Part III


by Eric Julien

MAY 3, 2006

from SaveLivesInMay Website

This is the third article on my prediction of huge tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean on MAY 25, 2006. It aims first of all at safeguarding the lives of the coastal populations around the Atlantic Ocean where a fragment from comet SW-3 will impact, involving a brutal awakening of underwater volcanoes.

We will reveal aspects which were not covered, until now, in the preceding articles – namely, the direct and indirect incidences of the impact of a comet fragment. We will highlight, in a forthcoming article, the major reasons (beyond natural appearances) which may generate this major catastrophe so that, in the immediate future, we may manifest our collective destiny as well as possible. Of course, I will approach the concrete consequences for the populations.

Let us initially point out the essential facts which pushed me to spend a very great amount of energy to communicate with the public on this future event, considering that I’ve earnestly made affirmations that we are protected from the main comet fragments. Last April 7th, I received the telepathic message of extraterrestrial entities indicating that the vision of a giant tsunami received three years earlier was going to occur on MAY 25, 2006. I then learned of the existence of a fragmented comet, which not only passed more closer to Earth in MAY 2006, but which was to pass through the ecliptic plane on MAY 25! I have the retrospective proof of my vision substantiated by the registered copyright of my second book [1] who presents it.

It’s a one-in-a-million chance that such a fortuitous “coincidence” took place! Similarly, it is more “improbable” that my contacts had also given me the information on the earthquake of Bam in Iran at the end of 2003. Furthermore, the principles of the Science of the Extraterrestrials [2], having been accepted by many scientists, also allowed them the incredible exploits by hundreds observing thousands of UFO in the past. Additionally, since my first article on this event, I have received many testimonies of people having had the same vision of giant waves in the Atlantic, particularly for the end of MAY 2006.

Therefore, I invite each one to request for a happy end, to visualize a future free from misfortunes. By doing this, I’m acting on my affirmation. It is necessary for all to warn our fellow-citizens about the risk of large wave - possibly 200 meters in the most exposed areas - around May 25, 2006 (the Ascension Day for Christians). The majority of them are precisely around the Atlantic. By chance?

To avoid any panic by relying on the assumption of timely, forthcoming alert, the precautions to be taken are very simple: Move away from the coasts and to go up on the heights sufficiently early, and even the day before. Remember that those which declare that no impact will occur on May 25, 2006 will not be there to provide you shelter at the proper time, nor your beloved ones. You will be surprised, alone and without help from them. Warn people around you. Save lives at the end of May 2006!

It is not “The End Of The World!” being considered here. It is only an application of PRUDENCE regarding the potential of a major catastrophe of which we must minimize the effects on the lives that are at risk.

Some reminders

Astronomers are informed of the existence of a certain number of comet fragments but are technically incapable of counting them all. A great number of them could drastically threaten the Earth without ANYBODY knowing anything about it until a few days, or even hours before impact. This is an irrefutable scientific fact!

One will be able to confuse you with statistical conjectures about the probability of such an event, but in the balance, the factors will equally bear the same weight as the opposing assumptions. It is a scientific fact, especially considering the crash landing of two space shuttles was a scientific fact. They belonged to NASA, which implies that previously withheld vital information on this comet of was used to support claims that the comet fragments do not represent a danger. In statistical terms, two out of four represents a 50% error in accuracy by NASA. Historical patterns support this conclusion.

Astronomers remembered the asteroid 2002 MN, a hundred meters wide, which they could detect only AFTER it had passed within less 120,000 kilometers of Earth, a third of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Also, let’s speak about 2004 FH, about 30 m in diameter, located only three days before it passed to 43,000 kilometers of our planet. These are FACTS.

