by Eric Julien

from ExopoliticsInstitute Website


Translated by Chuck Brandstater

About the Author: Eric Julien (aka Jean Ederman) is trained as a fighter pilot, has been a military air controller, a twin-engine pilot in commercial aviation, and an airline port chief; he has worked in the framework of operations in large Parisian airports.

Holder of a Diploma of Advanced Specialized Studies in Economic Sciences with a concentration in new technologies, he obtained training as a director of international airports at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (National School of Civil Aviation).


He confirms having had contacts with extraterrestrials and is sharing his understanding of the universe through this work. More info at:

[Note: Eric Julien is a speaker at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace Conference]


We are in the habit of thinking about extraterrestrials as potential invaders. What is this idea of them as a security threat based on? Essentially on two aspects: ignorance of our impact in the universe; and our beliefs forged by popular movies. Yet the reality is very different. To these two reasons can be added a third: the fear of being inferior. It is enough to analyze the present situation and to understand the laws that govern the world in order to become conscious of our own role in the appearance of UFOs, that is, of extraterrestrials. It is important to distinguish two historical periods: before and after the Second World War!

We are not going to discuss here the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), which is logically supported by the observations of tens of thousands of witnesses. Indeed, the equation is rigorously simple. Unusual aerial and undersea phenomena are observed by witnesses many of whom are trustworthy (pilots, air controllers, scientists, ship commanders, military officers, and so on).


These phenomena, sometimes in the form of objects detected by radar, are not only outside the framework of “natural” explanations but demonstrate intelligent behavior: following of vehicles or people, evasive bearings, instantaneous disappearances and/or appearances of creatures inside and outside the vessels, flybys over strategic locations, etc. The performance of these objects, attested by physical measures, is well beyond that of our best technologies.


Overwhelming clues

At the end of 1953, the very official (United States) Project Blue Book delivered its initial report on UFOs as Captain Ruppelt explained:

“Since June 1947, when the first UFO report had been made, ATIC had analyzed 1,593 UFO reports. About 4,400 had actually been received, but all except 1,593 had been immediately rejected for analysis…. in five and a half years something like 44,000 UFO sightings had been made…The reports that we were interested in were the 26.94 per cent or 429 “Unknowns,” so we had studied them in great detail.”1

A qualitative and quantitative study of the engineer Laurent Gonin, a volunteer contributor to the SEPRA [Service d’Expertise des Phénomènes de Rentrées Atmosphériques - Atmospheric Re-entry Phenomena Expertise Department], enlightens us on the reality of these feats and of this intelligence.2 In his report on cases of simultaneous radar and visual sightings, he identifies the measured feats of UFOs:

• 23% of UFOs have a speed higher than mach 3.
• 18% of UFOs are stationary.
• 14% of UFOs disappear on the spot.
• 5% execute sharp turns (equivalent to several tens of g’s).

...and their intelligent behavior:

• 24% carry out aerial maneuvers.
• 19% follow planes.
• 12% flee from planes.
• 8% simulate a near-collision
• 3% are in formation.
• 3% engage in aerial combat.

As of September 28, 1947 (some weeks after the historic observation made by Kenneth Arnold), a memorandum of General Nathan F. Twining, Chief of the Air Material Command, clearly established that for the whole of the observations:

“A. The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.

B. These objects are approximately in the form of a disk ...

C. the reported characteristics, such as the elevated speed of ascent, the maneuverability (particularly in rolling), as well as the possibilities of evasion when they are detected by radar, let us believe that certain of these objects are controlled manually, automatically or at a distance.”3

This memo, reference TSDIN/HMM/ig/6-4100, showed from the beginning that our MHD (MagnetoHydroDynamic) technology was incompatible (“particularly in roll”) with the technology at work in UFOs. Besides, a letter from General Schulgen addressed to the FBI indicated on September 5, 1947,

“the Army Air Forces has no project with the characteristics similar to those which have been associated with the Flying Discs.”4

If these creatures, objects or phenomena are not from here, they are from elsewhere! QED. But are their feats truly incomprehensible? No! The book, The Science of the Extraterrestrials, describes the new temporal paradigm in which UFOs are perfectly explainable.5 The problem thus is twofold.

  • How do UFOs act?

