Part II


by Eric Julien

21 April 2006

from SaveLivesInMay Website


Basically, Eric’s research on nuclear weapons disrupting the space time continuum is very important to acknowledge, and I believe he was correct to connect this to the US plans for a preemptive nuclear war in Iran. His argument that ETs fragmented the comet back in 1995 is something that got my attention due to the underlying logic that any political scientist would recognize - realpolitik at a galactic level. So the possibility of a comet fragment being aimed at Earth eleven years ago to teach the US a lesson before it could launch a preemptive nuclear war at this time is plausible from the perspective of galactic realpolitik involving ETs with the ability to manipulate Space Time. That was one of the reasons why I initially supported Eric’s research.

Now Eric has gone out on a limb and said that there will be a comet strike on May 25 and specified it hitting in the Atlantic Ocean between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, generating 200 meter tidal waves, etc. That’s not something I support. I basically think he has overreached himself in terms of correctly reading all his data and has excluded other possibilities of how ETs might respond. If the US does go ahead with a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran, I would certainly argue that there is very likely to be repercussions that involve one or more ET groups. The ET response however may happen in many ways and not necessarily a comet strike.

So in conclusion while I don’t support Eric’s prediction of a May 25 Comet impact, I do understand that his support for this has reached a world wide audience and that is waking many people up to how ETs might respond to an aggressive US nuclear policy. That greater global awareness may in the end put off indefinitely or stop such plans for a preemptive nuclear strike which would be good for all of us. I notice for example that a group of distinguished physicists have released a petition demanding the Bush stop plans for a preemptive nuclear war:

The nuclear ET connection is still the most important part of Eric’s research in my view, and I hope that it gets more attention than his comet prediction which does unnecessarily alarm people in my view.

Michael Salla

from PrepareForContactYahooGroup Website


This article follows upon the article entitled "MAY 25, 2006 - the Day of Destiny". It brings new elements of confirmation of the imminent cometary danger which threatens humanity and describes the conditions of its advent around MAY 25, 2006.

The fear of ridicule is infinitely greater than fear of the death of others. As much, I believed that my first article was going to cause panic. It was even reproached to me. Not at all! Many are very afraid, indeed, but only to pass for insane. I thus decided to insist on points of detail to convince, to open the spirits with this great probability of collision in order to save lives while it is time!

The reception of the news was "massive" but dispersed in a broad spectrum of opinions, energy of the aggressive and irrational rejection to the most apathetic fate. But, throwing me in a great state of sadness, I sometimes noted a total disinterest for the human life, that which each one can still save by taking suitable academies measurements. Was the tsunami from December 2004 in Sumatra - hardly more than one year ago - forgotten? A small reminder in images.


Will we await this kind of scene to act and alert the population of the imminence of a possible catastrophe?

It is necessary for us to keep firmly our feet on the Ground to prepare us with the test. It is not a question of the end of the world but of a decisive stage in our awakening with solidarity, and why not with fraternity. The goal of my step being the safeguarding of the life in a spirit of mutual aid, I come to share my information and reflections, as any citizen of the world would do it, free and responsible.


Beyond these personal considerations, let us observe the facts attentively. Here first of all is what the event will resemble about which we speak here.

Perhaps you think that your government will take the necessary measures to evacuate the areas at the risks? There exists very few countries having dared to evacuate a city or a whole area, even after the warning of famous scientists. China, for example, carried out an evacuation of 100,000 people in several weeks because of a proven forecast of seismic events. It would take several months to quietly organize the displacement of several million people. We have only a few days, soon a few hours. No government will never announce in advance the width of a catastrophe if it is not able to face it. NONE!

Look at what occurred with the Hurricane Katrina and Louisiana...

The only realistic way to face a catastrophe of this magnitude - two hundred meter high waves - is solidarity between the human beings by spreading the information from one to the other, by giving simple instructions like going up the highest possible elevation, leaving further from the coasts... without forgetting familiar close relations, his/her friends, neighbors and animals.

Harbingers will warn you imminent danger: animals fleeing, deafening noises, abnormal winds, abnormally low tide and even certainly the appearance of UFOs! But do not wait the last moment, you would risk the mortal trap of the congestion. Benefit from a long weekend far from the beach. By chance, MAY 25, 2006, is... Ascension Day!

A comet of influence

All started from a night contact during which I had an answer: MAY 25, 2006! I do not have the space here to develop the arguments which are in favor of the existence of other realities of the universe which man can reach, nor to convince each one that certain psychic faculties are accessible with all with the proviso of preparing themselves.


That would require to approach epistemological and perceptive considerations in advanced physics, in particular at the place of the theories of relativity of Einstein and quantum physics, that very little understand in-depth.


Here a simple explanatory diagram, by reducing, of the very new theory of Absolute Relativity on which I worked, helped of my extratemporal friends. The recognition of my work by physicists and mathematicians authorizes this height of sight.