Similarly, NO ONE on this planet understands the reasons of the fragmentation of the comet 73P/SW-3 in 1995 in the first place! I still consider the relevance of the two crop circles of extraordinary importance for our common destiny that appeared two months later. Let’s initially recall that a crop circle called "galaxy" had forewarned, only five years earlier, one of the greatest solar flare periods of our history. This suggests that the authors of this geometric language, the extraterrestrials, have the capacity to travel in or envision the future. The crop circles of which I speak, "Asteroid" and "Missing Earth", were adequately detailed in my preceding article. Let us suggest that these are proof that these advanced intelligences, cloaked behind the event of MAY 25 2006, have envisaged, and caused, long in advance, the scenario that proceeds in this event.

"Missing Earth"                                                                                                    "Asteroid"


After a long period of cold war between extraterrestrial and human, concurrently evidenced by abductions and nuclear tests comes a precursor, what is more accurately called the Apocalypse (i.e. the Revelation of their existence in the world), generated by a “premeditated” major catastrophe. This upheaval does not constitute the end of the world but is a warning intended to prohibit the use of our nuclear weapons (which attack them in their plane of existence).


Works of an Italian physicist [3], Giorgio Fontana, offers precise conclusions in support of the scientific contribution (Absolute Relativity) by my extraterrestrial contacts (Science of the Extraterrestrials [4]), who wrote to me recently:

"Absolute Relativity is a real variant of Special Relativity!!! (...) It may happen that the effect of nuclear explosions can affect millions of parallel worlds, which we cannot see."

There are two extraterrestrial factions. One of them is opposed to this cometary striking. It is that which I consider by ethical principle. An image [5] synthesizes the normal path of this comet, fragmented in 1995 in an unexplainable way.

The figures hereafter point out the conditions of approach of the fragments of the comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, being concurrent with this article are already 61.


These figures result from the data obtained by the site of the Near Earth Object Program [6] within NASA.

The representation above is a "photograph" provided May 14, 2006, a date on which the most important fragments, whose fragment B indicated here, gain critical global attention for astronomical projections regarding their proximity to the Earth (red circle).

This second illustration above, shows the relative “top view” position of the fragments. We clearly see that the orange trajectory of one “identified” comet fragment, unobservable at the moment, is perfectly between the most extreme parameters (trajectories of the fragments Y and S).

The perspective of the same fragments above implies a weak angular difference between the “officially” located fragments and another possible deviation in fragment trajectory. Below, the figure represents the orientation of the comet tail compared to the trajectory of the core (fragment B and C mainly).


This orientation is primarily due to solar wind. In the case of SW-3, the tail will be also made up of abnormally large fragments. The Earth will cross this tail approximately MAY 24, 2006. The risks of MAY 25 are substantial.

A deep study on comet SW-3 was published... one year ago, in May 2005 [7]. It shows that the Earth would be swept by a meteor shower in May 2006 named Tau Herculids, precisely coming from comet SW-3. Many comets have a long plume that the sun creates or facilitates.


This plume widens under, more or less, due to strong influence of the gravitation of other planets, in particular, Jupiter, which is the largest planet of the solar system. Originally, it appeared that the comet had a size of 1.5 kilometers. The study estimates 64,000 small pieces were released by SW-3!

3D interactive program that shows the orbit of the selected object
1 AU = 1 Astronomical Unit = 149,597,871 kilometers

Additional Notes: the orbits shown in the applet are color coded. The planets are white lines, and the asteroid/comet is a blue line. The bright white line indicates the portion of the orbit that is above the ecliptic plane, and the darker portion is below the ecliptic plane. Likewise for the asteroid/comet orbit, the light blue indicates the portion above the ecliptic plane, and the dark blue the portion below the ecliptic plane.

Orbit Viewer applet originally written and kindly provided by Osamu Ajiki (AstroArts), and further modified by Ron Baalke (JPL).


However, between the end of 2002 and mid-2003, when SW-3 had its slowest speed, Jupiter and Saturn influenced the previously fragmented comet. The relative positions of these planets tended to cause the fragments to deviate towards the outside of the elliptic orbit of the comet. In other words, this gravitational action strongly supported trajectories of collision with the Earth.

