was to produce the desired effect. Therefore courageous people were needed to support this alert. History does show a result achieved, considering that in addition to the cancellation of Divine Strake, the U.S. – Iran relations suddenly warmed up after May 25th. We therefore should bear in mind that EI went – at a given moment prior to May 25th – from “defense measures” to a simple “sign of the times”.

This is why I publicly announced my resignation on the web-list[11]prepare4contact” as well as on the Exopolitics Institute website. The core decisions of this institute had become a family affair based on UNVERIFIED psychic perceptions. For my part, I had furnished the proof of the authenticity of my psychic contact through the verified existence of a comet passing through the ecliptic on May 25th. I therefore dissociated myself from all of EI’s activities, including the upcoming conference. Privately, MS hastened to leave the door open in the event that something happening on May 25th.

On April 25th, MS published a press release stating that the Exopolitics Institute was dissociating itself from Eric Julien’s statements[12] and that consequently (sic) I had resigned! Here again, flagrant opportunism, since I had actually taken the initiative.


He even wrote[13] :

“Eric's ideas had great exopolitical significance though his Atlantic prediction was something that I could not support due to a lack of firm evidence for his conclusions. Consequently, I authorized a press release for Eric's paper in order to promote awareness of his research and its exopolitical significance”.

Michael Salla could not support me up but put out a press release signed MS and EI. Curious! One can see that his position is untenable and that it reveals his management style. He redacted the first press release (but I paid for it) to indirectly promote the upcoming conference. One needed to make some noise for EI, but not too much. When it came to promoting my writings, many have been able to see that I did not need EI to do so. The site, helped by courageous and honest persons, registered more than 10 million hits in a few days, and this despite the harsh abandonment of MS in the middle of the watch (he had begun to help me set up a site, then left me at the crucial moment).

MS wants solid proof for my conclusions. So be it. But what solid proof does MS have of the existence of ETs? He takes the position that it is up to ufologists to furnish these proofs – unfortunately to be hidden from public view, he says so himself (in which I concur) – and that his own role should be limited to presenting a broad array of information which gives an overall exopolitical schema. To this I respond that the formal proofs of the high risk of a comet impact and of a giant tsunami were removed from public view.

The truth is that there was no scientific certainty that this event might not come to pass. On the contrary! It was the first time that mankind had come this close to a comet, whose 1995 FRAGMENTATION REMAINED UNEXPLAINED! The risk appeared to be low but not non-existent.

Likewise, the chances that Divine Strake be canceled, specifically on May 25th, were weak but not non-existent. It’s for this reason that I wrote of an inevitable (but conditional) prediction. Who might have foreseen such a decision? Who would have bet on the sudden warming of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Iran?

What was incredible was that I ignored the very existence of the SW-3 comet at the very time I received the date psychically, just as I ignored the date of the crossing of the ecliptic (May 25th). Add to this the existence of two explicit crop circles, the possibility of the Herculides Tau meteorite shower around May 25th – at first thought unlikely by scientists[14], then suddenly predicted – also FEMA’s May 23-25 tsunami exercise, and I will pass on the numerous reported dream premonitions which MS heard for himself, in other words the elements of proof were accumulating day by day. One has to know that Michael was furnishing me regularly with emails coming from the four corners of the globe, which confirmed or tended to confirm this “prediction”. The truth is altogether more down to earth. Michael Salla feared for the financial risk to his conference and for the risk to his future credibility. His disassociation has nothing to do with any academic process.

Remember that I had concluded my article “Are we a Threat to the Extraterrestrials[15] which came out in the April issue of the Exopolitics Journal by the following statement:

“As we have seen, we are a threat to extraterrestrials and they are not likely to accept the use of nuclear weapons. Any war that sparks nuclear confrontation such as Iran might trigger an extraterrestrial response against humanity that collectively threatens extraterrestrial civilizations. (…) Extraterrestrials capable of so many exploits must surely have the power to divert a celestial body toward Earth as predicted by so many prophets and described by Immanuel Velikovsky. Is this how extraterrestrials will respond to the threat posed by humanity’s use of nuclear weapons?”

This text had initially been due to come out in the second issue of Exopolitics Journal in January 2006. It had already been available on French websites[16] for months.

Michael Salla wrote in his April 25th press release :

“Using Eric's analysis, I raised the possibility that an asteroid strike might be used to stop such a nuclear war. This appeared to me to be a logical conclusion based on a hypothetical threat assessment that might be used by extraterrestrials monitoring political events on Earth.”

Who raised what possibility? ( !) “a logical conclusion” but “insufficient proof”? What is a logical conclusion built on? I must have missed something. MS did in fact write :

“While it is a fact that comet Schwassman-Wachman will pass relatively closely by the Earth from mid-May until the end of May, and this may cause meteor showers, there are no reliable independent sources supporting Eric's prediction of a devastating impact which is based on his own extraterrestrial related experiences.”

There are no reliable independent sources which have described Absolute Relativity (c.f. The Science of the Extraterrestrials), despite the fact that it has been recognized by a part of the scientific community as groundbreaking, pertinent and comprehensive. MS wished to write the preface for this work (see above), which had been based on my own extraterrestrial experiences, for these same reasons.