  • What do they want?

To answer these two questions we need to go through a close examination of the state of the art in scientific matters.


A third question is implicit:

  • Who are they?

Maybe, then, we will define what the Elsewhere means. Before getting there, we need to recall that contemporary science is far from at an end. We are but at the beginnings of our quest.


The special issue marking the 35th anniversary of La Recherche, dated October 2005, invited us to discover “the most perplexing enigmas of science.” 6 For the occasion, 35 enigmas were picked for presentation. An exhaustive list of the questions that lack answers would probably resemble a phonebook.

Among the most important enigmas are included those that touch on Ufology! “In search of zero time?”; “What is life?”; “The ultimate equation for physics?”; “How do neurons manufacture consciousness?”; “Why do people have so few genes?”

Although emblematic, the choice of those 35 enigmas was necessarily arbitrary. Ufologists as well as parapsychologists might have suggested plenty of others. What needs recalling is that before rushing to embrace prosaic solutions to explain UFOs, certain scientists would do well to sweep their own rooms. This digression has as its purpose to open the minds of those whom the development that follows might frighten.


We are going to show that the atomic weapons put in use at the end of the Second World War constituted the founding and triggering element of the flying saucer era. We have, in our ignorance, created the conditions for the irruption of the galaxy into the environment of our little blue planet. Far from representing but a scientific interest for our visitors, we have become their security threat. From there stems the sprawling spectrum of their behaviors in our view.


A burdensome character, an annoying book

Let us start with the phenomenological indices of the correlation between nuclear devices and UFOs. One of the most striking aspects of Ufological casuistry is the flyby, or even the neutralization of nuclear sites, be they civil or military. The work of Jean-Jacques Velasco and Nicolas Montigiani, OVNI, l’évidence, is useful in more than one respect.

To the minds of many, this book is above all the work of the management of the SEPRA (in the bosom of the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) more than of private citizen Velasco. Though declaring that he was expressing only his own opinions, and not those of his prestigious institution, Jean-Jacques Velasco yet relies on the files of SEPRA accumulated through the course of the years, reports of which he shows all the affection he has for them by entitling his second chapter “I open my files.”


These archives are unique in all the world:

• they were drawn up in the bosom of an official state entity
• they cover a period of several decades of recorded UFO cases

The official reaction to the appearance of the work was most disturbing. Right away, Jean-Jacques Velasco was asked to submit his resignation from SEPRA to the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales – France’s equivalent to NASA) since his academic conclusions were not to the liking of his superiors. In essence, Velasco declares that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin and that a nuclear/UFO correlation is indubitable. In return for his resignation, which curiously occurred in silence, the CNES accepted the launching of a Steering Committee presided over by Yves Sillard for the successor of SEPRA, that is, GEIPAN (with an “I”).


Yves Sillard was, among other things, Director General of the CNES. He was even there at the start of GEPAN in 1977, this being the structure that preceded SEPRA.7 Sillard has confirmed the words of Jean-Jacques Velasco concerning the proportion (13.5 %) of the cases of UFOs that are unexplained and inexplicable with the fundamentals of current science. Let us not forget that Yves Sillard is a scientist at a high level.

Before approaching the substance of the book, it would not be unimportant to indicate that Carnot Editions, publisher of Velasco and Montigiani, went into liquidation some months after this publication! It is difficult to make an enlightened commentary on the reasons for this bankruptcy. It remains no less true that this coincidence is disturbing. Velasco is thus prevented from having his book widely distributed. Furthermore, he is in litigation to retrieve his author’s rights. The response of the CNES was to offer him a position in the Communications Department of CNES. What is more inhibiting to expressing oneself than responsibility for the communication of the department to which one belongs? By all appropriate means, Jean-Jacques Velasco has been silenced.

What does this series of obstacles mean? Many Ufologists have seen in the work, OVNI, l’évidence, nothing but a compilation of the best-known cases. On the basis of these comments, I myself approached the reading of his book with this truncated view. In closing it, I realized that the majority of French Ufologists had not understood its main point at all. They had bypassed the essential. The reminders of the solid cases in reality served a clear objective: the nuclear/UFOs correlation. This is no novelty in and of itself. Many knew that UFOs had done flybys over strategic sites. But why?