Knowing that speeds of ejection can reach a hundred meters a second due to the exceptional outburst which SW-3 experienced, one can imagine that fragments are very dispersed. For example, the ejection speed of 30 meters a second, due to the worsening gravitational influence evidenced above since the beginning of the fragmentation of SW-3, represents more than 10 million kilometers between the main core and ejected fragments. The principal fragments will pass between 9 and 12 million kilometers of us. This results in our being exactly in the middle of the meteor cloud!

In spite of the empirical data provided in the aforementioned study, calculated by a Gaussian distribution of the fragments around the principal core, many unknown factors remain, particularly the fragmentation of SW-3. Fragment S is an obvious example. All the scientific debate about the collision, pro and con, of a fragment with the Earth comes from primitive evaluations, as the study referred to above reveals. In short, my critics assure safety, bolstered by press releases, predicated upon a hypothesis eclipsed by an enormous unknown factor that they prefer to evade.

This unknown factor is extraterrestrial intervention. Of course, no astro-mathematical model applies to extraterrestrial intervention! This is what I recently explained to a physicist who clings to Newtonian Physics. The safety of millions of people rests in the hands of very questionable theoretical study based on a traditional model for ejection of comet fragments whereas the original circumstances of these ejections were not traditional.

Regardless of counterclaims, accelerated fragmentations of B and G at the end of April 2006 has startled astronomers. It gets even better, NASA’s deceiving “short-sightedness” was revealed in "convenient” updating of data! More than disconcerting, it is highly suspect. NASA’s press release on my collision alert of May 25, 2006 was disseminated on an international scale, after my interview had taken place on April 24 on the main stream Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory, NASA sent out a press release on April 27th reassuring the public about the unpredictable character of this comet. It directly coincided with my prediction! It was not uplifting for me, but instilled greater doubt and distrust. I benefited by checking the data of the fragments on NASA’s Near Earth Object Program after Elder Hale informed me that George Noory had expressed new concerns during a later broadcast which referenced NASA’s Near Earth Object Program, revealing new, disconcerting data.

“Imagine my surprise” - of course I expected the news about fragment S, having previously emphasized its dangerously abnormal character. NASA’s auspicious press release served to increase support my recent warnings. And not just a little: More than 1.5 million kilometers!


This suggested to me that this could be expected, so I later checked NASA’s belated data on fragments M, N, P, Q, and R at the same time as the fragment S, referenced March 24th - No notable change! Happily, I kept the proof of this likely deception, as illustrated by the figure of the fragment S below. It will probably remain archived.

One sees well in bottom on the left a distance of 0,0497 Astronomical Unit. Today, it is around 0.0750 AU, that is to say close to 1.5 million kilometers of additional distance according to NASA’s spurious distortion of astrophysics. Two assumptions: Either it is an error which one corrected, (and that means that NASA can still make errors) or, NASA’s uncertain! The assertions of NASA on April 27th were premature at best.

Either there is INFORMATION HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC in connection with certain fragments, or it is even more serious! In both cases, my vision seriously gains credit from a purely scientific point of view. The continuation will confirm it.

Still recently (checked at the date of this article), extremely curious data appeared on the table of short distances objects of the Near Earth Object Program [8]:


Close-Approach Date

Miss Distance


Miss Distance








73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3-BD

2006-May-11 21:53 ± 11:11







The posted distances are 0.04 Lunar Distance or 0.00010 Astronomical Unit. This fragment SW-3BD would thus pass infinitely closer than the other fragments hitherto identified, since it should be at the date of MAY 11, 2006, with the third of the distance Earth - Moon. Two details raise the doubt. It appears with the first line on a list of 70 heavenly objects to be noticed! Particularly, it will pass to 21h53 (2+1+5+3=11) more or less 11H11.


This last figure is esoterically known to imply “synchronicity”. It would appear that the person who wrote the data within NASA’s Near Earth Object Program wants to “reveal” a message to the world saying:

"It is a deliberate error exposing that this table is false!".