A meteorite shower was confirmed a few days[17] prior to May 25th, despite the fact that earlier forecasts gave it very low chances of occurring. It occurred in accordance with what I had forecast! One therefore simply needed to locate trustworthy and independent sources of information. In short, one needed to do one’s job as a researcher rather than rely on a channel.

Fig.1. Prediction of meteor shower radiant associated with Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

When MS “raised the possibility that an asteroid strike might be used to stop such a nuclear war” when I had been talking about this for months and that we lived less than 25ft from one another, one need not look too far for the source of his analytical method. He goes even further in a short article written on May 29 for Al-Jazeera, following the cancellation of Divine Strake.


In his communiqué, MS wrote:

“The world's first pre-emptive nuclear war has been put off indefinitely, and exopolitical issues first debated in the public realm are having an impact on the policy making process due to the widespread dissemination of varying exopolitical analyses”.

Once again, I almost choked.

If we are to believe the “analysis” of MS, the worldwide alert regarding a giant tsunami (itself due to the intervention of hostile ETs) which appeared (indirectly) on CNN in the U.S., on Canadian national TV, in the Middle East (Al-Jazeera[18]), in Morroco, in large-circulation newsprint such as Der Bild[19] (circulation 12 million) in Germany, MK (2,2 million) in Russia[20], Sabah (1 million) in Turkey[21], Blikk[22] (1 million) in Hungary, or Aujourd’hui[23] (50,000) in Morrocco, radio shows such as Coast to Coast (9 million listeners), X-Zone Radio, the Mancow show or the James Jancik show (representing millions of listeners) to only mention a few, not to mention numerous worldwide websites, forums and blogs, this worldwide alert (rather than the “analysis”) does not appear to have been what caused the authorities to back down.

Everyone can see here the attempt by EI to recover an event which had yet been publicly denied by EI!

Michael Salla therefore published an article[24] on May 29, following the date of the alert, in which he mentions its success:

“So in my view, the fact that Divine Strake was indefinitely postponed on May 25 signifies that there has been a very significant policy shift. The pre-emptive nuclear war option against Iran has very likely been indefinitely pushed back or completely removed as a policy option. The fact that this occurred on the so called "Day of Destiny" indicates that policy makers were very concerned about possible extraterrestrial responses to plans for a pre-emptive nuclear war.”

In his April 25 press release, MS had written regarding me:

“He is highly motivated by a deep concern to save as many lives as possible from what he genuinely believes is an impending planetary catastrophe on or around May 25 unless there is a dramatic change in US plans to launch a pre-emptive nuclear war.”

MS himself admits the conditional character of the “prediction”, then will reject later the idea that this might have been possible.

To clearly establish his position, MS said in fact:

“Some of these responses were described in a May 29 Al-jazeera article, "US and Iran: the truth is way out there," where I describe a number of options that might be used by extraterrestrials to affect policy as opposed to a comet strike predicted by Julien[25]”.

What does the article of Ahmed El Amraoui say? That these options offered by MS are three in number:

1) The ETs can remove those in positions of power or influence directly their capacity to deploy military force around the planet.

2) The ETs can deactivate nuclear weapons systems before their deployment and possible use as occurred in Malmstrom (Montana, U.S.) in 1967. This would render inoperative the policy of pre-emptive war.

3) They can also warn of imminent future action if such a policy is promoted in the U.S.

At no time is it said HOW the ETs would proceed in each of the above scenarios! Is this a simple “oversight” or an embarrassing question? The scientific explanation for the danger which nuclear weapons pose for the ETs, weapons which until now had only been viewed by ufologists as a benign anomaly, is precisely provided by the person one is disavowing, while likewise omitting to mention that he resigned on his own from the Exopolitics Institute, not because the directors of EI decided it should be so, but because of the attitude of that organization’s president, who did not understand what was at stake on May 25th and what the priorities were surrounding that date.

The reality is that the power of the ETs is limited in this physical world, almost to the degree that ours is. Neutralizing an isolated warhead does not signify that one has the capacity to neutralize 6000 of them (minimum U.S. nuclear arsenal). If the vital balance of power is to be maintained, then any action taken in the U.S. implies that the ETs must do the same in other nations. World peace only comes at that price. Imagine that the Americans, the richest nation on earth, be completely disarmed and the Russians, Chinese and others not be. How many months would peace last? ETs would thus have had to disarm more than 15000 nuclear warheads across the world!

The isolated neutralization which took place in Malmstrom (item 2) constituted a warning (item 3) but certainly not an example which could be reproduced indefinitely. If the opposite were true, ETs would have already simply destroyed all the American, Russian, Chinese, French, English, Indian, Pakistani and Israeli arsenals without asking anyone’s permission. If they neither did so BEFORE the nuclear tests of the fifties and sixties, nor AFTER, it is clearly because they could not achieve it.