A bibliographical review of the proven cases of extrasensory perceptions would resemble a long litany. Remember, the police force, in some of its investigations, is not encumbered scorn or wrongful intellectual frilosity when it calls upon faculties of psychics to solve cases that seem to have no solution. These men of law and order, which maintain this strange partnership are interested only in the results, not to the specious debates.

If the police force thus solves criminal enterprises at the point to prevent other crimes, the proper authorities could as much anticipate an announced global drama. It is what I request from the decision makers interested in public safety and natural disasters in their country. It is imperative to evacuate the populations concerned sufficiently early, or at least to prepare them from a logistic point of view.

I had predicted for example, in September 2003, the terrible earthquake of 26 December 2003 that led to more than 40,000 deaths in Bam... in Iran. I had indicated that a major catastrophe was going to occur at the end of December 2003, at the beginning of January 2004. The counterparts lasted three weeks! Another earthquake took place later after a few days in Morocco. I had evoked, in the same prediction, a connection with the Mediterranean.

This night meditation of April 7, 2006 thus led me to receive on behalf of creatures which I earlier describe as extratemporals a date - that of MAY 25, 2006 - dependent on an extremely lucid vision of giant catastrophe of few three years earlier. I duly wrote about this vision, like others to come, in a book published recently. Then, having spoken about this communication in a French forum, I learned that a fragmented comet, 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW-3), was to precisely pass very close to the Earth in May 2006, and that 25 this month precisely corresponded to the crossing, by the fragmented comet, of the ecliptic plane on which the Earth revolves.

This surprising "coincidence", which the probability borders on a chance on a few million to one, must be examined in detail. Let us recall that the fragmentation of the SW-3 comet took place in 1995 under strange conditions and that only three fragments were first seen.

Since this date the comet has carried out two elliptic revolutions around the sun. Here is a comment by Philippe Morel of the French Astronomical Society:

"on June 6, 2006 it will enter again the very restricted circle of the comets whose distance nearest to the Earth will be less than 15 million kilometers. Accustomed passages to more close to the Earth the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW-3) had approached us with the Astronomical distance of 0.0617 Unit (UA) in 1930. "

There are 175 comets referred at short period,[1] of which most famous is Halley’s Comet. The above table shows the closest passages of SW-3. The comet was discovered by Arnold Schwassmann and Arno Arthur Wachmann in May 1930, one sees indeed that its nearest passage was in 1930. But in May 2006, the passage is closer, for the fragment S which will interest us, is estimated at 0.0487 UA (7.3 million kilometers). It is true that the majority of the fragments should pass on average to 0.065 UA, but it is enough for ONLY ONE FRAGMENT to start a major event. What to say to a restricted circle of comets of less than 8 million kilometers?

Only two passages to 0.03 UA for Halley (837 after JC), and 0.04 UA for C/1132 T1 (1132) did better than the fragment S of SW-3! But they were not fragmented, and thus not likely to deviate, by gravitation, towards the Earth.

In May 2006, SW-3 will be not only among the rare comets that closely approach the Earth, but also among comets having known the greatest magnitude ever reached. It is the first time that a fragmented comet crosses our path at such a short distance. It is thus the first time in known history where such an event will take place. The predictions of the astronomers are not thus founded on any historical scientific precedent in the very precise case which occupies us.

More and more, one evokes the probability of a rain of meteorites at the end of May, at the beginning of June 2006. Curious... In 1930, with the passage of SW-3, however much further than next mid-May, and without the fragmentation which we know today, the Earth had 70 fragments per hour. They were small enough to burn up in the upper atmosphere.

There is a comet known to have fragmented and being transformed into swarm of meteorites: 3d/Biela.[2] It was in 1852 that it was observed for the last time. It separated in two visible fragments for three months in 1846. The moment most favorable for its observation was the year 1865 at a distance from 0.481 UA is TEN TIMES FURTHER that the fragment S from SW-3!

In connection with 3d/Biela, one knows today that:

"in 1872, year corresponding to a new return, a new swarm of meteorites, Andomédides, made its appearance (3.000 meteorites per hour 27 November). Calculations showed its affiliation with the Biela comet. The swarm appeared again in 1885 (15.000 meteors/hour), in 1892 (6.000 meteors/hour), then in 1899 (150 meteors/hour). [3]

"150, 3000, 6000 and even 15000 meteorites per hour! A starry sky in full day! What to say about the meteors of SW-3 ten times closer? Let us indicate that this SW-3 comet, of the family of Jupiter comets, was the object of a great interest to the international scientific community, in particular in December 1994 since it was among the rare objectives of the inspection program of the ESA probe of the Rosetta mission. A series of monthly photographs were produced until June 1995.