If it is false, my hypothesis is plausible, and especially the worst of it.

Impact in the Atlantic

In the images below, I endeavored to visualize the trajectory of a hypothetical piece of comet. By doing this, I wanted to check if my vision of eruption of underwater volcanoes, after noon, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and close to the tropic of Cancer, corresponded to the available scientific data. Then I reproduced the spinning angle of the Earth coinciding to the most probable trajectory of a fragment in direction of the Earth.

Visualizing that night has just fallen in Western Africa, the trajectory of the fragment would be precisely the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the tropic of Cancer! Of course, the precision of the point of impact is impossible to determine in the current state of the available data (until the last moment). The remarkable fact is that the conjunction of the slopes (Earth + comet fragment) significantly substantiates my vision.


However, we cannot confirm that it is the Atlantic Ocean which will face the fragment supposed to strike us, presently. A thing is certain: The fragment, attracted by terrestrial gravity (represented by a cone in the images below) will fall close to the tropic of Cancer! Its trajectory will pass by the center of the Earth as the laws of the gravitation require it. The direction of the movement of the celestial bodies in the figures below go from right-hand side and to the left, upwards.

The trajectory of the fragment in the shape of cone crosses the ecliptic plane of the Earth, on the trajectory of the latter, at the time when our planet is there.

The purple line represents the trajectory of the Earth around the sun, which is virtually behind us (on the first image above). The yellow trajectory is that of the collision fragment. One sees, in contrast, the ecliptic plane.

One of the obvious aspects is that this cometary trajectory is direct, i.e. almost perpendicular to the surface of the Earth, implying minimal breaking through the atmosphere, and continuing through the ocean before running up against the ocean bottom. Its energy will be enormous.

In comparison to the last images, the concentric wave may not be exclusively generated directly by the impact of the cometary fragment, but by the explosive eruption of underwater volcanoes on the mid-Atlantic dorsal having suffered the shock wave of the cometary fragment. It may be that a long period exists between impact and eruption, even one day or two. It was the case for the tsunami of Sumatra. Seven days before an asteroid hit Indonesia. In addition, the moon will be between Earth and Sun, attracting strongly the magma in the upper areas.


This configuration was seen in different major catastrophes like the Sumatra, Iran and San Francisco big earthquakes. Remember that the last eclipse occurred in the Atlantic Ocean MARCH 29, 2006! Just two months before the event, i.e. the same time between the “Missing Earth” crop circle appearance and the SW-3 fragmentation.

The concentric circle causing the tsunami enlarges in a predictable way, but calculate the distance of the huge wave towards the African, American, and European coasts. On the day side, in South America, Central America and North America, the inhabitants will see the wave arriving.


But in Africa, as in Europe, it will grow dark. It is even probable that the tsunami will touch the French and British coasts on MAY 26, 2006 a little after midnight. Let us remember that the tsunami of Sumatra took 220,000 victims in 11 nations. Calculations suggest 58 million victims in around fifty countries.

In the table [9] below, we can evaluate the power of a comet fragment according to its size.

The fragment should produce the minimum of one megaton (that is to say 50 times Hiroshima atomic explosion), producing 10 megatons (500 times Hiroshima) and causing a very great seismic reading at a magnitude between 8 and 9. But the true danger comes from the unique configuration of the mid-Atlantic dorsal. Indeed, it is the zone of the world where the magma is the closest to the Earth’s crust.


In other words, any shock wave will produce a compression of the magma, which under the intense pressure, will explode with an enormous outburst. This vertical plunge will involve moisture above the surface of the ocean if the ocean floor relatively close to the ocean surface, producing an explosion similar to a spark-ignition engine which violently pushes back the piston by the expansion of gases.