There is a difference between taking isolated bases such as Malmstrom or Minot by surprise and carrying out a widespread operation which would immediately put everyone on alert, something which would thus introduce an enormous risk for the ETs. It’s a bit like holding up a bank out in the countryside when no one is expecting it, versus holding up all the banks in a country in a limited time span. Shortly the police will be on high alert and out in force in strategic locations. It’s the same action, but not the same scale! For differing situations, different responses. It would be naïve to think that the military are totally helpless in the face of UFOs.

We therefore see that in failing to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the ETs one can misjudge their decision-making and propensity for action, these being precisely the objects of exopolitics, and one can thus make fundamental evaluative errors. Let us not forget that it has been sixty years that the UFOs have been flying over nuclear sites, AND that men pursue nuclear policies. My article of June 25, 2006 goes into several aspects of this[26]. Sixty years of warnings! And we wonder that they are suddenly taking action? Just because one has become aware of a new issue does not mean that the issue itself is new.

Still dealing with understanding the subject at hand, the ETs basically act on waves – the visible effects of the fractal nature of time which they master – and they manipulate or affect the shockwave of an impact, the displacement of a wave, earthquakes, etc. In short, all the vibratory phenomena, including and especially electromagnetic waves. Remember that UFOs are silent, do not produce supersonic bangs and transmit in numerous wavelengths. The giant tsunami was thus appeased in situ, namely in the Atlantic.

A comet to be rediscovered

I have read here and there lengthy discourses on the improbability of an impact, the makeup of comets and their behavior during earth entry. This excess of opinions left no room, of course, for any debate on the actual knowledge of comets. Many laid claim to such knowledge, despite the fact that we had only received the first comet fragments from the Stardust mission last January! Who read the scientific results? Many were astounded by the ignorance and the herd mentality of the commentators who endlessly repeated the same “certainties”. Of course, that mentality is not to be found solely in astrophysics.

Everything, until that time, had been based on the dirty snowball model, that of ice melting in the sun, forming the characteristic tail of comets. But this model could be wrong, entirely wrong. “Many being wrong doesn’t make them right” used to say a French comedian. In fact, another model which is just as valid (but more pertinent), that of an electric universe, is beginning to overshadow an aging standard cosmological model, filled with contradictions – contradictions absent, of course, from the minds of those who cling to comfort and academic self-interest.

In this new model[27],

Comets are electrically charged bodies moving on elliptical orbits through the Sun's electric field. This movement is the reason why comets discharge as they approach the Sun, producing visible tails. Many comets are solid rocks with dry surfaces. The sharply defined features of comet nuclei make clear that they are not ‘dirty snowballs sublimating in the sun”.

Skeptics will affirm that ice was in fact found on the surface of comet 9P/Tempel 1 in July 2005 and will cite the announcement made in February 2006[28]. But what quantity of ice?

There is a small embarrassing ‘detail’ which goes against the tenets of the official thesis:

"By analyzing data and images taken prior to impact, Deep Impact scientists have detected water ice in three small areas on the surface of comet Tempel 1. (see below right). This is the first time ice has been detected on the nucleus, or solid body, of a comet. These results show that there is ice on the surface, but not very much and definitely not enough to account for the water we see in the out-gassed material that is in the coma [the cloud of gas and dust that surrounds the comet]. (…) we can therefore firmly conclude that most of the water vapor that escapes from comets is contained in ice particles found below the surface"

Let us begin by noting that water vapor is invisible. Additionally, we can see clearly in the above picture the solid aspect of the comet. The attentive reader will note that scientists describe the comet tail in terms of ‘gas and dust ’, but not ‘water’!


The scientific team reports in any event that:

“Using visual images and spectral mapping of the impact side of the surface of Tempel 1, the team found that the patches of surface ice represented only 0.5 percent of the total observed surface.”

The above right photograph is proof of this.

The scientists even admit that:

“Among previous cometary missions, the most notable of such observations was the Deep Space-1 mission to comet Borrelly, which searched unsuccessfully for evidence of water ice and other volatiles on that comet's surface. Limited ground based observations of possibly bare cometary nuclei have also failed to find clear evidence of surface ice. (…) the water ice and water vapor the team already had found in analyses of material ejected by the July 4 impact must have come from ice located close to, but not on, the surface of the comet.”

Apart from the fact that a stereotype (comet = dirty snowball) has just been swept away by data, the essential question is to know how subterranean ice escapes from the comet when the comet’s surface is virtually devoid of it? Let us not forget that it took an impact for Tempel 1 to release iced water. Hence, not only are comets not dirty snowballs, but additionally they are rigid, this being a determining factor when it comes to impacting the Earth.


You will obviously think of surface heating and de-gassing. Why not. But where does the gas come from inside a rock traveling in the interplanetary void? Perhaps is there simply no gas locked into the heart of a comet! The gas would then be generated by electrical discharges!

What surprised the scientific community was the speed with which the SW-3 comet fragmented[29] as it neared the Earth. The reason for which comets have a tail is the same which technically explains the fragmentation of SW-3 in terms which are far less unlikely than a thermal effect, or the impact of an isolated asteroid, as I had mentioned in my earlier articles.