It was precisely on June 25 1995 that the crop circle called "Missing Earth" appeared at Longwood Warren in the County of Hampshire in England. This crop circle, a gigantic view of the interior solar system, to the belt of asteroids, was designed without the Earth. Let us note, for the skeptics, that amateur hoaxers had tried to reproduce an identical crop circle without success.[4]

Knowing that the planets, as well as comet on these drawings, turn in the reverse direction to needles of a watch, this agroglyphe seems to refer to the position of the solar system on MAY 14, 2006 at the time of the closest passage of the SW-3 comet.

But what the creators of this crop circle seem want to say is that this date precedes in fact the actual date since Mars, whose orbit is the first visited by the comet, is upstream of its position at the time of the impact which the "Missing Earth” crop circle suggests.

After the appearance of the crop circle at the end of June 1995, SW-3 was seen for the last time in its normal state by a Japanese amateur astronomer on August 20, 1995. [5] It is at the beginning of September, two months only after the appearance of the crop circle "Missing Earth” that SW-3 has taken an abrupt and violent turn, [6], precisely at the time it passes the ecliptic plane of the Earth. A press release of January 1996[7] announced that the observatory of Paris Meudon, using the radio telescope of Nancay, made a series of measurements on the emission by comet of molecules of hydroxyl from the 8 to September 12, 1995. The values were completely abnormal at the time when SW-3 crossed our ecliptic plane.

In a round of almost 2.5 billion kilometers, it is in the vicinity of the terrestrial orbit - in an interval representing less than 1% of its trajectory - that SW-3 was broken, before illuminating the sky and pointing out themselves...

Chance? This luminous start will reach a magnitude thousand times higher than the normal in October 1995, after having passed by its perihelion and to have sailed in parallel during several million kilometers to the terrestrial orbit. For a comet to break apart at the time of its closest passage to the Earth an explicit symbol? Wouldn’t this be an exopolitical message of a great clarity?

Curiously, an Internet site tells us that,

"the comet was one of the targets of the mission Contour (Comet Nucleus Tour), scheduled for July 2002. The probe was to leave in the direction of 3 comets (overflight of 2P/Encke in November 2003, 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in June 2006, and of 6P/d’ Arrest in August 2008) to analyze them and compare them. Unfortunately, a technical failure caused the destruction of the probe a little after its take-off ".

A technical failure?

Today nobody has a final explanation on this for why the fragmentation of SW-3 occurred. The comet consists of ice, and the sun vaporizes part of its surface at its approach at the perihelion - nearest approach to the center of its revolution, i.e. sun - and equips it with a tail with light. But for centuries SW-3 revolved around the sun according to the same trajectory without disintegrating! The heart of a comet remains basically rigid and extremely cold. The only acceptable explanation, for the scientific community, is thus the collision of SW-3 with a small asteroid. But this explanation poses many problems. And it is an euphemism.

The mysterious comet is, at the moment of its passage, hundreds of million kilometers from the belt of asteroids. What are the chances of a collision between two small isolated objects, in the interplanetary vacuum, without real any gravitational influence? Almost zero! Imagine two billiard balls launched by chance on a large table like the United States. They are more likely to collide than SW-3 with an improbable vagrant. The idea will be posed that there exists nearly 800 qualified objects of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids. But the chances of such a collision in a given segment - that which is shown in red in the diagram above - are very close to zero.

But let us suppose that such a collision took place by chance, how to explain such a magnitude for so "a small" object? One needed a colossal energy to deploy a value thousand times higher than the normal. Of course, fragmentation, in itself is extremely rare, temporarily supported a greater luminous magnitude with the approach of the sun, but certainly not in the evoked values. The press release of the European Space Agency [8] in January 1996 is clear:

"Only some rare comets made the experiment of an increase in so large and unexpected luminosity. At the time of this event, SW-3 just came to pass its perihelion after having crossed the terrestrial orbit in its trajectory of distance. The distance separating it from the Earth was close to 200 million kilometers ".

If this fragmentation were only due to the sun we would have, among 175 existing comets, a majority of them in a normal state of fragmentation. They would thus not live centuries, and even millennia. However, fragmented comets are very rare. The fragmentation of SW-3 "was thus facilitated" in an artificial way, just like it was probably the case of 3d/Biela having known exactly the same conditions of destruction near the terrestrial orbit.

3d/Biela was probably destroyed because it represented a danger in the future. It was potentially to have its nearest passage in December 1905 (0.0616 UA). This possible collision would have come much too early in our history, in particular in the history of the atomic weapon, at the moment when we had not made a decisive choice yet. It was probably about a work of celestial cleaning made by our extraterrestrial "gardeners" present, then, since glosses at our sides, contrary to extraterrestrials of the new UFO era begun in 1945.

Was the activity of the sun exceptional in the phase of the perihelion to produce or support this bursting of SW-3? No, on the contrary! It was during the most stable time and without major solar flare activity, at the end of the eleven years cycle started in 1986 and finishing in 1996. It is in the medium of the cycles that the solar flares are most intense, as shows it below the graph in various wavelengths. Contrary to the generally accepted ideas, the enigma is thus far from being commonplace. It is an unquestionable mystery.