The French ought to remember that Michel Debré, who later became Prime Minister, had pleaded before the French Senate, in July 1954, for the manufacture of atomic weapons, and a budget of 100 million francs was approved for the development of the nuclear arsenal in December 1954; this was the year of the greatest wave of UFOs that the country has known, in particular above military nerve centers (Vernon, Coulommiers, Metz, Orange) in the second half of the year. French military officials do not have a short memory. Besides, they were the first to record observations of Mysterious Celestial Objects (MCO).

UFOs have also done flybys over plenty of other places, essentially in the country, in the middle of nowhere. Thus, in the ambient noise, the “nuclear” signals do not appear clearly. The novelty comes from the placement in perspective of three aspects of importance since the dawn of the UFO phenomenon as understood today:

• The superposition of the statistical patterns for observations of UFOs with those for nuclear tests.
• The same people are behind nuclear deployment and official reports on UFOs.
• UFOs are often spotted above nuclear sites.

It is not unimportant to note a connection between the audit of SEPRA and the comments of J.J. Velasco.8 He indicates at the start of his seventh chapter:

“A wild course of the arms industry will make the factories turn to the sole advantage of guns, instead of improving the lot of the populace.”

When one knows that 36% of the people questioned in the audit of the SEPRA are in or tied to the military, and that they constitute the majority of those interviewed, one will hardly be astonished at the consequences described above.

Nor will one be astonished at the wall of silence that covers the UFO phenomenon in the media, an embarrassed silence that they replace without restraint with the dismissive tone of sarcasm. Did you know that the CNES, reputedly a civilian center, benefited, as assigned project manager, from 15 million francs of the 2000 budget for military space equipment of the Ministère de la Défense Nationale {National Defense Ministry}, with some 250 million francs of budget upstream under consideration?


The budget of the European Union for military space equipment is 500 million euros annually. The part that comes back to France represents 2.5% of its own budget for military equipment. For the USA, it is 10%! Taking into account the American budget devoted to military equipment overall, there is no doubt that the technical progress made across the Atlantic has been well beyond that in Europe.

As for those who demand proof, let them start by requiring transparency. But too few free themselves of the tricks that the nuclear expo exhibitors play before their eyes. The UFO is never under the expected cup. Distraction is an old method but it always works. They even applaud their trick by hiding behind the smokescreen of rationalism.


The nuclear actors become Ufologists

Velasco indicates:

“This is the outcome of the most secret program ever put in motion by humanity: the Manhattan Project. The mission was the work of a team of physicists placed under the authority of the physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer (and among these scientists there figure names that we will find, in some cases, closely involved in stories of flying saucers, such as John von Neumann, Robert Sarbacher or even Edward Condon)” .

Examining official documents declassified by the USA, the former head of the SEPRA specifies that the first meeting on the subject of UFOs took place at Los Alamos, high point of the nuclear-military establishment, on Wednesday, February 16, 1949, in the presence of Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb.


Investigations of UFO flybys have been conducted in the bosom of the predominantly nuclear air bases (Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Kirtland, Sandia, Alamogordo, Holloman, Pepperell, Malmstrom, Minot, Fairchild, Kingcloe, Wurtsmith, Sawyer, Plattburg, Loring, Pease, and so on). On October 2, 1968, a silo at the Minuteman missile base in North Dakota was deactivated despite the efforts of the military forces, while the UFO was observed for two and a quarter hours (there were twenty witnesses).

The Batelle Institute, a private industrial research organization, itself had reported on this factor:

“20% of unknown aerial phenomena observed above American territory occur over regions that include strategic sites.” 9

Velasco cites for example the nuclear plants at Hanford, Oak Ridge, and Knoxville, where interceptions are attempted, in vain. We know today that French cases demonstrate the same nuclear interest on the part of the extraterrestrials. Thus, this was the case for the observations of five eyewitnesses on board a military craft above the atomic testing zone of Colomb-Bechar in the Algerian desert in December 1965.

To return to the USA, and taking into account the extent of its territory, this figure of 20% does not represent any random distribution. Nor is it by chance that we have the presence of nuclear specialists among those dealing with the subject of UFOs. Plenty of experts in other disciplines could have been chosen to conduct the official investigations. It becomes clear from that point on that the secret surrounding UFOs was maintained by the best experts of the information blackout, those of the Manhattan Project. This is the reason that the UFO files are at a level higher than Top Secret.