Taking up the idea of an electrical universe, the team of the website [30] in an article dated May 5th, 2006 explains clearly what happens[31]:

Fragmentation and disintegration illustrate the same dynamic forces observed in the ‘surprising’ outbursts of comets. Electrical outbursts and complete disintegration are merely matters of degree in a discharging or exploding capacitor, which is exactly what an ‘active comet’ is in the electrical interpretation.

A capacitor, one of the most commonly used devices in electrical engineering, stores electrical charge between layers of insulating material. And that is what a comet moving through regions of different charge will do—it will store electric charge. A comet nucleus can be compared to the insulating material, the dielectric, in a capacitor.


As charge is exchanged from the comet’s surface to the solar ‘wind’ (actually an electrically active plasma), electrical energy is stored in the nucleus in the form of charge polarization. This can easily build up intense mechanical stress in the comet nucleus, which may be released catastrophically. And just as a capacitor can explode when its insulation suffers rapid breakdown, a comet can do precisely the same.

As suggested by electrical theorist Wallace Thornhill,

"comets break up not because they are chunks of ice 'warming' in the Sun, and not because they are loose aggregations of smaller bodies, but because of electrical discharge within the nucleus itself".

The Swift mission clearly demonstrates the relevance of such a discussion, since it seeks to measure X-ray emissions from a comet. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center reported[32]:

“Scientists think that X-rays are produced through a process called charge exchange, in which highly (and positively) charged particles from the sun that lack electrons steal electrons from chemicals in the comet.”

This technical aside sought to explain a simple mechanism which corresponds perfectly to the electromagnetic characteristics of UFO’s, which then have the capacity of modifying the electric field of a comet in order to fragment it, such as SW-3 in 1995! Let us not forget that the fragmentation of SW-3 occurred two months after the appearance of two warning crop circles [33] (‘Missing Earth’ and ‘Asteroid’).


Let’s not forget either that in 1995, much as in 2006, we have been precisely in the lowest period of solar activity. The role played by the electric field of our star therefore remains of a secondary nature, even while the comet’s fragmentation increased during Earth approach in those two periods.

Once again, given the nature of time, the ETs have the capacity to discern in the future the POTENTIAL CHOICES (and not the facts depending of these choices) of our descendants. I gave proof, in a preceding article[34], of this capacity of travel into the future (crop circle ‘Galaxy’).


This is why the fragmentation of SW-3 took place in 1995, following the DECISION to launch the Star Wars program, for a DECISION taken in 2006 (cancellation of Divine Strake), exactly at the time of a new fragmentation of SW-3 as it made its closest approach to Earth! What are the chances that such a coincidence could occur on a chance basis?

The alert becomes official

It is strange to note how the game of footsy picked up between the first press release of April 13 and May 25th. For example, New Scientist published on May 12th an article regarding the risk of tsunami in the event of asteroid impacts[35].

On May 24th, eve of the announced date, National Geographic published an article[36] on the spectacular eruptions of undersea volcanoes.



Examples in the media are not lacking. As far as unusual occurrences, one should note that in 2006, unlike in preceding years, no crop circle appeared prior to May 25th. The American Treasury Secretary, John Snow, really did resign his post prior to the announced event, exactly as had occurred in the movie Deep Impact.

A series of anonymous messages, apparently issued by U.S. intelligence services personnel, warns of the approach of comet fragments [37] which were to hit the Atlantic Ocean. Here is an extract:


Our government has been briefed on a daily basis about the probabilities relating to such a strike, yet when it became more than apparent that such an impact would almost certainly take place between May 24 and May 27, the administration countered suggestions for a public notice of immediate preparations with the imposition of a media blackout. Naval Intelligence personnel have also been forbidden to discuss this matter even with members of their own families.

I do not wish to cause undue alarm, but it is my moral duty as an upholder of the oaths I have taken to warn my fellow Americans, particularly those who live along the eastern seaboard, that the risk of a major tsunami is extremely high and that their lives are consequently in great danger.”

One could of course respond that it is easy to launch such a rumor on the Internet without having to reveal one’s identity. On the other hand, among my personal contacts, I had one who assured me of being in touch with an agent in the U.S. intelligence community. He indicated that unofficial preparations were under way. On May 5th, he specifically mentioned two of these: the departure of numerous American warships (50% of the fleet, among which the USS Enterprise) as well as the stocking up of food supplies in bunkers on the East Coast.

This same intelligence agent informed him that a window of 48 hours surrounding midnight on May 25th existed for an impact in the Atlantic south of the Azores. Here is the message which he gave me:

"I have just received landline call with intel from US - reliable regular source who has similar contacts... major incoming at 45 degrees @ 11 miles per second south of Azores - due date ...exact timing not certain, but time frame of 25th- 27th May - object about 1 and half ton. Also... confirmation that the east coast bunkers have been restocked and now "live" under guise of the Tsunami exercise Pacific Peril on May 23rd/26th May..."

A typing error must have slipped in for a fragment of a ton and half is a small fragment. Anyway, in the original version there is an extra space after the 1.