This cometary fragment, for me and in accordance with my communications with it, was caused by an advanced intelligence having a perfect knowledge of the celestial mechanics and travel in time. This intelligence literally fragmented the comet, by heating its heart artificially, and after having been informed of a very probable future, namely the accession with current political leaders, and advisers.

Extraterrestrials have the capacity to go and come in time when they reach the temporal high densities. I explain the principle of fractal time in my first book. This faculty is also shared by the authentic psychics, like each one among us at the time of the premonitory dreams. The current political leaders are preparing for a massive use of nuclear weapons against which these intelligences are opposed for their own safety reasons.

In the temporal high densities, occupied by the extraterrestrial ones, atomic weapons produce devastating effects up to hundreds of light-years. The energy which is propagated in our material world, at the time of a thermonuclear explosion, comes from a space time to which the macroscopic universe in which we live does not have normally access.

And since we have just spoken about the sun, we should know about an emerging scientific battle that rages to determine the true nature of the solar activity which one hitherto thought was thermonuclear.

For reasons that are incomprehensible, the temperature of the solar corona is much higher - 2 million degrees - than the temperature of surface - 6000 Kelvin's degrees. However, the theory should be that the heart of the star which is extremely hot by gravitational compression, generating a nuclear fusion. But we do not have any formal and direct proof of it. We have even strong indices of the opposite. Why speak about the nature of the sun whereas we are worried by a huge tsunami on Earth predicted to occur next May 25?

If there are no thermonuclear explosions in the sun then our own atomic tests, spread out over fifty years, had and will have a considerable incidence on the other space times of the universe, in other realities of the worlds. Then imagine the systematic use of nuclear weapons in the war that certain governments are now preparing.

The extratemporals are our neighbors, not of space, but of the space time. It is perhaps complex to understand but it is a reality that the best physicists of this small and fragile blue planet will not be so easily rejected. They know on the end of their fingers the theoretical limits of the current scientific models. Now, we are not any more in the theoretical world but in the real world.

It is absolutely no question here of cultural, nor of political choice in favour. It is a question of a planetary civilization, ours, in contradiction with the principles of non-interference with respect to other worlds. It is not them which interfere while coming to see us, but we who interfere by materializing them, by means of the nuclear tests in particular, in our physical world!

I hear here and there that the "Galactic Confederation" would never authorize an aggression of extraterrestrials against the Earth, nor... a direct intervention of our extraterrestrial allies in the name of a non-intervention engraved in the marble of the evolution. What a anthropocentric vision! But is there not a major paradox? We are, I am afraid, the invaders of advanced stellar civilizations, but also of purely spiritual worlds. While exploding the atomic weapons, we cause a temporal hurricane which the eye could swallow the world of the souls. If we launch nuclear bombs, they will launch comets.

Indeed, the Sky is inhabited infinitely more than the Earth. We will understand it ourselves once we are there! Perhaps we would make the same thing. It is not a war between extraterrestrials and human, but between ExtraTemporels and Materialized Consciences, even materialists. Perhaps our own beloved deceased are, where they are, favorable to this brutal answer. 90% of the population of this planet believe in the existence of a life after death. But even 1% do not know what it resembles. I believe it useful that we engrave this in our memory.



How will the fragmented comet SW-3 behave?

Here a table of figures which I carried out on the basis of simulation of trajectories and positions accessible on Internet site from Near Earth Objects Program. One finds there primarily information of distances and dates. The lines in red indicate the four "groups" of fragments.

On the date of May 14, 2006, we should see the configuration indicated below. The figures which follow are a reconstitution which I realized by systematic pointing to synthesize the relative positions of the fragments.

What do we see which is remarkable? Three essential elements appear clearly for our comprehension of the stake. What is initially striking is the existence of three different cometary trajectories. Then, we see four "groups" of objects: With, Y, B-X and S. At last, the distances between "groups of fragments" are very long. For example, 25 million kilometers separate fragment A from fragment S. It should be indicated that at the date of April 18 a twenty-second fragment appeared, fragment Z. It is not mentioned here but belongs to the group of B - X. In the same way, on April 19, thirteen other fragments, noted AA to AM, made their appearance while resulting from this same B-X group.

I call the fragments A, Y and S "groups of fragments" for two reasons. Initially because we are unaware of the existence of unobservable fragments too small around these principal fragments. Then because while approaching the Earth, these fragments A, Y and S doubtless will split themselves up.

Indeed, the heat of the sun will act on the comet as an ice floe which melts slowly in water glass. It will split up early or late. Nevertheless, the year 2006 is one particularly calm period for solar activity since we are in the medium of the eleven years cycle. The strong solar flares will be non-existent. Vaporization will remain relatively slow. On another side, smaller, unobservable fragments for the moment, will also be able to last until the perihelion of comet being well after the Earth. Except if, of course, one of them runs up against our planet.