Recalcitrant rationalists adorn themselves with the virtues of the Condon report of the Colorado Project, of which the conclusion is unquestionably a denial of the UFO phenomenon, and furthermore of the extraterrestrial hypothesis. This American report from 1969 marks a period to the investigative activities of the Condon Commission, named for the famous physicist Edward Condon, active participant in the Manhattan Project (secret development of nuclear weapons). And yet, the body of the text of this report indicates very clearly that a non-negligible number of cases remain perfectly inexplicable. Put otherwise, the conclusion of the investigation was already written before it took place! Doctors MacDonald, Hynek, and Saunders denounced Condon’s striking lack of objectivity, as he had become a de facto spokesman for the United States Air Force.

Similarly, Velasco makes mention of Project White Stork, allotted from 1951 to 1953 to the Battelle Memorial Institute (Columbus, Ohio), in the framework of Project Blue Book.

Lieutenant Edward J. Ruppelt, in charge of Blue Book secretly entrusted to the Battelle Institute the task of demonstrating that a statistical study on the exogenous character of UFOs was feasible. According to Velasco, the Batelle conclusions, indicated in Special Report Number 14 (classified as confidential) of the Blue Book report, and relying on close to four thousand cases spread from 1947 to 1952, establish that 19.7% of the cases are inexplicable. That is to say, a rate close to, and indeed higher than, that (13.5%) of the SEPRA. But the remarkable aspect of this report is the clustering of UFOs around military and/or nuclear sites! Let us note that of the twelve observations declared solid by the Batelle Institute, seven are of oval or discoid form.


The UFO/nuclear correlation

But let us return to the nuclear/UFO correlation. Velasco and Montigiani write on the nuclear programs:

“the declassified historical archives reveal the taking of positions on the part of men responsible for great scientific or military programs having to do with nuclear energy. All make allusion to UFOs.”

Conversely, Jean-Claude Sidoun teaches us in his book, Ovnis,

“that in May 1950, a study of Lincoln La Paz, meteorite specialist, confirmed the analysis of 209 observations made by witnesses of quality setting out how forays of unknown aircraft had signaled particular interest in all the sectors of nuclear activity positioned in the USA.” 10

The authors of OVNI, l’évidence observe that atmospheric nuclear testing began in July 1945, coming to an end in 1981. Close to 440 megatons of nuclear power were dissipated in the atmosphere. In contrast, the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (300,000 deaths) had but 0.015 and 0.021 megatons of power. The largest explosion was over Soviet territory: 50 megatons!


The authors indicate, “the total number of explosions in the atmosphere reached 543 aerial tests,” of which the most active periods were 1954, 1958, and 1961 through 1963. In the last three of those years, they specify, up to one explosion every three days was recorded! They assert that as of 1958,

“underground tests began ... for forty years under the aegis at first of the two traditional great nuclear powers. They were joined by France, the United Kingdom, China, India, and Pakistan. Today, we arrive at a total of 1876 underground tests. The last, carried out by India, occurred in 1998.”

That is, a total of 2419 nuclear explosions on Earth from 1945 through 1998! For the atmospheric tests, 440 megatons. But how many megatons for the underground tests, representing the great majority of total nuclear tests? Maybe 1800 megatons cumulative, by extrapolation from the preceding data.

  • What effects does this prodigious energy have on the space-time continuum?

  • What really occurs at the atomic scale for our visitors?

  • How do they view the some 7000 nuclear warheads still operational just in the American arsenal, and close to 6000 warheads on the Russian side?

  • Supposing that each warhead possesses a power of only 20 megatons, we obtain 260,000 megatons of potential destruction for only two nations! What more of the entire globe?

  •  Would this figure not be enough to frighten the extraterrestrials?

  • Are they afraid only that we will destroy ourselves, or on the contrary that we are a threat to them?