On May 24th, my British contact wrote me a new message:

“I received another landline call tonight from our source in US... the object in question is still on track to hit Atlantic in next 24 hours or so... they thought it may possibly skip the atmosphere… but they think this may not be the case… so stand by for a splash down… Depending on the volcanic activity we will of course get, as you know, the Tsunami size…”

For the reader to get an idea of the source’s credibility there was during the same period in June the giant naval exercise[38] in the Atlantic involving twenty one nations and the principal U.S. warships, and the June 19th exercise reported by the Washington Post[39] on June 4th, in an article titled “Back to the Bunkers”.


This exercise brought together for the first time more than four thousand personnel from more than fifty government agencies in bunkers on the East Coast to test during a few days the continuity of the U.S. government in the event of a giant catastrophe. There is therefore no reason that the information that comet fragments hitting the Atlantic between May 24th and May 26th, 2006 be false. Anyway, this information was corroborated by an independent scientific source which indicated that a meteor shower would strike the Earth beginning on May 22nd or 23rd (see above).

Among the numerous persons around the globe who have looked into the warning signals emanating from various sources – the list presented here is of course not exhaustive – one may include Kent Steadman, webmaster of the site [40]. He posted a very interesting message which he received around 2 p.m. on May 25th:

“R. just posted this afternoon that she has the 3rd confirmation from a military person (…) the whole story stinks.... and now this evening they are having some kind of evacuation drill in Washington D.C.”

In fact, I myself received a call on the morning of May 25th, indicating that members of the U.S. Congress had just received a memo advising them of an “evacuation exercise” in the coming hours! This information was posted on the Craigslist [41] website, which is well known in the U.S., and then it suddenly vanished.

Michael Salla is correct in saying that:

“The fact that this occurred on the so called "Day of Destiny" indicates that policy makers were very concerned about possible extraterrestrial responses to plans for a pre-emptive nuclear war”.

They were in fact so worried that a strange announcement appeared on CNN on May 23rd, two days before the “Day of Destiny”. Viewers could read on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen: “PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE” in relation to a new type of “hurricane”, regarding which a NOAA[42] official (Ed Rappaport[43]) explained that it concerned the ENTIRE U.S. East Coast, including those northern states having NEVER known hurricanes, and this up through May 30th, in other words BEFORE hurricane season, while NO hurricane was present or had been forecast.


This new type of hurricane had the curious name of “splosh model”! Incidentally, what sound does a rock make when falling in the water?

One thing that struck some of my contacts was the tone and the look of this NOAA official as he faced the camera and spoke of "all types of situations, including those which are unexpected.”

Hence the U.S. authorities had their own sources of information about an imminent catastrophe during the period which I had outlined.

After UNESCO organized the Pacific Wave exercise on May 16, 2006, which involved the simulation of an enormous tsunami in the Pacific affecting several countries including the U.S., the Pacific Peril exercise scheduled precisely for May 23 to May 25 2006 by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) strongly suggested that the U.S. government was taking the worldwide alert very seriously.


The press release[44] put out by FEMA on May 8th, hence one month AFTER the announcement of the giant tsunami alert, precisely when the fragmentation of SW-3 was accelerating inexplicably, describes exactly the conditions of the real May 25th alert:

“The exercise play postulates a catastrophic seismic event that triggers a massive tsunami that devastates Pacific coastal communities from British Columbia to northern California.”

This exercise gave of course the Pacific as a theater of operations for the simulated drama. In fact, panic would have overtaken the north-American population if instead the Atlantic had been named in accord with the “conditional prediction”. One notes that the exercise concerns thousands of kilometers of coastline, much as the alert which I had broadcast. The key factor is that the decision to launch such an exercise, normally planned long in advance, was taken after the issuing of the world-wide alert for May 25th. What place is there for chance when the date, theme, scale and chronology all correlate?

When one knows that exercises were similarly planned by FEMA on September 11th in New York (simulation of an attack) or in Oklahoma City (simulation of an attack) on April 19, 1995, date of the Oklahoma City bombing of the federal building, one is in a position to ask legitimate questions. The same situation occurred in London in early July 2005 (simulation of an attack). Each time the simulation turned into an actual event. Having been called up ahead of time for an exercise, the FEMA personnel had no trouble going to the site of the drama.


In this particular case, the choice of the Pacific coast can be easily explained: the personnel would have died in place (on the Atlantic side) had there been a giant tsunami there. Better to prepare in conditions close to reality all while remaining on hand some five hours away by air – well under the response time FEMA delivered in Louisiana for hurricane Katrina. While of a different nature, May 25th was also a potential attack!

The true facts surrounding May 25th, 2006

When we overlay the telltale signs of alerts, be they simulated (FEMA) or real (NOAA), ranging from explicit reminders (the announcing of a meteorite shower) to less explicit ones (New Scientist, National Geographic, etc), and add to these a whole set of dream signals received from the four corners of the planet, we cannot fail to take very seriously the alert contained in the April 13th press release.

Facts also came to confirm the reality of the danger. To varying degrees, phenomena were observed. There came in three categories: meteorites, earthquakes and giant waves.