It is precisely the scenario of my vision. Donald Yeomans, Head of Near Earth Objects Program with NASA, affirmed in an interview March 24, 2006: [9]

“This is a rare opportunity to watch a comet in its death throes—from very close range. There’s no danger of a collision. Goodness, no. The closest fragment will be about six million miles away--or twenty-five times farther than the Moon."

However, at the time even where this interview was given, the fragment S was observed on March 24, 2006 with the Mount Lemmon Survey. It is estimated to pass at 7.3 million kilometers as the table shows above, and not 10 million kilometers as announced everywhere. It is probable that at the time of writing this article, other fragments are estimated at a weaker distance still. If it is not already done, it will be soon the case.

The problem is that we discover the fragments of smaller size only at the last minute under the terms of a principle easy to understand. The luminous magnitude of an object increases as it approaches us. Thus, the smallest objects, hitherto invisible, are observed only a few days, even a few hours before they cross us our path. Often, moreover, they enter our atmosphere. But they are too small and disintegrate in high altitude. It is the principle that applies to meteor showers.

In the case which interests us we deal with a comet. It is a fast object, thus having a great energy. We see in the table of NASA below that relative speeds of approach are about 15 kilometers a second for SW-3 (73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3). If the fragment is sufficiently large, its inertia will be large important and the terrestrial attraction will have only one weak influence, in particular if it is far as it is the case of the group B-X. On the other hand, if it is rather small, Earth will attract it towards it.

It is the case of the vision that I had. By observing the table of the closest objects attentively - visible table on the site of NASA[10] - we see the already last objects - in the first table the objects move away from us - and to come - in the second table the objects approach us. The asteroids 2006 HG and 2006 GB1 of the second table for example, of an approximate size of 50 meters, are announced only little time before crossing. The more one moves further into the future (second table), the more the objects are large, with some rare exceptions. But these two objects HG and GB1 have only one speed from approximately 5 km/s. No danger.

In the same way, it is not astonishing to see in the recent past (first table) much smaller objects (2006 GU2, EY, FH, GC). But that does not mean however that we saw all the objects having crossed very close the Earth! This is why the astronomers often announce dangerous crossings afterwards!

The size of the fragments of the 73P/SW-3 comet is not reported to us. But no fragment of less than fifty meters will be seen before May 15, even on May 20.

  • What to say of an object 20 meters in diameter, of a weight of 15 tons launched to 54,000 kilometers/hour (15 km/s)?

  • What to say if this object is accelerated by terrestrial gravity under the terms of an almost parallel trajectory of a million kilometers?

  • Could it reach 40 km/s, as I indicated in my first article, and to have the power of a few hundred of atomic bombs to shake the mid-Atlantic rift?

We immediately see in the figure above that it is not at all about a "string of pearls" as announced here and there. With the origin, in 1995, the astronomers saw four fragments then three (A, B, C), the fourth having been vaporized and/or made invisible by its size. Taking into account the distance separating the groups between them we let us deduce an "abnormal" activity from it. Indeed, the three fragments of origin (A, B, C) are in front of, on the trajectory of fragment A.


Something thus slowed down the fragment S, either in a small explosion having moved away in opposite direction Y and S, or by a voluntary braking. In both cases, there is no reason so that there are not other fragments around, and especially behind S.

We see that the fragment S is an extremely serious candidate for a collision with the Earth. If it is not the fragment S, it can be a fragment, still unobservable, being in the back of this one. Let us observe the alignment of the "string of pearls". The plan of the ecliptic is represented below by a straight line green.

In the two following diagrams we visualize the trajectory that the fragment S, or another resulting from S, can borrow. Seen from top (first appears below) the trajectory of collision is registered perfectly between the extremes.

In the same way, taking into account the variations of distance in height in a sight "of profile", it is not improbable that a fragment moves towards the Earth on a trajectory "parallel" with the others (see below).


The angular difference between the blue and orange slopes is only of 5°, identical to the difference between the trajectories "known" after the ecliptic plane (represented here by a green straight line).


In other words, there is, there too, no heresy to consider the deviation of a fragment towards the Earth, the more so as the solar wind, matter made up of billions of particles, appreciably drives the smallest fragments towards our planet, as a balloon in a morning breeze.

Can I point out that I was unaware of the existence of the comet when I received the date of MAY 25, 2006 for the realization of my vision of a catastrophe in the Atlantic? It is important to take some precautions on the assumption that some would affirm that it was obvious that such an event was to occur. It is thanks to extraterrestrials that I learned much on the man behaviors.

Actually, in spite of appearances, the OBJECTIVE chances of a catastrophe are statistically very few. This is why, when that arrives, the reasons of this one, the intervention of extraterrestrial for reason of nuclear weapons, will remain engraved in the memory of the people because such an intervention is necessary!

