by Eric Julien

from SaveLivesInMay Website

I myself had visions of the future which were absolutely overwhelming. Two of them particularly stand out.

The first was concerned with a sizeable cataclysm. I was in one of these incredibly real dreams. I felt like I was present only as a spectator, seeing through the eyes of another.

We were on a large ocean liner in the middle of the Atlantic. That afternoon’s atmosphere was pleasant. The great hulking vessel cruised along at a good clip under a sky of blue scattered with white clouds. Many passengers were up on deck enjoying the sea air.

Suddenly a tourist pointed out a curious phenomenon up beyond the bow. The water was becoming mildly agitated in a small area straight ahead of us. The slight quivering rapidly morphed into a steadily increasing boil until, with the water’s surface now shaking frenetically, the disturbed area abruptly spread to encompass the vessel. The stunned passengers and I then witnessed an unlikely sight as the water became progressively darker.


No one seemed to understand or be able to put forth an explanation for this situation. The deep blue of the Atlantic turned the color of coal. The sun’s reflections had now vanished off the water’s surface, which water was reduced to a viscous and shaking mass. It was then that a third phenomenon joined the incredible scene to which I was a speechless witness.

In the midst of this ebony sea, black and red swatches were welling up randomly, much as ignoble warts on a sick man’s skin. These reddish and dirty boils multiplied even as the ocean’s nervous shaking increased. A complete silence had fallen on deck. The event was beyond all human experience.

As I grasped what was happening, I was lifted into the air to view the panorama in its entirety. The ship sank slowly, allowing the last clamors to retch up from terror and unavoidable death. In a flash, I had a vision of what was happening under the sea. The Atlantic ridge was waking up. Dozens of undersea volcanoes were exploding violently along the abysmal ridge that was being severed by two moving continental plates.

Straightaway, I found myself on the last floor of a skyscraper in a big American city. The setting was a large Reception Hall with a prodigiously high ceiling. The walls were light in color, the interior decoration sumptuous. On one side of the room an immense cantilevered picture window offered a magnificent view of the ocean and the surrounding buildings. People were there assembled, wandering around as if they were awaiting something. Some appeared nervous, but the majority remained perfectly relaxed, not a few of them with glass in hand. It seemed they had all been invited to a surprise at afternoon’s end. Yet none of them seemed to know what they were doing there.

All of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of the horizon rising imperceptibly. No one else stopped to notice this strange situation, as a party was now getting underway. Music was drowning out the worldly chatter and the hall was filling up with new arrivals. Most were wearing work dress, as if the occupants of the lower floors had been invited to a happy hour. While a small number were clustered around the window, the majority of the guests preferred to crowd around tables that had quickly been decked out with food.

Far away, a dark wall, horizontal and linear kept rising towards the sky. As I floated halfway above the room, I saw a glint of light run across the entire top of this mountain of water. The late afternoon sun was reflecting off the monstrous mass which approached at great speed. In these infinitely long moments, a handful of urbanites glued to the window held their collective breath in the face of this unimaginable spectacle.


One might have thought the silence they kept was meant not to disturb the last moments of joy and carefree living of the assembly. The huge wave was now only two or three kilometers off. Its height clearly fell below that of the last floor of the building; although most of the surrounding buildings would be flooded in short order. The mega-tsunami was at least two hundred meters high.

A woman’s scream tore through the plush ambience of the improvised reception, followed by an immediate and great silence which echoed the fright of this fortyish woman who by now had fainted. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of eyes had turned eastward. The majority were transfixed, although a few already wept, not daring to howl out of decency and respect for social graces. All these souls had henceforth been stripped bare. Rapidly, many joined hands, others hugged with great emotion.


Others yet fled behind whatever protection was on hand. The apocalyptic tidal wave first reached the smaller buildings up ahead. As it hit them, a second wave rose to lick the great cantilevered bay window. Moments later an enormous battering ram caved in the lowest floors. The ballroom tilted slowly and inexorably towards the tumultuous waves of an ocean which was penetrating, unopposed, into the landscape of North America. The dark hours had invaded the earth’s timepiece.

This vision had for its origin a phenomena considered “natural”. If the great wave was born of the awakening of the undersea volcanoes, these owed their sudden activity to a projectile come from space. A small meteor the size of a car had been flying at an inordinary speed, which was given: 800,000 km/h! I ignore whether the speed attributed to the space projectile is possible but what I saw was it crossing the atmosphere and the ocean in a blink of an eye.


These fluids had certainly slowed the advance of the racer, particularly the few kilometers’ depth of the Atlantic. Yet the meteor had seemed to dive into the watery layer as if cutting through butter, even breaking through the mountainous crust with ease. Having lost mass and speed during its traversal, the space pebble must have shaken millennial sediments and perforated the carapace of the ocean ridge before bringing to light another ocean, this time of lava, and causing new lands to emerge in various areas of the planet whose two-thirds were covered with water. There was no doubt that a domino effect was going to take place most everywhere on earth, setting loose a multitude of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves.

Eric Julien

from “Children of the Stars, Vol. 1

April 24 2006