In OVNI, l’évidence the authors show a most revealing diagram, where, to save himself from an all-out attack, Jean-Jacques Velasco specifies:

“I am relying on just a single form of data to support my demonstration, the cases of visual/radar aeronautical observations of UFOs. And again: out of 1400 aeronautical cases worldwide, we will keep just 140, pulled from Laurent Gonin’s base. Those which were subject to radar measurement simultaneously with the visual observation.”11

Knowing that Report Number 11 of the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale (IHEDN) indicated as of 1977 that, according to a Gallup poll, 90% of observations did not come to the attention of experts, the real number of radar/visual cases is a good deal larger than the figures presented below.

The following diagram is a correlation between UFOs and nuclear tests. Curved lines represent UFO radar/visual sightings. Light rectangular bars represents atmospheric nuclear tests. Dark rectangular bars represent underground nuclear tests.

Source: Velasco & Montigiani, OVNI, l’évidence, p. 158.

Velasco notes, “in 1998, the end of underground nuclear testing marks the stop of the radar/visual cases.”12 Even beyond these exceptional visual/radar cases, the curves of observations of UFOs fall drastically in the years since 2000 in France (see the linked-to audit of the SEPRA). This is also implied in the UFO crash retrieval book of Ryan Wood where the last of his database of 74 possible crashes occurred in 1996.13


The diagram below shows the correlation between UFO crashes (approximately 70 from Wood’s database) and nuclear tests (2419). We can see that the extraterrestrials might have anticipated future increases in nuclear explosions.

The above graphs inspire two hypotheses.

  • Either the extraterrestrials have voluntarily stopped visiting us thanks to the current nuclear military inactivity, our earlier activity thus having drawn their attention,

  • or – the second hypothesis - it is this very military activity that provoked the involuntary appearance of UFOs in our skies!

Thus there would be an underlying physical law linking nuclear tests and observations of UAP (Unidentified Aerospatial Phenomena). This is just one of the innovative elements provided by The Science of the Extraterrestrials, which appeared in July 2005. This work shows that these two hypotheses are but one and the same.

It is because we disturb them that they come. But they appear physically for the same reason that makes them come. An atomic explosion is a foray into the space-time continuum that they occupy! Breaking an atomic nucleus means extracting the very many chronons existing below the threshold of the chromodynamic scale (study of the quarks of the nucleus). These chronons are imperceptible at our scale of temporal flow but constitute the framework of existence of the evolved extraterrestrials. Besides, they have become ultraterrestrials – imperceptible in our space time continuum – becoming extraterrestrials only when materializing!


Thus, nuclear explosions would produce sudden and undesired materializations of extraterrestrial vessels as secondary effects! It seems that these secondary effects are the achilles heel of the extraterrestrials and the argument for a global nuclear strategy conducted by the U.S. superpower. This seems to set the conditions for its protectorate against the extraterrestrials on a global scale.


Before and After Atomic Weapons

A work that I warmly recommend for your attention is that of Jean-Claude Sidoun. This book, OVNIS : Guerre froide « le grand jeu » [UFOs: Cold War, “the great game”], describes brilliantly in 430 pages the context of nuclear armament and compares it with Ufological observations.

Jean-Claude Sidoun was one of the rare civilian investigators to have participated in the activities of the GEPAN (Groupe d’Etude des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés), the predecessor of the SEPRA. His work, well documented (close to 230 historical references), demonstrates in a convincing fashion some essential points:

• UFOs are not human technologies.
• They appeared massively with the nuclear era.
• UFOs concentrate on strategic sites.
• A policy of disinformation is cleverly maintained in the USA, as elsewhere.
• The USA has constantly fed a global arms race by provoking potential and actual conflicts.
• This American military-industrial policy aims to maintain its planetary domination.
• Its ultimate goal is to confront an extraterrestrial threat, imminent today.

The author wants to show thus that the “cold war,” which still endures, is a pretext, by the overbidding that it entails in terms of military investments, for the maintenance of Research and Development in view of ending up at a global spatial defense against the ETs. Sidoun reviews a series of Ufological cases arising during the Second World War, before atomic weapons. There he describes events outside the reach of human technical feats, even today. At first impression, if the UFOs precede the nuclear era then there is no direct link. In reality, the chronology of our temporal material flow is not at all respected in the universe of quantum theory, of which the scale involves precisely the chain reaction mechanisms of the atomic nucleus.