To be complete on the question, we must present an alternative to the scenario which I presented. You will find below the relative trajectories (sight of top and profile) of three groups of objects for the dates of 1st, 5, 15, and 25 MAY 2006. These three groups are the group of the B-X fragments, S and the asteroid 2006 GY2 about which I spoke earlier. At the three dates indicated taken independently, there is no risk, as indicated clearly in the figures.


On left the sights of top are, on the right the sights of profile. The asteroid 2006 GY2 is itself a potential danger with its closest point to the Earth of 0.0171 UA (MAY 16, 2006), a diameter from 500 to 1000 meters and a speed of relative approach compared to the Earth of 20 km/s.

But the true danger is perhaps indirect. Indeed, this asteroid 2006 GY2 will pass in the middle of the group of SW-3B-X fragments which forms in fact a swarm much larger than on the figures (see the figures of the preceding pages).


This danger comes at the same time from its convergent trajectory at the worst moment (closest point of the asteroid), of its one kilometer broad size and its relative speed of 5 km/s (20 km/s (asteroid) less 15 km/s (comet)) representing 18000 kilometers per hour, eighteen times the speed of sound.


This speed of approach constitutes a very great danger to the Earth because the struck fragments would be not only deviated towards the Earth, but, would have moreover acquired an increased speed of collision, increasing terribly the power of a striking object.

SW-3B represents here a group of 40 fragments!


The proof by the crop circles

The majority of people take crop circles as weak material proof. I will show why the crop circles presented are decisive confirmations of the vision of catastrophe which I had for MAY 25, 2006. Once again, it is not at all about the end of the world but of a major catastrophe!

First of all, I suggest that those which doubt the importance of the crop circles read "the Science of Extraterrestrials"[11] where their creation is explained simply. The figures below gives the general principle of it by showing the effect of the field of greater temporal density of a luminous vessel on corn ears. Without entering here in detail, this field humidifies ears, ionizes them, contracts them and attracts them in a powerful magnetic field to make them fall on the ground and thus form figures in cereals.

Do the extraterrestrials really know the future? They are really the creators of crop circles. An article written by Andy Thomas describes the creation of a circle of culture in 1994 indicated by the simple name "galaxy".[12]

A thorough study of the galactic configuration of this crop circle by Jack Sullivan, an amateur astronomer, gives without any possible doubt a date in the future: April 6/7, 2000!

What did it occur in the night from the 6 to April 7, 2000? One of the biggest solar flares of the century, threatening satellite communications, says Andy Thomas.[13] How a crop circle can predict with such a precision a celestial event of this nature if it is not by obtaining this information from the future?


Absolute Relativity makes it possible to consider this exploit without difficulty by redefining the time nature and the reigns of the evolution.

Does this crop circle "galaxy" point out the sun activity? Andy Thomas evokes the work of Maurice Cotterell establishing the bond between the emergence and the fall of civilizations, solar radiations and the cycles of the sun. But he is not the only one.


Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet,[14] doctor in physics, also showed the relevance of this bond, in particular for 2012, by making profitable the message crop circle below. It drew some the revolutionary conclusions for science, in perfect adequacy with the fruit of my scientific papers according to my communications with the extraterrestrials.

On the basis of the crop circle below...

It deduced the doubling theory inducing the existence of an accelerated time...

It thus comes to give a considerable weight to the idea of fractal time at the base even of the technology of extraterrestrial as I presented it in “The Science of Extraterrestrials”.


It gives key elements to understand how extraterrestrials exceed easily the speed of the light. The diagram below shows the overlapping temporal bubbles like Russian dolls around a vessel, showing us his absolutely incredible behavior and yet of a logical simplicity.

We see that the interpretation of the crop circles is an exercise for the expert. There are other examples where individuals, at the centre even of the scientific community, made profitable the messages of crop circles to lead to incredible conceptual innovations. I do not have the place for a treatise on the authentic circles of culture (of extraterrestrial origin) and their direct and major contribution to science.

Both crop circles related to MAY 25, 2006 lead me to briefly present the theory of the anomaly. This theory is that which governs the effective mode of communication of extraterrestrials in the corn fields. It calls upon our higher degree of intelligence through a language of symbolism and coded meaning.

This is why the crop circles are not translatable by everyone but by intellectually advanced human beings in the qualitative sense. There is only one group of individuals on Earth able to interpret the crop circles correctly. One could even say that for each message exists only one receiver whose field of research corresponds precisely to the message. Thus, not only are true crop circles are distinguished from the hoaxes by their many and abnormal physical characteristics, but also because of their rigorously directed significance.


There are three levels of evolution for intelligence.

  • The causal intelligence is that of the average person who establishes relations of cause for purpose between the phenomena. It is the role of current science through, in particular, the equations.