1) Meteorites
I have often heard people say: “We would have been warned by NASA had there been the slightest danger”. I have tried to


explain that there were few chances of this happening. The irony of fate had it that a meteorite came down to Earth in Norway[45] on June 7th, 2006, less than fifteen days after May 25th. The newspaper article is instructive:

"Ødegaard (name of the Norwegian astronomer) seemed surprised by the fact that no astronomer anywhere in the world was aware that this meteor was on its way".

This anecdote would have gone unobserved if the asteroid involved had not had the power of the bomb which was used on Hiroshima, as was initially indicated by the Norwegian astronomer.

"This is simply exceptional. I cannot imagine that we have had such a powerful meteorite impact in Norway in modern times” the astronomer Røed Ødegaard admitted.

This impact occurred at 2:05 am on June 7, 2006, in other words on 6/6/6 in the U.S. from where the alert had been given. I need not remind the reader what I had brought up regarding the symbolism of 666 in the Julian calendar in my last article[46] published before May 25th.


The geophysical research foundation NORSAR recorded a powerful sound and seismic disturbances at 2:13:25 am at their Karasjok[47] station. Just by “happenstance”, fragment S, which I had stated[48] constituted the real danger along with what followed it, crossed the Earth’s ecliptic on 6/6/6.

Of course, many will hurry to point out that this news was modified by an article[49] which came out on June 16th, which apologized for the exaggerated announcement of the meteorite’s impact. This article cited Kaare Aksnes, a professor at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics of the University of Oslo.

One sentence in the article drew my attention:

"Aksnes goes on to explain that a meteor capable of a Hiroshima-like impact would almost completely burn up as it entered Earth's atmosphere, and that the remnants would hit the earth far too slowly - though impacts of that intensity have of course occurred".

Yet there was an impact in Norway! Aksnes even says that the explosion was equivalent to that of 300 tons of TNT, with the right photograph providing proof. But skeptics claim that this cannot be the impact location. In any event, where are the impact fragments? No one has seen them! If they cannot be found, it’s that this is not the correct location.


From a scientific point of view, debris should exist, as was the case in March 2003[50] when a seven ton meteorite was due to break up in the atmosphere. At time of impact near Chicago, it still weighed at least 900 kg, of which 30 kg were recovered.

About 33% of meteorites recovered on Earth come from events that have witnesses, albeit not always in densely populated areas. In the case of Norway, the point of impact has been determined. We are dealing with witnesses on the ground.

Imagine for a moment the extremely low density of population, and therefore witnesses, in the middle of the Atlantic! This gives us few chances of anyone witnessing the arrival of comet fragments in the location where I had indicated they would appear.

Additionally, Norwegian witnesses heard a very loud explosion which was confirmed by seismic recordings, something which did not take place in Chicago where the fireball turned into a rain of stones (see map of Chicago above) despite the substantial initial mass (7 tons).


Hence the Norwegian meteor was after all (at least) equal to the bomb at Hiroshima. In other words, the initial announcement was correct! And NASA remained tight-lipped… as it did for Chicago, whose population had been in danger in 2003!

We have seen that a comet is made up of materials which are more rigid than had been thought. We have also seen that NASA was unaware of (or did not announce?) the arrival of the meteor in Norway which belonged no doubt to the meteorite shower which had been anticipated precisely through June 6, 2006.


Likewise, in Australia, the U.S. and Canada[51] (June 2nd) fragments of SW-3 fell to earth, whose spectrum upon burn-up in the atmosphere corresponded to solid, even metallic objects.


The website [52], known worldwide, had a comment about SW-3:

“On May 31st, Earth will pass five million miles from the dusty orbit of comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann 3. The great distance means a meteor shower is unlikely; but 73P is such a strange comet that even the unlikely is possible. Be alert for meteors slowly cutting across the sky in the nights ahead.”

Why is this comet so strange? Could it be that it is because something or someone has acted upon it? "It's driving us nuts; fragments of fragments of fragments," said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near Earth Objects Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

The fore-runner signs were not lacking, as is shown on this photograph from the Rosemary Hill observatory in Florida taken May 5th, where three fragments facing us appear. Was it really proof that was lacking… or courage?

2) The Earthquakes
Earthquakes are rare in the middle of the Atlantic. The conditional prediction of May 25th implied an earthquake on the mid-Atlantic ridge. I had even indicated[53] that this earthquake could be of low magnitude along the lines of a phenomenon called ‘tsunami earthquake’, “namely, an earthquake which, in relation to its magnitude, produces an abnormally powerful tsunami”.

The weak earthquake of May 26 [54], within the announced time span, was a good candidate for a tsunami.



ML 3.5



Date time

2006-05-26 at 15:18:14.0 UTC


37.38 N ; 13.03 W


30 km


364 km SW Queluz (pop 103,399 ; local time 16:18)
348 km SW Cascais (pop 36,436 ; local time 16:18)

When one compares this map with the information coming out of the intelligence services – important (fragment) coming in at an angle of 45 degrees at 11 miles per second above the Azores (…) – one cannot but make a connection. The Azores are in fact not very far. The spread could be explained by the uncertainty of the angle of approach of said fragment. It is most likely that the Moroccan people took into account these “details” which spell the difference between life and death.