It is auspicious to note that the Tropic of Cancer (located at 23° Northern), where the comet fragment would likely strike the ocean, is not very far from a particular site: Lost City on the Atlantis fault. In addition to the particularity of this mythical name (Atlantis), and of this unusually auspicious location (Lost City), this point is only 700 meters in depth! A comet fragment striking at the mid-Atlantic dorsal with a sufficient energy could awaken the chain of the underwater volcanoes there. Hardly 600 kilometers separate Lost City from the tropic of Cancer. In other words, it’s a very tender zone for an impact.

The mid-Atlantic dorsal is a long line of mountains extending 65,000 kilometers and composed of very many volcanoes. The more closer to surface, the more explosive the eruption that will produce spectacular effects, especially near the Lost City, a site discovered very recently (2001), not very deep (700 m), and which offers a particularly unique geochemical anomaly, according to data completed by IFREMER at the time of the EXOMAR marine exploration.

It is speculative to predict that the comet fragment will fall precisely near the Atlantis fault [10]. Nevertheless, this probability is far from being null and is very likely to occur if the volcanoes are significantly shaken in order to activate them as my vision suggested.

Lost City 700 meters


There exists more than 300,000 underwater volcanoes on Earth, including one substantial part on this dorsal. The precision of the impact is not imperative to create substantial waves, though extremely likely as several volcanoes will be become active the same day, creating a series of waves.

The figures above and below show the continental shelves bordering the emerged crusts in light colours. They will escalate the waves approaching the coasts.

A cursory investigation gives rise to a certainty of the most probable scenario. Accordingly, the meteorite fragment considered in the event of MAY 25, 2006 will strike the mid-Atlantic dorsal, but will not be able, in any case, to generate, by impact alone, the giant tsunami in my vision. It remains that it is likely that no one locally will see the fragment striking ground since it will fall into an oceanic desert.


The huge wave could be only the product of an explosive eruption of one or more underwater volcanoes, which under the enormous pressure exerted by the shock wave of the fragment will expel a great quantity of lava upwards and creating a rise in ocean water, as well as a correlative depression.

The waves of tsunami are propagated out of deep water with a speed which can exceed 800 km/h [11]. Their wavelength from peak to peak goes from several tens to several hundreds of kilometers and a wave height from a few centimeters to several centimeters, so that they are undetectable on board boats. When they reach shallow depths, the waves are slowed down, which causes the formation of a destroying "wall". A wave of one meter can then become a 16 meter wave.

According to the site Futura-Science,

"25 Member States take part in the alarm system to the tsunami (T.W.S. = Tsunami Warning System) in the Pacific, which supervises the seismic and maregraphic stations distributed in the Pacific Ocean in order to evaluate the potentials tsunamigenic of the seisms and to diffuse alarm with the tsunami".

In other words, we do not have ANY MONITORING for the Atlantic Ocean. The times of alarm will be reduced to very little time. As I indicated it in a previous article, only MEASUREMENTS OF PRECAUTION - to move away from the coasts or to go up on the heights - BEFORE the EVENT will allow to save lives.

The last largest tsunami which caused a quantity of casualties and damage throughout the Pacific was generated by a seism located at the broadening of the Chilean coast in 1960.


This tsunami caused human and material devastations not only on the coasts of Chile, but also with Hawaii and further still in Japan. We see above the time lines, i.e. the position of the wave according to previous time.

The figure above shows the relation existing between the depth of the oceanic bottom, the speed of the wave, and its size. A wave slows down with the approach to the coasts, but, and that is quite disturbing, grows enormously bigger while arriving on the coastline. That means clearly that only a preventive alarm for MAY 25, 2006 will come from the measurement of a seism whose epicenter will be located on the Atlantic dorsal, EVEN IF THE SEISM IS APPARENTLY WEAK.

What could cause the tsunami could be the eruption itself, and not the wave of the seism. The tragic irony of this is that the International Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, subservient to its Member States, begins its FIRST TEST OF TSUNAMI ALARM... in the Pacific: Pacific Wave 06. This test, meeting the requirements to evaluate the reactivity of those countries, will take place on MAY 16, 2006, the period of the closest passage of comet SW3. The commission reminds us: "It will be clearly indicated that it is a test and not a real alarm".