  • The intelligence of the meaning is that of the intuition where bonds of significance are established between situations and clues apparently without relation. The evolved intelligence, that of extraterrestrial, is symbolic and subtle because it speaks by images and association of ideas.

  • The creative intelligence is the highest stage. It supplants any causal relation, subtle or not, by psychically creating any situation. It is the divine level of perfect visualization, that of the pure art.

The communication of extraterrestrials with the men through crop circles implies an objective and a particular language from them. The extraterrestrials are advanced intelligences expressing themselves in an elaborate language. They know our technical and scientific level. They thus do not find it beneficial to simply show us what we can check for ourselves, as the exact date of any planetary configuration. It is not a question of monkeys awaiting a reward after having carried out an imitation of our knowledge. That does not literally make any sense. They do not need to show the superiority of their intelligence. Their technology is, in this respect, a sufficiently invidious message for the man.

On the other hand, they may find it beneficial to voluntarily add a “mistake” so that we can ask the right questions. It is even the principle of the relevant communication: to draw the attention, and to transmit a message of reflection. Like known as Small Prince of Saint-Exupéry, "the rose has importance only when we look after it".

In the case of the "Missing Earth", not only is the Earth missing but it is for a precise reason. Not because it would be in several different places according to the years having identical configurations - everyone knows that the interior planets are fast and often find similar positions - but because we are supposed to ask: "where did the Earth pass? ". And overall: "why did it disappear? "

Thus, the date of May 14, 2006 is perfect because, in the image of the Earth which meets comet for the configuration suggested, the "mistake" of the position of Mars suggests that the event the extraterrestrials want to tell us is AFTER MAY 14, 2006. For this reason Mars, in this crop circle, is slightly beyond the real position of MAY 14, 2006 (NASA simulation), date of the comet approach at the closest point from Earth, of which each one could think that it is favorable with a collision.

Why choose Mars rather than another planet? Because it is Mars which SW-3 initially "will see". Mars thus indicates from where the danger will come corresponding to the "Missing Earth".

In the same way, the crop circle of 1995 pointing to September 6, 2003 shows an "anomaly": the intruder close to Venus. The question that the allied extraterrestrials ask us is:

"you recognized September 6, 2003 (observe what will occur on this date), but did you understand the reason of this particular point on the trajectory of the Earth in connection with September 6, 2006?”

The answer is that the question of the World Referendum, that I received on September 6, 2003, is related to the collision of comet. It tries to prevent it. It is thus necessary to read again the message of benevolent extraterrestrials, "Do you Wish Us to Show Up?" [15]


Here are some extracts:

Peace and reunification of your peoples would be a first step toward the harmony with civilizations other than yours….

This message would be of no interest if these manipulators’ tutorate did not reach its peak and if their misleading and murderous plans did not materialize in a few years from now. Their deadlines are close and mankind will undergo unprecedented torments for the next ten cycles. ...

We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life, constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradication of suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to new forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of consciousness. ...

The danger would move away from your residences because you would indirectly force the undesirable ones, those which we call the third part, to show themselves and disappear. You would bear the same name and would have the same roots: Humanity! ...

Translate and spread this message widely. This action will affect your future in an irreversible and historical way at the scale of milleniums, otherwise, it will postpone a new opportunity to choose to several years later, at least one generation, if it can survive. ...

Not choosing, stands for undergoing other people’s choice. Not informing others stands for running the risk of obtaining a result that is contrary to one’s expectations. Remaining indifferent means giving up one’s free will.

The crop circle of September 6, 2003, called "Asteroid ", thus has an intruder in the representation of the interior solar system.

One can easily imagine that it is about a potentially dangerous object, in fact SW-3, since it is on the trajectory of the Earth.

We can notice that the intruder leads us to another anomaly in this crop circle, that of the asteroid belt on the orbit of Mars whereas it is actually well beyond. It should not be there! The asteroids are numerous and represent a danger of collision for planets, just like the intruder in the near future. Moreover, the asteroids are laid out in a rather anarchical way in the drawing ("asteroid"), contrary to a rigorously circular alignment in the first circle of culture ("missing Earth"). This message of “Asteroid” could even describe the multiplicity of the object located on the trajectory of the Earth, i.e. its fragmentation!

Just let us note that the intruder is slightly inside the terrestrial orbit, like SW-3 at the time to cross the ecliptic plane. Why would this be this comet rather than another object?

For the simple reason that this crop circle indicates a date, September 6, 2003, date of reception of an  EXTRATERRESTRIAL MESSAGE OF PEACE: "Do you Wish Us to Show Up?" It is about a world referendum diffused primarily on Internet in more than one hundred countries, historically the most known in the world. The relation between this message and the intruder is not in any doubt today. The individual that received the message is also that which accepted the date of collision of comet - in PERFECT ALIGNMENT with scientific data - on May 25, 2006!

Why is the object beside Venus rather than on its elliptic trajectory around the sun?