Put otherwise, our future was the present of the extraterrestrials in their space-time. This notion is largely acknowledged even in special relativity theory. Thus, the few years prior to the first human nuclear test underline the interest of the ETs in our evolution. But why would they suddenly become interested in our presence on the battlefields of the Second World War, while humanity has constantly known war everywhere on Earth, in every era, without any sightings of UFOs? Why this sudden interest in our survival? Can it really be a matter only of our survival when one thinks of the innumerable genocides that humanity has known in history without the intervention of ETs?

This question seems essential to us. Observations of UFOs were made well before the middle of the 20th century. But, on the one hand, the reports were extremely rare, and on the other hand, the pretext of defense secrets could not be invoked in a civilization unaware of the possibility of building airships. Put otherwise, every aerial observation prior to the 20th century could be recorded by the historians without affecting the sensitivity of the military institutions. The extreme rarity of the observations thus was real.

Now, civilian aviation rapidly became military. Thus, the reports originating from pilots or air controllers during the second global conflict, in Europe (Germany) as well as Asia (Japan), early on were put under wraps in the national interest. Thus there were many more observations after the second half of the 20th century than there were official reports. The nagging question was to know which adversary had manufactured these unknown objects.


Yet, the Foo Fighters (luminous balls) encountered in flight by war pilots were not man made. Besides, it is remarkable that UFOs before 1945 were all, with some very rare exceptions, luminous appearances and not objects! Appearance of material objects and atomic tests are thus connected. A small digression is needed. It is stated by most of us that the stars, and the sun in particular, experience continuous thermonuclear explosions. In this case, our atomic tests would seem benign with respect to stellar power. The truth is that the thermonuclear activity of the stars is a hypothesis, nothing more. An alternative has been proposed, that of the “cold sun,” or rather of an “electromagnetic sun.”


One of the great enigmas to be resolved is the very high temperature of the solar corona (several million degrees at hundreds of thousands of miles from the surface), in comparison with the surface temperature of 6000°K. The current theory suggests the hottest temperature to be toward the heart and not the periphery of the star. Thus, the thermonuclear argument would no longer hold and then our atomic activity would become remarkable in the galaxy.


The Nuclear Arms Race

The work of Jean-Claude Sidoun enlightens us on the successive programs of nuclear militarization of the two great powers. The USA and USSR both knew their own waves of UFO observations above their respective strategic centers. If the dawn of the UFO age were the occasion for each to accuse the other of espionage, each rapidly realized that no one on Earth had the technical capacity to replicate with the astounding feats of UFOs.

We can hypothesize that the CIA was created in September 1947 principally to resolve this UFO enigma and to proceed as a priority matter with “the potential evaluation of the danger that could be represented by flying saucers.”14 We see here that the materialization of an UFO (they had previously been only luminous) made the authorities fear a manifest superiority on the part of extraterrestrials.


Because at this time they had a ship and aliens in their hands. Besides, it is legitimate to ask why the director of the AMC (Air Material Command), Lieutenant General Nathan Twinning, is the one asked by his superior, General Georges Schulgen, for a memorandum of recommendations.


Is Twinning not the one who is in possession of an ET craft that is indeed physical, that is made of aerial material? Was Twinning not the one who affirmed, “the phenomena reported are real and not from the domain of fiction”? The US Air Force has incessantly been helped in this by the CIA and even by yet more secret agencies, in augmenting its military budget for the purposes of developing arms capable of neutralizing these incredible ships.


It is highly probable that the Pentagon, and in particular those responsible for the military atomic program, have come to understand the nuclear dimension of the UFO phenomenon. If they did not necessarily destroy the ET ships, the nuclear explosions seemed to possess one virtue: they materialized them!

In rendering visible the invisible, the US Air Force at least had the advantage of specifying the threat in terms of the number of observations. From there came the multiplication of atomic tests. From there came the curve of radar/visual (UFOs materializing) cases matching that of atomic tests. Thus maybe they multiplied the UFO crashes, as may have been the case a year later in 1948 in Laredo, Texas? Did this policy of evaluation of the extraterrestrial threat have nuclear proliferation as a consequence? It is now clear that the number of warheads greatly surpasses national needs. Let us see that.

The United States military plans of 1945 known as ‘Charioteer’ and ‘Dropshot’ had as a goal militarily forcing the Soviet Union to its knees by means of atomic bombardments.