Particularly since another earthquake was mentioned on May 29 in the same area:



ML 3.1



Date time

2006-05-29 at 06:57:41.6 UTC


37.02 N ; 10.67 W


141 km


229 km SW Queluz (pop 103,399 ; local time 07:57)
177 km W Lagos (pop 18,831 ; local time 07:57)
170 km W Aljezur (pop 4,122 ; local time 07:57)

I had also indicated in a preceding article that some time could go by between the impact of a comet fragment and the onset of an earthquake:

 “It is possible that a significant delay exists between impact and eruption”.

There were indeed earthquakes in the days which followed the end of May, among which one exactly in the area which I had suggested!


A large yellow circle on the right side of the Iris[55] map shown below shows the existence of an earthquake (June 18) of magnitude 5.9 on the Richter scale, which is very unusual in this area.







18-JUN-2006 18:28:02






1 database rows displayed.

Earthquake data courtesy of


3) Giant Waves
Giant waves were duly noted in the days which preceded and followed May 25th. If we mention large waves when no giant tsunami occurred on or around May 25th, keep in mind that the extraterrestrials have the ability to limit damages from the standpoint of wave phenomena. Ocean waves are wave phenomena. If they minimized the energetic and directional effects of the comet fragments, it was in response to the peaceful gesture involved in the cancellation of the May 25th Divine Strake test, itself the spearhead of a preventive nuclear war.

Let us mention first of all the 41,000 ton British vessel Pont-Aven, sailing from Plymouth, which was hit by a wave over 15 meters high (a six floor building) on May 21 in the Channel[56], around 22:30 hours. On its way to Santander in Spain, it had to re-route towards France.

According to Stephen Tuckwell, spokesman for Brittany Ferries, the owners of the vessel:

“It is the first time in recent memory that this has happened. I cannot remember anything like this happening previously”.

For him, this wave was exceptional, despite a wind of force 9, in other words of 80km/hr, beyond gale strength[57]. There are “rogue waves” or non-linear waves which amount to the energy of several waves rolled into one. Waves can thus double in height. But we are far from of a wave of 15 meters.

The biggest wave occurred on May 27[58]. It was over 80 meters high! That is the equivalent of a thirty floor building.

The wave was recorded by the vessel Hansa Visby shown below in the framework of a program of measurements (VOS) organized by the National Data Buoy Center. In the map on the right one can see the vessel’s course.

See below the table of Giant waves which were measured in the critical period after May 25th. To obtain the wave height in meters, one should divide the right-most column by three, as these are shown in feet. Knowing that the official record height of oceanic waves is 34 meters, one will understand that abnormal events occurred, due inevitably to the impact of meteorites.

Certain commentators have declared that these are errors. One can understand that errors might occur from time to time. But we are in the presence of a large number of measurements coming from different vessels. This argument hence is invalid. On the other hand, we are in the period of the meteor shower of comet SW-3!

Proof by way of consciousness

The Global Consciousness Project [59] of Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, records the random data points of a quantum level process collected from some sixty stations disseminated around the planet. The objective of this experiment which has been underway since 1998 is to display a correlation, if not a relation, between the world of the physical and that of the mind.


The operating principle is simple. Matter, in quantum mechanics, is made up of billions of movements every second which follow a perfectly random distribution. In measuring this “quantum noise”, before and after certain precise planetary events, scientists realized that the distribution was not random, but followed the ‘psychic weave’ of events, in other words the impact of these in our minds or inversely, the impact of our minds on the events.

The above graph shows the cumulative progression of the results (in red) compared to the statistical curb (in blue, P=0.05) which represents randomness. The more distant the jagged red line is from the blue line, the greater the correlation between mind and matter. In other words, consciousness has a direct impact on the material world. Since it is cumulative, one measures in fact the chances that this cumulative value be due to chance.


One can see that this is not all the case. The X axis shows the number of global events, the Y axis the score called “stouffer Z”, which give the index of “success”. The greater that value is, the higher the correlation between mind and matter. One can see a remarkable progression in the case of recent events, in particular May 2006, month of the announced catastrophe.

A complete table of the results can be found at the site dedicated to this scientific study. We only present here a significant selection (note the offset of the first two lines and the negative numbers).