On September 6, SW-3 was still very far from the interior solar system. What is remarkable, on the other hand, is to note that the intruder is contrary to the terrestrial orbital position. The message of peace corresponding to this crop circle seems to differ from a message of war and destruction, like announcing the danger of a confrontation coming from extraterrestrials, different from the creators of this crop circle. The danger is indeed extraterrestrial since it is out of our planet, hence its representation in an astronomical form.

Venus, symbol of the love in our subconscious, is perhaps not foreign with the fraternal solutions suggested by the world referendum to solve the threat of war. This is why, through the world message, Venus protects us from the influence of the intruder. This last is strongly related to Mars, subconscious symbol of force, war and destruction. An alternative is thus proposed to humanity.

Mars is actually represented five times in this crop circle of "the asteroid", focusing our attention, by an incredible mathematical precision cleverly proved by Jack Sullivan [16], over the year that this message indicates: 2003. Mars occupies in this figure exactly the positions of a eight years cycle on its own orbit, But, eight years, it is also the number of years separating the year of the crop circle creation (1995) from the year indicated in this one (2003)!

The remarkable aspect of the symbol of Mars, threatening the Earth of a rain of objects (SW-3 fragmented), is that, remember, this planet was, and this for centuries in astronomy, at the closest point from Earth only a few days BEFORE September 6, 2003, like the intruder will be announced at the closest point from Earth BEFORE May 25, 2006, as the crop circle "Earth missing" indicates it. Most incredible is that the five positions of Mars also correspond to the lower Venus conjunctions (closest point from Earth), symbolizing the specific influence of the love in the conscience of the men by a message of peace ("do you wish us to show up?”).

But what did the men do with this message translated in more than fifteen languages these three last years? Many were mobilized.

This is why in several places of the world, AFTER the diffusion of this message "Do You Wish us to Show Up?", for the first time in UFOlogy history, tens, even hundreds of lights were seen in the skies, as the photographs show below, without natural or technical explanation coming to contradict this demonstration of goodwill of benevolent extraterrestrials.

But this mobilization is for the moment unfortunately too weak to reach the critical point necessary for a massive appearance of material vessels as proposed by these extraterrestrial allies.

Both crop circles of 1995, "Missing Earth" and "Asteroid", are closely dependent. The chronological order of appearance of these crop circles is exactly that of the dates symbolized in those: June 20 for the “Asteroid", June 25 for the "Missing Earth". Initially a message of peace from our allies, then a message of war from our adversaries. When one compares the layout of both crop circles, one sees a clear stylistic difference, suggesting authors of different faction. The loop is complete.

"Missing Earth"                                                                                                    "Asteroid"


These two crop circles were made the same year, in 1995, just after launching in 1994 of the Star Wars program by the Clinton administration in its reduced version. But the Bush administration made its spearhead of it since he has held the top position of power This is why the danger of collision exists right now, at the moment when we are on the verge of engaging in a nuclear conflict!

We do not have now much any more of time to change the course of the history. You should know that I do not gain anything by warning you of this danger. It is even precisely the opposite. But failing to show you what I saw, and the suffering that I felt, I tried to present as many determining and verifiable elements to you as possible.

Why not, as of today, take precautions and alert all those which you can? Those which, as brilliant as they are, say to you that nothing will occur on MAY 25, 2006 will not be there to hold your hand at the proper time to save you. They will say just: "My God! What a horror!"

But you will not be able to say anything.... except if you think by yourselves right now.






[4] Here is an extract of a private letter speaking about this hoax:

”that beautiful and charismatic that the geometrical design was used in 2001 to create a man-made (hoaxed) replica of it in the East Field near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, England. This copy was made for a movie-project but was planed to be conducted like a real hoax... under "real" circumstances (even if the farmer was paid) but the hoax went wrong and the hoaxers were caught in the act already soon after midnight by several researchers... also the hoaxing took them until the early morning into the sunlight and I guess it was something like 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning when they finished. The ground floor looked in some places very rough but also not too bad... but it was a very obvious hoax.”

[5] Extract of the press release from ESA:

“On August 20, it was observed by a Japanese amateur astronomer at magnitude 13, quite normal for this comet at the given heliocentric distance. This corresponds to about 700 times fainter than what can be seen with the unaided eye”.






[11] La Science des Extraterrestres, Eric Julien, JMG Editions, Juillet 2005.


[13] “On the night of 6/7th April 2000, one of the largest solar storms of the century erupted on the Sun, flooding the Earth’s ionosphere with particles and creating the widest sighting of the aurora borealis across the UK and other parts of Europe for many years, usually being restricted to more northern regions (…) The solar storm, caused by an enormous flare thrown out by the Sun as it approached its eleven-year peak of sunspot activity, had been measured by some observatories as a G4 event on a scale of 1 to 5 – very big, threatening satellite communications and other electronic systems”.