These plans slightly preceded the great waves of UFOs. It is remarkable to note that Charioteer planned:

“in the course of the first month of the war 133 bombs on 70 Soviet cities. Then, in the course of the two following years 200 other atomic bombs and 250,000 tons of ordinary bombs.”

This plan thus had as a goal the capitulation of the Bolshevik enemy. In total, less than 350 nuclear bombs for the Eastern bloc! Moreover, the bombs of 1945 reached at most 100 kilotons.

That is, 35 megatons dumped on the adversary. This figure is to be compared to the current 260,000 megatons of potential destruction for only two nations! That is, 4000 times the capacity for destroying two subcontinents, one on each side of the old Iron Curtain. Imagine an overproduction of food 4000 times global needs. What to make of this overproduction? Thus such is the nuclear over-arming of planet Earth.

We are convinced from now on that this race for atomic weapons had no other goal than to neutralize the potential extraterrestrial enemy. In doing this, we have also given a pretext to extraterrestrials to become the enemy. Maybe we have pushed them to this extreme. Thus it seems that the abductions and the hybridizations are the consequence of this policy of global over-arming intentionally instituted by the USA, in response to the U.S. nuclear threat. The Balance of Terror was maintained by the Nonproliferation Treaty of 1972 (SALT accords).


The USA disrupted this balance with its NMD (National Missile Defense) program, since become MD (Missile Defense), having as a strategy that is not national but international, in accordance with bilateral defense treaties between the USA and certain countries. In breaking this fragile balance, the USA from that point on engages the other great nations in a new arms race.

The cornerstone of MD, for which the 2002 budget was 7.5 billion dollars, is the development of high-energy laser weapons. Two versions of laser weapons embarked on are programmed: some Boeing 747-400s (Yal.1-ABL) and a network of “satellite-killer” satellites. The United States military space budget would amount to 120 billion dollars. Sidoun invites us to compare it to that of the Apollo program (in current dollars): 25 billion dollars! By way of example, the recent contract for about 100 Airbus craft going to China was for about 9 billion dollars. Why so much money for the space weapons of the armed forces?

The problem is to be found in the identification of the adversary. Foreign Embassies have put forth this strategy of U.S. overbidding because no Rogue State could claim to pose a threat to the U.S. military forces. Even China shows a monstrous military delay compared to the USA. It has but a few tens of nuclear warheads. Moreover, its equipment both defensive and offensive is aging. We know that Americans and Russians have collaborated on the development of laser weapons for twenty years. The question thus remains the same.

  • What is this enemy that pushes the Pentagon to claim ever more technologies, ever more military power?

  • Why such eagerness to ratify laser weapons tests as fast as possible for 2008 according to the agenda reported by Sidoun?


We are a Nuclear Threat to Extraterrestrials

The year 2008 could be the start of a confrontation between humanity and extraterrestrial races.

  • Who will trigger it?

  • Humans?

  • Or previously peaceful ETs?

  • What will the outcome be?

So many questions that could be resolved only by a planetary becoming aware through diplomatic means in the service of World Peace.

  • But who will take this torch?

  • Toward whom will the eyes turn?

  • Who will the new human diplomats be who will negotiate with the visitors from space?

  • What is there to negotiate?

As we have seen, we are a threat to extraterrestrials and they are not likely to accept the use of nuclear weapons. Any war that sparks nuclear confrontation such as Iran might trigger an extraterrestrial response against humanity that collectively threatens extraterrestrial civilizations. Informed Ufologists may, with good reason, wonder about the efficacy of laser weapons on ships that can dematerialize themselves. Is the vocation of these weapons to fire on targets that are numerous, moving, even elusive?


A series of nuclear explosions in space could deal with this difficulty by eliminating the furtiveness of the extraterrestrials. But to overcome a shield, it is enough to multiply the number of swords. Unless the sword is the invincible Excalibur. That is why certain people think that the target is not the UFO but ... the asteroid!


Extraterrestrials capable of so many exploits must surely have the power to divert a celestial body toward Earth as predicted by so many prophets and described by Immanuel Velikovsky. Is this how extraterrestrials will respond to the threat posed by humanity’s use of nuclear weapons?



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