Event Description

Hypothesis Source





1. Embassy Bombings, 980807






Billion Person Meditation, 991025






Columbia, Armenia Quake, 990125












* Solar Eclipse, 990811






* Turkey, Earthquake, 30-min, 990817






35. Turkey, Earthquake, 4 Hours, 990817






40. Earthquake, Turkey II, 2 Hrs ±, 991112






80. Terrorist Disaster, Sept 11, 20010911












Papal Visit, Israel, 20000321-26






Group Mind Meditation 2, 20001022

Matthew Webb





** Lovewave 010101, 20010101

Nelson, Lettieri





Central America Quake, 20010113






70. Western India Quake, 20010126






90. World-Wide Meditation, 20011111

Wolf, Watson





Astrological Moments, 20011209-14

Anonymous, Nelson





Volcanic Eruption, Congo, 20020117

Ouko, Nelson





Earthquake, Afghanistan, 20020325






Harmonic Concordance, 20031109






160. Earthquake in Bam, Iran, 20031226












Terror Attacks in Madrid, 20040311

Nelson, Lassen, Bierman





183. Russian School Hostages, 20040903






189. Tsunami Indian Ocean, 20041226












195. Quake, Indian Ocean, 20050328






203. Stampede, Baghdad Bridge, 20050831












206. Earthquake Pakistan, 20051008






~215. Planetary Play, 20060401

Watson, Nelson





~216. Earth Day 2006, 20060422

Vera, Nelson





~217. Indonesian Earthquake, 2006 05 27






The value of such data resides in the general tendencies which can be drawn from these. We will compare the last line, that of the May 27, 2006 earthquake in Indonesia (which happened at 6 am local time, still the 26th in the U.S.), which falls in the two day window surrounding May 25, 2006, with the other significant events selected by the research team.

Out of the 217 events, I selected those whose Z score was greater than 2. There are only eight, or 3% of the total number of events sufficiently noteworthy to have been selected by Princeton. Note that the very first line (American embassy attacks in East Africa), despite a score of 3.209, only was recorded at three stations, as this occurred at the beginning of the experiment. Given the uncertainty regarding the validity of that particular score, something which has been noted in various commentaries, May 27, 2006 is in second place among the set of significant events of the last eight years – these having been rich in consequences – and this position holds both for the Z score and for overall probability.

First place is held by the Jan 1, 2001 “Lovewave” with a score of 2.688 for mankind’s entry into the third millennium. Third place is held by the Pope’s visit to Israel (2.428), a fraternal event is there is such a thing. Fourth place is held by the Oct 25th 1999 “billion person meditation” experiment.

In what way did the Indonesian earthquake of May 27, 2006, with fewer than 2000 dead, have an effect on human awareness? To provide an answer, I also included all the earthquakes noted by the Global Consciousness Project in the displayed list of events. In all, eleven earthquakes, among which important ones such as Bam in Iran (40,000 dead; Z=0.618) and the Sumatran tsunami (230,000 dead; Z=0.094).


Still, none of the Z scores, nor the probabilities of the earthquakes of the last eight years manage to reach the levels of May 27, 2006! It is therefore not the apparent nature of the event which caused such a spike towards the end of May 2006, but something else. What?

I also wished to compare May 27, 2006 with other significant events such as Sept 11, 2001 (“terrorist attack”) which has a score of 1.873, or the solar eclipse of Aug 11, 1999 (score of -0.006) which had been thought the day of a great catastrophe by students of Nostradamus. We see that despite the enormous media pressure relative to that symbolic date, human planetary consciousness was impervious to the announcement. By going to the Global Consciousness Project website[60] you can make your own comparisons. We can see that not all the New Age appeals find an echo in the list. Hence many preconceived notions fail.

The detailed analysis of both the Z scores and probability scores presented by the Princeton University study shows that the historical weight of an event as presented in the press does not correspond to the emotion that an event may have manifested, which emotion depends rather on its own context. Hence, with the help of hindsight, one has to admit that the worldwide warning for end of May, tied to the potential war with extraterrestrial civilizations, was a turning point in our History.

What then did happen on May 27, 2006 to reach such a high score ? Sixty-four stations around the world measured an exceptional spike for an event which really was not one. Let’s remember that the worldwide alert, propagated through numerous international media outlets, presented for the first time in our history a choice between peace and war with extraterrestrials.


It was of course impossible to measure the impact of an apparent non-event (no Divine Strake test, no giant tsunami) in human planetary consciousness. It is hence the earthquake in Indonesia, occurring in the timeframe of the alert (correlation between the time and the nature of the event) which released mankind’s tension. Reason finally carried the day. The worldwide alert hence did not engender Fear but Peace, facts and numbers attesting!

Proof through action

In order of importance,

1) Lovewave (Impulse of love at the dawn of the third millennium)

2) Day of Destiny (May 25th 2006, peace with ETs)

3) Pope in Israel (fraternity between religions)

4) Billion person meditation (peace on earth), these four events constitute the foundation of a new century, of a new era

I therefore put out a call to men of goodwill to assemble around a simple idea: World Peace must be preceded by Peace of the Worlds!

Despite difficult events which will not fail to occur in a near future, it is time to organize this Peace of the Worlds by gathering all those who, removed from theories and pious declarations, have had a direct experience of a meeting with Non-Human Entities, physical or not, positive or not, and who feel called to act.


It is important not to judge but to understand, not to condemn but to forgive, not to attack but to defend liberty, and, finally, to open our consciousness and to establish the Peace of the Worlds. With those who so desire, we create the World Exopolitics Action, an international organization, that the voice of those who know from experience preside over the official and peaceful contact with Extraterrestrials.






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