by Michael E. Salla, PhD.

May 29, 2006

from Exopolitics Website

There was a very significant announcement on May 25 concerning ’Divine Strake’, the Pentagon’s plan to test a massive ’conventional’ bomb in Nevada that would have generated a mushroom cloud. After having been initially delayed from June 2 to June 23, ’Divine Strake’ has now been indefinitely postponed. In a Reuter’s news story published on May 26, the Pentagon announced the indefinite delay and the official explanation was as follows:

The National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the Energy Department, said it was withdrawing its finding that the planned detonation of 700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in the Nevada desert would cause "no significant" environmental impact, the agency said.

In an article released on April 9, "Exopolitical Implications of a Preemptive Nuclear War in Iran," I had speculated that the test would be used to persuade the public that "bunker busting" weapons that generated mushroom clouds in a possible attack against Iran were not nuclear weapons but were conventional.


I wrote:

The Bush administration likely plans to advertise the June test as a new ’conventional’ weapon, that generates a mushroom cloud while destroying underground facilities. Consequently, preemptive nuclear strike against Iran’s underground facilities could be marketed to a skeptical American and global public as a series of ’new’ conventional weapons being used rather than tactical nuclear weapons. The Bush administration could argue that the mushroom clouds generated by the new conventional ’bunker busting’ weapons are not due to them being nuclear weapons, and any radioactive fallout was ’proof’ that the bunker busting bomb had in fact destroyed a nuclear facility.

Consequently, ’Divine Strake’ would have made it easier to justify a preemptive war against Iran where the public and senior military leaders were opposed to the use of tactical nuclear weapons as an instrument of national security policy. Divine Strake would have enabled the Bush administration to launch a preemptive nuclear attack against Iran without confirming that nuclear weapons had actually been used. The Nevada test would therefore have indicated that a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran was impending.

Many are aware of Eric Julien’s May 25 comet impact prediction, "The Day of Destiny", that stemmed from extraterrestrials perceiving a preemptive nuclear war as a threat to their vital interests. We also know about the furious policy debate occurring between the Pentagon and the Bush administration that was reported in Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article released on April 8. Hersh alerted the general public that plans to use nuclear weapons had progressed beyond the contingency planning level, and the Bush administration were pushing to have these operationalized.

So in my view, the fact that Divine Strake was indefinitely postponed on May 25 signifies that there has been a very significant policy shift. The preemptive nuclear war option against Iran has very likely been indefinitely pushed back or completely removed as a policy option. The fact that this occurred on the so called "Day of Destiny" indicates that policy makers were very concerned about possible extraterrestrial responses to plans for a preemptive nuclear war. Some of these responses were described in a May 29 Aljazeera article, "US and Iran: the truth is way out there," where I describe a number of options that might be used by extraterrestrials to affect policy as opposed to a comet strike predicted by Julien.
In conclusion, ’Divine Strake’ appears to have been a red line that the Pentagon/Bush administration finally did not cross and have backed off indefinitely. If my analysis is accurate, that means that May 25 was a Day of Destiny after all. The world’s first preemptive nuclear war has been put off indefinitely, and exopolitical issues first debated in the public realm are having an impact on the policy making process due to the widespread dissemination of varying exopolitical analyses.


The possible actions that extraterrestrials might have taken to prevent a preemptive nuclear war against Iran and growing public awareness of this, appear to have been a major deterrent for policy makers in the Bush administration. So May 25, 2006 may go down in history as the day a preemptive nuclear war was prevented by rising public awareness of the link between nuclear weapons and extraterrestrial civilizations.