Alarm will be given by the location at Hawaii. (It is precisely where I live!) In addition, the exact day when I finished this article, a REAL SEISM OCCURRED IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN, with a real tsunami! It is PRUDENT to pay attention to the indicator signs and go ahead with precautions. I believe that fate is made of very “synchronisticsigns.

The images below summarize the probable scenario of the tsunami in the ATLANTIC that I predict.

Although diagrammatic, these figures describe the specificity of the event. To create waves of 200 meters on the coasts, a wave located in the middle of the ocean should be enough. The impact need not be very powerful. Indeed, the shallowness of the Earth’s crust will easily transmit the shock wave of the cometary fragment to the magma, which under the combined effect of the shock wave and the displacement of the weak mountainous buttress, will be crushed in its housing.


Afterwards, by excessive pressure, a violent magmatic explosion will open the mountain and expunge the lava at very high speeds towards oceanic surface. An enormous wave will be formed.

A research shows, indeed, that the volcanism of a dorsal, particularly in the central rift, is very close to the broad magmatic pockets, where the mantle is partially fused [12]. In other words, a sufficiently severe shock wave would be capable of generating a chain reaction.


The explosion of the Mount St. Helens in the USA in 1980 was equivalent to 27,000 atomic bombs. Krakatoa projected 50 million tons of ashes in the atmosphere in 1883. In February 1953, a major eruption of an underwater volcano, accompanied by pyroclastic bursts, a hundred meters high, near the Lopévi islands [13] in the Pacific was reported.

The French site Futura-Sciences [14] indicates that,

"the tsunamis, called sometimes seismic oceanic waves or incorrectly tidal waves are generated mainly by seisms, sometimes by underwater landslides, more rarely by volcanic eruptions and exceptionally by the impact of a large meteorite in the ocean. The underwater volcanic eruptions can produce really impressive waves of tsunami. The great eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in 1883 have generated gigantic waves reaching 40 meters above the sea level, killing out of the thousands of people and devastating many coastal villages".

A second phenomenon will make the situation quite worse. The awakening of the underwater volcanoes will inevitably be accompanied by a great earthquake, perhaps about 8 or 9 on the Richter scale. This earthquake will inevitably have many counterparts. It will create other seisms in extremely distant areas. Very recently, Russia and South America experienced two great seisms in the magnitude of 7-8 on the Richter scale. But we are likely to experience what is called a "tsunami earthquake," i.e. a seism which produces an abnormally powerful tsunami compared to the magnitude of the seism.

The "tsunami earthquakes" are characterized by ripples from far ocean bottoms, faults of a few meters and smaller fault surfaces in comparison with a traditional seism. They are also slow seisms with a slip along the fault below the underwater bottom slower than at the time of a traditional seism. Two other catastrophic tsunamis originating from a "tsunami earthquake" took place in Java in Indonesia (on June 2, 1994) and in Peru (on February 21, 1996). The Atlantic dorsal very regularly experiences weak earthquakes. One sees on the image below this characteristic pattern [15].

This next seism in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean will probably be contagious, and will affect the whole of the dorsal, in particular the zone of the Azores [16]. But this seismic activity could also shake the zone of the Canaries, that which researchers of Benfield Hazard Research Center studied carefully.


It could cause a very large wave, due to the collapse of a whole side of the Mt. La Palma . The height of the wave created depends on many parameters. It could, in the worst case scenario, reach 600 meters when arriving on the shores.

One clearly sees by the figures above that the giant tsunami [17] would reach the coasts of the American continent in six hours. But in the case of an underwater volcanic eruption, this time is reduced to approximately three to four hours. In my next article I will focus on what it is advisable to do to protect oneself according to the zones and countries.


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